Last Update: Mar 31,2012

Tag: Comedy Drama Shounen Romance School Life Sports Slice of Life
Author:ASADA Hiroyuki

Akane Tachibana is a freshman high school student who, despite his talent for basketball, decides to abandon sports clubs due to the pressure put on him by them. Once he arrives at Kouzu High, however...more

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Vol (66) Order
Vol.12 Ch.065 - Fear of Flying Vol.12 Ch.064 - Exorcist Vol.11 Ch.063 - Spiritual Vibes Vol.11 Ch.062 - Electroluminescence Vol.11 Ch.061 - Still Waters Run Deep Vol.11 Ch.060 - Muddling Through Vol.11 Ch.059 - Mood Specialist Vol.11 Ch.058 - Pressure Panther V.Blue-Collar Duck Vol.11 Ch.057 - Two Guard Vibration Vol.10 Ch.056 - Fire Storm Cluster Bomb Vol.10 Ch.055 - All Words Are Parting Vol.10 Ch.054 - Knockin' on Your Door Vol.10 Ch.053 - Cool Spy on a Hot Car Vol.10 Ch.052 - Sad Sailing Ship Vol.10 Ch.051 - Soon Dance Party Vol.10 Ch.050 - Pass Each Other Vol.10 Ch.049 - No Feelings Vol.10 Ch.048 - Gut Bucket Vol.09 Ch.047.5 - The Diary [Special Edition] Vol.09 Ch.047 - Some Other Time Vol.09 Ch.046 - Nonsense How Absurd Vol.09 Ch.045 - In the Past Vol.09 Ch.044 - Suspicion-Liar Vol.09 Ch.043 - Blowin' in the Wind Vol.09 Ch.042 - Complex Venus Vol.08 Ch.041 - Poem Gang Destiny Vol.08 Ch.040 - Fireworks Butterfly Vol.08 Ch.039 - Moonlight Family Vol.08 Ch.038 - Believe Enough Vol.08 Ch.037 - Junkie Monkey Shop Vol.07 Ch.036 - Secret Gold Red Vol.07 Ch.035 - Crazy Kouzu Sonnet Vol.07 Ch.034 - After Glow Vol.07 Ch.033 - Today Flowers Vol.07 Ch.032 - Shotgun Soul Strip Vol.07 Ch.031 - Let's Go Faster Vol.07 Ch.030 - Heaven's Train Vol.06 Ch.029 - Super Rocket \ [Moron's Rhapsody] Vol.06 Ch.028 - Worn to Jump Vol.06 Ch.027 - Diamond Steroid Vol.06 Ch.026 - Frozen Shoes Vol.06 Ch.025 - New Game, New Rules Vol.05 Ch.024 - Lost Sheep \ [#-3 A] Blue Flower Vol.05 Ch.023 - Howling Moon Vol.05 Ch.022 - Soft Melody Vol.05 Ch.021 - You Will Grow Up in Time Vol.05 Ch.020 - Together Tomorrow Vol.04 Ch.019 - Gifted Boys \ [Bonus of the Super Lucky People] Vol.04 Ch.018 - Lost from Me Vol.04 Ch.017 - The Traitor Vol.04 Ch.016 - There's only Suffering in My Heart, Nothing Else Vol.04 Ch.015 - You Are Always on My Mind Vol.04 Ch.014 - Lilacs on the Hill Vol.03 Ch.013 - Desires and Happines \ [Bonus Ending] Vol.03 Ch.012 - Treatment Vol.03 Ch.011 - Message in a Bottle Vol.03 Ch.010 - I Know That It's Your Life Vol.03 Ch.009 - Teen Lobotomy Vol.02 Ch.008 - Public Image \ [Did You Know That:] \ [Jun-Ichi Kosaka Run] Vol.02 Ch.007 - Love's Got Me in Triangles Vol.02 Ch.006 - I Like It, I'll Do It Vol.02 Ch.005 - Change of Heart Vol.02 Ch.004 - Machine Gun Etiquette Vol.01 Ch.003 - Awakening March \ [Supermegabonus at the End of the Manga] Vol.01 Ch.002 - Outlaw Blues Vol.01 Ch.001 - Wild Diamond
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