Dark Air
Dark Air

Dark Air


Last Update: May 18,2018

Tag: Action Adventure Fantasy Shounen Historical Gender Bender
Author:Park Min-seo

Magic used to fill up the world, mages were the most powerful beings ever. Suddenly, an event called “Dark Air“ erases all magic from it. Mages are left powerless, except for one single boy.

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Vol (83) Order
Vol.06 Ch.083 Vol.06 Ch.082 Vol.06 Ch.081 Vol.06 Ch.080 Vol.06 Ch.079 Vol.06 Ch.078 Vol.06 Ch.077 Vol.06 Ch.076 Vol.06 Ch.075 - Fire and Wind Vol.06 Ch.074 - Size of the Host Vol.06 Ch.073 Vol.06 Ch.072 - Gap of the Abyss Vol.06 Ch.071 - Things that should vanish Vol.06 Ch.070 - Greenhorn Vol.06 Ch.069 - Child of Water 2 Vol.06 Ch.068 - Child of Water Vol.06 Ch.067 - If It Was You? Vol.06 Ch.066 - Justification For Living Vol.06 Ch.065 - What it means to be a magician, and the meaning of magic Vol.06 Ch.064 - Triangle Vol.06 Ch.063 - Proposal Vol.06 Ch.062 - The Moment of Truth Vol.06 Ch.061 - Magician Vol.06 Ch.060 - The Boy Who Protects Vol.06 Ch.059 - Decisive Reasoning Vol.06 Ch.058 - Bloody Massacre Vol.06 Ch.057 - The Night Of Blue Descent Vol.06 Ch.056 - Blue Night Vol.06 Ch.055 - Final Gate Vol.06 Ch.054 - Master Lord Vol.06 Ch.053 - Blue Road Vol.06 Ch.052 - 3rd Power Vol.06 Ch.051 - Dog Fight Vol.06 Ch.050 - Silvringtinker's L'egacy Vol.06 Ch.049 - Key to the Blue Gate Vol.06 Ch.048 - Assembly Vol.06 Ch.047 - Dark Air Prelude 3 Vol.06 Ch.046 - Dark Air's Prelude Vol.06 Ch.045 - Dark Air-the Prelude Vol.06 Ch.044 - Wizard Warrior Vol.06 Ch.043 - Rock n Roll Baby Vol.06 Ch.042 - Battle Concert Vol.06 Ch.041 - Electric Shock Vol.06 Ch.040 - Lucky Guy Vol.06 Ch.039 - Blue Nova Vol.06 Ch.038 - Deep Blue Vol.06 Ch.037 - Things Lost, Things Gained Vol.06 Ch.036 - Cost of Revitalization Vol.06 Ch.035 - Reunion Vol.06 Ch.034 - Thief Master Vol.06 Ch.033 - Pursuer Vol.05 Ch.032 - Reunion Vol.05 Ch.031 - Hermits Vol.05 Ch.030 - Emika Vol.05 Ch.029 - The Team's Open Spot Vol.04 Ch.028 - Six Man Vol.04 Ch.027 - Stopped Time Vol.04 Ch.026 - The Team's Fate Vol.04 Ch.025 - Existence Vol.04 Ch.024 - Master Lord Vol.04 Ch.023 - Bad Guy Vol.04 Ch.022 - Trap Vol.03 Ch.021 - Night-wish Vol.03 Ch.020 - Wizard of the Keep Vol.03 Ch.019 - The Weight of Life Vol.03 Ch.018 - Mariachi Vol.03 Ch.017 - Faynia Vol.03 Ch.016 - Sonic Boom Vol.03 Ch.015 - World of Mages Vol.02 Ch.014 - Mage Vol.02 Ch.013 - Team Spirit Vol.02 Ch.012 - Team Musa Vol.02 Ch.011 - Murderer in the Forest Vol.02 Ch.010 - Forest Freelander Vol.02 Ch.009 - Grandmaster? Vol.02 Ch.008 - Master Viddich Vol.02 Ch.007 - One Eyed-Jack Vol.01 Ch.006 - Beings of the Forest Vol.01 Ch.005 - Abandon Vol.01 Ch.004 - Team Norman Vol.01 Ch.003 - Client Vol.01 Ch.002 - Team Choppers Vol.01 Ch.001 - Age of Dark Air
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