Black Clover
Black Clover

Black Clover


Last Update: Nov 26,2021

Tag: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Shounen
Author:TABATA Yuuki

In the Clover Kingdom, magic is everything and the greatest sorcerers rule over all. Yet when Arata is born without any Magical Power, he is abandoned at a church orphanage and neglected by everyone a...more

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Vol.TBD Ch.315 Vol.TBD Ch.314 Vol.TBD Ch.313 Vol.TBD Ch.312 Vol.TBD Ch.311 Vol.TBD Ch.310 Vol.TBD Ch.309 Vol.TBD Ch.308 Vol.TBD Ch.307 Vol.TBD Ch.306 Vol.TBD Ch.305 Vol.TBD Ch.304 Vol.TBD Ch.303 Vol.TBD Ch.302 Vol.TBD Ch.301 Vol.TBD Ch.300 Vol.TBD Ch.299 Vol.TBD Ch.298 Vol.TBD Ch.297 Vol.TBD Ch.296 Vol.TBD Ch.295 Vol.TBD Ch.294 Vol.TBD Ch.293 Vol.TBD Ch.292 Vol.TBD Ch.291 Vol.TBD Ch.290 Vol.TBD Ch.289 Vol.TBD Ch.288 Vol.TBD Ch.287 Vol.TBD Ch.286 Vol.TBD Ch.285 Vol.TBD Ch.284 Vol.TBD Ch.283 Vol.TBD Ch.282 Vol.TBD Ch.281 Vol.TBD Ch.280 Vol.TBD Ch.279 Vol.TBD Ch.278 Vol.TBD Ch.277 Vol.TBD Ch.276 Vol.TBD Ch.275 Vol.TBD Ch.274 Vol.TBD Ch.273 Vol.TBD Ch.272 Vol.TBD Ch.271 Vol.TBD Ch.270 Vol.TBD Ch.269 Vol.TBD Ch.268 Vol.TBD Ch.267 Vol.TBD Ch.266 Vol.TBD Ch.265 Vol.TBD Ch.264 Vol.TBD Ch.263 Vol.TBD Ch.262 Vol.TBD Ch.261 Vol.TBD Ch.260 Vol.TBD Ch.259 Vol.TBD Ch.258 Vol.TBD Ch.257 Vol.TBD Ch.256 Vol.TBD Ch.255 Vol.TBD Ch.254 Vol.TBD Ch.253 Vol.TBD Ch.252 Vol.TBD Ch.251 Vol.TBD Ch.250 Vol.TBD Ch.249 Vol.TBD Ch.248 Vol.TBD Ch.247 Vol.TBD Ch.246 Vol.TBD Ch.245 Vol.TBD Ch.244 Vol.TBD Ch.243 Vol.TBD Ch.242.2 Vol.TBD Ch.242 Vol.TBD Ch.241 Vol.TBD Ch.240 Vol.TBD Ch.239 Vol.TBD Ch.238 Vol.TBD Ch.237 Vol.TBD Ch.236 Vol.TBD Ch.235 Vol.TBD Ch.234 Vol.TBD Ch.233 Vol.TBD Ch.232 Vol.TBD Ch.231 Vol.TBD Ch.230 Vol.TBD Ch.229 Vol.TBD Ch.228 Vol.TBD Ch.227 Vol.TBD Ch.226 Vol.TBD Ch.225 Vol.TBD Ch.224 Vol.TBD Ch.223 Vol.TBD Ch.221 Vol.TBD Ch.220 Vol.TBD Ch.219 Vol.TBD Ch.218 Vol.TBD Ch.217 Vol.TBD Ch.216 Vol.TBD Ch.215 Vol.TBD Ch.214 Vol.TBD Ch.213 Vol.TBD Ch.212 Vol.TBD Ch.211 Vol.TBD Ch.210 Vol.TBD Ch.209 Vol.TBD Ch.208 Vol.TBD Ch.206 Vol.TBD Ch.205 Vol.TBD Ch.204 Vol.TBD Ch.202 Vol.TBD Ch.200 Vol.TBD Ch.199 Vol.TBD Ch.197 Vol.TBD Ch.196 Vol.TBD Ch.195 Vol.TBD Ch.194 Vol.TBD Ch.193 Vol.TBD Ch.192 Vol.TBD Ch.190 Vol.TBD Ch.189 Vol.TBD Ch.188 Vol.TBD Ch.187 - Offense and Defense Between Heaven and Earth Vol.TBD Ch.186 - The Eye in The Mirror Vol.TBD Ch.185 - The Chance Meeting of Dreams Vol.TBD Ch.184 Vol.TBD Ch.183 Vol.TBD Ch.182 - The Followers of Sephirah Vol.TBD Ch.181 Vol.TBD Ch.180 Vol.TBD Ch.179 Vol.TBD Ch.178 Vol.TBD Ch.177 Vol.TBD Ch.176 Vol.TBD Ch.175 Vol.TBD Ch.174 Vol.TBD Ch.173 Vol.TBD Ch.172 Vol.TBD Ch.171 - The Sleeping Lion Vol.TBD Ch.170 Vol.TBD Ch.169 Vol.TBD Ch.168 Vol.TBD Ch.167 Vol.TBD Ch.166 Vol.TBD Ch.165 Vol.TBD Ch.164 Vol.TBD Ch.163 - Smile, Tears Vol.TBD Ch.162 Vol.TBD Ch.161 - Human Bonds Vol.TBD Ch.160 Vol.TBD Ch.159 Vol.TBD Ch.158 Vol.TBD Ch.157 Vol.TBD Ch.156 Vol.TBD Ch.155 Vol.TBD Ch.154 Vol.TBD Ch.153 Vol.TBD Ch.152 Vol.TBD Ch.151 Vol.TBD Ch.150 Vol.TBD Ch.149 Vol.TBD Ch.148 Vol.TBD Ch.147 Vol.TBD Ch.146 Vol.TBD Ch.145 Vol.TBD Ch.144 Vol.TBD Ch.143 Vol.TBD Ch.142 - Twilight Vol.TBD Ch.141 - The Ludicrous Magic Battle Vol.TBD Ch.140 - Although you probably don't know... Vol.TBD Ch.139 - The Black Bull's Hideout Vol.TBD Ch.138 Vol.TBD Ch.137 - Neleoleona VS The Perfidious Liar Vol.TBD Ch.136 - Advancing In Surging Waves Vol.TBD Ch.135 - Into the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Base!! Vol.TBD Ch.134 - Dream Vol.TBD Ch.133 - The Formation Of The Royal Knights Vol.TBD Ch.132 - Winner Vol.TBD Ch.131 - Ahead Vol.TBD Ch.130 - Sear This Moment Into Your Memory! Vol.TBD Ch.129 - An only son’s way of life Vol.TBD Ch.128 - The One Who Wins In The End... Vol.TBD Ch.127 Vol.TBD Ch.126 - The Honor Student Younger Brother vs The Bungling Older Brother Vol.TBD Ch.125 - It Was Beautiful Vol.TBD Ch.124 - Yankee-senpai vs. Muscle Runt Vol.TBD Ch.123 - The Commoner's Trap Vol.TBD Ch.122 - My Way Vol.TBD Ch.121 - Crush Vol.TBD Ch.120 - Destiny Vol.TBD Ch.119 - More Vol.TBD Ch.118 - Mage X Vol.TBD Ch.117 Vol.TBD Ch.116 - Coral Peacock's Captain Vol.TBD Ch.115 - Oh well! Vol.TBD Ch.114 - The Flower of Oath Vol.TBD Ch.113 - The Crystal Destruction Battle Tournament Vol.TBD Ch.112 - Royal Knights Selection Exam Vol.TBD Ch.111 - Onto the Bathing Vol.TBD Ch.110 - St. Elmo's Fire Vol.TBD Ch.109 - Ultime Volcano Trail Vol.TBD Ch.108 - The Uncrowned Undefeated Lioness Vol.TBD Ch.107 - The King of the Clover Kingdom Vol.TBD Ch.106 - How Far We've Come Vol.TBD Ch.105 - The Two New Faces Vol.TBD Ch.104 - The Rose Maiden's Melancholy Vol.TBD Ch.103 - A Fun Festival Double-Date Vol.TBD Ch.102 - Asta's Day Off Vol.TBD Ch.101 - We're home. Vol.TBD Ch.100 - The Red Thread of Fate Vol.TBD Ch.099 - Family Vol.TBD Ch.098 - He Is Who He Is Vol.TBD Ch.097 - Nothing Vol.TBD Ch.096 - Transformation Vol.TBD Ch.095 - Help Each Other Rise Vol.TBD Ch.094 - A Complete Change Vol.TBD Ch.093 - The Promised World Vol.TBD Ch.092 - I Won't Let You Die Vol.TBD Ch.091 - Plasma Explosion Vol.20 Ch.203 Vol.20 Ch.201 Vol.10 Ch.090 - Students Vol.10 Ch.089 - The Deserter's Atonement Vol.10 Ch.088 - Thrust of the Finisher Vol.10 Ch.087 - I'm Not A Loser! Vol.10 Ch.086 - Flames of Hatred Vol.10 Ch.085 - The Charging Bull Vol.10 Ch.084 - Decision at the Battlefield Vol.10 Ch.083.1 - Jump Giga Omake Vol.10 Ch.083 - Infiltration Vol.10 Ch.082 - The Witch's Forest Vol.10 Ch.081 - A Guy Like That Vol.09 Ch.080 - Never Again Vol.09 Ch.079 - The Depths of the Mask Vol.09 Ch.078 - The Weak's Proclamation Vol.09 Ch.077 - The Better Man Will Win Vol.09 Ch.076 - The Strongest Order Vol.09 Ch.075 - The Battle of Citen Vol.09 Ch.074 - Proof of Being Correct Vol.09 Ch.073 - The Fight Is Over, And Despair Has Met Its End Vol.09 Ch.072 - Beyond One's Limits Vol.08 Ch.071 - Open the Path of Destiny Vol.08 Ch.070 - Despair vs Hope Vol.08 Ch.069 - My Only Weapon Vol.08 Ch.068 - Awakening Vol.08 Ch.067 - Bonds Vol.08 Ch.066 - the true form Vol.08 Ch.065 - The Man That Doesn't Give Up Vol.08 Ch.064 - An Unfiltered Fireball And A Wild Lighting Bolt Vol.08 Ch.063 - A Game With Lives On The Line Vol.07 Ch.062 - The Strong Reign Vol.07 Ch.061 - Royal Rumble At The Water Temple Vol.07 Ch.060 - The Game of the High Priest Vol.07 Ch.059 - The water temple Vol.07 Ch.058 - The story of the growing Water Child Vol.07 Ch.057 - A Black Beach Story Vol.07 Ch.056 - Three-leaf Salute. Vol.07 Ch.055 - The Captains and the Peasant Boy Vol.07 Ch.054 - A meeting of the magic knight captains Vol.06 Ch.053 - That isn't yours Vol.06 Ch.052 - Those Without Mana Vol.06 Ch.051 - Third Eye Vol.06 Ch.050 - Verdict of Light Vol.06 Ch.049 - Fight Fire With Fire Vol.06 Ch.048 - Ki Vol.06 Ch.047 - Light Magic vs Dark Magic Vol.06 Ch.046 - The man who cuts death Vol.06 Ch.045 - One Day You'll Protect Someone Else Vol.05 Ch.044 - Siblings Vol.05 Ch.043 - The Swirling Madness Vol.05 Ch.042 - The 3rd Leaf Vol.05 Ch.041 - flash Vol.05 Ch.040 - The Snowy Chase Vol.05 Ch.039 - The Mirror Mage Vol.05 Ch.038 - The Person In My Heart Vol.05 Ch.037 - When We Meet Next Vol.05 Ch.036 - Light Vol.05 Ch.035 - The Most Powerful Man Vol.04 Ch.034 - The Wounded Beast Vol.04 Ch.033 - Adversity Vol.04 Ch.032 - The Man at the End of the Darkness Vol.04 Ch.031 - The Crimson Lion King. Vol.04 Ch.030 - A New Rival Vol.04 Ch.029 - Sore Loser Vol.04 Ch.028 - Blackout Vol.04 Ch.027 - Gaining strength Vol.04 Ch.026 - Magic mayhem Vol.03 Ch.025 - The Zombie Brigade Comes Vol.03 Ch.024 - The Riot At The Castle Town Vol.03 Ch.023 - Valour Ceremony Vol.03 Ch.022 - Gathering At The Kings Palace Vol.03 Ch.021 - Destruction and Rescue Vol.03 Ch.020 - One Moment Vol.03 Ch.019 - Remembering You Vol.03 Ch.018 - In the Depths of The Treasure Room Vol.03 Ch.017 - Destroyer Vol.02 Ch.016 - Death Match Vol.02 Ch.015 - The Three Of Us Vol.02 Ch.014 - Teammates Vol.02 Ch.013 - The Sorcerer of Diamond Vol.02 Ch.012 - Reunion Vol.02 Ch.011 - Dungeon Vol.02 Ch.010 - An Incident at the Castle Town Vol.02 Ch.009 - The Boy's Vow Ver. 2.0 Vol.02 Ch.008 - The Protectors Vol.01 Ch.007 - BEAST Vol.01 Ch.006 - Go Go, First MiSSON !!! Vol.01 Ch.005 - The other NOOB Vol.01 Ch.004 - The black sheep's crook Vol.01 Ch.003 - The Road to the Magic Emperor Vol.01 Ch.002 - The Magic Knights Entrance Exam Vol.01 Ch.001 - The Boy's Vow Vol.00 Ch.222 Vol.00 Ch.207 Vol.00 Ch.198 Vol.00 Ch.191 Vol.00 Ch.001 - Oneshot
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