Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor
Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor

Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor


Last Update: Aug 04,2022

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Shounen Sci-fi Mecha
Author:YUUKI Masami

In the near future, large mechs called Labors are made to assist in various reconstruction projects in major countries around the world that are being threatened by global warming. In Japan, the gover...more

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Vol (78) Order
Vol.15 Ch.017.2 Vol.15 Ch.017 Vol.15 Ch.016 Vol.15 Ch.015.3 Vol.15 Ch.015.2 Vol.15 Ch.010.7 Vol.15 Ch.010.6 Vol.15 Ch.010.5 Vol.15 Ch.010.4 Vol.15 Ch.010.3 Vol.15 Ch.009.9 Vol.15 Ch.009.8 Vol.15 Ch.009.7 Vol.15 Ch.009.6 Vol.15 Ch.009.5 Vol.15 Ch.009.4 Vol.15 Ch.009.3 Vol.12 Ch.013.1 Vol.11 Ch.012.5 Vol.10 Ch.015 Vol.10 Ch.014 Vol.10 Ch.013 Vol.10 Ch.012 Vol.10 Ch.011 Vol.10 Ch.010.1 Vol.07 Ch.010 Vol.07 Ch.009.1 Vol.07 Ch.009 Vol.06 Ch.008 Vol.06 Ch.007.8 - Vol.6 Ch.7.2: After Care: Part 2 Vol.06 Ch.007.7 - Vol.6 Ch.7.1: After Care: Part 1 Vol.06 Ch.007.6 - Vol.6 Ch.6.14: Versus: Part 14 Vol.06 Ch.007.5 - Vol.6 Ch.6.13: Versus: Part 13 Vol.06 Ch.007 Vol.06 Ch.005 Vol.06 Ch.004 Vol.06 Ch.001.2 Vol.06 Ch.001.1 Vol.05 Ch.010.2 Vol.05 Ch.009.2 Vol.05 Ch.008.2 Vol.05 Ch.008.1 Vol.05 Ch.007.4 - Vol.4 Ch.5.11: Out Of Standard: Part 11 Vol.05 Ch.007.3 - ch6.12 Versus: Part 12 Vol.05 Ch.007.2 - ch6.11 Versus: Part 11 Vol.05 Ch.007.1 - ch6.11 Versus: Part 10 Vol.05 Ch.006.9 - Versus: Part 9 Vol.05 Ch.006.8 - Versus: Part 8 Vol.05 Ch.006.7 - Versus: Part 7 Vol.05 Ch.006.6 - Versus: Part 6 Vol.05 Ch.006.5 - Versus: Part 5 Vol.05 Ch.006.4 - Versus: Part 4 Vol.05 Ch.006.3 - Versus: Part 3 Vol.05 Ch.006.2 - Versus: Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.006.1 - Versus: Part 1 Vol.04 Ch.006 - 5j: Out Of Standard: Part 10 Vol.04 Ch.005.9 - Out Of Standard: Part 9 Vol.04 Ch.005.8 - Out Of Standard: Part 8 Vol.04 Ch.005.7 - Out Of Standard: Part 7 Vol.04 Ch.005.6 - Out Of Standard: Part 6 Vol.04 Ch.005.5 - Out of Standard Vol.04 Ch.005.4 - Out of Standard Vol.04 Ch.005.3 - Out of Standard Vol.04 Ch.005.1 - Out of Standard [parts 1 & 2] Vol.03 Ch.004.8 - Game Maker Vol.03 Ch.004.7 - Game Maker Vol.03 Ch.004.6 - Game Maker Vol.03 Ch.004.5 - Game Maker Vol.03 Ch.004.4 - Game Maker Vol.03 Ch.004.3 - Game Maker Vol.03 Ch.004.2 - Game Maker Vol.03 Ch.004.1 - Game Maker Vol.03 Ch.002.3 - Intermission: Interlude (What Followed and The End) Vol.03 Ch.000 - Intermission (Interlude: First Part) Vol.02 Ch.003 - Active Factor Vol.02 Ch.002 - Schaft! Vol.01 Ch.001 - The Right Staff (Such Light-hearted Folk...) Vol.01 Ch.000 - Prologue
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