Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!


Last Update: Feb 23,2014

Tag: Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shoujo
Author:FUJIWARA Hiro

Brilliant and overachieving, Misaki Ayuzawa is the President of the Student Council at Seika High School, formerly a boys’ school. Unfortunately, most of the students are still male and stuck in thei...more

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Vol (100) Order
Vol.18 Ch.085.6 - Short Story Vol.18 Ch.085.5 - Extra Vol.18 Ch.085 - Definitely Toward A Happy Future!-[End] Vol.18 Ch.084 - The Calculations of the Feelings of Love! Vol.18 Ch.083 - There Are Times When Men Must Fight, And So Do The Women Vol.18 Ch.082 - A Secret Between the Close Sisters!? Vol.18 Ch.081 - So Close That We Can't Get Any Closer Than This Vol.17 Ch.080 - Two Masters and a Maid!? Vol.17 Ch.079 - Finally, the Two of Us Can Meet In Person Vol.17 Ch.078 - To Britain! Vol.17 Ch.077 - Read Online Vol.17 Ch.076 - Master, Do You Wish To Be Stepped on by Me So Much...? Vol.16 Ch.075 - Overcoming the Distance Between Them, Their Thoughts Meet Vol.16 Ch.074 - A Pervert Even in Great Britain<3 Vol.16 Ch.073 - The Master is Heading to Britain? Vol.16 Ch.072 - The Cinderella Before Midnight...? Vol.16 Ch.071 - Welcome Back to the Bustling Maid Latte! Vol.15 Ch.070.5 - [Special Chapter] The Idiot, the Delinquent and the Madonna Vol.15 Ch.070 - That is the Result of a Distant Memory Vol.15 Ch.069 - A Smile As the President, But...? Vol.15 Ch.068 - The Similarity Between the Ayuzawa Sisters... Calm at Heart Vol.15 Ch.067 - Even If My Uniform Has Changed, My Inner Self Wouldn't Vol.15 Ch.066 - Formidable!? Usui's Peers Vol.14 Ch.065 - The Strongest President is in Top Form! Vol.14 Ch.064 - The Two of Them Spending the Final Days of Their Campus Life Together Vol.14 Ch.063 - This Maid is Deeply Engrossed in Love, Master<3 Vol.14 Ch.062 - In Order Not to Lose That Important Thing, the Two Finally Face It Together Vol.14 Ch.061 - Boys Forbidden, Girls' Talk! Vol.13 Ch.060.4 - Maid Latte's Backyard Vol.13 Ch.060 - Day One:School trip!! Vol.13 Ch.059 - Demon~> Lover!? Vol.13 Ch.058 - Maid Latte loves the Reborned Couple Vol.13 Ch.057 - The Confession Vol.13 Ch.056 - Maid Christmas! Vol.12 Ch.055.5 - [Side Story] Sentimental Ikkun Vol.12 Ch.055 - You Can't Deceive My Eyes Vol.12 Ch.054 - A Meeting Between Ninja and Maid! Vol.12 Ch.053 - A Secret Battle Plan With Master...?! Vol.12 Ch.052 - Under The Ominous Watch Of an English Spy Vol.12 Ch.051 - Two Usui's!? Vol.11 Ch.050.6 - Good Morning, I Am the Younger Sister Vol.11 Ch.050.5 - Our President the Butler! Vol.11 Ch.050 - An Invitation from President Igarashi Vol.11 Ch.049 - Phantasmagoric! Vol.11 Ch.048 - Maid-sama Spring Vol.11 Ch.047 - A One-Day Trip To The Hot Spring Vol.11 Ch.046 - The Master, Reveals His Secret, To The Maid Vol.10 Ch.045 - Lightning Speed!! First Maria-Sensei, and Next Her Fiance!? Vol.10 Ch.044 - A Confession to Misaki?! Vol.10 Ch.043 - Teacher! Vol.10 Ch.042 - The Guy Who Holds The Keys To All Secrets....!? Vol.09 Ch.041 - Master's Big News! Vol.09 Ch.040 - Charge Towards The Bursting Affection Of Love And The Dazzling Color of Summer Vol.09 Ch.039 - Usui's Resolve...? Vol.09 Ch.038 - The Battle Of The Election Is At It's Climax! Vol.09 Ch.037 - Gather Up! All the Shining Stars of Seika High! Vol.08 Ch.036.5 - [Side Story] A Certain Morning in the Student Council Room Vol.08 Ch.036.1 - [Special Chapter] Idiot and Delinquent and Hero Vol.08 Ch.036 - Seika High's student council is in a big pinch...!? Vol.08 Ch.035 - The Message between His Eyes Vol.08 Ch.034 - The Things that He Wishes for, Is Always, Always Just that One Thing Vol.08 Ch.033 - Enter the World of the Witch Maid! Vol.07 Ch.032.5 - [Side Story] Aoi and His Happy Friends Vol.07 Ch.032 - Do You Want To Devote Yourself To Me? Vol.07 Ch.031 - The Secret Girls Talk Vol.07 Ch.030 - Sensei, Misaki-chan Is in Deep Trouble! Vol.07 Ch.029 - The All Sweets Challenge! Vol.06 Ch.028.5 - [Special] Vice-President Is a Prince?!? Vol.06 Ch.028.1 - [Special Chapter] Blue Spring Vol.06 Ch.028 - Read Online Vol.06 Ch.027 - Read Online Vol.06 Ch.026 - Read Online Vol.05 Ch.025 - Read Online Vol.05 Ch.024 - First time visit to Usui's ... House? Vol.05 Ch.023 - Read Online Vol.05 Ch.022 - Read Online Vol.05 Ch.021 - Read Online Vol.05 Ch.020 - Read Online Vol.04 Ch.019.2 - [Extra Story] And Next Three Stupid Maid-sama! Vol.04 Ch.019.1 - [Extra Story] And Now Momotarou Maid-sama! Vol.04 Ch.019 - Usui becomes an enemy! Vol.04 Ch.018 - Maid Latte in the beach Party! Vol.04 Ch.017 - School Visitation Association and a Glasses Rabbit Vol.04 Ch.016 - Read Online Vol.03 Ch.015 - Class 1-7 Soutaru Kanou Vol.03 Ch.014 - Side Story Vol.03 Ch.013 - Net idol Aoi Vol.03 Ch.012 - Little Sister Day?!!! Vol.03 Ch.011 - Little Sister Day?!!! Vol.03 Ch.010 - A Maid Even at the Sports Festival Part 2 Vol.02 Ch.009 - A Maid Even at the Sports Festival Part 1 Vol.02 Ch.008 - Misa chan And Igarashi Tora Vol.02 Ch.007 - Igarashi Tora Vol.02 Ch.006 - Misaki As A Boy Vol.02 Ch.005 - Miyabigaoka Chess Match Vol.01 Ch.004.5 - A Transparent World Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Ayuzawa Cram School Vol.01 Ch.003 - Misaki M and Two S's Vol.01 Ch.002 - A Maid Even at the School Festival Vol.01 Ch.001 - The Student Council President is a Maid!
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