Ansatsu Kyoushitsu
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu


Last Update: Apr 24,2016

Tag: Action Comedy Drama Shounen School Life Mystery Sci-fi
Author:MATSUI Yuusei

The story is about class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School where every morning they greet their sensei with a massive firing squad. The sensei is a weird combination of an alien and a octopus that move...more

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Vol (186) Order
Vol.21 Ch.180.4 - Thank You Time Vol.21 Ch.180.3 - Extra #3 Identity Time Vol.21 Ch.180.2 - Extra #2 Pub Time Vol.21 Ch.180.1 - Extra #1 Home Time Vol.21 Ch.180 - [END] - Killing Time Vol.21 Ch.179 - Time After Time Vol.21 Ch.178 - Time for Tears Vol.20 Ch.177 - Graduation Time Vol.20 Ch.176 - Time Has Come Vol.20 Ch.175 - Lost Time Vol.20 Ch.174 - Facial Expressions Time Vol.20 Ch.173 - My Students Time Vol.20 Ch.172 - Students’ Time Vol.20 Ch.171 - Final Boss Time Vol.20 Ch.170 - Next Generation Time Vol.19 Ch.169 - Time to Get to School Vol.19 Ch.168 - Flourish Time Vol.19 Ch.167 - Trust Time Vol.19 Ch.166 - Confusion Time Vol.19 Ch.165 - Time for a Perfect Argument Vol.19 Ch.164 - MayhemTime Vol.19 Ch.163 - Time to Decide Vol.19 Ch.162 - Time for Memories Vol.19 Ch.161 - Pride Time Vol.18 Ch.160 - Valentine's Time - After School Vol.18 Ch.159 - Valentine's Time - 2nd Hour Vol.18 Ch.158 - Valentine's Time Vol.18 Ch.157 - Enemy Time Vol.18 Ch.156 - Seven-Three Time Vol.18 Ch.155 - Ultimate Teacher Time Vol.18 Ch.154 - Winter Break Time Vol.18 Ch.153 - Resolve Time Vol.18 Ch.152 - Outer Space Time Vol.17 Ch.151 - Speed Time Vol.17 Ch.150 - Research Project Time Vol.17 Ch.149 - Results Time Vol.17 Ch.148 - Procedure Time Vol.17 Ch.147 - Stage Time Vol.17 Ch.146 - Time For An All-Out Battle Vol.17 Ch.145 - Talon Time Vol.17 Ch.144 - Assassins Time Vol.17 Ch.143 - Schism Time Vol.16 Ch.142 - Uncertainty Time Vol.16 Ch.141 - End of School Time - Second Semster Vol.16 Ch.140 - Past Time - Seventh Hour Vol.16 Ch.139 - Past Time - Sixth Hour Vol.16 Ch.138 - Past Time - Fifth Hour Vol.16 Ch.137 - Past Time - Fourth Hour Vol.16 Ch.136 - Past Time - Third Hour Vol.16 Ch.135 - Past Time - Second Hour Vol.16 Ch.134 - Past Time Vol.15 Ch.133 - Confession Time Vol.15 Ch.132 - Time for the Killing Blow (v2) Vol.15 Ch.131 - Erosion Time Vol.15 Ch.130 - Nemesis Time (v2) Vol.15 Ch.129 - True Identity Time Vol.15 Ch.128 - Time for a Storm Vol.15 Ch.127 - Time For A Play Vol.15 Ch.126 - Time To Ensure Survival Vol.15 Ch.125 - Perfection Time Vol.14 Ch.124 - Teacher Exam Time Vol.14 Ch.123 - Malfunction Time Vol.14 Ch.122 - Space Time Vol.14 Ch.121 - Time to Solve Some Problems Vol.14 Ch.120 - Bloodlust Time Vol.14 Ch.119 - Time for the End of the Semester - 2nd Hour Vol.14 Ch.118 - Connection Time Vol.14 Ch.117 - Special Guests Time Vol.14 Ch.116 - Customer Time Vol.13 Ch.115 - School Festival Time Vol.13 Ch.114 - Nagisa's Time Vol.13 Ch.113 - The Time for Revolution Pt.2 Vol.13 Ch.112 - The time for revolution Vol.13 Ch.111 - Career Time Vol.13 Ch.110 - World Time Vol.13 Ch.109 - "God of Death" Time- 9th Hour Vol.13 Ch.108 - "God of Death" Time- 8th Hour Vol.13 Ch.107 - "God of Death" Time- 7th Hour Vol.12 Ch.106 - "God of Death" Time- 6th Hour Vol.12 Ch.105 - ''God of Death'' Time · 5th Hour. Vol.12 Ch.104 - ''God of Death'' Time · 4th Hour. Vol.12 Ch.103 - ''God of Death'' Time · 3rd Hour. Vol.12 Ch.102 - ''God of Death'' Time · 2nd Hour. Vol.12 Ch.101 - Counter Attack Time Vol.12 Ch.100 - God of Death Time Vol.12 Ch.099 - Present Time 2nd Hour Vol.12 Ch.098 - Present Time. Vol.11 Ch.097 - After Time Vol.11 Ch.096 - Before Time Vol.11 Ch.095 - Mistake Time Vol.11 Ch.094 - Defeat Time Vol.11 Ch.093 - Leader's Time Vol.11 Ch.092 - Tactics Time Vol.11 Ch.091 - Athletic Festival Time Vol.11 Ch.090 - Ikemen Time Vol.11 Ch.089 - Name Time Vol.10 Ch.088 - Spin Time Vol.10 Ch.087 - Nauseous Time Vol.10 Ch.086 - Tenacity Time Vol.10 Ch.085 - Chess Piece Time Vol.10 Ch.084 - Limit Time Vol.10 Ch.083 - Robber Time · 2nd Hour Vol.10 Ch.082 - Robber Time Vol.10 Ch.081 - Tag Time Vol.10 Ch.080 - Kayano Time Vol.09 Ch.079 - Ruler Time · 2nd Hour Vol.09 Ch.078 - Takebayashi Time Vol.09 Ch.077 - Curse Time Vol.09 Ch.076 - Shock Time Vol.09 Ch.075 - Murder Time Vol.09 Ch.074 - Scary Time Vol.09 Ch.073 - Adult Time · 2 Hour Vol.09 Ch.072 - Sound Time Vol.09 Ch.071 - Reprimand Time Vol.08 Ch.070 - Takaoka Time Vol.08 Ch.069 - Mastermind Time Vol.08 Ch.068 - Chance Time Vol.08 Ch.067 - Weapon Time Vol.08 Ch.066 - Girl Time Vol.08 Ch.065 - Karma Time 2nd Hour Vol.08 Ch.064 - Obsession Time Vol.08 Ch.063 - Command Time Vol.08 Ch.062 - Pro Time 2nd Hour Vol.07 Ch.061 - Demon Time Vol.07 Ch.060 - Time for an Unusual Event Vol.07 Ch.059 - Go Time Vol.07 Ch.058 - Island Time Vol.07 Ch.057 - Strategy Time Vol.07 Ch.056 - Time for the Living Vol.07 Ch.055 - Time for the Closing of the First Semester Vol.07 Ch.054 - Frustration Time Vol.07 Ch.053 - Time for the Five Subjects Vol.06 Ch.052 - The Ace's Time Vol.06 Ch.051 - The Son's Time Vol.06 Ch.050 - Time for the End of the Semester Vol.06 Ch.049 - Time on the Scene Vol.06 Ch.048 - A Time for Action Vol.06 Ch.047 - A Time for Vision Vol.06 Ch.046 - Terasaka's Time Vol.06 Ch.045 - Swimming Time Vol.06 Ch.044 - Drowned Time Vol.05 Ch.043 - Summertime Vol.05 Ch.042 - A Time for Uncertainty Vol.05 Ch.041 - Talent Time Vol.05 Ch.040 - Nomination Time Vol.05 Ch.039 - Affection Time Vol.05 Ch.038 - Training Time Vol.05 Ch.037 - Art Time Vol.05 Ch.036 - Time to Get Close Vol.05 Ch.035 - Huddle Time Vol.04 Ch.034 - Time to Bat First Vol.04 Ch.033 - Time for a Ball Game Vol.04 Ch.032 - A Time of Connections Vol.04 Ch.031 - Having a Rough Time Vol.04 Ch.030 - Incredulity Time Vol.04 Ch.029 - Transfer Student Time, Second Period Vol.04 Ch.028 - Movie Time Vol.04 Ch.027 - Time to Overcome Vol.04 Ch.026 - Master's Time Vol.03 Ch.025 - L and R Time Vol.03 Ch.024 - Retaliation Time Vol.03 Ch.023 - Humid Time Vol.03 Ch.022 - Autonomy Time Vol.03 Ch.021 - Improvement Time Vol.03 Ch.020 - Transfer Student Time Vol.03 Ch.019 - Curiosity Time Vol.03 Ch.018 - Red Time Vol.03 Ch.017 - Guidebook Time Vol.02 Ch.016 - Ruined Time Vol.02 Ch.015.5 - Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo ~Showdown in Iruma~ Vol.02 Ch.015 - Traveling Time Vol.02 Ch.014 - Test Time Vol.02 Ch.013 - Spinning Time Vol.02 Ch.012 - Sovereign Time Vol.02 Ch.011 - Assembly Time Vol.02 Ch.010 - Pro Time Vol.02 Ch.009 - Adult Time Vol.02 Ch.008 - Breast Time Vol.01 Ch.007.5 - [Extra Story] Break Time: Korosensei's Drawing Song Vol.01 Ch.007 - Toxin Time Vol.01 Ch.006 - Time to Choose Vol.01 Ch.005 - Karma's Time Vol.01 Ch.004 - Fundamentals Time Vol.01 Ch.003 - Service Time Vol.01 Ch.002 - Baseball Time Vol.01 Ch.001 - Assassination Time
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