Last Update: May 22,2022

Tag: Adventure Comedy Drama Shounen Sci-fi Slice of Life
Author:AMANO Kozue

From ADV Manga: On the planet Aqua, a world once known as Mars, Mizunashi Akari has just made her home in the town of Neo-VENEZIA, a futuristic imitation of the ancient city of Venice. The technology...more

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Vol (73) Order
Vol.12 Ch.060.5 Vol.12 Ch.060.2 Vol.12 Ch.060.1 - Special Navigation - AQUARIA Vol.12 Ch.060 - Water Fairies Vol.12 Ch.059 - The Future Vol.12 Ch.058 - Distant Blue Vol.12 Ch.057.5 - The Three Girls Vol.12 Ch.057 - The Name of the Rose Vol.12 Ch.056 - Living Dolls Vol.12 Ch.020 Vol.12 Ch.019 Vol.12 Ch.018 Vol.12 Ch.017 Vol.12 Ch.005 Vol.12 Ch.004 Vol.12 Ch.002 Vol.11 Ch.055 - At the Time of Twilight Vol.11 Ch.054 - Day Off Vol.11 Ch.053 - Cait Sith Vol.11 Ch.052 - Marriage of the Sea Vol.11 Ch.051 - Clover Vol.10 Ch.050.5 - Special Navigation: Horoscopes Vol.10 Ch.050 - Extracurricular Activities Vol.10 Ch.049 - The Four Seasons Vol.10 Ch.048 - Traghetto Vol.10 Ch.047 - Epiphany Vol.10 Ch.046 - Birthday Vol.09 Ch.045.5 - Aquamarine Vol.09 Ch.045 - Moon Viewing Vol.09 Ch.044 - Prima Donna Vol.09 Ch.043 - Young Friendship Vol.09 Ch.042 - Self Rule Vol.09 Ch.041 - Parina Vol.08 Ch.040 - Bonfire Vol.08 Ch.039 - Secret Place Vol.08 Ch.038 - Cemetery Island Vol.08 Ch.037.5 - A Girl's Instinct Vol.08 Ch.037 - Amnesia Vol.08 Ch.036 - Gondola Vol.07 Ch.035.5 - Artificial Human, Special Navigation Vol.07 Ch.035 - Hair, Hairpin and Me Vol.07 Ch.034 - Vaporetto Vol.07 Ch.033 - Mirror Vol.07 Ch.032 - Blackout Vol.07 Ch.031 - Goddess of Spring Vol.06 Ch.030.5 - The Parallel World, Special Navigation Vol.06 Ch.030 - The Galaxy Express Vol.06 Ch.029 - Lost Kitten Vol.06 Ch.028 - Snow White Vol.06 Ch.027 - Venezian Glass Vol.06 Ch.026 - Orange Days Vol.05 Ch.025 - Following the Shadow Vol.05 Ch.024 - Margherita Vol.05 Ch.023 - An Evening of Meteor Showers Vol.05 Ch.022 - Canzone Vol.05 Ch.021 - Mr. Postman Vol.04 Ch.018.2 - 18.2: [continuation] \ 19: The Legendary Fairy \ 20: Redentore Vol.04 Ch.016 - 16: Neverland \ 17: Mirage \ 18.1: The Fish that Swims in the Sky Vol.03 Ch.015 - Festa del Boccolo Vol.03 Ch.014 - Three Water Fairies Vol.03 Ch.013 - Town Treasure Vol.03 Ch.012 - Under the Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom Vol.03 Ch.011 - First Gale of Spring Vol.02 Ch.010.5 - A Day in the Life of President Aria, Special Navigation Vol.02 Ch.010 - Carnival Vol.02 Ch.009 - Auguri Buon Anno Vol.02 Ch.008 - Voices of the Stars Vol.02 Ch.007.5 - Special Navigation: A Day in the Life of President Aria Vol.02 Ch.007 - Utopia Vol.02 Ch.006 - Mr. Snowbug Vol.01 Ch.003.2 - 3.2: [continuation] \ 4: Sun Shower \ 5: VOGARE LONGA Vol.01 Ch.003 Vol.01 Ch.001 - 1: Neo-Venezia \ 2: Onshore Maintenance \ 3.1: Sighing Bridge
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