Full Metal Panic!
Full Metal Panic!

Full Metal Panic!


Last Update: Dec 27,2007

Tag: Action Comedy Shounen Romance School Life Mecha
Author:GATOU Shouji

Trouble always seems to follow the beautiful and sassy, Kaname Chidori. Though she is only a high-school student, Kaname is constantly the target of terrorism. Lucky for her though, the dreamy Sosuke,...more

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Vol (59) Order
Vol.09 Ch.058 - Endless Summer Vol.09 Ch.057 - Clear and Present Danger Vol.09 Ch.056 - Showdown Vol.09 Ch.055 - Counterattack Vol.09 Ch.054 - One from the Heart Vol.09 Ch.053 - Into the Blue Sea Vol.09 Ch.052 - Shared Thoughts and a Dangerous Gamble Vol.08 Ch.051 - A World in Which I Don't Belong Vol.08 Ch.050 - The Arbalest in Error Vol.08 Ch.049 - The Demon That Lurks on the Battlefield Vol.08 Ch.048 - Pressures and Promises Vol.08 Ch.047 - Party de Danaan! Vol.08 Ch.046 - An Invitation to Summer—Kaname's Fateful Feeling?! Vol.07 Ch.045.5 - [Extra Mission] What Comes from Acting Brave Vol.07 Ch.045 - Her Grandpa Is a First Lieutenant?! Vol.07 Ch.044 - Freaked Out in Fantasy Fetish?! Vol.07 Ch.043 - This Is How You Negotiate?! Vol.07 Ch.042 - We Are Water Guys! Vol.07 Ch.041 - Sergeant Sosuke's Secret Pleasure?! Vol.07 Ch.040 - Beware of Mouse Burglars! Vol.06 Ch.039 - Special Ordinary Days Vol.06 Ch.038 - A Mysterious Message, a Mercenary in a Mess Vol.06 Ch.037 - The Classics Notes Caper Vol.06 Ch.036 - Sosuke, New Years and New Views Vol.06 Ch.035 - Battlefield Christmas?! Vol.06 Ch.034 - Food Is Heavenly, but Making It Is Hell Vol.06 Ch.033 - The "Art" of War Vol.05 Ch.032 - The Long Road to the Vacation House Vol.05 Ch.031 - Sweet Memories Vol.05 Ch.030 - At the End of the Battle Vol.05 Ch.029 - Last Wish Vol.05 Ch.028 - A Place for Takuma Vol.05 Ch.027 - Rescue the Two Pretty Girls! Vol.04 Ch.026 - I Hope You're Okay, Sousuke Vol.04 Ch.025 - Sousuke's Decision Vol.04 Ch.024 - Nothing Can Stop the Captain's Tears? Vol.04 Ch.023 - Surprise! Who Might You Be? Vol.04 Ch.022 - Many Memories! Sousuke's Been Defeated!? (Part 2) Vol.04 Ch.021 - Many Memories! Sousuke's Been Defeated!? (Part 1) Vol.03 Ch.020 - Don't Fear Ghosts! Scary Adventure on a Deserted Island Vol.03 Ch.019 - Vacance Romance Vol.03 Ch.018 - Strange Animals in the Military!! Vol.03 Ch.017 - The Two of Them Are under the Same Roof!? Vol.03 Ch.016 - A Mystery? Just Who Is This Exchange Student? Vol.03 Ch.015 - Suspicion, Pressured, Tournament Troubles? Vol.02 Ch.014 - Big Escape! Vol.02 Ch.013 - Accepting the "Volition" from a Messenger Vol.02 Ch.012 - Eye of the Sky Vol.02 Ch.011 - Slow Night Vol.02 Ch.010 - The Mission Begins Vol.02 Ch.009 - The Dangerous Call Vol.02 Ch.008 - Imminent? Graduate's Summer Time Trip Vol.01 Ch.007 - Comrade Raids!? An Afternoon Misunderstanding Vol.01 Ch.006 - Kaname's Ordeals! High School Battle Price Crisis-Hair! Vol.01 Ch.005 - Nightmare Signs Vol.01 Ch.004 - Bread and Bullet Vol.01 Ch.003 - First Time Going Out, Assassin and 100 People as Opponents!? Vol.01 Ch.002 - An Absolute Must! Protect Kaname's Secret!! Vol.01 Ch.001 - The Transfer Student Is a Dangerous Soldier!?
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