Last Update: Nov 01,2022

Tag: Drama Romance Seinen Historical
Author:OOKUBO Kei

Firenze, early 16th century. The birthplace of the renaissance era, where art is thriving. In one small corner of this vast city, one sheltered girl’s journey begins. She dreams of becoming an artist...more

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Vol (70) Order
Vol.14 Ch.068 - The Visit Vol.14 Ch.067 - A Day Without Arte Vol.14 Ch.066 - Two People Vol.14 Ch.065 - A Message From Irene Vol.13 Ch.064 - Confusion Vol.13 Ch.063 - Darkness, Part 2 Vol.13 Ch.062 - Darkness, Part 1 Vol.13 Ch.061 - Deception Vol.13 Ch.060 Vol.12 Ch.059 Vol.12 Ch.058 Vol.12 Ch.057 Vol.10 Ch.056 Vol.10 Ch.055 Vol.10 Ch.054 Vol.10 Ch.053 Vol.10 Ch.052 Vol.10 Ch.051 Vol.10 Ch.050 Vol.10 Ch.049 Vol.10 Ch.048 Vol.10 Ch.047 Vol.10 Ch.046 Vol.09 Ch.045 Vol.09 Ch.044 Vol.09 Ch.043 - Dacia And Angelo, Part 2 Vol.09 Ch.042 Vol.09 Ch.041 Vol.08 Ch.040 Vol.08 Ch.039 Vol.08 Ch.038 - The Little Workshop, Part 1 Vol.08 Ch.037 - (Leo's) Apprentice Vol.08 Ch.036 Vol.07 Ch.035 Vol.07 Ch.034 Vol.07 Ch.033 Vol.07 Ch.032.5 - A Day With Leo Vol.07 Ch.032 Vol.07 Ch.031 - Private Matters, Part 2 Vol.07 Ch.030 - Private Matters, Part 1 Vol.06 Ch.029 - Home Vol.06 Ch.028 - The Decision Vol.06 Ch.027 Vol.06 Ch.026 - The Nursemaid Vol.05 Ch.025 - Catarina's Banquet Vol.05 Ch.024 - The Secret Vol.05 Ch.023 - That Little Pest, Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.022 - That Little Pest, Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.021 - A New Place Vol.04 Ch.020 - The Route By Sea Vol.04 Ch.019 - Goodbyes Vol.04 Ch.018 - The Nobleman Of Venice, Part 3 Vol.04 Ch.017 Vol.04 Ch.016 - The Nobleman Of Venice, Part 1 Vol.04 Ch.015.5 - A Day With Arte (Bonus Chapter) Vol.03 Ch.015 - The Guild, Part 3 Vol.03 Ch.014 - The Guild, Part 2 Vol.03 Ch.013 - The Guild, Part 1 Vol.03 Ch.012 - The Cumbersome Client, Part 3 Vol.03 Ch.011 - The Cumbersome Client, Part 2 Vol.02 Ch.010 Vol.02 Ch.009 Vol.02 Ch.008 Vol.02 Ch.007 Vol.02 Ch.006 Vol.01 Ch.005 Vol.01 Ch.004 Vol.01 Ch.003 Vol.01 Ch.002 Vol.01 Ch.001
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