Dr. Koto Shinryoujo
Dr. Koto Shinryoujo

Dr. Koto Shinryoujo


Last Update: Dec 08,2022

Tag: Drama Romance Seinen Slice of Life
Author:YAMADA Takatoshi

It is about a young, prominent surgeon, who left a prestigious hospital in Tokyo and moved to an isolated island in the southern part of Japan. He works at a clinic there as the only doctor on the isl...more

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Vol (152) Order
Vol.14 Ch.152 Vol.14 Ch.151 - Dr. Koto is Counseled Vol.14 Ch.150 - Dr. Koto Despairs Vol.14 Ch.149 - Dr. Koto Panics Vol.14 Ch.148 - Dr. Koto Apologizes Vol.14 Ch.147 - Dr. Koto Receives Help Vol.13 Ch.146 - Dr. Koto Receives Reinforcements Vol.13 Ch.145 - Dr. Koto Struggles Vol.13 Ch.144 - Dr. Koto Takes Charge Vol.13 Ch.143 - Dr. Koto Extends a Warm Welcome Vol.13 Ch.142 - Dr. Koto Treats Vol.13 Ch.141 - Dr. Koto Plays the Middle-Man Vol.13 Ch.140 - Dr. Koto Reflects Vol.12 Ch.139 Vol.12 Ch.138 Vol.12 Ch.137 Vol.12 Ch.136 Vol.12 Ch.135 Vol.12 Ch.134 Vol.12 Ch.133 Vol.12 Ch.132 Vol.12 Ch.131 Vol.12 Ch.130 Vol.12 Ch.129 Vol.12 Ch.128 Vol.12 Ch.127 Vol.12 Ch.126 Vol.12 Ch.125 Vol.12 Ch.124 Vol.11 Ch.123 Vol.11 Ch.122 Vol.11 Ch.121 Vol.11 Ch.120 Vol.11 Ch.119 Vol.11 Ch.118 Vol.11 Ch.117 Vol.11 Ch.116 Vol.11 Ch.115 Vol.11 Ch.114 Vol.11 Ch.113 - Dr. Koto Resents Vol.11 Ch.112 Vol.10 Ch.111 Vol.10 Ch.110 Vol.10 Ch.109 Vol.10 Ch.108 Vol.10 Ch.107 Vol.10 Ch.106 Vol.10 Ch.105 Vol.10 Ch.104 Vol.10 Ch.103 - Dr. Koto Comes to Mind Vol.09 Ch.102 Vol.09 Ch.101 Vol.09 Ch.100 - Dr. Koto is Confided to Vol.09 Ch.099 Vol.09 Ch.098 Vol.09 Ch.097 Vol.09 Ch.096 - Dr. Koto Lashes Out Vol.09 Ch.095 - Dr. Koto is Enraged Vol.09 Ch.094 - Dr. Koto Starts to Talk Vol.08 Ch.093 Vol.08 Ch.092 Vol.08 Ch.091 Vol.08 Ch.090 - Dr. Koto is Worried About Vol.08 Ch.089 Vol.08 Ch.088 - Dr. Koto Watches Intently Vol.08 Ch.087 - Dr. Koto is Alarmed Vol.08 Ch.086 Vol.08 Ch.085 Vol.08 Ch.084 Vol.08 Ch.083 Vol.08 Ch.082 Vol.08 Ch.081 - Dr. Koto Returns to the Island Vol.08 Ch.080 - Dr. Koto Calls Vol.08 Ch.079 Vol.07 Ch.078 - Dr. Koto Questions Vol.07 Ch.077 - Dr. Koto Distrusts Vol.07 Ch.076 - Dr. Koto Vows Vol.07 Ch.075 - Dr. Koto Defies Vol.07 Ch.074 - Dr. Koto Trembles Vol.07 Ch.073 - Dr. Koto is Late Vol.07 Ch.072 Vol.07 Ch.071 Vol.07 Ch.070 Vol.07 Ch.069 Vol.07 Ch.068 Vol.06 Ch.067 Vol.06 Ch.066 Vol.06 Ch.065 Vol.06 Ch.064 Vol.06 Ch.063 Vol.06 Ch.062 Vol.06 Ch.061 Vol.06 Ch.060 Vol.06 Ch.059 Vol.06 Ch.058 Vol.06 Ch.057 Vol.05 Ch.056 Vol.05 Ch.055 Vol.05 Ch.054 Vol.05 Ch.053 Vol.05 Ch.052 Vol.05 Ch.051 Vol.05 Ch.050 Vol.05 Ch.049 Vol.05 Ch.048 Vol.05 Ch.047 Vol.05 Ch.046 Vol.05 Ch.045 Vol.04 Ch.044 Vol.04 Ch.043 Vol.04 Ch.042 - Dr. Koto Takes Measures Vol.04 Ch.041 - Dr. Koto is Puzzled Vol.04 Ch.040 - Dr. Koto Washes Vol.04 Ch.039 - Dr. Koto Advises Vol.04 Ch.038 - Dr. Koto Falls into a Trap Vol.04 Ch.037 - Dr. Koto is Warned Vol.04 Ch.036 - Dr. Koto Comes to Tokyo Vol.04 Ch.035 - Dr. Koto is Begged Vol.04 Ch.034 - Dr. Koto Refuses Vol.03 Ch.033 - Dr. Koto is Enclosed in Vol.03 Ch.032 - Dr. Koto Does It Vol.03 Ch.031 - Dr. Koto Provides Instructions Vol.03 Ch.030 Vol.03 Ch.029 - Dr. Koto Smashes Vol.03 Ch.028 - Dr. Koto Gets a Haircut Vol.03 Ch.027 Vol.03 Ch.026 Vol.03 Ch.025 Vol.03 Ch.024 Vol.02 Ch.023 Vol.02 Ch.022 Vol.02 Ch.021 - Dr. Koto Comforts Vol.02 Ch.020 - Dr. Koto Searches Vol.02 Ch.019 Vol.02 Ch.018 Vol.02 Ch.017 Vol.02 Ch.016 Vol.02 Ch.015 - Dr. Koto Cries Vol.02 Ch.014 - Dr. Koto Perceives Vol.02 Ch.013 - Dr. Koto Puts His Life on the Line Vol.02 Ch.012 - Dr. Koto is Cornered Vol.02 Ch.011 - Dr. Koto is Targeted Vol.01 Ch.010 - Dr. Koto Makes a Decision Vol.01 Ch.009 - Dr. Koto Jumps to Conclusions Vol.01 Ch.008 - Dr. Koto Languishes Again and Again Vol.01 Ch.007 - Dr. Koto Takes Control Vol.01 Ch.006 - Dr. Koto is Popular Vol.01 Ch.005 - Dr. Koto Displays His Skill Vol.01 Ch.004 - Dr. Koto Performs Dogeza Vol.01 Ch.003 - Dr. Koto Open for Business for the Islanders Vol.01 Ch.002 - Dr. Koto Rides the Boat Again Vol.01 Ch.001 - Dr. Koto Arrives at the Island
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