Chichi Kogusa
Chichi Kogusa

Chichi Kogusa


Last Update: Nov 11,2021

Tag: Seinen Slice of Life
Author:TAGAWA Mi

A story about a medicine seller and his son and their struggles with each other after losing someone precious to them. A father who never really raised his son because he is always out doing his trade...more

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Vol (99) Order
Vol.08 Ch.094 Vol.08 Ch.093 Vol.08 Ch.092.2 Vol.08 Ch.092.1 Vol.08 Ch.092 Vol.08 Ch.091 Vol.08 Ch.090 Vol.08 Ch.089 Vol.08 Ch.088 Vol.08 Ch.087 Vol.08 Ch.086 Vol.08 Ch.085 Vol.08 Ch.084 Vol.08 Ch.083 Vol.08 Ch.082 Vol.08 Ch.081 Vol.08 Ch.080 Vol.08 Ch.079 Vol.08 Ch.078 Vol.08 Ch.077 Vol.08 Ch.076 Vol.08 Ch.075 Vol.08 Ch.074 Vol.08 Ch.073 Vol.08 Ch.072 Vol.08 Ch.071 Vol.08 Ch.070 Vol.08 Ch.069 Vol.08 Ch.068 Vol.08 Ch.067 Vol.08 Ch.066 Vol.08 Ch.065 Vol.08 Ch.064 Vol.08 Ch.063 Vol.08 Ch.062 Vol.08 Ch.061 Vol.08 Ch.060 Vol.08 Ch.059 Vol.08 Ch.058 Vol.08 Ch.057 Vol.08 Ch.056 Vol.08 Ch.055 Vol.08 Ch.054 Vol.08 Ch.053 Vol.08 Ch.052 Vol.08 Ch.051 Vol.08 Ch.050 Vol.08 Ch.049 Vol.08 Ch.048 Vol.08 Ch.047 Vol.08 Ch.046 Vol.08 Ch.045 Vol.07 Ch.044 Vol.07 Ch.043 Vol.07 Ch.042 Vol.07 Ch.041 Vol.07 Ch.040 Vol.07 Ch.039 Vol.07 Ch.038 Vol.07 Ch.037 Vol.06 Ch.036 Vol.06 Ch.035 - Torakichi and Tatsumi's Past Vol.06 Ch.034 - TATSUMI AND TORAKICHI (PART 1) Vol.06 Ch.033 - Village Kids and Playing in the River Vol.06 Ch.032 - Summer Homecoming Vol.06 Ch.031 - Shiori's Father Vol.05 Ch.030 - Shirou’s Medicine Shop Vol.05 Ch.029 - Unstoppable Love and a Break Vol.05 Ch.028 - Premonition of Change Vol.05 Ch.027 - Papa and Mama Vol.05 Ch.026 - Feelings and Letters Vol.05 Ch.025 - Meetings and Partings Vol.04 Ch.024.1 - Shirou and the Snow Day Vol.04 Ch.024 - First Friend Vol.04 Ch.023 - Shirou and Koma Vol.04 Ch.022 - Abandoned Child and Fellow Traveler Vol.04 Ch.021 - Sweet Flag and Helmet Vol.04 Ch.020 - Spring and Confession Vol.04 Ch.019 - Growth and Diaries Vol.03 Ch.018 - Father and Child's New Journey Vol.03 Ch.017 - Shirou and the Brother and Sister Vol.03 Ch.016 - Shiori's Wish Vol.03 Ch.015 - Shiori and Kaya Vol.03 Ch.014 - Homecoming and Traces of His Wife Vol.03 Ch.013 - Aunt and Nephew Vol.02 Ch.012 - A Father's Agreement Vol.02 Ch.011 - Shirou and Being Alone Vol.02 Ch.010 - Torakichi and Fatigue Vol.02 Ch.009 - Celebration and a Lucky Charm Vol.02 Ch.008 - Sad Memories and Frank Advice Vol.02 Ch.007 - Infantile Regression and Being Spoiled Vol.01 Ch.006.1 - Omake Vol.01 Ch.006 - A Father's Love Vol.01 Ch.005 - Meddling at Bon Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Beach and The Promise Vol.01 Ch.003 - Thinking of You and Nosebleeds Vol.01 Ch.002 - Travel and Night-Crying Vol.01 Ch.001 - Medicine Selling Parent and Child Vol.01 Ch.000
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