Houseki no Kuni
Houseki no Kuni

Houseki no Kuni


Last Update: Jul 22,2020

Tag: Fantasy Psychological Seinen Tragedy
Author:ICHIKAWA Haruko

In the distant future, a new life form called Houseki (gems) are born. The 28 Houseki must fight against the moon dwellers who want to attack them and turn them into decorations, thus each gem is assi...more

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Vol (97) Order
Vol.10 Ch.091 Vol.10 Ch.090 Vol.10 Ch.089 Vol.10 Ch.088 Vol.10 Ch.087 Vol.10 Ch.086 Vol.10 Ch.085 Vol.10 Ch.084 Vol.10 Ch.083 Vol.10 Ch.082 Vol.10 Ch.081 - Gift Vol.10 Ch.080 - The Three Vol.09 Ch.079 Vol.09 Ch.078 Vol.09 Ch.077 - Authentication Vol.09 Ch.076 Vol.09 Ch.075 Vol.09 Ch.074 Vol.09 Ch.073 Vol.09 Ch.072 - Savior Vol.09 Ch.071 Vol.09 Ch.070 - First Light Vol.09 Ch.069 Vol.09 Ch.068 Vol.09 Ch.067 Vol.09 Ch.066 - Freedom Vol.09 Ch.065 Vol.09 Ch.064 Vol.09 Ch.063 - High Hopes Vol.09 Ch.062 - Landscape Vol.09 Ch.061 - The Wavering Moon Vol.08 Ch.060 - Suspicions Vol.08 Ch.059 Vol.08 Ch.058 - Our Hope Vol.08 Ch.057 Vol.08 Ch.056 - Synthetic Pearl Vol.08 Ch.055 - Curse Vol.08 Ch.054 - Prayer Machine Vol.08 Ch.053 - On The Moon Vol.07 Ch.052 - Travel Vol.07 Ch.051 - Legend Vol.07 Ch.050 - Professor Vol.07 Ch.049 - Following Footsteps Vol.07 Ch.048 - Old Stories, Heard At The Sea Vol.07 Ch.047 - A Hundred And Two Years Vol.07 Ch.046 - Lapis Lazuli Vol.07 Ch.045.5 Vol.07 Ch.045 - Long Winter Vol.06 Ch.044.5 - Kingdom Of Good Signs Vol.06 Ch.044 - A Short Path Vol.06 Ch.043 - Board Vol.06 Ch.042 - Explosion Vol.06 Ch.041 - Sight Vol.06 Ch.040 - Name Vol.06 Ch.039 - Self-blame Vol.06 Ch.038 - Ghost-Quartz Vol.06 Ch.037.5 Vol.06 Ch.037 - Instead Vol.05 Ch.036 - New Job Vol.05 Ch.035 - Two persons Vol.05 Ch.034 - Inversion Vol.05 Ch.033 - Distance Vol.05 Ch.032 - Anxiety Vol.05 Ch.031 - Fresh Vol.05 Ch.030 - An Empty Sunspot Vol.05 Ch.029.5 Vol.04 Ch.029 - Padparadscha Vol.04 Ch.028.5 - Kingdom Of Transformation Vol.04 Ch.028 - Shiro Vol.04 Ch.027 - Secret Vol.04 Ch.021.5 Vol.03 Ch.026 - Screech Vol.03 Ch.025 - Turning Point Vol.03 Ch.024 - Retreat Vol.03 Ch.023 - Decision Vol.03 Ch.022 - Transfiguration Vol.03 Ch.021 - Spring Vol.03 Ch.020 - The End of Winter Vol.03 Ch.019 - New Hands Vol.03 Ch.018 - Antarcticite Vol.03 Ch.017 - Beach of Beginnings Vol.03 Ch.016 - Ice Floes Vol.03 Ch.015 - Hibernation (original version of translation) Vol.03 Ch.014 - First Compaign Vol.02 Ch.013 Vol.02 Ch.012 Vol.02 Ch.011 Vol.02 Ch.010 - Return Vol.02 Ch.009 - Soul, flesh, bone Vol.02 Ch.008 - Ocean Vol.02 Ch.007 - Wentricosus Vol.01 Ch.006 - Extraction (+ omake "Kingdom of Games") Vol.01 Ch.005 - Metamorphose Vol.01 Ch.004 - Cochlea Vol.01 Ch.003 - Diamond Vol.01 Ch.002 - Cinnabar Vol.01 Ch.001 - Phosphophyllite
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