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Tag: Action Adventure Martial Arts Shounen
Author:Matsuda Ryuchi

Kenji is a manga about a Japanese teenager named Kenji, who practices the martial art Bajiquan, and his encounters with other martial artists, some of whom are from real life (e.g. Adam Hsu and Liu Ch...more

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Vol (394) Order
Vol.21 Ch.202 - Gaiden: The Fist King's End Vol.21 Ch.201 - Gaiden: Legend of The Founder of Baijiquan Vol.21 Ch.200 - Gaiden: Qikong Penxue Vol.21 Ch.199 - Gaiden: Yizhao, Part 2 Vol.21 Ch.198 - Gaiden: Yizhao, Part 1 Vol.21 Ch.197 - Gaiden: The Flying Bandit Vol.21 Ch.196 - Gaiden: Spear God Vol.21 Ch.195 - Gaiden: Juezhao Meng Huying Paishan, Part 2 Vol.21 Ch.194 - Gaiden: Juezhao Meng Huying Paishan, Part 1 Vol.21 Ch.009 - Gaiden Chapter 9: The Fist King's End Vol.21 Ch.008 - Gaiden Chapter 8: Legend of the Founder of Bajiquan Vol.21 Ch.007 - Gaiden Chapter 7: Qikong Penxue Vol.21 Ch.006 - Gaiden Chapter 6: Yizhao (Latter Part) Vol.21 Ch.005 - Gaiden Chapter 5: Yizhao (First Part) Vol.21 Ch.004 - Gaiden Chapter 4: The Flying Bandit Vol.21 Ch.003 - Gaiden Chapter 3: Spear God Vol.21 Ch.002 - Gaiden Chapter 2: Juezhao ~ Meng Huying Paishan (Latter Part) Vol.21 Ch.001 - Gaiden Chapter 1: Juezhao ~ Meng Huying Paishan (First Part) Vol.20 Ch.193 - A Great Life Vol.20 Ch.192 - New Goal Vol.20 Ch.191 - True Courage Vol.20 Ch.190 - Way Vol.20 Ch.189 - Conclusion Vol.20 Ch.188 - Reunion Vol.20 Ch.187 - Invitation Vol.20 Ch.186 - Xinyiliuhequan Vol.20 Ch.185 - Tony Tan's Shadow Vol.20 Ch.184 - Tietou Wang Vol.20 Ch.010 - A Great Love Vol.20 Ch.009 - New Goal Vol.20 Ch.008 - True Courage Vol.20 Ch.007 - Way Vol.20 Ch.006 - Conclusion Vol.20 Ch.005 - Reunion Vol.20 Ch.004 - Invitation Vol.20 Ch.003 - Xinyiliuhequan Vol.20 Ch.002 - Tony Tan's Shadow Vol.20 Ch.001 - Tietou Wang Vol.19 Ch.183 - Live Righteously Vol.19 Ch.182 - Denouement Vol.19 Ch.181 - A Clever Scheme Vol.19 Ch.180 - Finding an Old Enemy Vol.19 Ch.179 - Surprising Encounter Vol.19 Ch.178 - To The Mountain's Peak Vol.19 Ch.177 - The Decisive Battle Begins Vol.19 Ch.176 - The Last Hurdle Vol.19 Ch.175 - Narrowly Escaping Death Vol.19 Ch.174 - Piercing Enemy Camp Vol.19 Ch.010 - Live Righteously Vol.19 Ch.009 - Denouement Vol.19 Ch.008 - A Clever Scheme Vol.19 Ch.007 - Finding an Old Enemy Vol.19 Ch.006 - Surprising Encounter Vol.19 Ch.005 - To the Mountain's Peak Vol.19 Ch.004 - The Decisive Battle Begins Vol.19 Ch.003 - The Last Hurdle Vol.19 Ch.002 - Narrowly Escaping Death Vol.19 Ch.001 - Piercing Enemy Camp Vol.18 Ch.173 - Successive Attacks Vol.18 Ch.172 - One Danger After Another Vol.18 Ch.171 - Bawang Zhen Vol.18 Ch.170 - Eight Challenges Vol.18 Ch.169 - Prophetic Dream? Vol.18 Ch.168 - Origin Vol.18 Ch.167 - Smoke Signal Vol.18 Ch.166 - Three People, Three Styles Vol.18 Ch.165 - Punished Vol.18 Ch.164 - Ambush Vol.18 Ch.010 - Successive Attacks Vol.18 Ch.009 - One Danger after Another Vol.18 Ch.008 - Bawang Zhen Vol.18 Ch.007 - Eight Challenges Vol.18 Ch.006 - Prophetic Dream? Vol.18 Ch.005 - Origin Vol.18 Ch.004 - Smoke Signal Vol.18 Ch.003 - Three People, Three Styles Vol.18 Ch.002 - Punished Vol.18 Ch.001 - Ambush Vol.17 Ch.163 - The 72 Shaolin Arts Vol.17 Ch.162 - Life as a Monk Vol.17 Ch.161 - Yizhi Chan Vol.17 Ch.160 - Introduction To Buddhism Vol.17 Ch.159 - Shaolin Martial Arts Vol.17 Ch.158 - Yecha Wang Vol.17 Ch.157 - Thief Vol.17 Ch.156 - Songshan Shaolin Temple Vol.17 Ch.155 - Back To The Shaolin Temple Vol.17 Ch.154 - Kyotaro's Footprints Vol.17 Ch.010 - The 72 Shaolin Arts Vol.17 Ch.009 - Life as a Monk Vol.17 Ch.008 - Yizhi Chan Vol.17 Ch.007 - Introduction to Buddhism Vol.17 Ch.006 - Shaolin Martial Arts Vol.17 Ch.005 - Yecha Wang Vol.17 Ch.004 - Thief Vol.17 Ch.003 - Songshan Shaolin Temple Vol.17 Ch.002 - Road to the Shaolin Temple Vol.17 Ch.001 - Kyotaro's Footprints Vol.16 Ch.153 - Core Vol.16 Ch.152 - Substitute Battle Vol.16 Ch.151 - Emergency Vol.16 Ch.150 - Huajin Vol.16 Ch.149 - Nostalgia Vol.16 Ch.148 - Fresh Start Vol.16 Ch.147 - Chen Jiagou Vol.16 Ch.146 - Zhang Henzi Vol.16 Ch.145 - Mysterious Man Vol.16 Ch.144 - Zhaobao Zhen Vol.16 Ch.010 - Core Vol.16 Ch.009 - Substitute Battle Vol.16 Ch.008 - Emergency Vol.16 Ch.007 - Huajin Vol.16 Ch.006 - Nostalgia Vol.16 Ch.005 - Fresh Start Vol.16 Ch.004 - Chen Jiagou Vol.16 Ch.003 - Zhang Henzi Vol.16 Ch.002 - Mysterious Man Vol.16 Ch.001 - Zhaobao Zhen Vol.15 Ch.143 - Battle in The Darkness Vol.15 Ch.142 - Crossing The Yellow River Vol.15 Ch.141 - Chen Xiaohao Vol.15 Ch.140 - Secret ~Xinyiba Vol.15 Ch.139 - Tea House Vol.15 Ch.138 - To Henan Province Vol.15 Ch.137 - A Letter From Grandpa Vol.15 Ch.136 - Reconciliation Vol.15 Ch.135 - I am Japanese Vol.15 Ch.134 - Zuo Xin Jia Vol.15 Ch.010 - Battle in the Darkness Vol.15 Ch.009 - Crossing the Yellow River Vol.15 Ch.008 - Chen Xiaohao Vol.15 Ch.007 - Secret ~ Xinyiba Vol.15 Ch.006 - Tea House Vol.15 Ch.005 - To Henan Province Vol.15 Ch.004 - A Letter From Grandpa Vol.15 Ch.003 - Reconciliation Vol.15 Ch.002 - I am Japanese Vol.15 Ch.001 - Zuo Xin Jia Vol.14 Ch.133 - Entering The Tiger`s Den Vol.14 Ch.132 - Feiyan Zoubi Vol.14 Ch.131 - Datian Beng Chui Vol.14 Ch.130 - Qian Jinwang Vol.14 Ch.129 - Confinement Vol.14 Ch.128 - Wang Nanliang Vol.14 Ch.127 - Enemy of My Father Vol.14 Ch.126 - Daniu Vol.14 Ch.125 - Ding Qingzhen Vol.14 Ch.009 - Entering the Tiger's Den Vol.14 Ch.008 - Feiyan Zoubi Vol.14 Ch.007 - Datian Beng Chui Vol.14 Ch.006 - Qian Jinwang Vol.14 Ch.005 - Confinement Vol.14 Ch.004 - Wang Nanliang Vol.14 Ch.003 - Enemy of My Father Vol.14 Ch.002 - Daniu Vol.14 Ch.001 - Ding Qingzhen Vol.13 Ch.124 - Vision in the Huangchen Vol.13 Ch.123 - The Meng Family Vol.13 Ch.122 - Li Chuting Vol.13 Ch.121 - Mizongquan Vol.13 Ch.120 - Tongbi Piguaquan, Part 2 Vol.13 Ch.119 - Tongbi Piguaquan, Part 1 Vol.13 Ch.118 - Birthplace of Martial Arts Vol.13 Ch.117 - To Cangzhou Vol.13 Ch.116 - Arrival in Beijing Vol.13 Ch.009 - Vision in the Huangcheng Vol.13 Ch.008 - The Meng Family Vol.13 Ch.007 - Li Chuting Vol.13 Ch.006 - Mizongquan Vol.13 Ch.005 - Tongbi Piguaquan (Part 2) Vol.13 Ch.004 - Tongbi Piguaquan (Part 1) Vol.13 Ch.003 - Birthplace of Martial Arts Vol.13 Ch.002 - To Cangzhou Vol.13 Ch.001 - Arrival in Beijing Vol.12 Ch.115 - Flight Vol.12 Ch.114 - Conclusion Vol.12 Ch.113 - Rescue Vol.12 Ch.112 - Kidnapping Vol.12 Ch.111 - Xushi Vol.12 Ch.110 - Jilou Jyunsi Vol.12 Ch.109 - Shequan Vol.12 Ch.108 - Black Words Vol.12 Ch.107 - Chance Vol.12 Ch.009 - Flight Vol.12 Ch.008 - Conclusion Vol.12 Ch.007 - Rescue Vol.12 Ch.006 - Kidnapping Vol.12 Ch.005 - Xushi Vol.12 Ch.004 - Jilou Jyunsi Vol.12 Ch.003 - Shequan Vol.12 Ch.002 - Black Words Vol.12 Ch.001 - Chance Vol.11 Ch.106 - Audition Vol.11 Ch.105 - Fist of Fury Vol.11 Ch.104 - Tinjau Lok Vol.11 Ch.103 - Shi San Mei Vol.11 Ch.102 - Kowloon City Vol.11 Ch.101 - Departure Vol.11 Ch.100 - Destiny Vol.11 Ch.099 - Shi Danzi Vol.11 Ch.098 - Xiaogong Miao Vol.11 Ch.009 - Audition Vol.11 Ch.008 - Fist of Fury Vol.11 Ch.007 - Tinjau Lok Vol.11 Ch.006 - Shi San Mei Vol.11 Ch.005 - Kowloon City Vol.11 Ch.004 - Departure Vol.11 Ch.003 - Destiny Vol.11 Ch.002 - Shi Danzi Vol.11 Ch.001 - Xiangong Miao Vol.10 Ch.097 - Arch Rivals Vol.10 Ch.096 - Chen Style Taijiquan Vol.10 Ch.095 - Rematch Vol.10 Ch.094 - Progression and Regression Vol.10 Ch.093 - Induction Ceremony Vol.10 Ch.092 - Gathering of Great Men Vol.10 Ch.091 - Jian Jibu Vol.10 Ch.090 - Neiwai Heyi Vol.10 Ch.089 - Pressure Points Vol.10 Ch.088 - Ditoushe Vol.10 Ch.010 - Arch Rivals Vol.10 Ch.009 - Chen Style Taijiquan Vol.10 Ch.008 - Rematch Vol.10 Ch.007 - Progression and Regression Vol.10 Ch.006 - Induction Ceremony Vol.10 Ch.005 - Gathering of Great Men Vol.10 Ch.004 - Jian Jibu Vol.10 Ch.003 - Neiwai Heyi Vol.10 Ch.002 - Pressure Points Vol.10 Ch.001 - Ditoushe Vol.09 Ch.087 - Zhang Dekui Vol.09 Ch.086 - Learning by Bad Example Vol.09 Ch.085 - Giant Brawl Vol.09 Ch.084 - Energy From The Earth Vol.09 Ch.083 - Martial Arts Vol.09 Ch.082 - Successive Battles Successive Victories Vol.09 Ch.081 - Special Forces Vol.09 Ch.080 - Shiwei Guan Vol.09 Ch.079 - Shandong Xiao Bawang Vol.09 Ch.078 - Mo Dou Vol.09 Ch.010 - Zhang Dekui Vol.09 Ch.009 - Learning by Bad Example Vol.09 Ch.008 - Giant Brawl Vol.09 Ch.007 - Energy from the Earth Vol.09 Ch.006 - Martial Arts Vol.09 Ch.005 - Successive Battles, Successive Victories Vol.09 Ch.004 - Special Forces Vol.09 Ch.003 - Shiwei Guan Vol.09 Ch.002 - Shandong Xiao Bawang Vol.09 Ch.001 - Mo Dou Vol.08 Ch.077 - Empty Hand Against Sword Vol.08 Ch.076 - Jintoujing Vol.08 Ch.075 - Shandian Shou Vol.08 Ch.074 - Mimen Tanglangquan Vol.08 Ch.073 - Tietou Tongren Vol.08 Ch.072 - Huanghe Number 1 Vol.08 Ch.071 - Liu Yun Qiao Vol.08 Ch.070 - Su Yu-Chang Vol.08 Ch.069 - To Taiwan Vol.08 Ch.009 - Empty Hand Against Sword Vol.08 Ch.008 - Jintoujing Vol.08 Ch.007 - Shandian Shou Vol.08 Ch.006 - Mimen Tanglangquan Vol.08 Ch.005 - Tietou Tongren Vol.08 Ch.004 - Huanghe Number 1 Vol.08 Ch.003 - Liu Yun Qiao Vol.08 Ch.002 - Su Yu-Chang Vol.08 Ch.001 - To Taiwan Vol.07 Ch.068 - Setting Off Vol.07 Ch.067 - Indefinite Suspension Vol.07 Ch.066 - Fierce Fight Vol.07 Ch.065 - Trespassing Vol.07 Ch.064 - New School Term Vol.07 Ch.063 - Assembly of The Elders Vol.07 Ch.062 - Anda Shuangcheng Zhang Vol.07 Ch.061 - Real Fight Vol.07 Ch.060 - Sheng Daren Vol.07 Ch.059 - Baguazhang Vol.07 Ch.010 - Setting Off Vol.07 Ch.009 - Indefinite Suspension Vol.07 Ch.008 - Fierce Fight Vol.07 Ch.007 - Trespassing Vol.07 Ch.006 - New School Term Vol.07 Ch.005 - Assembly of the Elders Vol.07 Ch.004 - Anda - Shuangcheng Zhang Vol.07 Ch.003 - Real Fight Vol.07 Ch.002 - Sheng Daren Vol.07 Ch.001 - Baguazhang Vol.06 Ch.058 - Big Baji Vol.06 Ch.057 - Meteor Hammer Vol.06 Ch.056 - Retribution Vol.06 Ch.055 - Tieshazhang Vol.06 Ch.054 - Trial Vol.06 Ch.053 - Childhood Friends Vol.06 Ch.052 - Soul Brother Vol.06 Ch.051 - Hung Gar Vol.06 Ch.050 - Tiandihui Vol.06 Ch.049 - Tony Tan Vol.06 Ch.010 - Big Baji Vol.06 Ch.009 - Meteor Hammer Vol.06 Ch.008 - Retribution Vol.06 Ch.007 - Tieshazang Vol.06 Ch.006 - Trial Vol.06 Ch.005 - Childhood Friends Vol.06 Ch.004 - Soul Brother Vol.06 Ch.003 - Hung Gar Vol.06 Ch.002 - Tiandihui Vol.06 Ch.001 - Tony Tan Vol.05 Ch.048 - Ting Jin Vol.05 Ch.047 - A Hero's Fate Vol.05 Ch.046 - Little Friend Vol.05 Ch.045 - The First Step Forward Vol.05 Ch.044 - Wish From The Sky Vol.05 Ch.043 - Zhang Ren Zhong Vol.05 Ch.042 - Guidance From Heaven Vol.05 Ch.041 - Invisible Power Vol.05 Ch.040 - A True Master Vol.05 Ch.009 - Ting Jin Vol.05 Ch.008 - A Hero's Fate Vol.05 Ch.007 - Little Friend Vol.05 Ch.006 - The First Step Forward Vol.05 Ch.005 - Wish From the Sky Vol.05 Ch.004 - Zhang Ren Zhong Vol.05 Ch.003 - Guidance From Heaven Vol.05 Ch.002 - Invisible Power Vol.05 Ch.001 - A True Master Vol.04 Ch.039 - Surprise Attack Strategy Vol.04 Ch.038 - Inter-high Tournament Vol.04 Ch.037 - Shovel Hook Vol.04 Ch.036 - The Toledo Tragedy Vol.04 Ch.035 - Jack Dempsey Vol.04 Ch.034 - Sparring Vol.04 Ch.033 - Peace of Mind for Both of us Vol.04 Ch.032 - Friends Through a Battle Vol.04 Ch.031 - A Favor Vol.04 Ch.030 - Another School Welcoming Ceremony Vol.04 Ch.010 - Surprise Attack Strategy Vol.04 Ch.009 - Inter-high Tournament Vol.04 Ch.008 - Shovel Hook Vol.04 Ch.007 - The Toledo Tragedy Vol.04 Ch.006 - Jack Dempsey Vol.04 Ch.005 - Sparring Vol.04 Ch.004 - Peace of Mind for Both of Us Vol.04 Ch.003 - Friends Through a Battle Vol.04 Ch.002 - Favor Vol.04 Ch.001 - Another School Welcoming Ceremony Vol.03 Ch.029 - Kazetoku Vol.03 Ch.028 - Takeda Sokaku Vol.03 Ch.027 - Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jujutsu Vol.03 Ch.026 - Tai Sabaki Vol.03 Ch.025 - Punishment Vol.03 Ch.024 - Kazama Akira Vol.03 Ch.023 - Advice Vol.03 Ch.022 - Man-to-Man Vol.03 Ch.021 - Reunion Vol.03 Ch.020 - Gang Vol.03 Ch.010 - Kazetoku Vol.03 Ch.009 - Takeda Sokaku Vol.03 Ch.008 - Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu Vol.03 Ch.007 - Tai Sabaki Vol.03 Ch.006 - Punishment Vol.03 Ch.005 - Kazama Akira Vol.03 Ch.004 - Advice Vol.03 Ch.003 - Man-to-Man Vol.03 Ch.002 - Reunion Vol.03 Ch.001 - Gang Vol.02 Ch.019 - Secret Vol.02 Ch.018 - Heroism From The Past Vol.02 Ch.017 - Reconciliation Vol.02 Ch.016 - The Upset Vol.02 Ch.015 - Beng Quan Vol.02 Ch.014 - Shotokan Style Takayama Branch Vol.02 Ch.013 - Anjin Vol.02 Ch.012 - Five Cardinal Virtues Vol.02 Ch.011 - Once More Li Shu Wen Vol.02 Ch.010 - Secret Vol.02 Ch.009 - Heroism from the Past Vol.02 Ch.008 - Reconciliation Vol.02 Ch.007 - The Upset Vol.02 Ch.006 - Beng Quan Vol.02 Ch.005 - Shotokan Style, Takayama Branch Vol.02 Ch.004 - Anjin Vol.02 Ch.003 - Five Cardinal Virtues Vol.02 Ch.002 - Once More, Li Shu Wen Vol.02 Ch.001 - Introduction to Bajiquan Vol.01 Ch.009 - Resolve Vol.01 Ch.008 - Kanto Yamatoya Family Vol.01 Ch.007 - Garden Place Vol.01 Ch.006 - Grandpa and Grandkid Vol.01 Ch.005 - Li Shu Wen Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Greatest Man Vol.01 Ch.003 - Dingzhou Vol.01 Ch.002 - Tieshankao Vol.01 Ch.001 - Zhanchun
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