Isshuukan Friends
Isshuukan Friends

Isshuukan Friends


Last Update: Aug 04,2016

Tag: Comedy Drama Shounen School Life Slice of Life
Author:HAZUKI Maccha

Hase Yuuki is interested in his unsociable classmate Fujimiya Kaori. Since he sits behind her in class, the only thing he ever gets to see is her back. One day, when they’re alone in a hallway, he bl...more

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Vol (45) Order
Vol.08 Ch.039 - Illustrations Vol.07 Ch.038.5 - After "One Week Friends." Vol.07 Ch.038 - Please Become My Friend Once Again [End] Vol.07 Ch.037 - Hajime-kun Vol.07 Ch.036 - I Have Recalled Everything Vol.07 Ch.035 - Coffee and Milk Vol.07 Ch.034 - Surprisingly Alright Vol.07 Ch.033 - Take Off from the Escape Route Vol.07 Ch.032 - Your Good Points Vol.06 Ch.031 - Playing Music Vol.06 Ch.030 - The Pacifier Vol.06 Ch.029 - Fragments of a Rainbow Vol.06 Ch.028 - So That They Would Be Happy Vol.05 Ch.027 - Thank You Vol.05 Ch.026 - A Never-Ending Journey Towards O Vol.05 Ch.025 - What Will We Become in the End? Vol.05 Ch.024 - Fushimi Inari's Mosaic Vol.05 Ch.023 - Complex Tune Vol.05 Ch.022 - If He were a Bad Guy Vol.04 Ch.021.9 - Omake ~ Culture Festival Vol.04 Ch.021.5 - A Certain Week in "One Week Friends" Vol.04 Ch.021 - Annulation: The Rolling Stones Vol.04 Ch.020 - Because... It Was Fun Vol.04 Ch.019 - The Chemical Formula to Like Something Vol.04 Ch.018 - A Burden's Rhapsody Vol.04 Ch.017 - At That Time, Refrain Vol.04 Ch.016 - Nostalgia and Apprehension Vol.04 Ch.015 - 18 (Eighteen) Vol.03 Ch.014 - Insufficient Friends Vol.03 Ch.013 - The Last Day with a Friend Vol.03 Ch.012 - A Friend and the Sea Vol.03 Ch.011 - The Friend I Can't Meet Vol.03 Ch.010 - The Friend I Like Vol.02 Ch.009 - The Friend I Remember Vol.02 Ch.008 - A New Friend Vol.02 Ch.007 - A Friend's Mom Vol.02 Ch.006.5 - Extra Vol.02 Ch.006 - At a Friend's House Vol.02 Ch.005 - A Certain Friend Vol.02 Ch.004 - Quarrel with a Friend Vol.01 Ch.003.5 - Extra Vol.01 Ch.003 - Friend's Friend Vol.01 Ch.002 - A Day Off with a Friend Vol.01 Ch.001 - Please Become My Friend Vol.01 Ch.000 - Beginning Of Friendship
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