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Tag: Comedy School Life Seinen
Author:KIUCHI Kazuhiro

The story revolves around the lives of two rough-and-tumble high school friends Kato Hiroshi and Nakama Toru, who seemed to make a habit of getting into trouble and starting up fights. In keeping with...more

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Vol (109) Order
Vol.11 Ch.111 Vol.11 Ch.109 Vol.11 Ch.108 Vol.11 Ch.107 Vol.11 Ch.105 Vol.11 Ch.104 Vol.11 Ch.103 Vol.11 Ch.102 Vol.11 Ch.101 Vol.11 Ch.100 Vol.11 Ch.099 Vol.11 Ch.098 Vol.11 Ch.097 Vol.11 Ch.096 Vol.11 Ch.095 Vol.11 Ch.094 Vol.11 Ch.093 Vol.11 Ch.092 - Romantic Tragedy with 100-Meter Wind Speed Vol.10 Ch.091 Vol.10 Ch.090 - The High School Dimwit Marching Song Vol.10 Ch.089 Vol.10 Ch.088 Vol.10 Ch.087 Vol.10 Ch.086 Vol.10 Ch.085 - The Grieving Bastard's Drama of Life Vol.10 Ch.084 - The Delinquent Boss' One-Day War Vol.10 Ch.083 - Moody Trip To The Hot Springs Vol.09 Ch.082 - The High School Dimwit Symphony Vol.09 Ch.081 - The Delinquent Student's Romantic Beginnings Vol.09 Ch.080 - The Romantic Swindler's Double-Dealing Vol.09 Ch.079 - Grim Prospects of the Fighting Life Vol.09 Ch.078 - The Crew-Cut of Duty and the Wind and Clouds Vol.09 Ch.077 - Dialogue of the Flesh-Longing Life Vol.09 Ch.076 - Ad-Lib Gentleman's Matchmaking Technique Vol.09 Ch.075 - Running Amok Overseas Vol.08 Ch.074 - The Star Actor's Cruel Love Vol.08 Ch.073 - Dimwit-Style Romantic Instruction Vol.08 Ch.072 - The Peerless Boss vs. the Regretul Boss Vol.08 Ch.071 - The Lone Wolf's Screaming End of Love Vol.08 Ch.070 - The Romantic Alliance Equation Vol.08 Ch.069 - The High School Dimwit Folk Tune Vol.08 Ch.068 - The Beast Bastard's Drama of Dreams Vol.08 Ch.067 - Iwamoto the Man's Longing for His First Love Vol.08 Ch.066 - Preview of the New Age of Mania Vol.07 Ch.065 - The High School Dimwit Concerto Vol.07 Ch.064 - The Uncommitted Star Actor Vol.07 Ch.063 - The Happy-Go-Lucky Bastard's Hymn to Life Vol.07 Ch.062 - Spontaneous Battle of Romance Vol.07 Ch.061 - The Highschool Dimwit March Vol.07 Ch.060 - The High School Sensualist Vol.07 Ch.059 - Legend of the Grieving Bastard's Passionate Love Vol.07 Ch.058 - Launching Into Nonsense Overseas - Tahiti Special Vol.06 Ch.057 - Greatness of the Crew-Cut of Duty Vol.06 Ch.056 - The Peerless Maiden's Heart Vol.06 Ch.055 - Delinquent Youth Family Registry Vol.06 Ch.054 - Delinquent Youth's Hoodlum Tales Vol.06 Ch.053 - Iwamoto the Man's Confession of Love Vol.06 Ch.052 - One Man's Desert of Youth Vol.06 Ch.051 - The Love Burglar and the Crew-Cut of Duty Vol.06 Ch.050 - Sudden Romantic Prohibition Syndrome Vol.06 Ch.049 - Pure-Love Boss' Romantic Regrets Vol.05 Ch.048 - Walking Along the Delinquent Highway Vol.05 Ch.047 - The High School Dimwit Ballad Vol.05 Ch.046 - Legend of the Chivalrous Delinquent Vol.05 Ch.045 - Blockhead Sankichi and the Crew-Cut of Duty Vol.05 Ch.044 - The Boss' Shameful Love-Letter Confession Vol.05 Ch.043 - The Cruel Tale of the Romance Free-for-All Vol.05 Ch.042 - The Rebellion of the Imp Army Vol.05 Ch.041 - The Rise and Fall of the Imp Army Vol.04 Ch.040 - The First and Last Great Duel Vol.04 Ch.039 - Iwamoto the Man's Heavenly First Love Vol.04 Ch.038 - Delinquent Love Conouselling Room Vol.04 Ch.037 - The High School Dimwit Rhapsody Vol.04 Ch.036 - Faker Trapping Game Vol.04 Ch.035 - Re-Enter the Delinquent Girl Demon Princess Vol.04 Ch.034 - Delinquent Student Supplants His Seniors Vol.04 Ch.033 - Abused Weakling Salvation Plan Vol.04 Ch.032 - The High School Dimwit Elegy Vol.03 Ch.031 - After Effects of the Expulsion Poblem Vol.03 Ch.030 - The Repeater's Expulsion Confirmed Vol.03 Ch.029 - The Honors Student's Love Courage Vol.03 Ch.028 - The Underling's Hairstyle Agony Vol.03 Ch.027 - The Delinquent Love Accessory War Vol.03 Ch.026 - The High School Hoodlum Duel Vol.03 Ch.025 - Complex Intersection of Love Vol.03 Ch.024 - Sudden Romantic Turbulence Vol.03 Ch.023 - Enter the Delinquent Girl Demon Princess Vol.03 Ch.022 - The Unequal Love Pentagon Vol.02 Ch.021 - Aitoku's Dangerous Club Vol.02 Ch.020 - Totsuka Train Hell Vol.02 Ch.019 - Pregnancy Scare in Broad Daylight Vol.02 Ch.018 - The Critical Run Vol.02 Ch.017 - Delinquent Love Survival Game Vol.02 Ch.016 - Operation Aitoku Invasion Vol.02 Ch.015 - Underling Applicant Exam Vol.02 Ch.014 - Delinquent Love Catalog Vol.02 Ch.013 - Aitoku's Private Security Vol.02 Ch.012 - Resolving the Repeating Problem Vol.02 Ch.011 - Acute Temper Syndrome Vol.01 Ch.010 - Aitoku Inferior Reconstruction Vol.01 Ch.009 - Delinquentization Countermeasures Vol.01 Ch.008 - Operation Rouge Blitzkrieg Vol.01 Ch.007 - The Second Hairstyle War Vol.01 Ch.006 - Pickup Hell Vol.01 Ch.005 - Ad-Lib Delinquent Training Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Off-School Brawl Vol.01 Ch.003 - The Duel of Love Vol.01 Ch.002 - The First Hairstyle War Vol.01 Ch.001 - Battle for the Transfer Student
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