Kinnikuman Nisei
Kinnikuman Nisei

Kinnikuman Nisei


Last Update: Jul 19,2022

Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Shounen Sci-fi Seinen Sports

What do you do when a team of evil superpowered wrestlers from another planet threatens the health and safety of the Earth? Organize a team of GOOD superpowered wrestlers, of course! Kid Muscle, the s...more

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Vol (274) Order
Vol.29 Ch.300 - The Young Master of London: Part Seven Vol.29 Ch.299 - The Young Master of London: Part Six: Protect the Weak! Power of Justice! Vol.29 Ch.298 - The Young Master of London: Part Five: Robin Revives for Justice! Vol.29 Ch.297 - The Young Master of London: Part Four: Robin's Pain: Taking off his Mask! Vol.29 Ch.296 - The Young Master of London: Part Three: Robin's Choice to Live in Love Vol.29 Ch.295 - The Young Master of London: Part Two: Victory or Love? Robin's Choice! Vol.29 Ch.294 - The Young Master of London: Part One: Young Robin's Love Story! Vol.27 Ch.279 - Justice Serves All Vol.27 Ch.278 - The Perfect Tag Team Vol.27 Ch.277 - The Revenge of Kevin's Brain!! Vol.27 Ch.276 - Electricity vs Maelstrom!! Vol.27 Ch.275 - Mind Over Muscle Vol.27 Ch.274 - Teamwork and Friendship Vol.27 Ch.273 - Tag Toward Victory Vol.27 Ch.272 - Love and Hate Relationship Vol.27 Ch.271 - Learning Teamwork Vol.27 Ch.270 - On The Shoulders of Giant Vol.26 Ch.269 - The Devil's Den Vol.26 Ch.268 - The Ultimate Justice Chojin Tag Team Vol.26 Ch.267 - The Idol Chojin Arrives! Vol.26 Ch.266 - Friends And Teachers Vol.26 Ch.265 - Imminent Battle! Vol.26 Ch.264 - Honing Special Techniques Vol.26 Ch.263 - The Hope of Friendship Vol.26 Ch.262 - The Power of Friendship Collapses Vol.26 Ch.261 - The Devils Laugh at Friendship Vol.26 Ch.260 - A Dark Cloud Over the Ring Vol.26 Ch.259 - The Wisdom of Justice Vol.25 Ch.255 - Look! A Way to Stop the Devil Chojins’ Strategy! Vol.25 Ch.254 - Rescue Meat, Abandon Pride!! Vol.25 Ch.253 - Steel Body x Experience = Monster Reborn?! Vol.25 Ch.252 - A Legendary Devil Reborn in the 21st Century!! Vol.25 Ch.251 - The Most Powerful Devil Chojin is Reborn!! Vol.25 Ch.250 - Facing Devils with an Evolved Tag!! Vol.25 Ch.249 - An Ancient Tragedy on a Legendary Island!! Vol.25 Ch.248 - The Legendary Island is Dyed With New Blood!! Vol.24 Ch.247 - Sacrifice For The Future! Vol.24 Ch.246 - Elderly Power Knows No Bounds! Vol.24 Ch.245 - Arrow to The Pressure Points!? Vol.24 Ch.244 - Beware The Devil Dolls Vol.24 Ch.243 - Old Man, Burning Spirit!! Vol.24 Ch.242 - Those Old Bones Vol.24 Ch.241 - Old man, Iron Will!!! Vol.24 Ch.240 - Dancing Cherry Blossoms on the Northern Island?! Vol.24 Ch.239 - Victorious Friendship Power!! Vol.24 Ch.238 - The Devil's Cauldron Passes Judgement?! Vol.24 Ch.237 - Ilioukhine: The Evils of the Navigation System!! Vol.23 Ch.236 - The “Oath of Blood” is Reward with a Death-Match!! Vol.23 Ch.235 - Bell vs. Air: The Bell is Rung!! Vol.23 Ch.234 - An Invitation to a Temple of Hell!? Vol.23 Ch.233 - The Winner's Reward!! Vol.23 Ch.232 - Justice and Power Awaken!! Vol.23 Ch.231 - The “Soul of Justice” Awakens in Hanzo!! Vol.23 Ch.230 - Only the “Soul of Justice” can Save Hanzo!! Vol.23 Ch.229 - A Spectacular Sea-Battle to Control the Waters…?! Vol.23 Ch.228 - Demon vs. Devil: Horrific Bloody Battle!! Vol.23 Ch.227 - Save Meat: Scattered to New Battlefields!! Vol.23 Ch.226 - The Refreshing Sweat of Battle!! Vol.22 Ch.225 - Mantaro: Saved from a Crisis…?! Vol.22 Ch.224 - Reborn as a New Mantaro!! Vol.22 Ch.223 - Mantaro Hears a Miraculous Voice!? Vol.22 Ch.222 - Countering the Foe’s Attack!? Vol.22 Ch.221 - Mantaro Vanishes Like Stardust on the Ring?! Vol.22 Ch.220 - A Barrier to the “Chojin Power”!! Vol.22 Ch.219 - Lured by an Evil Trap, The Flames of Justice Go Out?! Vol.22 Ch.218 - The Starry Sky: A Backdrop for a Villain’s Bloodshed!! Vol.22 Ch.217 - Overcoming Fear, Entering the General Palast!! Vol.22 Ch.216 - The Evil Gate Opens to Evil Hearts?! Vol.22 Ch.215 - The Seeds of Evil Ambition!! Vol.21 Ch.214 - A Phantom Appears Before Meat...?! Vol.21 Ch.213 - The Devil Rises from the Seabed Vol.21 Ch.212 - The Dying Flame Still Burns!! Vol.21 Ch.211 - The Olympics: Grand Finale!! Vol.21 Ch.210 - A Defeat That'll Go Down in Chojin History!! Vol.21 Ch.209 - The Fall of the Muscle Millennium!! Vol.21 Ch.208 - Burden of the Fated Trial of Strength!! Vol.21 Ch.207 - Chloe's Shocking Confession!! Vol.21 Ch.206 - A Blood-Chilling, Bone-Crushing Battle!! Vol.21 Ch.205 - The Secret Behind the Mask!! Vol.21 Ch.204 - Secret Treasure, Match Reversal Vol.18 Ch.182.5 - Choujin Popularity Poll 2 Vol.18 Ch.182 - The Shadow of the Lord of Darkness Vol.18 Ch.181 - Opening with a Funeral March! Vol.18 Ch.180 - The Two Faces of Sapporo Vol.18 Ch.179 - Decisive Battle in Hokkaido!! Vol.18 Ch.178 - Growing Pains Vol.18 Ch.177 - Throwing in The Towel Vol.18 Ch.176 - Shed a Red Tear Vol.18 Ch.175 - Bloodthirsty by Nature Vol.18 Ch.174 - Born Evil, Raised Good? Vol.18 Ch.173 - The Terror of The Hidden Eye Vol.18 Ch.172 - A Rough Start to a Tough Fight Vol.17 Ch.171 - Eve of Battle! Vol.17 Ch.170 - Uncontrollable Blocks! Vol.17 Ch.169 - The Perfect Clone! Vol.17 Ch.168 - Kevin vs Kevin!? Vol.17 Ch.167 - Terrifying Lego-Play!! Vol.17 Ch.166 - Evil's Entrance on the Princess' Stage!! Vol.17 Ch.165 - Barrierfreeman’s Sincerity!! Vol.17 Ch.164 - Don't Hate The Sinner! Vol.17 Ch.163 - The Tears of Nils! Vol.17 Ch.162 - Internal Conflict! Vol.17 Ch.161 - Young and Old! Vol.16 Ch.160 - Cruelty or Battle? Vol.16 Ch.159 - Jacqueline Loves Blood? Vol.16 Ch.158 - Silent Power! Vol.16 Ch.157 - War Called The Olympics Vol.16 Ch.156 - Flashy Osaka! Vol.16 Ch.155 - Unbelievable Battleground Vol.16 Ch.154 - Back to Osaka! Vol.16 Ch.153 - Kevin Mask's Awakening Vol.16 Ch.152 - The Truth of the Transformation! Vol.16 Ch.151 - Kevin mask: suicide? Vol.16 Ch.150 - The Sorrows of a Young Toilet Vol.15 Ch.149 - Beef Bowl Or Friendship! Vol.15 Ch.148 - Ancients Evolving! Vol.15 Ch.147 - The Grudge Of The Ancient Incans! Vol.15 Ch.146 - Mantaro Takes The Field! Vol.15 Ch.145 Vol.15 Ch.144 Vol.15 Ch.143 Vol.15 Ch.142 Vol.15 Ch.141 Vol.15 Ch.140 - [Includeds chapters 140-145, see forum for chapter names] Vol.15 Ch.139 - The 12th Person To Win The Last Round! Vol.14 Ch.138 - The First to the Finals! Vol.14 Ch.137 - Cause of Defeat Vol.14 Ch.136 - Three-Legged Race: The Final Batle Vol.14 Ch.135 - Secrets of the Chosen Ones Vol.14 Ch.134 - Obstacles in the Path Vol.14 Ch.133 - Wheezing for a Partner Vol.14 Ch.132 - The Terry Family Spirit Vol.14 Ch.131 - What Do Heroes Choose? Vol.14 Ch.130 - Rescue or Die! Vol.14 Ch.129 - A Desperate Cheer Vol.14 Ch.128 - Daruma Doll of Doom! Vol.13 Ch.127 - Of Course, the First Event is... Vol.13 Ch.126 - Return of the Superhuman Olympics! Vol.13 Ch.125 - Back to Stage of Eternity! Vol.13 Ch.124 - A Greater Burden Vol.13 Ch.123 - Hunger for Victory Vol.13 Ch.122 - Hard Work Pays Off Vol.13 Ch.121 - A Miraculous Wind Vol.13 Ch.120 - The Superhuman Olympics Begins! Vol.13 Ch.119 - Bid for Power Vol.13 Ch.118 - A Moment of Romance Vol.12 Ch.117 - The Fire Burns!! Vol.12 Ch.116 - Climax of the Fire Challenge Vol.12 Ch.115 - Father and Son Vol.12 Ch.114 - Proof of Blood Vol.12 Ch.113 - Sound the Alarm! Vol.12 Ch.112 - Minch's Last Confession Vol.12 Ch.111 - Old Battles Vol.12 Ch.110 - The Sharpest Bone Vol.12 Ch.109 - Severed Brain! Vol.12 Ch.108 - The Lion's Abyss Vol.12 Ch.107 - Showdown at Shuri Castle Vol.11 Ch.106.5 - Special Edition: Superhuman Popularity Pole Vol.11 Ch.106 - Retribution! Vol.11 Ch.105 - The Secret of Lone Bone Cold Vol.11 Ch.104 - The Okinawa Nightlife [2 pages missing] Vol.11 Ch.103 - Tropical Challenge Vol.11 Ch.102 - The Fire of Sacrifice Vol.11 Ch.101 - The New Muscle Millennium! Vol.11 Ch.100 - Where the True Fire Dwells Vol.11 Ch.099 - Stolen Face Vol.11 Ch.098 Vol.11 Ch.097 Vol.10 Ch.096 Vol.10 Ch.095 Vol.10 Ch.094 Vol.10 Ch.093 Vol.10 Ch.092 Vol.10 Ch.091 Vol.10 Ch.090 Vol.10 Ch.089 Vol.10 Ch.088 Vol.10 Ch.087 Vol.10 Ch.086 - Beyond the Battle Vol.09 Ch.085 Vol.09 Ch.084 Vol.09 Ch.083 Vol.09 Ch.082 Vol.09 Ch.081 Vol.09 Ch.080 Vol.09 Ch.079.4 Vol.09 Ch.079.3 - SPECIAL Kinnikuman vs Terryman pt. 3 Vol.09 Ch.079.2 - SPECIAL Kinnikuman vs Terryman pt. 2 Vol.09 Ch.079.1 Vol.09 Ch.079 - Summoned by the Muscle Council!! Vol.09 Ch.078.5 - Special Edition: King Muscle vs. Terryman Vol.08 Ch.078 Vol.08 Ch.077 Vol.08 Ch.076 Vol.08 Ch.075 Vol.08 Ch.074 Vol.08 Ch.073 Vol.08 Ch.072 Vol.08 Ch.071 Vol.08 Ch.070 Vol.08 Ch.069 Vol.07 Ch.068 - The Ripples of Truth Vol.07 Ch.067 - Butt Buster Defeated!! Vol.07 Ch.066 - The Party's Over Vol.07 Ch.065 - Drunk on Himself Vol.07 Ch.064 - Blast From the Past Vol.07 Ch.063 - Finals Eve Revolt! Vol.07 Ch.062 - The Skull's Regret Vol.07 Ch.061 - Red Rain Stops Falling Vol.07 Ch.060 - Mind Games Match Vol.07 Ch.059 - When the Rain of Anger Fals Vol.07 Ch.058 - Scarface the Perfect Chojin!? Vol.06 Ch.057 - LQ Vol.06 Ch.056 - LQ Vol.06 Ch.055 - LQ Vol.06 Ch.054 - LQ Vol.06 Ch.053 - LQ Vol.06 Ch.052 - LQ Vol.06 Ch.051 - LQ Vol.06 Ch.050 - LQ Vol.06 Ch.049 - LQ Vol.06 Ch.048 - LQ Vol.06 Ch.047 - LQ Vol.05 Ch.046 - A Legend Returns Vol.05 Ch.045 - The Kid Stands Alone Vol.05 Ch.044 - Stealing Terry's Thunder Vol.05 Ch.043 - The Hidden Face Vol.05 Ch.042 - Out for Blood Vol.05 Ch.041 - Dead End Vol.05 Ch.040 - Breaking the Rules Vol.05 Ch.039 - By the Book Vol.05 Ch.038 - Rules of the Road Vol.05 Ch.037 - Signs of Death Vol.05 Ch.036 - Lost at Sea Vol.04 Ch.035 - Water, Water Everywhere Vol.04 Ch.034 - Home Cooking Vol.04 Ch.033 - Red Rain Falling Vol.04 Ch.032 - A Bloody Beginning Vol.04 Ch.031 - 31 In the Footlights \ 32 A Bloody Beginning \ 33 Red Rain Falling \ 34 Home Cooking \ 35 Water, Water Everywhere Vol.04 Ch.030 - Mixing It Up Vol.04 Ch.029 - Press Conference Vol.04 Ch.028 - Super Slackers Vol.04 Ch.027 - Sunshine Forever Vol.04 Ch.026 - 26 Feel the Burn \ 27 Sunshine Forever \ 28 Super Slackers \ 29 Press Conference \ 30 Mixing It Up Vol.03 Ch.025 - The Heart of a Wrestler Vol.03 Ch.024 - Checkmate's Gambit Vol.03 Ch.023 - Thirty Years of Maximum Hate Vol.03 Ch.022 - The King of Pain Vol.03 Ch.021 - 21 Blackest Knight \ 22 The King of Pain \ 23 Thirty Years of Maximum Hate \ 24 Checkmate's Gambit \ 25 The Heart of a Wrestler Vol.03 Ch.020 - Pawn of the People Vol.03 Ch.019 - Iced Vol.03 Ch.018 - Not Funny Vol.03 Ch.017 - The Chromosome of Incredibleness Vol.03 Ch.016 - Blood on the Mat Vol.03 Ch.015 - 15 The Ref \ 16 Blood on the Mat \ 17 The Chromosome of Incredibleness \ 18 Not Funny \ 19 Iced \ 20 Pawn of the People Vol.02 Ch.014 - Dangerous Temptations Vol.02 Ch.013 - To Osaka! Vol.02 Ch.012 - Exit Kevin Mask Vol.02 Ch.011 - The Ultimate Move for the Ultimage Sneaker Vol.02 Ch.010 - The Hate-Filled Stare Vol.02 Ch.009 - Rise and Shine Vol.02 Ch.008 - Wally Tusket Sands In! Vol.02 Ch.007 - First Blood Vol.02 Ch.006 - Family Ties Vol.02 Ch.005 - Dail Bolic's Trauma Call! Vol.02 Ch.004 - Mantaro Takes a Stand? Vol.01 Ch.003 - The Takedown Vol.01 Ch.002 - The Comeback Vol.01 Ch.001 - The Shoot Vol.01 Ch.000.5 - The Legend of Muscle ~5~ The Heat Vol.01 Ch.000.4 - The Legend of Muscle ~4~ The Program Vol.01 Ch.000.3 - Prologue 3: A New Generation of "Friendship Power"! Vol.01 Ch.000.2 - Prologue 2: The Face Vol.01 Ch.000.1 - The Legend of Muscle ~1~ The Bout \ The Legend of Muscle ~2~ The Face
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