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Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Shounen Horror Supernatural
Author:KUBO Tite

Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see ghosts, but this ability doesn’t change his life nearly as much as his close encounter with Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper and member of the mysterious Soul ...more

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Vol (711) Order
Vol.TBD Ch.687 Vol.TBD Ch.686 - Death & Strawberry Vol.TBD Ch.685 - A Perfect End. Vol.TBD Ch.684 - The Blade Vol.TBD Ch.683 - The Dark Side of Two World Ends Vol.TBD Ch.682 - The Two Sided World End Vol.TBD Ch.681 - The End Two World Vol.TBD Ch.680 - THE END-2 Vol.TBD Ch.679 - THE END Vol.TBD Ch.678 - The Future Black Vol.TBD Ch.677 - Horn of Salvation 2 Vol.TBD Ch.676 - Horn of Salvation Vol.TBD Ch.675 - Blood for My Bone Vol.73 Ch.674 - Father 2 Vol.73 Ch.673 - Father Vol.73 Ch.672 - Son of Darkness Vol.73 Ch.671 - The Perfect Crimson 2 Vol.73 Ch.670 - The Perfect Crimson Vol.73 Ch.669 - Yaiba II Vol.73 Ch.668 - Bigger, Faster, Stronger Vol.73 Ch.667 - Bigger, Louder, Stronger Vol.73 Ch.666 - Empty Hall of the Puppet Temple Vol.73 Ch.665 - The Princess Dissection Vol.73 Ch.664.5 - Announcement Vol.73 Ch.664 - The Gift Vol.72 Ch.663 - God of Thunder 4 Vol.72 Ch.662 - God of Thunder 3 Vol.72 Ch.661 - My Last Words Vol.72 Ch.660 - The Visible Answer Vol.72 Ch.659 - There Will Be Frost Vol.72 Ch.658 - Fatal Matters Are Cold Vol.72 Ch.657 - God of Thunder 2 Vol.72 Ch.656 - God of Thunder Vol.72 Ch.655 - The Miracle Vol.72 Ch.654 - Deadman Standing Vol.72 Ch.653 - The Theatre Suicide Scene 7 Vol.71 Ch.652 - The Theatre Suicide Scene 6 Vol.71 Ch.651 - The Theatre Suicide Scene 5 Vol.71 Ch.650 - The Theatre Suicide Scene 4 Vol.71 Ch.649 - The Theater Suicide Scene 3 Vol.71 Ch.648 - The Theatre Suicide Scene 2 Vol.71 Ch.647 - The Theatre Suicide Vol.71 Ch.646 - The Second Eye Vol.71 Ch.645 - Don't Chase a Shadow Vol.71 Ch.644 - Baby, Hold Your Hand 7 - Never Ending My Dream Vol.71 Ch.643 - Baby, Hold Your Hand 6 Vol.70 Ch.642 - Baby, Hold Your Hand 5 Vol.70 Ch.641 - Baby, Hold Your Hand 4 - When I am sleeping Vol.70 Ch.640 - Baby, Hold Your Hand 3 (Mad Lullaby no.7) Vol.70 Ch.639 - Baby, Hold Your Hand 2 Vol.70 Ch.638 - Seething Malice Is The Height Of Comedy Vol.70 Ch.637 - Baby, Hold Your Hand Vol.70 Ch.636 - Sensitive Monster Vol.70 Ch.635 - Hooded Enigma Vol.70 Ch.634 - Friend 4 Vol.70 Ch.633 - Friend 3 Vol.69 Ch.632 - Friend 2 Vol.69 Ch.631 - Friend Vol.69 Ch.630 - The Twined Twilight Vol.69 Ch.629 - Gate of The Sun Vol.69 Ch.628 - New World Orders Vol.69 Ch.627 - The Creation Vol.69 Ch.626 - The Holy Newborn Vol.69 Ch.625 - Living Jaguar Vol.69 Ch.624 - The Fang Vol.69 Ch.623 - Against the Judgement Vol.68 Ch.622 - The Agony Vol.68 Ch.621 - The Dark Curtain Vol.68 Ch.620 - Where Do You Stand Vol.68 Ch.619 - The Betrayer Vol.68 Ch.618 - The Dark Arm Vol.68 Ch.617 - Return of the God Vol.68 Ch.616 - Mimihagi-Sama Vol.68 Ch.615 - All is Lost Vol.68 Ch.614 - Kill The King Vol.68 Ch.613 - The Ordinary Peace Vol.68 Ch.612 - Dirty Vol.67 Ch.611 - Death of the Soul King Vol.67 Ch.610 - Mausoleum of Skulls Vol.67 Ch.609 - ''A'' Vol.67 Ch.608 - Darkness from the Blackest of Black Vol.67 Ch.607 - The Master Vol.67 Ch.606 - Divine Division Vol.67 Ch.605 - Don't Call My Name Vol.67 Ch.604 - Revitalize Vol.67 Ch.603 - What The Hell Vol.67 Ch.602 - Bane Licking Good Vol.66 Ch.601 - Verge On Vermillion Vol.66 Ch.600 - Snipe Vol.66 Ch.599 - Too Early to Win Too Late to Know Vol.66 Ch.598 - The Shooting Star Project [We Only Have To Beat You Mix] Vol.66 Ch.597 - Winded by the Shadow Vol.66 Ch.596 - Rubb-Dolls 3 Vol.66 Ch.595 - Rubb-Dolls 2 Vol.66 Ch.594 - Rubb-Dolls Vol.66 Ch.593 - Marching Out The ZOMBIES 4 Vol.66 Ch.592 - Marching Out The ZOMBIES 3 Vol.65 Ch.591 - Marching Out the ZOMBIES 2 Vol.65 Ch.590 - Marching Out the ZOMBIES Vol.65 Ch.589 - “The Shooting Star Project” [The Old and New Trust] Vol.65 Ch.588 - The Headless Star 7 Vol.65 Ch.587 - The Headless Star 6 Vol.65 Ch.586 - The Headless Star 5 Vol.65 Ch.585 - The Headless Star 4 Vol.65 Ch.584 - The Headless Star 3 Vol.65 Ch.583 - The Headless Star 2 Vol.65 Ch.582 - The Headless Star Vol.65 Ch.581 - The Hero 2 Vol.64 Ch.580 - The Light Vol.64 Ch.579 - THE UNDEAD 6 Vol.64 Ch.578 - THE UNDEAD 5 Vol.64 Ch.577 - Blade Vol.64 Ch.576 - THE KILLERS HIGH 2 Vol.64 Ch.575 - THE KILLERS HIGH Vol.64 Ch.574 - DEATH IN VISION Vol.64 Ch.573 - I AM THE EDGE Vol.64 Ch.572 - The Blaster Vol.64 Ch.571 - a Devilish Perspective Vol.63 Ch.570 - Closer, Closer Vol.63 Ch.569 - The White Haze Vol.63 Ch.568 - Hear. Fear. Here 2 Vol.63 Ch.567 - Dance With Snowwhite Vol.63 Ch.566 - What is Your Fear? Vol.63 Ch.565 - God Like You Vol.63 Ch.564 - Red Bristled Kings Vol.63 Ch.563 - Superstar Never Die Vol.63 Ch.562 - The Villain 2 Vol.63 Ch.561 - The Villain Vol.62 Ch.560 - Rages at Ringside Vol.62 Ch.559 - The Night Right Vol.62 Ch.558 - The Wolf's Heart Vol.62 Ch.557 - His Life Has Already Been Set Aside Vol.62 Ch.556 - The Wolfsbane Vol.62 Ch.555 - The Hero Vol.62 Ch.554 - Desperate Lights Vol.62 Ch.553 - Frozen Cross Vol.62 Ch.552 - The Fundemental Virulence Vol.62 Ch.551 - The Burnt Offerings Vol.61 Ch.550 - Blazing Bullets Vol.61 Ch.549 - The StormBringer Vol.61 Ch.548 - The Thin Ice Vol.61 Ch.547 - Peace From Shadows Vol.61 Ch.546 - The Last 9 Days Vol.61 Ch.545 - Blue Stripes Vol.61 Ch.544 - Walking With Watcher Vol.61 Ch.543 - Letters Vol.61 Ch.542 - The Blade Is Me Vol.61 Ch.541 - The Blade And Me 2 Vol.60 Ch.540 - The Sword Five Vol.60 Ch.539 - Prob-less, Progress Vol.60 Ch.538 - Standing On the Edge Vol.60 Ch.537 - Everything But the Rain 10 Vol.60 Ch.536 - Everything But the Rain OP.9 Vol.60 Ch.535 - Everything But the Rain OP.8 Vol.60 Ch.534 - Everything but the Rain op.7 Vol.60 Ch.533 - Everything But the Rain OP.6 Vol.60 Ch.532 - Everything But the Rain OP 5 Vol.60 Ch.531 - Everything But the Rain OP.4 Vol.59 Ch.530 - Everything But the Rain OP.3 Vol.59 Ch.529 - Everything But the Rain OP.2 Vol.59 Ch.528 - Everything But the Rain Vol.59 Ch.527 - Eliminate From Heaven Vol.59 Ch.526 - The Battle Vol.59 Ch.525 - Edges Vol.59 Ch.524 - The Drop Vol.59 Ch.523 - Words of Origin Vol.59 Ch.522 - Love It Vol.59 Ch.521 - A Piggy Party Vol.58 Ch.520 - Killers Not Dead Vol.58 Ch.519 - Hot Hot Heat Vol.58 Ch.518 - The Shooting Star Project Vol.58 Ch.517 - The Stairway to Heaven Vol.58 Ch.516 - The Squad Zero Vol.58 Ch.515 - Relics Vol.58 Ch.514 - Born in the Dark Vol.58 Ch.513 - The Dark Moon Stroke Vol.58 Ch.512 - Everything but the Rain Vol.58 Ch.511 - Death Whilst Standing Vol.58 Ch.510 - The Extinction Vol.57 Ch.509 - Tenchi Kaijin Vol.57 Ch.508 - Like a Raging Fire Vol.57 Ch.507 - The Fire 3 Vol.57 Ch.506 - The Fire 2 Vol.57 Ch.505 - The Fire Vol.57 Ch.504 - A Long Time Ago Vol.57 Ch.503 - Wrath As A Lightning Vol.57 Ch.502 - Scattering Souls Vol.57 Ch.501 - Hear. Fear. Here Vol.57 Ch.500 - Rescuer in the Deep Dark Vol.56 Ch.499 - Rescuer in the Dark Vol.56 Ch.498 - The Black Rescuer Vol.56 Ch.497 - Kill The Shadow 2 Vol.56 Ch.496 - Kill The Shadow Vol.56 Ch.495 - Bleeding Guitar Blues Vol.56 Ch.494 - The Closing Chapter Part One Vol.56 Ch.493 - Light of Happiness Vol.56 Ch.492 - Balancer's Justice Vol.56 Ch.491 - Todes Engel Vol.56 Ch.490 - March Of The StarCross 2 Vol.55 Ch.489 - March of the StarCross Vol.55 Ch.488 - Bond Behind Blast Vol.55 Ch.487 - Breathe but blind Vol.55 Ch.486 - The Crimson Cremation Vol.55 Ch.485 - Foundation Stones Vol.55 Ch.484 - The Buckbeard Vol.55 Ch.483 - KriegsErklärung Vol.55 Ch.482 - Bad Recognition Vol.55 Ch.481 - The Tearing Vol.55 Ch.480 - Final Arc - The Thousand Year Blood War Vol.54 Ch.479 - Goodbye to our Xcution Vol.54 Ch.478 - The Lost 3 Vol.54 Ch.477 - The Lost 2 Vol.54 Ch.476 - The Lost Vol.54 Ch.475 - Shades of the Bond Vol.54 Ch.474 - beLIEve Vol.54 Ch.473 - Enemies in the Dark Vol.54 Ch.472 - Razoredge Requiem Vol.54 Ch.471 - Pray for Predators 2 Vol.54 Ch.470 - Pray for Predators Vol.53 Ch.469 - Rag Lag Rumble Vol.53 Ch.468 - Raid as a Blade Vol.53 Ch.467 - Luck Men Vol.53 Ch.466 - Screaming Invader Vol.53 Ch.465 - Bad Blood Exhaust Vol.53 Ch.464 - Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart Vol.53 Ch.463 - Extreme Divider Vol.53 Ch.462 - Why Am I Sad Vol.53 Ch.461 - Come Around Our Turn Vol.53 Ch.460 - DeathBerry Returns 2 Vol.52 Ch.459 - Death & Strawberry 2 Vol.52 Ch.458 - End of All Bonds Vol.52 Ch.457 - End of the Bond 3 Vol.52 Ch.456 - End of the Bond 2 Vol.52 Ch.455 - End of the Bond 1 Vol.52 Ch.454 - Sheathebreaker Vol.52 Ch.453 - Mute Your Breathe Friendship Vol.52 Ch.452 - Erosion/Implosion Vol.52 Ch.451 - Welcome to Our EXECUTION 4 Vol.51 Ch.450 - Blind Solitude Vol.51 Ch.449 - Not Be a Drug Vol.51 Ch.448 - Loading to Lie Vol.51 Ch.447 - Load Vol.51 Ch.446 - The Dark Beat 2 Vol.51 Ch.445 - The Dark Beat Vol.51 Ch.444 - The Rising Vol.51 Ch.443 - Dirty Boots Dangers Vol.51 Ch.442 - Battlefield Shallows, Otherfield Abyss Vol.50 Ch.441 - Spotlight Broken Vol.50 Ch.440 - Mute Friendship Vol.50 Ch.439 - Keen Marker Vol.50 Ch.438 - Knuckle Down Vol.50 Ch.437 - Swastika Break Vol.50 Ch.436 - The Time Discipline Vol.50 Ch.435 - Panic in the Dollhouse Vol.50 Ch.434 - Berry in the Box Vol.50 Ch.433 - The Six Fullbringers Vol.49 Ch.432 - The Soul Pantheism Vol.49 Ch.431 - Welcome to Our Execution 3 Vol.49 Ch.430 - Welcome to Our Execution 2 Vol.49 Ch.429 - Welcome to Our Execution Vol.49 Ch.428.1 - BLEACH the Motion Picture: Hell Arc Vol.49 Ch.428 - The Known Vol.49 Ch.427 - A Delicious Dissonance Vol.49 Ch.426 - The Starter 2 Vol.49 Ch.425 - A Day Without Melodies Vol.48 Ch.424 - The Lost Agent Vol.48 Ch.423 - Farewell Swords Vol.48 Ch.422 - The Silent Victory Vol.48 Ch.421 - Deicide 23 Vol.48 Ch.420 - Deicide 22 Vol.48 Ch.419 - Deicide 21 [Trancendent God Rock] Vol.48 Ch.418 - Deicide 20 Vol.48 Ch.417 - Deicide 19 Vol.48 Ch.416 - Deicide 18 [The End] Vol.48 Ch.415 - Deicide 17 Vol.48 Ch.414 - Deicide 16 Vol.47 Ch.413 - Deicide 15 Vol.47 Ch.412 - Deicide 14 Vol.47 Ch.411 - Deicide 13 Vol.47 Ch.410 - Deicide 12 Vol.47 Ch.409 - Deicide 11 Vol.47 Ch.408 - Deicide 10 Vol.47 Ch.407 - Deicide 9 Vol.47 Ch.406 - Deicide 8 [End of The Chrysalis Age] Vol.47 Ch.405 - Deicide 7 Vol.46 Ch.404 - Deicide 6 Vol.46 Ch.403 - Deicide 5 Vol.46 Ch.402 - Deicide 4 Vol.46 Ch.401 - Deicide 3 Vol.46 Ch.400 - Deicide 2 Vol.46 Ch.399 - Deicide Vol.46 Ch.398 - The Father and Son Bond Vol.44 Ch.397 - Edge of the Silence Vol.44 Ch.396 - The Bite Vol.44 Ch.395 - The Burnout Inferno 3 Vol.44 Ch.394 - The Burnout Inferno 2 Vol.44 Ch.393 - The Burnout Inferno Vol.44 Ch.392 - The Breaking Glaciers Vol.44 Ch.391 - The Blazing Glaciers Vol.44 Ch.390 - Beyond the Death Understanding Vol.44 Ch.389 - Winged Eagles 2 Vol.44 Ch.388 - Eagle Without Wings 2 Vol.44 Ch.387 - Ignited Vol.44 Ch.386 - The Bestial Vol.44 Ch.385 - Vice It Vol.44 Ch.384 - Can't Fear Your Own Sword! Vol.44 Ch.383 - Too Early To Trust Vol.44 Ch.382 - The United Front *Discordeque Mix* Vol.44 Ch.381 - Words Just Don't Like You Vol.44 Ch.380 - Devil, Devil, Devil, Devil Vol.44 Ch.379 - Falta de Armonia Vol.44 Ch.378 - Eyes of the Victor Vol.43 Ch.377 - Shout at the Dark Vol.43 Ch.376 - Execution, Extinction 2 Vol.43 Ch.375 - Execution, Extinction Vol.43 Ch.374 - Grey Wolves, Red Blood, Black Clothes, White Bones Vol.43 Ch.373 - Wolves Ain't Howl Alone Vol.43 Ch.372 - The Metal Cudgel Flinger Vol.43 Ch.371 - Kingdom of Hollows Vol.43 Ch.370 - Debating Life from God's Viewpoint Vol.43 Ch.369 - Spit on Your Own God Vol.43 Ch.368 - The Fearless Child Vol.42 Ch.367 - Your Enemy Is My Enemy Vol.42 Ch.366 - The Revenger's High Vol.42 Ch.365 - Whose Side Are We On Vol.42 Ch.364 - Grinning Revengers Vol.42 Ch.363 - Superchunky from Hell Vol.42 Ch.362 - Howling Wolves Vol.42 Ch.361 - I Hate Loneliness, but It Loves Me Vol.42 Ch.360 - Shock of the Queen Vol.42 Ch.359 - The Frozen Obelisk Vol.41 Ch.358 - King of the Clouds Vol.41 Ch.357 - The Colossus of Fear Vol.41 Ch.356 - Tyrant of Skulls Vol.41 Ch.355 - Azul-Blood Splash Vol.41 Ch.354 - The Heart Vol.41 Ch.353 - The Ash Vol.41 Ch.352 - The Lust 6 Vol.41 Ch.351 - The Lust 5 Vol.41 Ch.350 - The Lust 4 Vol.40 Ch.349 - The Lust 3 Vol.40 Ch.348 - The Lust 2 Vol.40 Ch.347 - The Lust Vol.40 Ch.346 - The Wrath Vol.40 Ch.345 - The Sloth Vol.40 Ch.344 - The Pride Vol.40 Ch.343 - The Gluttony Vol.40 Ch.342 - The Greed Vol.40 Ch.341 - The Envy Vol.39 Ch.340 - The Antagonizer Vol.39 Ch.339 - The Deathbringer Numbers Vol.39 Ch.338 - Fall into My Inferno Vol.39 Ch.337 - Hall in Your Inferno Vol.39 Ch.336 - El Verdugo Vol.39 Ch.335 - Chimera Chord Vol.39 Ch.334 - Dregs of Hypnosis Vol.39 Ch.333 - Ash and Salamander Vol.39 Ch.332 - Fang and Sting Vol.38 Ch.331 - Don't Believe the Hide Vol.38 Ch.330 - Crossing Swords Vol.38 Ch.329 - Raging Rampage Vol.38 Ch.328 - The Knuckle Debate Vol.38 Ch.327 - Knock Down Monsters Vol.38 Ch.326 - Knockdown Monster Vol.38 Ch.325 - Fear for the Fight Vol.38 Ch.324 - The Claws Vol.38 Ch.323 - Gloomy, Ghastly and Full of Despair Vol.37 Ch.322 - Oath Under the Rose Vol.37 Ch.321 - Black Briers and Brambles Vol.37 Ch.320 - Beauty Is So Solitary Vol.37 Ch.319 - Ants and Dragons Vol.37 Ch.318 - Five Towers / Four Pillars Vol.37 Ch.317.2 - Six Hearts Will Beat As One Vol.37 Ch.317.1 - Swang the Edge Down Vol.37 Ch.316.3 - Let Stop the Pendulum (Ch. -97) Vol.37 Ch.316.2 - Turn Back the Pendulum 11 (Ch. -98) Vol.37 Ch.316.1 - Turn Back the Pendulum 10 (Ch. -99) Vol.36 Ch.315.9 - Turn Back The Pendulum 9 (Ch. -100) Vol.36 Ch.315.8 - Turn Back The Pendulum 8 (Ch. -101) Vol.36 Ch.315.7 - Turn Back The Pendulum 7 (Ch. -102) Vol.36 Ch.315.6 - Turn Back The Pendulum 6 (Ch. -103) Vol.36 Ch.315.5 - Turn Back the Pendulum 5 (Ch. -104) Vol.36 Ch.315.4 - Turn Back the Pendulum 4 (Ch. -105) Vol.36 Ch.315.3 - Turn Back the Pendulum 3 (Ch. -106) Vol.36 Ch.315.2 - Turn Back the Pendulum 2 (Ch. -107) Vol.36 Ch.315.1 - Turn Back The Pendulum (Ch. -108) Vol.35 Ch.315 - March of the Death Vol.35 Ch.314 - Night Side of Abduction Vol.35 Ch.313 - To Close Your World Vol.35 Ch.312 - Fervorous - Ferocious Vol.35 Ch.311 - The Undead Vol.35 Ch.310 - Four Arms to Killing You Vol.35 Ch.309 - Pray for the Mantis Vol.35 Ch.308 - Satan from Orbit Vol.35 Ch.307 - Bite It, Slash It Vol.35 Ch.306 - Not Perfect Is GOOD Vol.34 Ch.305 - The Rising Phoenix Vol.34 Ch.304 - Battle of Barbarians Vol.34 Ch.303 - Dumdum-Dummy-Dumbstruck Vol.34 Ch.302 - Pride on the Blade Vol.34 Ch.301 - Shut Up and Die Vol.34 Ch.300 - Curse Named Love Vol.34 Ch.299 - The Verbal Warfare Vol.34 Ch.298 - INTRUDERZ3 Vol.34 Ch.297 - King of the Kill Vol.34 Ch.296 - Changed Again and Again Vol.33 Ch.295 - The Last Mission Vol.33 Ch.294 - If You Call Me Beast, Kill You Like Tempest Vol.33 Ch.293 - Urge for Unite Vol.33 Ch.292 - Rupture My Replica Vol.33 Ch.291 - Thank You for Defending Me Vol.33 Ch.290 - The Broken Mask Vol.33 Ch.289 - The Scarmask Vol.33 Ch.288 - The Bad Joke Vol.33 Ch.287 - Dont Forget Till You Die Vol.32 Ch.286.5 - [BLEACH:untold stories] -16 To Die on an Ice Field Vol.32 Ch.286 - Tooth and Nail Vol.32 Ch.285 - Eating Meat Alone Vol.32 Ch.284 - Historia de Pantera y su Sombras (The Panthers and the Shadow's History) Vol.32 Ch.283 - You Don't Hurt Anymore Vol.32 Ch.282 - The Primal Fear Vol.32 Ch.281 - The Vulgarian Noise Vol.32 Ch.280 - Jugulators 2 Vol.32 Ch.279 - Jugulators Vol.31 Ch.278 - Heal for the Crash Vol.31 Ch.277 - Corrosion of Conformity Vol.31 Ch.276 - Blookin' Beast Vol.31 Ch.275 - United Front 2 [Red and White] Vol.31 Ch.274 - The Monster Vol.31 Ch.273 - Dog Eat Dog Vol.31 Ch.272 - Don't Kill My Volupture Vol.31 Ch.271 - If You Rise from the Ashes Vol.31 Ch.270 - WARning Vol.30 Ch.269 - The End Is Near Vol.30 Ch.268 - You - -Don't Give in to Death Vol.30 Ch.267 - Legions of the Reglets Vol.30 Ch.266 - Hide Away from the Sun Vol.30 Ch.265 - Bang the Bore Vol.30 Ch.264 - Don't Say that Name Again Vol.30 Ch.263 - Unexpected Vol.30 Ch.262 - Unblendable Vol.30 Ch.261 - Left Arm of the Devil Vol.29 Ch.260.5 - Bleach on the Beach Vol.29 Ch.260 - Right Arm of the Giant 2 Vol.29 Ch.259 - Flicker Flames Vol.29 Ch.258 - Seele Schneider Vol.29 Ch.257 - The Bird Hunter Vol.29 Ch.256 - Infinite Slick Vol.29 Ch.255 - Don't Breathe in the Bush Vol.29 Ch.254 - Deja Chocolate Aqui Vol.29 Ch.253 - Don't Call Me Nino Vol.29 Ch.252 - Rebut to the Baron's Lecture Vol.28 Ch.251 - Baron's Lecture 1st Period Vol.28 Ch.250 - Five Ways to Three Figures Vol.28 Ch.249 - Back to the Innocent Vol.28 Ch.248 - Come Back Alive to this Place Vol.28 Ch.247 - United on the Desert Vol.28 Ch.246 - The Great Desert Bros. Vol.28 Ch.245 - The Way Without Enemies Vol.28 Ch.244 - Born from the Fear Vol.28 Ch.243 - The Knuckle and the Arrow Vol.27 Ch.242 - Two Men Are Burning Vol.27 Ch.241 - Silverflame Vol.27 Ch.240 - Regeneration Vol.27 Ch.239 - Winged Eagles Vol.27 Ch.238 - Eagle Without Wings Vol.27 Ch.237 - Goodbye, Halcyon Days Vol.27 Ch.236 - The Sun Already Gone Down Vol.27 Ch.235 - The Frozen Clutch Vol.27 Ch.234 - Not Negotiation Vol.26 Ch.233 - El Violador Vol.26 Ch.232 - The Mascaron Drive 2 Vol.26 Ch.231 - The Mascaron Drive Vol.26 Ch.230 - The White Invasion Vol.26 Ch.229 - The Howling Tempest Vol.26 Ch.228 - Don't Look Back Vol.26 Ch.227 - The Swordless Soldier Vol.26 Ch.226 - The Right of the Heart Vol.26 Ch.225 - Slip into My Barrier Vol.26 Ch.224 - Imitated Gaiety Vol.25 Ch.223 - The Scarlet Creation Vol.25 Ch.222 - No Shaking Throne Vol.25 Ch.221 - Let Eat the World's End Vol.25 Ch.220 - King and His Horse Vol.25 Ch.219 - Black and White 3 Vol.25 Ch.218 - Dark Side of the Universe 3 Vol.25 Ch.217 - Hole in My Heart Vol.25 Ch.216 - The Suppression of Darkness Vol.25 Ch.215 - Tug Your Gut Out Vol.24 Ch.214 - Immanent God Blues Vol.24 Ch.213 - Trifle Vol.24 Ch.212 - You Don't Hear My Name Anymore Vol.24 Ch.211 - Stroke of Sanity Vol.24 Ch.210 - Turn the True Power On Vol.24 Ch.209 - Lift the Limit Vol.24 Ch.208 - The Scissors Vol.24 Ch.207 - Mode: Genocide Vol.24 Ch.206 - Mala Suerte! 5 "Lucky" Vol.23 Ch.205.2 - [0 side-B] The Rotator Vol.23 Ch.205.1 - [0 side-A] The Sand Vol.23 Ch.205 - Mala Suerte! 4 [Monstruo Monstruo] Vol.23 Ch.204 - Mala Suerte 3! [Monstruo Sangrieta] Vol.23 Ch.203 - Mala Suerte! 2 [El Monstruo] Vol.23 Ch.202 - Mala Suerte! Vol.23 Ch.201 - Wind and Snowbound Vol.23 Ch.200 - Night of Sledgehammer Vol.23 Ch.199 - Ugly Vol.23 Ch.198 - The Icecold Discord Vol.22 Ch.197 - The Approaching Danger Vol.22 Ch.196 - Punch Down the Stonecicle Vol.22 Ch.195 - Death and Strawberry (Reprise) Vol.22 Ch.194 - Conquistadores 5 [La Basura] Vol.22 Ch.193 - Conquistadores 4 [Ebony & Ivory] Vol.22 Ch.192 - Conquistadores 3 [Hounded Priestess] Vol.22 Ch.191 - Conquistadores 2 [Screaming Symphony] Vol.22 Ch.190 - Conquistadores Vol.22 Ch.189 - Resolve Vol.22 Ch.188 - Crush the World Down Vol.21 Ch.187 - The Cigar Blues Part Two Vol.21 Ch.186 - Tell Your Children the Truth Vol.21 Ch.185 - Be My Family or Not Vol.21 Ch.184 - Hush Vol.21 Ch.183 - Eyes of the Unknown Vol.21 Ch.182 - Get Back from the Storm [Trigger for a New Concerto] Vol.21 Ch.181 - And the Rain Left Off Vol.21 Ch.180 - Something in the Aftermath Vol.21 Ch.179 - Confession in the Twilight Vol.20 Ch.178 - End of Hypnosis 9 [No One Stand on the Sky] Vol.20 Ch.177 - End of Hypnosis 9 [Completely Encompass] Vol.20 Ch.176 - End of Hypnosis 8 [The Transfixion] Vol.20 Ch.175 - End of Hypnosis 7 [Truth Under My Strings] Vol.20 Ch.174 - End of Hypnosis 6 [The United Front] Vol.20 Ch.173 - End of Hypnosis 5 [Standing to Defend You] Vol.20 Ch.172 - End Of Hypnosis 4 [Prisoners in Paradise] Vol.20 Ch.171 - End Of Hypnosis 3 [The Blue Fog] Vol.20 Ch.170 - End Of Hypnosis 2 [The Galvanizer] Vol.20 Ch.169 - End of Hypnosis Vol.20 Ch.168.5 - -12.5 Blooming Under a Cold Moon Vol.19 Ch.168 - Behind Me, Behind You Vol.19 Ch.167 - The Burial Chamber Vol.19 Ch.166 - Black and White 2 Vol.19 Ch.165 - Dark Side of Universe 2 Vol.19 Ch.164 - That Who Change the World Vol.19 Ch.163 - The Speed Phantom 2 [Denial by Pride, Contradiction by Power] Vol.19 Ch.162 - Black Moon Rising Vol.19 Ch.161 - Scratch in the Sky Vol.19 Ch.160 - Battle on the Gulilotine Hill Vol.19 Ch.159 - Long Way to Say Goodbye Vol.18 Ch.158 - Sky Leopardess Vol.18 Ch.157 - Cat and Hornet Vol.18 Ch.156 - Welcome to Purgatory Vol.18 Ch.155 - Redoundable Deeds / Redoubtful Babies Vol.18 Ch.154 - The God of Flash Vol.18 Ch.153 - Empty Dialogue Vol.18 Ch.152 - The Speed Phantom Vol.18 Ch.151 - Deathberry Returns Vol.18 Ch.150 - Countdown to the End:0 Vol.17 Ch.149 - Countdown to the End:1 (Only Mercifully) Vol.17 Ch.148 - Countdown to the End:2 Vol.17 Ch.147 - Countdown To The End:3 Vol.17 Ch.146 - Demon Loves the Dark Vol.17 Ch.145 - Shaken Vol.17 Ch.144 - Rosa Rubloundior, Lillo Candidlor Vol.17 Ch.143 - Parthian Shaft Vol.17 Ch.142 - Tsuki Wo Tora Umono Ha Tsugu Vol.17 Ch.141 - Kneel to the Baboon King Vol.17 Ch.140 - Bite the Moon Vol.16 Ch.139 - Drowsy, Bloody, Crazy Vol.16 Ch.138 - Individual Thoughts Vol.16 Ch.137 - Surrounding Clutch Vol.16 Ch.136 - Memories in the Rain 2 Op.4 "Night of Wijinruit" Vol.16 Ch.135 - Memories in the Rain 2 Op.3 "Stepping into Darkness" Vol.16 Ch.134 - Memories in the Rain 2 Op.2 "Longing for Sanctuary" Vol.16 Ch.133 - Memories in the Rain 2 "The Nocturne" Vol.16 Ch.132 - Creeping Limit Vol.16 Ch.131 - The True Will Vol.15 Ch.130.5 - -17 Prelude for the Straying Stars Vol.15 Ch.130 - Suspicion 2 [of Tears] Vol.15 Ch.129 - Suspicion [for Assassination] Vol.15 Ch.128 - The Great Joint Struggle Union Vol.15 Ch.127 - Beginning of the Death of Tomorrow Vol.15 Ch.126 - The Last of a Void War Vol.15 Ch.125 - Insanity and Genius Vol.15 Ch.124 - Crying Little People Vol.14 Ch.123 - Pledge My Pride To Vol.14 Ch.122 - Don't Lose Your Grip On Vol.14 Ch.121 - In Sane We Trust Vol.14 Ch.120 - Shake Hands with Grenades Vol.14 Ch.119 - Secret of the Moon Vol.14 Ch.118 - The Supernal Tag Vol.14 Ch.117 - Remnant 2 [Deny the Shadow] Vol.14 Ch.116 - White Tower Rocks Vol.13 Ch.115 - Remnant Vol.13 Ch.114 - Everything About the World Soon to Collapse Vol.13 Ch.113 - The Undead 3 [Closing Frantica] Vol.13 Ch.112 - The Undead 2 [Rise and Craze] Vol.13 Ch.111 - Black and White Vol.13 Ch.110 - Dark Side of the Universe Vol.13 Ch.109 - Like a Tiger Treading on the Flowers Vol.13 Ch.108 - Time for Scare Vol.12 Ch.107.5 - 0.8a Wonderful Error Vol.12 Ch.107 - Heat in Trust Vol.12 Ch.106 - Cause for Confront Vol.12 Ch.105 - Spring, Spring, Meets the Tiger Vol.12 Ch.104 - The Undead Vol.12 Ch.103 - Dominion Vol.12 Ch.102 - Nobody Beats Vol.12 Ch.101 - Split Under the Red Stalk Vol.12 Ch.100 - Like the Flower on the Rock Wall Vol.12 Ch.099 - Dead Black War Cloud Vol.11 Ch.098 - The Star and the Tramp Vol.11 Ch.097 - Talk About Your Fear Vol.11 Ch.096 - Bloodred Conflict Vol.11 Ch.095 - CRUSH Vol.11 Ch.094 - Gaol Named Remorse Vol.11 Ch.093 - Steer for the Star Vol.11 Ch.092 - Masterly! And Farewell! [Reprise] Vol.11 Ch.091 - King of Freichutz Vol.11 Ch.090 - See You Under a Firework Vol.11 Ch.089 - Masterly! And Farewell! Vol.10 Ch.088.2 - Karakura Super Heroes Vol.10 Ch.088.1 - So Unlucky We Are Vol.10 Ch.087 - Dancing with Spears Vol.10 Ch.086 - Making Good Relations, OK? Vol.10 Ch.085 - INTRUDERZ 2 Vol.10 Ch.084 - The Shooting Star Project 2 [Tattoo on the Sky] Vol.10 Ch.083 - Come with Me Vol.10 Ch.082 - Confictable Composition Vol.10 Ch.081 - Twelve Tone Rendevous Vol.10 Ch.080 - The Shooting Star Project Vol.09 Ch.079 - Fourteen Days for Conspiracy Vol.09 Ch.078 - meeT iT aT basemenT Vol.09 Ch.077 - My Name Is Ganju Vol.09 Ch.076 - Boarrider Comin' Vol.09 Ch.075 - Rain of Blood Vol.09 Ch.074 - Armlost, Armlost Vol.09 Ch.073 - Drizzly Axes Vol.09 Ch.072 - The Superchunk Vol.09 Ch.071 - Intruders Vol.08 Ch.070 - Where Hollows Fear to Tread Vol.08 Ch.069 - 25:00 Gathering Vol.08 Ch.068 - Last Summer Vacation Vol.08 Ch.067 - "End of Lesson" Vol.08 Ch.066 - The Blade and Me Vol.08 Ch.065 - Collisions Vol.08 Ch.064 - BACK IN BLACK Vol.08 Ch.063 - Lesson 2-3: Innercircle Breakdown Vol.08 Ch.062 - Lesson2-2: Bad Endin' in the Shaft Vol.07 Ch.061 - Lesson2: Shattered Shaft Vol.07 Ch.060 - Lesson 1-2: Down!! Vol.07 Ch.059 - Lesson 1: One Strike + Jailed at Home Vol.07 Ch.058 - Blank Vol.07 Ch.057 - Unfinished July Rain Vol.07 Ch.056 - Broken Coda Vol.07 Ch.055 - SHUT Vol.07 Ch.054 - The Rookie that Can't Ask It's Name Vol.07 Ch.053 - Nice to Meet You. I Will Beat You. Vol.06 Ch.052 - (Needless Emotions) Vol.06 Ch.051 - DEATH 3 Vol.06 Ch.050 - Quincy Archer Hates You Part 2 [Blind but Bleed Mix] Vol.06 Ch.049 - Unchained Vol.06 Ch.048 - Menos Grande Vol.06 Ch.047 - Back to Back ~ Tearing Sky Vol.06 Ch.046 - Karneades ~ Back to Back Vol.06 Ch.045 - PoInt of Purpose Vol.06 Ch.044 - Awaken [to the Threat] Vol.05 Ch.043 - Princess & Dragon Part.3 ''Six Flowers'' Vol.05 Ch.042 - Princess & Dragon Part.2 ''The Majestic'' Vol.05 Ch.041 - Princess & Dragon Vol.05 Ch.040 - Grow? Vol.05 Ch.039 - Right Arm of the Giant Vol.05 Ch.038 - BENT Vol.05 Ch.037 - Crossing the Rubicon Vol.05 Ch.036 - For the Sake of Revenge, Lead Us to Death Vol.05 Ch.035 - Can You Be My Enemy? Vol.04 Ch.034 - Quincy Archer Hates You Vol.04 Ch.033 - ROCKIN' FUTURE 7 Vol.04 Ch.032 - Hero Is Always with Me? Vol.04 Ch.031 - HEROES CAN SAVE YOU Vol.04 Ch.030 - Second Contact [It Was Outside the Scope of Our Understanding] Vol.04 Ch.029 - Stop that Stupid!! Vol.04 Ch.028 - Symptom of Synesthesia Vol.04 Ch.027 - Spirits Ain't Always WITH US Vol.04 Ch.026 - Paradise Is Nowhere Vol.03 Ch.025.2 - Things Like Loneliness Vol.03 Ch.025 - 6/17 op.9 "Fighting Boy 2 [The Cigar Blues Mix]" Vol.03 Ch.024 - 6/17 op.8 "All One Way Sympathies" Vol.03 Ch.023 - 6/17 op.7 "Sharp Intent, Dull Blade" Vol.03 Ch.022 - 6/17 op.6 "BATTLE ON GRAVEYARD" Vol.03 Ch.021 - 6/17 op.5 "Fighting Boy" Vol.03 Ch.020 - 6/17 op.4 "Face Again" Vol.03 Ch.019 - 6/17 op.3 "Memories in the Rain" Vol.03 Ch.018 - 6/17 op.2 "Can't Smile Don't Blame" Vol.03 Ch.017 - 6/17 Vol.02 Ch.016 - Wasted but Wanted Vol.02 Ch.015 - Jumpin' Jack, Jolted Vol.02 Ch.014 - School Daze!!! Vol.02 Ch.013 - Bad Standard Vol.02 Ch.012 - The Gate of the End Vol.02 Ch.011 - Back [Leachbomb or Mom] Vol.02 Ch.010 - Monster and a Transfer pt.2 [The Deathberry] Vol.02 Ch.009 - Monster and a Transfer [Struck Down] Vol.02 Ch.008 - Chase Chad Around Vol.01 Ch.007 - Chad Yasutora Vol.01 Ch.006 - Microcrack Vol.01 Ch.005 - Binda Blinda Vol.01 Ch.004 - Why Do You Eat It Vol.01 Ch.003 - Orihime Inoue Vol.01 Ch.002 - Starter Vol.01 Ch.001 - Death & Strawberry Vol.00 Ch.000 - One shot - Pilot
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