Kono Oto Tomare!
Kono Oto Tomare!

Kono Oto Tomare!


Last Update: Aug 07,2020

Tag: Comedy Drama Shounen Romance School Life Tragedy

Since the graduation of the senior members of the club, Takezou ends up being the sole member of the “Koto“ (traditional Japanese string instrument) club. Now that the new school year has begun, Tak...more

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Vol (96) Order
Vol.22 Ch.094 Vol.22 Ch.093 Vol.22 Ch.092 Vol.22 Ch.091 Vol.22 Ch.090 Vol.22 Ch.089 - Faithful Note Vol.22 Ch.088 Vol.22 Ch.087 Vol.22 Ch.086 Vol.22 Ch.085 Vol.22 Ch.084 - Smile after the rain Vol.21 Ch.083.5 Vol.21 Ch.083 Vol.21 Ch.082 Vol.21 Ch.081 Vol.21 Ch.080 Vol.21 Ch.079 - Road to Farewell (Part 2) Vol.20 Ch.078 Vol.20 Ch.077 Vol.19 Ch.076 Vol.19 Ch.075 Vol.19 Ch.074 Vol.19 Ch.073 - Green Flash Vol.19 Ch.072 Vol.19 Ch.071 Vol.18 Ch.070 Vol.18 Ch.069 - Single Flower Vol.18 Ch.068 Vol.17 Ch.067 Vol.17 Ch.066 Vol.17 Ch.065 - Their own Rokudan Vol.17 Ch.064 Vol.16 Ch.063 - Senpai Vol.16 Ch.062 Vol.16 Ch.061 - The Two's Abilities Vol.16 Ch.060 - A New Wind Vol.15 Ch.060 Vol.15 Ch.059 - Present Vol.15 Ch.058 - New Year Vol.15 Ch.057 - White Christmas Eve Vol.15 Ch.056 - Blue String Vol.14 Ch.055 - Nostalgic Warmth Vol.14 Ch.054 - Starting line Vol.14 Ch.053 - 1/14 Vol.14 Ch.052 - Tenkyuu Vol.13 Ch.051 - The Essence of Music Vol.13 Ch.050 - The Sound of Satowa Vol.13 Ch.049 Vol.13 Ch.048 - The Sound of Math Vol.12 Ch.047 - Youth Doesn't Laugh Vol.12 Ch.046 - Three Paraphrases Vol.12 Ch.045 - The King’s Resolve Vol.12 Ch.044 - Start of the National Preliminaries Vol.11 Ch.043 - Morning of Battle Vol.11 Ch.042 - Someday Vol.11 Ch.041 - Role and Meaning Vol.11 Ch.040 - Once More Vol.10 Ch.039 - The Power of Youth Vol.10 Ch.038 - Confrontation Vol.10 Ch.037 - Doujima Akira Vol.10 Ch.036 - Just once Vol.09 Ch.035 - Their Resolution Vol.09 Ch.034 - Shadow Vol.09 Ch.033 - Reunion Vol.09 Ch.032 - The Sound of Truth Vol.08 Ch.031 - Time for Two Vol.08 Ch.030 - Unshaken Vol.08 Ch.029 - Realisation Vol.08 Ch.028 - One step forward Vol.07 Ch.027 - The Sound of Light Vol.07 Ch.026 - Ku-on Vol.07 Ch.025 - Decision Vol.07 Ch.024 - Rivals Vol.06 Ch.023 - Kiriyuu Ousuke Vol.06 Ch.022 - The Kanto Music Festival Competition Begins Vol.06 Ch.021 - The Sound I Was Looking For Vol.06 Ch.020 - Beside Vol.05 Ch.019 - Obscure Distances Vol.05 Ch.018 - Steps Vol.05 Ch.017 - Answer Vol.05 Ch.016 - A Sudden, Sharp Note Vol.04 Ch.015 - Incoming Storm Vol.04 Ch.014 - Milestone Vol.04 Ch.013 - From Here Vol.04 Ch.012 - The Real Reason Vol.03 Ch.011 - The Hidden Note Vol.03 Ch.010 - Invisible Boundary Vol.03 Ch.009 - The Sound's Whereabouts Vol.03 Ch.008 - Let Our Sounds Echo Vol.02 Ch.007 - Various Emotions Vol.02 Ch.006 - The First Echo Vol.02 Ch.005 - Unachievable Thing Vol.02 Ch.004 - The New Koto Music Club Activates Vol.01 Ch.003 - Join Our Club's Plan! Vol.01 Ch.002 - Where to Find Someone Qualified Vol.01 Ch.001 - The New Member
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