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Hori is your average teenage girl... who has a side she wants no one else to ever find out about. Then there’s her classmate Miyamura, your average glasses-wearing boy in school and a totally differe...more

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Vol.16 Ch.123 Vol.16 Ch.122.7 Vol.16 Ch.122.6 Vol.16 Ch.122.5 Vol.16 Ch.122 Vol.15 Ch.118.5 Vol.14 Ch.121 Vol.14 Ch.120 Vol.14 Ch.119 Vol.14 Ch.109.5 Vol.13 Ch.119 Vol.13 Ch.118 Vol.13 Ch.117 Vol.13 Ch.116 Vol.13 Ch.115 Vol.13 Ch.114 Vol.13 Ch.113 Vol.13 Ch.112 Vol.13 Ch.111 Vol.13 Ch.110 Vol.13 Ch.109 Vol.13 Ch.108 Vol.13 Ch.107 Vol.13 Ch.106 Vol.13 Ch.105 Vol.13 Ch.104 Vol.13 Ch.103 Vol.13 Ch.102 Vol.13 Ch.101 Vol.13 Ch.100.5 Vol.13 Ch.100.4 Vol.13 Ch.100 Vol.13 Ch.006.5 Vol.12 Ch.099 Vol.12 Ch.098 Vol.12 Ch.097 Vol.12 Ch.096 Vol.12 Ch.095 Vol.12 Ch.094 Vol.12 Ch.093 Vol.12 Ch.092 Vol.12 Ch.091 Vol.12 Ch.090.5 Vol.12 Ch.090 Vol.12 Ch.089 - Onee-chan Vol.12 Ch.088 Vol.12 Ch.087 - Space Vol.12 Ch.086 - Kouno-san Vol.12 Ch.085 - Keeping a Secret Vol.12 Ch.084 - Release Date Vol.12 Ch.083 - Can't Wake Up Vol.12 Ch.082 - Bus Stop Vol.11 Ch.081.5 Vol.11 Ch.081 - A Homely Sadist and the Son of a Baker Vol.11 Ch.080 - A Bloodless Wound Vol.11 Ch.079 - Bun Vol.11 Ch.078 - His Secret Vol.11 Ch.077 - Fascination Vol.11 Ch.076 - Worrywart Vol.11 Ch.075 - Blacklist Vol.11 Ch.074 - Smell Vol.11 Ch.073 - Before and After Vol.11 Ch.072 - Bedroom at 1am Vol.10 Ch.071.7 - .5 : Extra 2 Vol.10 Ch.071.6 - v.10.5 c.Extra 1 Vol.10 Ch.071.5 - Extras Vol.10 Ch.071 - Déjà vu Vol.10 Ch.070 - The Day Before the World Ends Vol.10 Ch.069 - Panic Vol.10 Ch.068 - Sepia Vol.10 Ch.067 - Big Brother's Scarf Vol.10 Ch.066 - Wax Vol.10 Ch.065 - They Just Don't Make Any Sense Vol.10 Ch.064 - (Homework for You) + ? Vol.09 Ch.063.5 - Extras Vol.09 Ch.063 - Path Vol.09 Ch.062 - Secrets Vol.09 Ch.061 - First Snow Vol.09 Ch.060 - His Quirk Vol.09 Ch.059 - The Reason Spring Comes Vol.09 Ch.058 - Playing at Being Lovers Vol.09 Ch.057 - Kotatsu Shenanigans Vol.08 Ch.056.5 - Extras Vol.08 Ch.056 - We Should Break Up Vol.08 Ch.055 - Sins of Youth Vol.08 Ch.054 - Impossible For You Vol.08 Ch.053 - Sports Festival 3 Vol.08 Ch.052 - Sports Festival ? Vol.08 Ch.051 - Sports Festival ? Vol.07 Ch.050.5 - Extras Vol.07 Ch.050 - Cooking Class Vol.07 Ch.049 - Murderous Desires Vol.07 Ch.048 - Going But Never Reaching Vol.07 Ch.047 - Gap: Part Two Vol.07 Ch.046 - Gap Vol.07 Ch.045 - A Puzzle and Its Pieces Vol.07 Ch.044 - High Quality Ingredient Vol.07 Ch.043 - A Nice Guy Vol.06 Ch.042.5 - Extras Vol.06 Ch.042 - Perfect Weather for a Storm Vol.06 Ch.041 - Nosebleed Vol.06 Ch.040 - Pool Vol.06 Ch.039 - A Weak Strength Vol.06 Ch.038 - Demon Vol.06 Ch.037 - Cold Rain Vol.06 Ch.036 - High Hopes Vol.06 Ch.035 - Cherry Colored Cookies Vol.05 Ch.034.5 - Extras Vol.05 Ch.034 - 5 Days Vol.05 Ch.033 - Passion Vol.05 Ch.032 - A Day in the Life Of Vol.05 Ch.031 - Don't Interrupt Vol.05 Ch.030 - Younger sister Vol.05 Ch.029 - Mole under the eye Vol.05 Ch.028 - Full Vol.04 Ch.027 - Flavour Vol.04 Ch.026.5 - Extras Vol.04 Ch.026 - Midsummer's Day Vol.04 Ch.025 - Can't Say Vol.04 Ch.024 - Transparent Vol.04 Ch.023 - Grey Man Vol.04 Ch.022 - Retreat Vol.04 Ch.021 - SOS Vol.03 Ch.020.5 - Extras Vol.03 Ch.020 - Summer Cold Vol.03 Ch.019 - That Fateful Summer’s Day Vol.03 Ch.018 - The Faraway Spring Vol.03 Ch.017 - Rebellion Vol.03 Ch.016 - Green,White & Red Vol.03 Ch.015 - Food I like Vol.03 Ch.014 - That's Okay Vol.02 Ch.013.5 - Extras Vol.02 Ch.013 - I Like Vol.02 Ch.012 - So Stubborn Vol.02 Ch.011 - A Sudden Shower Vol.02 Ch.010 - Young Izumi Vol.02 Ch.009 - Happy March Birthday * Vol.02 Ch.008 - Stress and De-stress Vol.02 Ch.007 Vol.01 Ch.006 Vol.01 Ch.005 Vol.01 Ch.004 - Page 4 Vol.01 Ch.003 - Page 3 Vol.01 Ch.002 - Page 2 Vol.01 Ch.001 - Hori-san and Miyamura-kun
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