1/2 Prince
1/2 Prince

1/2 Prince


Last Update: Sep 30,2020

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Shounen Romance Shoujo Sci-fi Gender Bender
Author:Yu Wo

It is the year 2100 A.D., and humans have developed a virtual reality game with a realism level of 99%. Feng Lan, due to a bet with her twin brother, vows to succeed in playing the game without using ...more

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Vol (81) Order
Vol.16 Ch.080 Vol.16 Ch.079 Vol.16 Ch.078 Vol.16 Ch.077 Vol.16 Ch.076 Vol.15 Ch.075 - Legend of the Legend: The True Version of the End Vol.15 Ch.074 - White-Haired Prince Vol.14 Ch.073 - To Infinite City Vol.14 Ch.072 - Alf and Devil 13 Vol.14 Ch.071 - The Return of a New Prince Vol.14 Ch.070 - The Legend of Eternity Vol.14 Ch.069 - Eternal Legend Vol.13 Ch.068 - Multiple Levels Vol.13 Ch.067 - Departure Vol.13 Ch.066 - Arctic Fox's Special Training Vol.13 Ch.065 - The Chaotic Second Life Vol.12 Ch.064 - Chasing Long Dian Vol.12 Ch.063 - Secrets Of The Long Family Vol.12 Ch.062 - Into the Tiger's Den Vol.12 Ch.061 - The First Real-life Gathering Vol.12 Ch.060 - The Truth Vol.12 Ch.059 - Duel Vol.11 Ch.058 - Battle of Flower City Vol.11 Ch.057 - Caelus' Rage Vol.11 Ch.056 - The Gentleness of Gui Vol.11 Ch.055 - The Search for Survival Vol.11 Ch.054 - The Disappearance of Wicked Vol.10 Ch.053 - Journey to the North Vol.10 Ch.052 - Extraordinary Battleship Vol.10 Ch.051 - The Secret of Second Life Vol.10 Ch.050 - The NPC Rebellion Vol.09 Ch.049 - Caelus' Return Vol.09 Ch.048 - Divine Beast, An Rui Vol.09 Ch.047 - The Meeting of the Five Overlords Vol.09 Ch.046 - The Three Cities Unified Vol.08 Ch.045 - The Invasion Vol.08 Ch.044 - The Daily Necessities of a Man Vol.08 Ch.043 - The Horrors of Self-Aware NPCs Vol.08 Ch.042 - Wacko and DanDan Vol.08 Ch.041 - Differences in Reputation Vol.07 Ch.040 - Battle of the Aces Vol.07 Ch.039 - The Title of Undefeated Champion Vol.07 Ch.038 - A Fair Sky Is Meant to Blossom with Sunshine Vol.07 Ch.037 - An Uninvited Guest Vol.07 Ch.036 - The Date Vol.07 Ch.035 - Military Parade Vol.06 Ch.034 - The Hazardous Busking Vol.06 Ch.033 - The Travelling Buskers Vol.06 Ch.032 - French Kiss Vol.06 Ch.031 - GAME START Vol.06 Ch.030 - Infinite City Will Never Fall Vol.06 Ch.029 - The Battle Begins Vol.05 Ch.028 - Satan Vol.05 Ch.027 - The Concealed Mission Vol.05 Ch.026 - Demon Lord Kenshin Vol.05 Ch.025 - The Distant 5000 Crystal Coins Vol.05 Ch.024 - Jing and Wen Vol.05 Ch.023 - Another Continent Vol.04 Ch.022.5 - [1/2 Prince Sidestory] Diary Vol.04 Ch.022 - Total Gathering Vol.04 Ch.021 - The Final Winner Vol.04 Ch.020 - Clash Vol.04 Ch.019 - Unremorseful Battle Vol.04 Ch.018 - Nan Gong Zui Vol.03 Ch.017 - A Dream of BL? Vol.03 Ch.016 - The Truth, Discovered? Vol.03 Ch.015 - The Grand Melee Vol.03 Ch.014 - Zhuo Ling Bin and Ou Yang Mei Vol.03 Ch.013 - A White Lie Vol.03 Ch.012 - Besieged on All Sides Vol.02 Ch.011 - The Heated Semi-finals Vol.02 Ch.010 - Odd Squad Inspired Vol.02 Ch.009 - Invincible Food Vol.02 Ch.008 - Competition Start! Vol.02 Ch.007 - Wolf vs. YuLian Vol.02 Ch.006 - Miwa Vol.01 Ch.005 - Rivals Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Prince and the Bard Vol.01 Ch.003 - The Necromancer and the Bard Vol.01 Ch.002 - The Gentle Wolf Vol.01 Ch.001 - A Prince Is Born
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