Gakuen Alice
Gakuen Alice

Gakuen Alice


Last Update: Sep 17,2022

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Supernatural Psychological Romance School Life Shoujo Mystery Tragedy
Author:HIGUCHI Tachibana

Mikan Sakura grew up with her grandfather on the countryside of Japan. When her best friend, Hotaru, transfers to a prestigious school in Tokyo, Mikan follows her. The school is actually an elite Acad...more

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Vol (192) Order
Vol.31 Ch.180.2 Vol.31 Ch.180.1 Vol.31 Ch.180 - Finale Vol.31 Ch.179 - Intensity Vol.31 Ch.178 - Mikan Vol.30 Ch.177 - I believe Vol.30 Ch.176 - A Special Little Friend Vol.30 Ch.175 - Unfading Wishes Vol.30 Ch.174 - A Price To Pay Vol.30 Ch.173 - Two Hearts Vol.29 Ch.172 - A Kiss of Promise Vol.29 Ch.171 - Lesson on Memories Part 2 Vol.29 Ch.170 - Lesson on Memories Part 1 Vol.29 Ch.169 - Back to Class B Vol.29 Ch.168 - Memories Vol.29 Ch.167 - Death and Hope Vol.28 Ch.166 - Mikan's Sacrifice Vol.28 Ch.165 - Sacrifice Vol.28 Ch.164 - Come Back to Me Vol.28 Ch.163 - Regrets Vol.28 Ch.162 - Determination Vol.28 Ch.161 - Desperately Vol.27 Ch.160 - Promise Vol.27 Ch.159 - Desperate Measures Vol.27 Ch.158 - Atonement Vol.27 Ch.157 - Change of Heart Vol.27 Ch.156 - A New Found Strength Vol.27 Ch.155 - Nobara's Farewell? Vol.26 Ch.154 - Change of Plans Vol.26 Ch.153 - Backfire Vol.26 Ch.152 - Legacy Vol.26 Ch.151 - Upstaged Vol.26 Ch.150 - Ambivalence Vol.26 Ch.149 - Protect Vol.25 Ch.148.5 - [Omake] ~ "Natsume" Vol.25 Ch.148 - Traps Vol.25 Ch.147 - Turnabouts Vol.25 Ch.146 - Fears Vol.25 Ch.145 - The Moon, Our Witness Vol.25 Ch.144 - Confessions Vol.25 Ch.143 - The Eve of a Christmas Miracle Vol.24 Ch.142 - Rapunzel Vol.24 Ch.141 - The Labyrinth Mansion Vol.24 Ch.140 - A Christmas Without Mikan Vol.24 Ch.139 - Conditions Vol.24 Ch.138 - A New Dawn Vol.24 Ch.137 - A Warrior, a Mother Vol.23 Ch.136 - At the Brink Vol.23 Ch.135 - Reunion Vol.23 Ch.134 - Feelings Finally Conveyed Vol.23 Ch.133 - Is This Goodbye? Vol.23 Ch.132 - Bonds Vol.23 Ch.131 - Hotaru's Farewell Vol.22 Ch.130 - Persona and Nobara: The Encounter Vol.22 Ch.129 - Nobara: A Farewell and a Reunion Vol.22 Ch.128 - Nobara, Mikan, and DA Class Vol.22 Ch.127 - Revelations Vol.22 Ch.126 - Who's the Traitor? Vol.22 Ch.125 - Mikan's Insertion Alice Vol.21 Ch.124 - Principal Kuonji Has Moved Vol.21 Ch.123 - On the Path that Lies Ahead Vol.21 Ch.122 - Unbreakable Bonds Vol.21 Ch.121 - Changing Hearts Vol.21 Ch.120 - Mikan's Birth Vol.21 Ch.119 - Reunion Vol.20 Ch.118 - Yuka's Undying Love Vol.20 Ch.117 - The News Vol.20 Ch.116 - Yukihira's Fate Vol.20 Ch.115 - Rei's Out Vol.20 Ch.114 - Connected Vol.20 Ch.113 - Come to Me Vol.19 Ch.112 - Won't Give Up Vol.19 Ch.111 - Yuka's Admirers Vol.19 Ch.110 - Fate's Plot Vol.19 Ch.109 - Igarashi Kaoru Vol.19 Ch.108 - Searching for Excuses Vol.19 Ch.107 - My Moments Vol.18 Ch.106 - Reflections Vol.18 Ch.105 - Unexpected Friendship Vol.18 Ch.104 - I'll Be by Your Side Vol.18 Ch.103 - First Meeting Vol.18 Ch.102 - The Start of Everything Vol.18 Ch.101 - Journey to the Past Vol.17 Ch.100.5 Vol.17 Ch.100.1 - [Omake] ~ Mikan's Childhood Vol.17 Ch.100 - Shocking Truth Vol.17 Ch.099 - We're Best Friends, Aren't We? Vol.17 Ch.098 - Top Priority Vol.17 Ch.097 - Natsume's Confession Vol.17 Ch.096 - Exposed and Captured Vol.17 Ch.095 - The Start of the Storm Vol.16 Ch.094 - Hotaru's Secret Vol.16 Ch.093 - Stalked by Mr. Bear Vol.16 Ch.092 - Stealing Alice Revealed Vol.16 Ch.091 - Our Bond Is Forever Vol.16 Ch.090 - Soul Shuffle Vol.16 Ch.089 - Assuming Assumptions Vol.15 Ch.088 - War Potential Vol.15 Ch.087 - Kibasen Vol.15 Ch.086 - Thin Ice Vol.15 Ch.085 - Cheerleading Competition Vol.15 Ch.084 - Borrowing Race Vol.15 Ch.083 - Cosplay Vol.14 Ch.082 - Commencing the Sports Fest Vol.14 Ch.081 - Red and White Vol.14 Ch.080 - Disruption Destruction Vol.14 Ch.079 - Supicious Shadows Vol.14 Ch.078 - New Student Apparitions Vol.14 Ch.077 - A New Term Coming Vol.13 Ch.076 - The Best Rainbow Vol.13 Ch.075 - Graduation Vol.13 Ch.074 - Graduation Preparations Vol.13 Ch.073 - Valentines Day Vol.13 Ch.072.2 - The Alice Stone Game Vol.13 Ch.072.1 - Alice Stones Vol.13 Ch.072 Vol.13 Ch.071 - Finding the Light Vol.12 Ch.070 - Going Back Vol.12 Ch.069 - The Main Article Vol.12 Ch.068 - The Scariest Thing Vol.12 Ch.067 - Puppet Strings and Curses Vol.12 Ch.066 - Basement Prisoner Vol.12 Ch.065 - Natsume's Past 3 Vol.11 Ch.064 - Natsume's Past 2 Vol.11 Ch.063 - Natsume's Past 1 Vol.11 Ch.062 - Unexpectations Vol.11 Ch.061 - Open Doors Vol.11 Ch.060 - Hanahime Den Soldiers Vol.11 Ch.059 - Forever Alone Vol.10 Ch.058.5 - [Omake] ~ The Thorny Garden Vol.10 Ch.058 - Out of the Ordinary Vol.10 Ch.057 - A Bad Feeling Vol.10 Ch.056 - Hanazono Parties Vol.10 Ch.055 - Stuck together Vol.10 Ch.054 - Mochi Vol.10 Ch.053 - New Years; Mikan's Birthday Vol.09 Ch.052.5 - [Omake] ~ Recollecting The Past Vol.09 Ch.052 - Graffiti Vol.09 Ch.051 - Big Clean-up Day Vol.09 Ch.050 - Mikan's Present Vol.09 Ch.049 - Masquerade Mishap Vol.09 Ch.048 - The Christmas Ball Vol.09 Ch.047 - Preparations Vol.08 Ch.046 - Christmas Shopping Vol.08 Ch.045 - Promises Kept Vol.08 Ch.044 - Ever Forward Vol.08 Ch.043 - Living by Tiny Courage Vol.08 Ch.042 - Walls of Fire Vol.08 Ch.041 - Unchangeable Illusions Vol.07 Ch.040.5 - [Omake] ~ Hotaru's Invention Biography Vol.07 Ch.040 - Bitter Ironies Vol.07 Ch.039 - Tormenting Secrets Vol.07 Ch.038 - Moonlit Talks Vol.07 Ch.037 - Clues at Hand, a Crystal in the Other Vol.07 Ch.036 - Formidable Dangers Vol.07 Ch.035 - Through the Keyhole Vol.06 Ch.034 - Gulliver's Candy Vol.06 Ch.033 - Things Easier Said than Done Vol.06 Ch.032 - Rumor Has It Vol.06 Ch.031 - Breaking and Entering Vol.06 Ch.030 - A String of Incidents Vol.06 Ch.029 - There Has Been a Loss Vol.05 Ch.028 - Gentle Mr. Bear Vol.05 Ch.027 - Must Work Hard! Vol.05 Ch.026 - Dances and Names Vol.05 Ch.025 - Turning Points Vol.05 Ch.024 - Sleeping Snow White in the Woods Vol.05 Ch.023 - Raise the Curtains up: Snow White and the Sleeping Beauty Vol.04 Ch.022 - Hotaru's Secret Vol.04 Ch.021 - Iinchou's Haunted Mansion Vol.04 Ch.020 - Slave Days Vol.04 Ch.019 - Natsume's RPG Challenges Vol.04 Ch.018 - RPG Aladdin and the Magic Lamp Vol.04 Ch.017 - Nodacchi-sensei Vol.03 Ch.016 - Open Your Eyes! Vol.03 Ch.015 - Know the Enemy Vol.03 Ch.014 - Taking Back the Cat Vol.03 Ch.013 - Mouri Reo Vol.03 Ch.012 - Central Town Vol.03 Ch.011 - Plans Vol.02 Ch.010.5 Vol.02 Ch.010 - Call Me Dad Vol.02 Ch.009 - Dodgeball Games Vol.02 Ch.008 - Ability Class Vol.02 Ch.007 - Hardships and Friendships Vol.02 Ch.006 - Being an Alice Vol.01 Ch.005.5 Vol.01 Ch.005 - Mikan VS Natsume Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Real Entrance Exam Vol.01 Ch.003 - Class B Vol.01 Ch.002 - Welcome to Alice Academy Vol.01 Ch.001 - Alice Academy
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