Onii-chan wa Oshimai
Onii-chan wa Oshimai

Onii-chan wa Oshimai


Last Update: May 15,2020

Tag: Comedy Sci-fi Seinen Slice of Life Gender Bender

One morning, an older brother wakes up to find that he has turned into a little girl from his younger sister’s drugs.

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Vol (60) Order
Vol.04 Ch.039.5 Vol.04 Ch.039 Vol.04 Ch.038 Vol.04 Ch.037.5 Vol.04 Ch.037 Vol.04 Ch.036 - Mahiro and a Surprise Vol.04 Ch.035.5 Vol.04 Ch.035.4 Vol.04 Ch.035 - Mahiro and the Guidance of Fortunes Vol.04 Ch.034 - Mahiro and the Adult's Door Vol.04 Ch.033 - Mahiro and Valentine's Vol.04 Ch.032 Vol.04 Ch.031 Vol.04 Ch.024.5 Vol.04 Ch.021.5 Vol.04 Ch.020.9 Vol.04 Ch.020.5 Vol.04 Ch.018.5 Vol.04 Ch.010.9 Vol.03 Ch.030.9 - Chapter 21-27 Mini Extras [Partial] Vol.03 Ch.030.5 Vol.03 Ch.030 Vol.03 Ch.029 - Mahiro and a Double Date Vol.03 Ch.028.1 - Mahiro and Girl's Night (Second Part) [Tank Version] Vol.03 Ch.028 - Mahiro and Girl's Night (Second Part) Vol.03 Ch.027.5 - Including Extra (25.5 - 26.5 - 27.5) Vol.03 Ch.027 - Mahiro and Girl's Night (First Part) Vol.03 Ch.026 - Mahiro and Patissier Vol.03 Ch.025 - Mahiro and Finals Vol.02 Ch.024 - Mahiro and Common Interests Vol.02 Ch.023 - Mahiro and the Fun Weekend Vol.02 Ch.022.5 Vol.02 Ch.022 - Mahiro and the Harsh Lesson Vol.02 Ch.021 - Mahiro and the First Day of School (V2) Vol.02 Ch.020 - Mahiro and Middle Schoolers (v2) Vol.02 Ch.019 - Mahiro and Uploading Videos Vol.02 Ch.018 - Mahiro and the Onsen Panic (Second Part) Vol.02 Ch.017 - Mahiro and the Onsen Panic (First Part) Vol.02 Ch.016 - Mahiro and the Hair Salon Vol.02 Ch.015 - Mahiro and Party Night Vol.02 Ch.014 - Mahiro and a Little Adventure Vol.02 Ch.013 - Mahiro and a Wholesome Relationship Vol.02 Ch.012 - Mahiro and a Lonely Night Vol.02 Ch.011 - Mahiro and Adventure Vol.01 Ch.010.5 - Mahiro and Helping Out & OMAKE - Mihari and Onii-chan Vol.01 Ch.010 - Mahiro and Special Home Security Vol.01 Ch.009.5 - Mahiro and the Two's Secret Vol.01 Ch.009 - Mahiro and a Girl's Vacation Vol.01 Ch.008.5 - Mahiro and Gacha (v2) Vol.01 Ch.008 - Mahiro and New Game (+Teaser Ch. 8.5) Vol.01 Ch.007 - Mahiro and Encounters with the Unknown Vol.01 Ch.006.5 - Mahiro and Going in Circles Vol.01 Ch.006 - Mahiro and the Secret Garden Vol.01 Ch.005.5 - Mahiro and Comfort for Many Days Vol.01 Ch.005 - Mahiro and a Melancholic Day Vol.01 Ch.004 - Mahiro and MMORPG Vol.01 Ch.003 - Mahiro and Identity Vol.01 Ch.002 - Mahiro and the Dangerous Mirror Vol.01 Ch.001.5 - Mahiro and the Toilet Vol.01 Ch.001 - Mahiro and the Unpleasurable Body
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