Break Blade
Break Blade

Break Blade


Last Update: Jan 01,2022

Tag: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Shounen Romance Sci-fi Mecha
Author:YOSHINAGA Yunosuke

Rygart Arrow is the only one in his world who lacks the inherent ability to power up quartz, the energy source that makes all of the machines run. Nevertheless, he’s pretty well connected. The King a...more

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Vol (107) Order
Vol.19 Ch.103 Vol.18 Ch.102 Vol.18 Ch.101 Vol.18 Ch.100 Vol.18 Ch.099 Vol.17 Ch.098 Vol.17 Ch.097 Vol.17 Ch.096 Vol.17 Ch.095 - Capital City Confusion (2) Vol.17 Ch.094 Vol.17 Ch.093 Vol.17 Ch.092 Vol.17 Ch.091 Vol.17 Ch.050 Vol.15 Ch.090 Vol.15 Ch.089 Vol.15 Ch.088.5 - Omake Vol.15 Ch.088 - Sentiment Vol.15 Ch.087 - Suspicious Behaviour Vol.15 Ch.086 - Sharing one's fate with another Vol.15 Ch.085 - Mutual Love 2 Vol.15 Ch.084 - Readily (V2) Vol.12 Ch.083 - Methodical Vol.12 Ch.082 - Suspicion Vol.12 Ch.081 - A Borrowed Sword Vol.12 Ch.080 - Eagle-eyed 4 Vol.12 Ch.079 - Eagle-eyed 3 Vol.12 Ch.078 - Eagle-eyed 2 Vol.12 Ch.077 - Eagle-eyed Vol.12 Ch.076 Vol.12 Ch.075 - Deciding the Victor 2 Vol.12 Ch.074 - Deciding the Victor Vol.12 Ch.073 - Master Versus Disciple Vol.12 Ch.072 - Rescue Operation 2 Vol.12 Ch.071 - Rescue Operation Vol.12 Ch.070 - Dissonance 3 Vol.12 Ch.069 - Dissonance 2 Vol.12 Ch.068 - Comeback Vol.12 Ch.067 - Suspicious Behavior Vol.12 Ch.066 - Antinomy 2 Vol.12 Ch.065 - Antinomy Vol.12 Ch.064 - Infiltrating The Capital 3 Vol.12 Ch.063 - Infiltrating The Capital 2 Vol.12 Ch.062 - Infiltrating The Capital Vol.12 Ch.061 - Mutual Love Vol.11 Ch.060 - The Tipping Point Vol.11 Ch.059.5 - Instructor Narvi's Lecture on the History of the Continent of Cruzon Vol.11 Ch.059 - Chance Encounter Vol.11 Ch.058 - Strange Vol.11 Ch.057 - One of Two Choices Vol.11 Ch.056 - Eventfulness Vol.10 Ch.055 - Imbalance Vol.10 Ch.054 - One Action , One Reaction 2 Vol.10 Ch.053 - One Action , One Reaction Vol.10 Ch.052 - Calm and Composed Vol.10 Ch.051 - Sorrows Rain Down Vol.10 Ch.050.2 - Final Battle Vol.10 Ch.050.1 - Final Battle- Vol.09 Ch.049 - Graceful Song from All Sides Vol.09 Ch.048 - Setting the Field Ablaze Vol.09 Ch.047 - Royal City Violation Vol.09 Ch.046 - The Fall of the Royal City Vol.09 Ch.045 - Siege Battle Plan Vol.09 Ch.044 - Ceasefire Agreement Vol.09 Ch.043 - Since Our Last Meeting Vol.08 Ch.042 - Final Defense Vol.08 Ch.041 - Cease-fire Agreement Vol.08 Ch.040 - Dispirited Vol.08 Ch.039 - One and Only Vol.08 Ch.038 - Evenly-matched Vol.08 Ch.037 - Disorder Vol.07 Ch.036 - Dragon vs. Tiger (III) Vol.07 Ch.035 - Dragon vs. Tiger (II) Vol.07 Ch.034 - Dragon vs. Tiger (I) Vol.07 Ch.033 - Insolence Vol.07 Ch.032 - Writhing Vol.07 Ch.031 - Resolution Vol.06 Ch.030 - Single Backwater Camp Vol.06 Ch.029 - 4 Sided Whip Song Vol.06 Ch.028 - Confusion Vol.06 Ch.027 - Dissonance Vol.06 Ch.026 - Hitting Stones with Eggs / Throwing Straw Against the Wind Vol.05 Ch.025 - Endless Reign 2 Vol.05 Ch.024 - A Tiger's Glare Vol.05 Ch.023 - Endless Reign Vol.05 Ch.022 - Sparkling Fire Vol.05 Ch.021 - Combat Area Vol.04 Ch.020 - Pre-emptive Strike Vol.04 Ch.019 - Unrelenting Attempts to Heal Vol.04 Ch.018 - Sudden Battle Vol.04 Ch.017 - The Night Before the Fight Vol.04 Ch.016 - Linked Likes Vol.04 Ch.015 - Echoes of the Aftermath Vol.03 Ch.014 - Speed of a Lion Vol.03 Ch.013 - Forward by an Inch, Backwards by a Foot Vol.03 Ch.012 - The Counterattack Begins 2 Vol.03 Ch.011 - The Counterattack Begins 1 Vol.03 Ch.010 - Un-sorcerer Vol.02 Ch.009 - Inner Worries and Outer Fears Vol.02 Ch.008 - Encounter Battle 2 Vol.02 Ch.007 - Encounter Battle 1 Vol.02 Ch.006 - Guarding King's City Vol.02 Ch.005 - Proclamation of War Vol.01 Ch.004 - Battle Preparation Vol.01 Ch.003 - Direct Battle 2 Vol.01 Ch.002 - Direct Battle 1 Vol.01 Ch.001 - Un-sorcerer
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