Ginga Tetsudou 999
Ginga Tetsudou 999

Ginga Tetsudou 999


Last Update: Sep 23,2022

Tag: Adventure Drama Sci-fi Seinen
Author:MATSUMOTO Leiji

In the future, mankind has been able to create machine bodies so they can be able to live for thousands of years. Humans are now second class citizens and if they do not acquire an mechanical body, th...more

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Vol (112) Order
Vol.10 Ch.077 Vol.10 Ch.076 Vol.10 Ch.075 Vol.10 Ch.074 Vol.10 Ch.073 Vol.10 Ch.072 Vol.09 Ch.071 Vol.05 Ch.070 Vol.05 Ch.069 Vol.05 Ch.068 Vol.05 Ch.067 Vol.05 Ch.066 Vol.05 Ch.065 Vol.05 Ch.064 Vol.05 Ch.063 Vol.05 Ch.062 Vol.05 Ch.061 Vol.05 Ch.060 Vol.05 Ch.059 Vol.05 Ch.058 Vol.05 Ch.057 Vol.05 Ch.056 Vol.05 Ch.055 Vol.05 Ch.054 Vol.05 Ch.053 Vol.05 Ch.052 Vol.05 Ch.051 Vol.05 Ch.050 Vol.05 Ch.049 Vol.05 Ch.048 Vol.05 Ch.047 Vol.05 Ch.046 Vol.05 Ch.045 Vol.05 Ch.044 Vol.05 Ch.043 Vol.05 Ch.042 Vol.05 Ch.041 Vol.05 Ch.040 Vol.05 Ch.039 Vol.05 Ch.038 Vol.05 Ch.037 Vol.05 Ch.036 Vol.05 Ch.035 Vol.05 Ch.034 Vol.05 Ch.033 Vol.05 Ch.032 Vol.05 Ch.031 Vol.05 Ch.030 Vol.05 Ch.029 Vol.05 Ch.028 Vol.05 Ch.027 Vol.05 Ch.026 Vol.05 Ch.025 Vol.05 Ch.024 Vol.05 Ch.023 Vol.05 Ch.022 Vol.05 Ch.021 Vol.05 Ch.020 Vol.05 Ch.019 Vol.05 Ch.018 Vol.05 Ch.017 Vol.05 Ch.016 Vol.05 Ch.015 Vol.05 Ch.014 Vol.05 Ch.013 Vol.05 Ch.008 - Mists of the Fog Capital Vol.05 Ch.007 - The Cowardly Empire Vol.05 Ch.006 - Mii-kun's Residence Vol.05 Ch.005 - The Grand Chief, Cyclops Vol.05 Ch.004 - Uratores's Mountain of Screws Vol.05 Ch.003 - Witch of the Plated City Vol.05 Ch.002 - The Silent Holy Land Vol.05 Ch.001 - The Haunted World of Filaments Vol.04 Ch.009 - Fur(r)y Planet Vol.04 Ch.008 - Bitten Planet Suspended in Time Vol.04 Ch.007 - Angel of Steel Vol.04 Ch.006 - Goddess of the Snow Capital Vol.04 Ch.005 - Trader's Crossroads Vol.04 Ch.004 - Fog of the Funeral Planet Vol.04 Ch.003 - Skeleton's Ballad Vol.04 Ch.002 - Planet of Dimensional Expedition Vol.04 Ch.001 - The Settlers of Sisyphus Vol.03 Ch.008 - Laura and the Double Planets Vol.03 Ch.007 - Sakezan's Continent Vol.03 Ch.006 - Idle One's Mirror Vol.03 Ch.005 - The Country of Atonement Vol.03 Ch.004 - The Pirate Ship, Queen Emeraldas Vol.03 Ch.003 - City Of Fireflies Vol.03 Ch.002 - Mud Maetel Vol.03 Ch.001 - The Armored Planet Vol.02 Ch.010 - The Graveyard at Gravity's Bottom Vol.02 Ch.009 - The Pitch Dark Sisters Vol.02 Ch.008 - Queen of the Primeval Planet Vol.02 Ch.007 - Professional Spirit Vol.02 Ch.006 - A Planet Called Curiosity Vol.02 Ch.005 - The Fossil Warrior Vol.02 Ch.004 - The Formless World, Nuruba Vol.02 Ch.003 - The Mirage Planet's Scribe Vol.02 Ch.002 - The Gravestone of Dead Leaves Vol.02 Ch.001 - Giant Cows in Space Pastures Vol.01 Ch.012 - Planet of 1,765,000,000 Beggars Vol.01 Ch.011 - The Song of El Alamein Vol.01 Ch.010 - Illusion World of 4 and 1/2 Mats Vol.01 Ch.009 - Beethoven of the Water Kingdom Vol.01 Ch.008 - The Planet of Darkness, Mephisto's Dark Knight Vol.01 Ch.007 - The Comet Library Vol.01 Ch.006 - Shadow of the Planet of Hesitation Vol.01 Ch.005 - Antares, the Great Bandit Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Sleeping Soldier of Titan Vol.01 Ch.003 - Claire, the Transparent Woman with the Glass Body Vol.01 Ch.002 - The Red Wind of Mars Vol.01 Ch.001 - A Departure's Ballad
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