Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia


Last Update: Dec 03,2021

Tag: Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Shounen School Life Sci-fi
Author:HORIKOSHI Kouhei

The story is set in the modern day, except people with special powers have become commonplace throughout the world. A boy named Izuku Midoriya has no powers, but he still dreams. Note: Nominated fo...more

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Vol (367) Order
Vol.TBD Ch.336 Vol.TBD Ch.335 Vol.TBD Ch.334 Vol.TBD Ch.333 Vol.TBD Ch.332 Vol.TBD Ch.331 Vol.TBD Ch.330 Vol.TBD Ch.329 Vol.TBD Ch.328 Vol.TBD Ch.327 Vol.TBD Ch.326 Vol.TBD Ch.325 Vol.TBD Ch.324 Vol.TBD Ch.323 Vol.TBD Ch.322 Vol.TBD Ch.321 Vol.TBD Ch.320 Vol.TBD Ch.319 Vol.TBD Ch.318 Vol.TBD Ch.317 Vol.TBD Ch.316 Vol.TBD Ch.315 Vol.TBD Ch.314 Vol.TBD Ch.313 Vol.TBD Ch.312 Vol.TBD Ch.311 Vol.TBD Ch.310 Vol.TBD Ch.309 Vol.TBD Ch.308 Vol.TBD Ch.307 Vol.TBD Ch.306 Vol.TBD Ch.305 Vol.TBD Ch.304 Vol.TBD Ch.303 Vol.TBD Ch.302 Vol.TBD Ch.301 Vol.TBD Ch.300 Vol.TBD Ch.299 Vol.TBD Ch.298 Vol.TBD Ch.297 Vol.TBD Ch.296 Vol.TBD Ch.295 Vol.TBD Ch.294 Vol.TBD Ch.293 Vol.TBD Ch.292 Vol.TBD Ch.291 Vol.TBD Ch.290 Vol.TBD Ch.289 Vol.TBD Ch.288 Vol.TBD Ch.287 Vol.TBD Ch.286 Vol.TBD Ch.285 Vol.TBD Ch.284 Vol.TBD Ch.283 Vol.TBD Ch.282 Vol.TBD Ch.281 Vol.TBD Ch.280 Vol.TBD Ch.279 Vol.TBD Ch.278 Vol.TBD Ch.277 Vol.TBD Ch.276 Vol.TBD Ch.275 Vol.TBD Ch.274 Vol.TBD Ch.273 Vol.TBD Ch.272 Vol.TBD Ch.271 Vol.TBD Ch.270 Vol.TBD Ch.269 Vol.TBD Ch.268 Vol.TBD Ch.267 Vol.TBD Ch.266 Vol.TBD Ch.265 Vol.TBD Ch.264 Vol.TBD Ch.263 Vol.TBD Ch.262 Vol.TBD Ch.261 Vol.TBD Ch.260 Vol.TBD Ch.259 Vol.TBD Ch.258 Vol.TBD Ch.257 Vol.TBD Ch.256 Vol.TBD Ch.255 Vol.TBD Ch.254 Vol.TBD Ch.253 Vol.TBD Ch.252 Vol.TBD Ch.251 Vol.TBD Ch.250 Vol.TBD Ch.249 Vol.TBD Ch.248 Vol.TBD Ch.247 Vol.TBD Ch.246 Vol.TBD Ch.245 Vol.TBD Ch.244 Vol.TBD Ch.243 Vol.TBD Ch.242 Vol.TBD Ch.241 Vol.TBD Ch.240 Vol.TBD Ch.239 Vol.TBD Ch.238 Vol.TBD Ch.237 Vol.TBD Ch.236 Vol.TBD Ch.235 Vol.TBD Ch.234 Vol.TBD Ch.233 Vol.TBD Ch.232 Vol.TBD Ch.231 Vol.TBD Ch.230 Vol.TBD Ch.229 Vol.TBD Ch.228 Vol.TBD Ch.227 Vol.TBD Ch.226 Vol.TBD Ch.225 Vol.TBD Ch.224 Vol.TBD Ch.223 Vol.TBD Ch.222 Vol.TBD Ch.221 Vol.TBD Ch.220 Vol.TBD Ch.219 Vol.TBD Ch.218 Vol.TBD Ch.217 Vol.TBD Ch.216 Vol.TBD Ch.215 Vol.TBD Ch.214 Vol.TBD Ch.213 Vol.TBD Ch.212 Vol.TBD Ch.211 - An Inheritance Vol.TBD Ch.210 Vol.TBD Ch.209 Vol.TBD Ch.208 Vol.TBD Ch.207 Vol.TBD Ch.206 Vol.TBD Ch.205 Vol.TBD Ch.204 Vol.TBD Ch.203 Vol.TBD Ch.202 Vol.TBD Ch.201 Vol.TBD Ch.200 Vol.TBD Ch.199 Vol.TBD Ch.198 Vol.TBD Ch.197 Vol.TBD Ch.196 Vol.TBD Ch.195 Vol.TBD Ch.194 Vol.TBD Ch.193 Vol.TBD Ch.192.6 Vol.TBD Ch.192.5 Vol.TBD Ch.192 Vol.TBD Ch.191 Vol.TBD Ch.190 Vol.TBD Ch.189 Vol.TBD Ch.188.1 Vol.TBD Ch.188 Vol.TBD Ch.187 Vol.TBD Ch.186 Vol.TBD Ch.185 Vol.TBD Ch.184 Vol.TBD Ch.183 Vol.TBD Ch.182 Vol.TBD Ch.181 Vol.TBD Ch.180 Vol.TBD Ch.179 Vol.TBD Ch.178 Vol.TBD Ch.177 Vol.TBD Ch.176 Vol.TBD Ch.175 Vol.TBD Ch.174 Vol.TBD Ch.173 Vol.TBD Ch.172 Vol.TBD Ch.171 Vol.TBD Ch.170 Vol.TBD Ch.169 Vol.TBD Ch.168 Vol.TBD Ch.167.5 Vol.TBD Ch.167 Vol.TBD Ch.166 Vol.TBD Ch.165 Vol.TBD Ch.164 Vol.TBD Ch.163 - Smoldering Flames Vol.TBD Ch.162 - One Who Is Worthy Vol.TBD Ch.161 - A Bright Future Vol.TBD Ch.160 - Highway Vol.TBD Ch.159 - The End!!! Vol.TBD Ch.158 - Chisaki's Abnormal Compassion Vol.TBD Ch.157.5 Vol.TBD Ch.157 - Infinite 100%! Vol.TBD Ch.156 - The Rescuee's Power Vol.TBD Ch.155 - Saviors, Rescuees, And A Hero's Whereabouts Vol.TBD Ch.154 - A hope that cannot be seen Vol.TBD Ch.153 - Transform! Vol.TBD Ch.152.5 Vol.TBD Ch.152 - Lemillion Vol.TBD Ch.151 - Mirio Togata!! Vol.TBD Ch.150 - Mirio Togata Vol.TBD Ch.149 - Don't Be Angry, Irinaka Vol.TBD Ch.148 - The Sorrows Of Young Togaice Vol.TBD Ch.147 - Togawice Vol.TBD Ch.146 - Temporary Transfers Vol.TBD Ch.145 - Red Riot ② Vol.TBD Ch.144 - Red Riot ① Vol.TBD Ch.143 - C’mon, Rappa, Let’s Have Ourselves a Match!! Vol.TBD Ch.142 - Shield And Shield And Lance And Shield Vol.TBD Ch.141 - The Cleansing Salvo: Behind (v2) Vol.TBD Ch.140 - Suneater of the Big 3 (v2) Vol.TBD Ch.139 - Bone-chilling!! The Underground Labyrinth (v2) Vol.TBD Ch.138 - GO!! (v2) Vol.TBD Ch.137 - Head Them Off!! (v2) Vol.TBD Ch.136 Vol.TBD Ch.135.5 - Koinobori Extra Vol.TBD Ch.135 - A Distasteful Tale Vol.TBD Ch.134 - Show Your Guts, Red Riot! Vol.TBD Ch.133 - Chase, Kirishima! Vol.TBD Ch.132 - The Plan Vol.TBD Ch.131 - A Hostile Fate Vol.TBD Ch.130 - Listen to the Real Truth Vol.TBD Ch.129 - Eri Vol.TBD Ch.128.5 Vol.TBD Ch.128 - Boy Meets... Vol.TBD Ch.127 - Sir Nighteye, Izuku Midoriya, Mirio Togata, and All Might Vol.TBD Ch.126 - Open Up, World! Vol.TBD Ch.125 - Overhaul Vol.TBD Ch.124 - The Quickening! The Internship Episode! Vol.TBD Ch.123 - Invincible Vol.TBD Ch.122 - The Season of Encounters Vol.TBD Ch.121 - Second Semester Opening Ceremony Vol.TBD Ch.120 - Three People Vol.TBD Ch.119 - Deku vs. Kacchan 2 Vol.TBD Ch.118.5 - Volume 13 Omake Vol.TBD Ch.118 - A Meaningless Fight Vol.TBD Ch.117 - It's About Your Quirk Vol.TBD Ch.116 - Tartarus Greeting Vol.TBD Ch.115 - Unleashed Vol.TBD Ch.114 - After The Results... Vol.TBD Ch.113 - After the Exam Vol.TBD Ch.112 - What Do You Think You're Doing?! Vol.TBD Ch.111 - A Smoldering Beginning Vol.TBD Ch.110 - Rescue Maneuvers Continued Vol.TBD Ch.109 - Rescue Maneuvers Vol.TBD Ch.044.5 Vol.16 Ch.147.5 - Volume 16 Omake Vol.15 Ch.137.5 - Volume 15 Omake Vol.12 Ch.108.5 - Volume 12 Omake Vol.12 Ch.108 - RUSH! Vol.12 Ch.107 - What Kaminari Denki is Thinking Vol.12 Ch.106 - Class 1-A Vol.12 Ch.105 - Shiketsu High Creeps Up Vol.12 Ch.104 - Climax! Each of our abilities! Vol.12 Ch.103 - The Exam Vol.12 Ch.102 - Hovering Thoughts Vol.12 Ch.101 - The Girl Named Hatsume Mei Vol.12 Ch.100 - Special Moves Vol.11 Ch.099.5 - Volume 11 Omake Vol.11 Ch.099 - Goodbye Two Digit Numbers... From Now on, Three Digit Numbers! Vol.11 Ch.098.5 - My Hero Academia x Isobe Isobee Monogatari Omake Vol.11 Ch.098 - Enter the Dorms Vol.11 Ch.097 - An Earful from Mom Vol.11 Ch.096 - Home Visit Vol.11 Ch.095 - The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End Vol.11 Ch.094 - Directives and Designations Vol.11 Ch.093 - The Embers of One For All Vol.11 Ch.092 - One For All Vol.11 Ch.091 - Symbol of Peace Vol.11 Ch.090 - Give Me Your Hand Vol.10 Ch.089.5 - Volume 10 Omake Vol.10 Ch.089 - All for One's Sake Vol.10 Ch.088 - All For One Vol.10 Ch.087 - Clash Vol.10 Ch.086 - Before the Storm Vol.10 Ch.085.5 - Omake Vol.10 Ch.085 - Idiots All Around Vol.10 Ch.084.5 - Tsuyu Special Vol.10 Ch.084 - From Iida to Midoriya Vol.10 Ch.083 - Defeat Vol.10 Ch.082 - Round and Round and Round Vol.10 Ch.081 - A Critical Emergency Situation! Vol.09 Ch.080.5 - Volume 9 Omake Vol.09 Ch.080 - Formation of the Bakugou Escort Squad Vol.09 Ch.079 - Throwing Steel Fists Vol.09 Ch.078 - Chaos Whirlpool Vol.09 Ch.077 - It's OK Vol.09 Ch.076 - My Hero Vol.09 Ch.075 - Risk it, Heroes! Vol.09 Ch.074 - Beacon Vol.09 Ch.073 - Day 3 Vol.09 Ch.072 - Day 2 Vol.08 Ch.071.5 - Volume 8 Omake Vol.08 Ch.071 - Kouta Vol.08 Ch.070 - Wild Wild Pussycats Vol.08 Ch.069 - An Interview with Midoriya Vol.08 Ch.068 - ENCOUNTER Vol.08 Ch.067 - Scratching the Veneer Vol.08 Ch.066 - Midoriya’s Class Observational Record Vol.08 Ch.065 - Walls Vol.08 Ch.064 - Challenges Assigned Vol.08 Ch.063 - Yaoyorozu: RISING Vol.07 Ch.062.5 - Volume 7 Omake Vol.07 Ch.062 - Bakugou Katsuki: The Origin Vol.07 Ch.061 - The Worst Wonder Duo Vol.07 Ch.060 - Prepare for the End of Term Test! Vol.07 Ch.059 - KNOW YOUR HISTORY!! Vol.07 Ch.058 - Workplace Experience Wrap Up Vol.07 Ch.057 - Hero Killer Stain The Aftermath Vol.07 Ch.056 - The Conclusion Vol.07 Ch.055 - The Conclusion!? Vol.07 Ch.054 - Re-Ingenium Vol.06 Ch.053.5 - Volume 6 Omake Vol.06 Ch.053 - From Todoroki to Iida Vol.06 Ch.052 - Hero Killer Stain Vs. the Students of Yuuei Vol.06 Ch.051 - No, Iida, Stop! Vol.06 Ch.050 - To Kill Shit Vol.06 Ch.049.5 - The Summer Hope Vol.06 Ch.049 - Midoriya and Shigaraki Vol.06 Ch.048 - Grasp the Hang of It Vol.06 Ch.047 - To Wriggle Vol.06 Ch.046 - Bizarre! Gran Torino Enters the Fray! Vol.06 Ch.045 - A Meeting For Trying Out New Names Vol.05 Ch.044 - Compensatory Free Day of Rest Vol.05 Ch.043 - Todoroki Vs. Bakugou Vol.05 Ch.042 - And Now,The Finals Vol.05 Ch.041 - Fight,Iida,fight! Vol.05 Ch.040 - Filial Independence Vol.05 Ch.039 - Todoroki Shouto: The Origin Vol.05 Ch.038 - Todoroki vs. Midoriya Vol.05 Ch.037 - Midoriya and Endeavor Vol.05 Ch.036 - Bakugou Vs. Uraraka Vol.04 Ch.035.5 - Extra Vol.04 Ch.035 - Tremble, Challengers Vol.04 Ch.034.5 - Extra Vol.04 Ch.034 - Winners and Losers Vol.04 Ch.033 - Shinsou's Circumstances Vol.04 Ch.032 - Smile, Oh Prince of the World of Nonsense! Vol.04 Ch.031 - The Boy Born With Everything Vol.04 Ch.030 - The Human Cavalry Battle FINIS Vol.04 Ch.029 - What They Don't Know Vol.04 Ch.028 - Plans Upon Ploys Upon Plays Vol.04 Ch.027 - Fateful Negotiations Vol.03 Ch.026.5 - Volume 3 Omake Vol.03 Ch.026 - The Pursuit Is On Vol.03 Ch.025 - Wow, Everyone's Quirks Are Great Vol.03 Ch.024 - Dash and Kick 'Em Down Vol.03 Ch.023 - Roaring Sports Festival Vol.03 Ch.022 - So That's What It's About, Uraraka! Vol.03 Ch.021 - Upon Each of Their Chests Vol.03 Ch.020 - The World of The Pros Vol.03 Ch.019 - All Might Vol.03 Ch.018 - Our Heroes Counterattack! Vol.02 Ch.018.5 Vol.02 Ch.017.5 - Volume 2 Omake Vol.02 Ch.017 - Game Over Vol.02 Ch.016 - Know Your Enemies Vol.02 Ch.015 - VERSUS Vol.02 Ch.014 - Face-Off Against the Unknown Vol.02 Ch.013 - Trial of Rescu-- Vol.02 Ch.012 - All Right, Do Your Best, Iida! Vol.02 Ch.011 - Bakugou's Starting Line Vol.02 Ch.010.5 Vol.02 Ch.010 - Bakugou Snaps Vol.02 Ch.009 - Deku vs. Kacchan Vol.02 Ch.008 - Ferocity of a Fucking Nerd Vol.01 Ch.007.5 Vol.01 Ch.007 - Shall We Wear These? Vol.01 Ch.006 - What I can do for now Vol.01 Ch.005 - Break Open, Academia! Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Starting Line Vol.01 Ch.003 - Entrance Exam Vol.01 Ch.002 - Roaring Muscles! Vol.01 Ch.001 - Midoriya Izuku The Origin Vol.00 Ch.000 - Oneshot
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