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Tag: Comedy Drama Shounen School Life Sports
Author:FURUDATE Haruichi

Ever since he saw the legendary player known as the “Little Giant“ compete at the national volleyball finals, Shoyo Hinata has aimed to be the best volleyball player ever! He decides to join the tea...more

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Vol.TBD Ch.402 Vol.TBD Ch.401 Vol.TBD Ch.400 Vol.TBD Ch.399 Vol.TBD Ch.398 Vol.TBD Ch.397 Vol.TBD Ch.396 Vol.TBD Ch.395 Vol.TBD Ch.394 Vol.TBD Ch.393 Vol.TBD Ch.392 Vol.TBD Ch.391 Vol.TBD Ch.390 Vol.TBD Ch.389 Vol.TBD Ch.388 Vol.TBD Ch.387 Vol.TBD Ch.386 Vol.TBD Ch.385 Vol.TBD Ch.384 Vol.TBD Ch.383 Vol.TBD Ch.382 Vol.TBD Ch.381 Vol.TBD Ch.380 Vol.TBD Ch.379 Vol.TBD Ch.378 Vol.TBD Ch.377 Vol.TBD Ch.376 Vol.TBD Ch.375 Vol.TBD Ch.374 Vol.TBD Ch.373 Vol.TBD Ch.372 Vol.TBD Ch.371 Vol.TBD Ch.370 Vol.TBD Ch.369 Vol.TBD Ch.368 Vol.TBD Ch.367 Vol.TBD Ch.366 Vol.TBD Ch.365 Vol.TBD Ch.364 Vol.TBD Ch.363 Vol.TBD Ch.362 Vol.TBD Ch.361 Vol.TBD Ch.360 Vol.TBD Ch.359 Vol.TBD Ch.358 Vol.TBD Ch.357 Vol.TBD Ch.356 Vol.TBD Ch.355 Vol.TBD Ch.354 Vol.TBD Ch.352 Vol.TBD Ch.351 Vol.TBD Ch.350 Vol.TBD Ch.349 Vol.TBD Ch.348 Vol.TBD Ch.347 Vol.TBD Ch.346 Vol.TBD Ch.345 Vol.TBD Ch.344 Vol.TBD Ch.343 Vol.TBD Ch.342 Vol.TBD Ch.341 Vol.TBD Ch.340 Vol.TBD Ch.339 Vol.TBD Ch.338 Vol.TBD Ch.337 Vol.TBD Ch.336 Vol.TBD Ch.335 Vol.TBD Ch.334 Vol.TBD Ch.333 Vol.TBD Ch.332 Vol.TBD Ch.331 Vol.TBD Ch.330 Vol.TBD Ch.329 Vol.TBD Ch.328 Vol.TBD Ch.327 Vol.TBD Ch.326 Vol.TBD Ch.325 Vol.TBD Ch.324 Vol.TBD Ch.323 Vol.TBD Ch.322 Vol.TBD Ch.321 Vol.TBD Ch.320 Vol.TBD Ch.319 Vol.TBD Ch.318 Vol.TBD Ch.317 Vol.TBD Ch.316 Vol.TBD Ch.315 Vol.TBD Ch.314 Vol.TBD Ch.313 Vol.TBD Ch.312 Vol.TBD Ch.311 Vol.TBD Ch.310 Vol.TBD Ch.309 Vol.TBD Ch.308 Vol.TBD Ch.307 Vol.TBD Ch.306 Vol.TBD Ch.305 Vol.TBD Ch.304 Vol.TBD Ch.303 Vol.TBD Ch.302 Vol.TBD Ch.301 Vol.TBD Ch.300 Vol.TBD Ch.299 Vol.TBD Ch.298 Vol.TBD Ch.297 Vol.TBD Ch.296 Vol.TBD Ch.295 Vol.TBD Ch.294 Vol.TBD Ch.293 Vol.TBD Ch.292 Vol.TBD Ch.291 - The day of change Vol.TBD Ch.290 Vol.TBD Ch.289 Vol.TBD Ch.288 Vol.TBD Ch.287 Vol.TBD Ch.286 Vol.TBD Ch.285 Vol.TBD Ch.284 Vol.TBD Ch.283 Vol.TBD Ch.282 - Rice Vol.TBD Ch.281 - Piton Vol.TBD Ch.280 - Concept Vol.TBD Ch.279 - Love Vol.TBD Ch.278 - Hero Of The Guardian Deity Vol.TBD Ch.277 - Outnumbered Vol.TBD Ch.276 - This Is War Vol.TBD Ch.275 - Persistence And Accumulation Vol.TBD Ch.274 - Captain Vol.TBD Ch.273 - Flow Vol.TBD Ch.272 - The Strongest Challengers Vol.TBD Ch.271 - Main Battery Vol.TBD Ch.270 - Interumental Trio Ensemble Vol.40 Ch.353 Vol.30 Ch.269 - The Beasts Vol.30 Ch.268 - Kozume Kenma's Theory of Willpower Vol.30 Ch.267 - Trap Vol.30 Ch.266 - Cats vs Monkeys Vol.30 Ch.265 - Meanwhile, The Lethargic Cats... Vol.30 Ch.264 - Broken Heart Vol.30 Ch.263 - Senpai's Pride Vol.30 Ch.262 - Always Enthusiastic Vol.30 Ch.261 - Projectiles Vol.29 Ch.260 - Desperation Vol.29 Ch.259 - Push It Push It Bam Bam Vol.29 Ch.258 - EXP Points Vol.29 Ch.257 - Just And Proper Vol.29 Ch.256 - Moonlit Evening Vol.29 Ch.255.5 Vol.29 Ch.255 - Discovery Vol.29 Ch.254 - Oddballs, Demons, Evil Spirits Of Rivers And Mountains Vol.29 Ch.253 - Critical Hit Vol.29 Ch.252 - Support Vol.28 Ch.251.5 - Koinobori Extra Vol.28 Ch.251 - Rhythm Vol.28 Ch.250 - Challengers Vol.28 Ch.249 - Cacophony and Silence Vol.28 Ch.248 - Disparity Vol.28 Ch.247 - Day 2 Vol.28 Ch.246 - Night Vol.28 Ch.245 - Striking Vol.28 Ch.244 - Weakness Number 6 Vol.28 Ch.243 - Their Respective First Matches Vol.27 Ch.242 - The Chance That Connects Vol.27 Ch.241 - The Chance That Was Left To Us Vol.27 Ch.240 - Baptism Vol.27 Ch.239 - Ally Vol.27 Ch.238 - Attack and Defense Vol.27 Ch.237 - Growing Period Vol.27 Ch.236 - Adjust 2 Vol.27 Ch.235 - Release Vol.27 Ch.234 - Adjust Vol.26 Ch.233 - The First Opponent Vol.26 Ch.232 - Warfront Vol.26 Ch.231 - Beginnings and Happenings Vol.26 Ch.230 - Their Respective Nights Vol.26 Ch.229 - The Other Day Vol.26 Ch.228 - Transformation Vol.26 Ch.227 - Challenger Vol.26 Ch.226 - Taking Advantage of Confusion Vol.26 Ch.225 - Awkward Vol.25 Ch.224 - Return Vol.25 Ch.223 - Harsh Vol.25 Ch.222 - Exaltation Vol.25 Ch.221 - The wall, once more. Vol.25 Ch.220 - Joining of Forces Vol.25 Ch.219 - Hunger Vol.25 Ch.218 - Till The Very End Vol.25 Ch.217 - Lax Vol.24 Ch.216 - Lost Child 2 Vol.24 Ch.215 - Sound Vol.24 Ch.214 - Monsters Vol.24 Ch.213 - Ball Boy Lv.1 Vol.24 Ch.212 - Vantage Point Vol.24 Ch.211 - Lost Child Vol.24 Ch.210 - We've Yet to Reach the Starting Point Vol.24 Ch.209 - Self-Introduction Vol.24 Ch.208 - First Snow Vol.23 Ch.207 - Preparation Vol.23 Ch.206 - Report Vol.23 Ch.205 - The Volleyball way Vol.23 Ch.204 - Volleyball That Even Idiots Understand Vol.23 Ch.203 - The Wind Rises Vol.23 Ch.202 - Nekoma's Ace Vol.23 Ch.201 - Wing It! Vol.23 Ch.200 - The Willpower of the Seniors Vol.22 Ch.199 - Shaken Vol.22 Ch.198 - Outrageous Vol.22 Ch.197 - Snakes vs Cats Vol.22 Ch.196 - Do or Die Vol.22 Ch.195 - Land vs Sky Vol.22 Ch.194 - Encirclement Vol.22 Ch.193 - Self-proclaimed Ace Vol.22 Ch.192 - Engine Vol.22 Ch.191 - Cats vs. Owls Vol.21 Ch.190 - The Next Battle Vol.21 Ch.189 - Declaration of War, part 2 Vol.21 Ch.188 - A Battle of Philosophies Vol.21 Ch.187 - The Midday Moon Vol.21 Ch.186 - Volleyball Maniacs Vol.21 Ch.185 - I'm Counting on You, Legs. Vol.21 Ch.184 - I've Never Had This Feeling Before Vol.21 Ch.183 - The Person We've Yearned For Vol.21 Ch.182 - What He Said to Him Vol.21 Ch.181 - Dunking It Out, part 2 Vol.20 Ch.180 - Steadfast, part 2 Vol.20 Ch.179 - A Man I Dislike Vol.20 Ch.178 - Steadfast Vol.20 Ch.177 - A Disconcerting Wall Vol.20 Ch.176 - Fresh Vol.20 Ch.175 - Always New Vol.20 Ch.174 - A Battle of Milliseconds Vol.20 Ch.173 - On the Edge Vol.20 Ch.172 - A Contest of Stamina Vol.19 Ch.172.5 - Prototype A Vol.19 Ch.171.5 - Special: The Fight Is Not Over Vol.19 Ch.171 - The Whole Lot of Them Hate to Lose Vol.19 Ch.170 - Identity Vol.19 Ch.169 - Artificial Wings Vol.19 Ch.168 - Not a Miracle Vol.19 Ch.167 - One vs. Many Vol.19 Ch.166 - The Guardian Deity and Moonlight Vol.19 Ch.165 - Coherence Vol.19 Ch.164 - Just 1 Point Vol.19 Ch.163 - Full Moon Vol.18 Ch.162 - Eve of a Full Moon Vol.18 Ch.161 - Impetus Vol.18 Ch.160 - Vigilant Hostility Vol.18 Ch.159 - Link Vol.18 Ch.158 - Support Vol.18 Ch.157 - Strength and Reason Vol.18 Ch.156 - Guess Monster Vol.18 Ch.155 - The Road to the "Final Boss" Vol.18 Ch.154 - Dunking It Out Vol.17 Ch.153 - Receive #3 Vol.17 Ch.152 - The "Lefty" Menace Vol.17 Ch.151 - Final Novices Vol.17 Ch.150 - Greetings Vol.17 Ch.149 - A Chemical Reaction of Encounters Vol.17 Ch.148 - Declaration of War Vol.17 Ch.147 - Head-to-Head Vol.17 Ch.146 - Talent and Sense Vol.17 Ch.145 - Limit Switch, part 2 Vol.16 Ch.144 - Limit Switch Vol.16 Ch.143 - Light Vol.16 Ch.142 - True Strength Vol.16 Ch.141 - Team Vol.16 Ch.140 - Fellows Vol.16 Ch.139 - Old Enemies Vol.16 Ch.138 - The Ultimate Attack, The Serve Vol.16 Ch.137 - The Struggles Of The Formerly Weak-Willed Vol.16 Ch.136 - Something To Turn The Tides, part 3 Vol.15 Ch.135 - Slow Starter Vol.15 Ch.134 - The Same Vol.15 Ch.133 - The Setter Showdown, Round 2 Vol.15 Ch.132 - Marplot Vol.15 Ch.131 - The Gears of Aoba Jousai Vol.15 Ch.130 - Erase Vol.15 Ch.129 - Karasuno, Reborn Vol.15 Ch.128 - The Iron Wall Can Always Be Rebuilt Vol.15 Ch.127 - Golden Baby Vol.14 Ch.126 - "The Third" Vol.14 Ch.125 - Those Who Have Lost Vol.14 Ch.124 - Endgame Vol.14 Ch.123 - Another Aspiration Vol.14 Ch.122 - Challenge Vol.14 Ch.121 - The Battle of the Small Giants Resumes Vol.14 Ch.120 - The Struggles of the Weak-Willed, part 2 Vol.14 Ch.119 - The Struggles of the Weak-Willed, part 1 Vol.14 Ch.118 - Substitute Support Vol.13 Ch.117 - Midway Through the Battle of the Small Giants... Vol.13 Ch.116 - Wakutaniminami High School Vol.13 Ch.115 - Next Vol.13 Ch.114 - Playground, Part 3 Vol.13 Ch.113 - Playground, Part 2 Vol.13 Ch.112 - Playground Vol.13 Ch.111 - Inexperience Vol.13 Ch.110 - The Strength To Be Versatile Vol.13 Ch.109 - To Arms Vol.13 Ch.108 - Assembled Vol.12 Ch.107 - Growth Spurt Vol.12 Ch.106 - Their Respective Walls Vol.12 Ch.105 - The Same Arena Vol.12 Ch.104 - Baby Bird Vol.12 Ch.103 - Ground Warfare Vol.12 Ch.102 - Simply Pure Power Vol.12 Ch.101 - Regret and Motivation Vol.12 Ch.100 - Appearances Vol.12 Ch.099 - The Game Commences Vol.11 Ch.098 - Conversation Vol.11 Ch.097 - Above Vol.11 Ch.096 - A Team of Black Vol.11 Ch.095 - The State of the "ACE" Vol.11 Ch.094 - Unconscious Guidance Vol.11 Ch.093 - Gears Vol.11 Ch.092 - Stillness and Motion Vol.11 Ch.091 - Vs. "An Umbrella" Vol.11 Ch.090 - Back in Business Vol.10 Ch.089 - A Reason Vol.10 Ch.088 - Illusory Hero Vol.10 Ch.087 - The will of an Ace Vol.10 Ch.086 - Moonrise Vol.10 Ch.085 - Omnivorous Vol.10 Ch.084 - Their Respective Evolutions Vol.10 Ch.083 - TEMPO Vol.10 Ch.082 - Breakdown Vol.10 Ch.081 - Room to Grow Vol.09 Ch.080 - Desire Vol.09 Ch.079 - Center Ace Vol.09 Ch.078 - Let's Go to Tokyo, For REAL! Vol.09 Ch.077 - Confrontation with a Champion Vol.09 Ch.076 - Creator Vol.09 Ch.075 - Villager B Vol.09 Ch.074 - Direct Sunlight Vol.09 Ch.073 - The Road To Tokyo Vol.09 Ch.072 - Let's Go, Tokyo!! Vol.08 Ch.071 - A Goal and Regrets Vol.08 Ch.070 - Day 3 Vol.08 Ch.069 - The Defeated Vol.08 Ch.068 - A "Solitary King" No Longer Vol.08 Ch.067 - Smile Vol.08 Ch.066 - One More Time Vol.08 Ch.065 - At Their Back Vol.08 Ch.064 - Something to Turn the Tides, Take 2 Vol.08 Ch.063 - Something to Turn the Tides Vol.07 Ch.062 - The Full Width of the Court Vol.07 Ch.061 - A Team's True Strength and the Small Beast Vol.07 Ch.060 - Progress Vol.07 Ch.059 - Direct Communication Vol.07 Ch.058 - Normal Movements, Take 2 Vol.07 Ch.057 - Break Vol.07 Ch.056 - The Select Few Vol.07 Ch.055 - "What's Best For Me" and "What's Best For You" Vol.07 Ch.054 - The True Strength of a "Senpai" Vol.06 Ch.053 - Oikawa Tooru is Not A Genius Vol.06 Ch.052 - What Makes An Ace Vol.06 Ch.051 - The Strength of Those Called "Champions" Vol.06 Ch.050 - The Setter Showdown Vol.06 Ch.049 - VS The "Grand King", Take 2 Vol.06 Ch.048 - The Conductor Vol.06 Ch.047 - Aces and Heroes Vol.06 Ch.046 - Ace Vol.06 Ch.045 - "Light" and What It Hides Vol.05 Ch.044 - The Strongest Decoy Vol.05 Ch.043 - Removal of the "Oddball Quick Strike" Ban Vol.05 Ch.042 - The Iron Wall Vol.05 Ch.041 - Full Throttle into the Second Round Vol.05 Ch.040 - The Victors and the Defeated Vol.05 Ch.039 - Revival Vol.05 Ch.038 - Warmup Vol.05 Ch.037 - Into the Fray Vol.05 Ch.036 - Ready to Fly Vol.05 Ch.035 - Formidable Opponents Vol.04 Ch.034.5 - One Shot: Nisekyuu!! Vol.04 Ch.034 - We'll Surely Have a Rematch Vol.04 Ch.033 - What It Means to "Connect" Vol.04 Ch.032 - An Adult Cat and A Crow Chick Vol.04 Ch.031 - Rivals Vol.04 Ch.030 - A Way to Fly Vol.04 Ch.029 - "The Brain" Vol.04 Ch.028 - The 'Oni' and the 'Kanabo' Vol.04 Ch.027 - The Cats and Crows Meet Again! Vol.04 Ch.026 - Determination Vol.03 Ch.025 - Encounter Vol.03 Ch.024 - Team Karasuno, Full Speed Ahead Vol.03 Ch.023 - Equivalent Points Vol.03 Ch.022.5 - The Battle at Lunch Break Vol.03 Ch.022 - Admiration Vol.03 Ch.021 - Toss to the Ace Vol.03 Ch.020 - The Guardian Deity Vol.03 Ch.019 - True Feelings Vol.03 Ch.018 - The One Called the "Ace" Vol.03 Ch.017 - A Storm Vol.02 Ch.016 - One More Genius Vol.02 Ch.015 - Chemical Reaction Vol.02 Ch.014 - VS. The "Grand King" Vol.02 Ch.013 - An Interesting Team Vol.02 Ch.012 - Normal Movements Vol.02 Ch.011.5 - Tanaka-senpai's Nightmare Vol.02 Ch.011 - A Reunion And An Utter Failure Vol.02 Ch.010 - The Strain on the Timid Vol.02 Ch.009 - Combo Formed Vol.02 Ch.008 - The View From The Top! Vol.01 Ch.007 - The Words of the Have Nots Vol.01 Ch.006 - A Story From Junior High Vol.01 Ch.005 - The King Of The Court Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Strongest Ally Vol.01 Ch.003 - Single-Celled Organisms Vol.01 Ch.002 - Karasuno High School's Volleyball Club Vol.01 Ch.001 - Endings & Beginnings Vol.01 Ch.000 - one shot
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