Kuroko no Basuke
Kuroko no Basuke

Kuroko no Basuke


Last Update: Sep 01,2014

Tag: Comedy Drama Shounen School Life Sports
Author:FUJIMAKI Tadatoshi

Kuroko is a member from the legendary middle school basketball team known as “The Generation of Miracles “, and while nobody seems to know about him, the main 5 players of the team all admit that he...more

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Vol (279) Order
Vol.30 Ch.275 - However Many Times Vol.30 Ch.274 - Match’s End!! Vol.30 Ch.273 - This is the Final Play Vol.30 Ch.272 - Risk It All!! Vol.30 Ch.271 - One Hundred Years Too Early Vol.30 Ch.270 - It Was You All Along, Wasn't It? Vol.30 Ch.269 - Don't Give Up!! Vol.30 Ch.268 - What Can They Do Against This? Vol.30 Ch.267 - It's Been A While, Hasn't It? Vol.30 Ch.266 - Who Are You? Vol.30 Ch.265 - Since We Don’t Have The Leisure For That Vol.30 Ch.264 - It Is The First Time!! Vol.29 Ch.263 - Please Stop Akashi!! Vol.29 Ch.262 - Why Don't You Give Up? Vol.29 Ch.261 - That's Enough Vol.29 Ch.260 - A Word of Advice Vol.29 Ch.259 - I'll Definitely Stop This Shot!! Vol.29 Ch.258 - We Can't Stop You Anymore Vol.29 Ch.257 - Let's Do This, Rakuzan!! Vol.29 Ch.256 - I'm Doing All That I Can Like This Vol.29 Ch.255 - We're Gonna Do Our Best! Vol.28 Ch.254 - I Can't Match Him Vol.28 Ch.253 - Leave This To Me Vol.28 Ch.252 - A Llama Once Told Me Vol.28 Ch.251 - I Still Have A Use For You Vol.28 Ch.250 - The Weight of Determination Vol.28 Ch.249 - It All Starts Here Vol.28 Ch.248 - I Don't Feel Like Surrendering It Yet Vol.28 Ch.247 - I Won't Accept It Vol.28 Ch.246 - Not Good Enough Vol.27 Ch.245 - A Miracle Won't Happen Vol.27 Ch.244 - That Was Bad Vol.27 Ch.243 - I've Already Won Vol.27 Ch.242 - I'll Show You Something N.I.C.E. ? Vol.27 Ch.241 - It's So Frustrating... Vol.27 Ch.240 - Super Serious Vol.27 Ch.239 - I Am All The More Pleased Vol.27 Ch.238.5 - Girls' Talk Vol.27 Ch.238 - Isn't He The Spitting Image Of...? Vol.27 Ch.237 - Don't You Think It's Naive? Vol.26 Ch.236 - They've... Been Broken...!? Vol.26 Ch.235 - This Is Best, Isn't It? Vol.26 Ch.234 - It's Now Or Never Vol.26 Ch.233 - Isn't This Kinda Bad For Him? Vol.26 Ch.232 - The Final Tip-Off! Vol.26 Ch.231 - It Begins Vol.26 Ch.230 - I Accept Your Challenge Vol.26 Ch.229 - I'm Going Vol.26 Ch.228 - We’ve Been Friends This Whole Time! Vol.26 Ch.227 - I Am Kuroko Vol.25 Ch.226 - What Is Victory? Vol.25 Ch.225 - What Business Do You Have? Vol.25 Ch.224 - I'm... Envious Vol.25 Ch.223 - ...I'm The Worst Vol.25 Ch.222 - We're No Longer... Vol.25 Ch.221 - Te... Tsu... Ya. Vol.25 Ch.220 - I've Forgotten Vol.25 Ch.219 - Thank You Very Much Vol.25 Ch.218 - Even If It's Just For Now Vol.24 Ch.217 - Let's Go Vol.24 Ch.216 - ...Sorry Vol.24 Ch.215 - Let's Do Our Best Vol.24 Ch.214 - I'm Looking Forward To It! Vol.24 Ch.213 - The Lion And The Rabbit Vol.24 Ch.212 - I Feel Like I Can't Lose Vol.24 Ch.211 - See You Vol.24 Ch.210 - I Already Knew Vol.24 Ch.209 - You Can Do It! Vol.24 Ch.208 - I'm Alright Vol.23 Ch.207 - Welcome Vol.23 Ch.206 - It's Up to Him Vol.23 Ch.205 - I No Longer Know Vol.23 Ch.204 - A Day Of Clear Blue Skies Vol.23 Ch.203 - He's An Amazing Player Vol.23 Ch.202 - I Never Expected... Vol.23 Ch.201 - It's According to Plan Vol.23 Ch.200 - I've Found The Answer Vol.23 Ch.199 - A Near-Impossible Feat Vol.22 Ch.198.5 - Extra Vol.22 Ch.198 - This Time, For Sure Vol.22 Ch.197 - They'll Get Devoured Vol.22 Ch.196 - We Can’t Let Our Guard Down For A Second Vol.22 Ch.195 - It's The Climax Vol.22 Ch.194 - In order to Win Vol.22 Ch.193 - Don't Underestimate Us!! Vol.22 Ch.192 - Got Any Complaints Vol.22 Ch.191 - You're Completely Visible Vol.22 Ch.190 - That's Why I'll Go All Out Vol.21 Ch.189 - The True Light Vol.21 Ch.188 - It's Pointless To Say Anything Vol.21 Ch.187 - You Have Teammates, You Know Vol.21 Ch.186 - It's Your Time to Shine! Vol.21 Ch.185 - I Can't Help But Laugh Vol.21 Ch.184 - Strike First for Certain Victory! Vol.21 Ch.183 - Now, Let's Go Vol.21 Ch.182 - You Won't Reach Vol.21 Ch.181 - I'll Give Them to You Vol.20 Ch.180 - They're Similar To You Guys Vol.20 Ch.179 - He Has Not Given Up Vol.20 Ch.178 - You'll Find Out Soon Enough Vol.20 Ch.177 - I Don't Know Vol.20 Ch.176 - That's All It Is Vol.20 Ch.175 - I'll Teach You Vol.20 Ch.174 - Fine, I'll Take It Vol.20 Ch.173 - Give Up Vol.20 Ch.172 - Don’t You Get in My Way! Vol.19 Ch.171 - It's Mine Now Vol.19 Ch.170 - I'm Just Killing Time Vol.19 Ch.169 - So That's Just How It Is Vol.19 Ch.168.5 - [Extra Arc] Vol.19 Ch.168 - It's Over!! Vol.19 Ch.167 - It's Do Or Die!! Vol.19 Ch.166 - We'll Win!!! Vol.19 Ch.165 - Enough Already Vol.19 Ch.164 - Something To See Vol.19 Ch.163 - Seirin's Ace Vol.18 Ch.162 - Who Are You? Vol.18 Ch.161 - You Are Just Looking Down On Us Vol.18 Ch.160 - Thank Goodness I Kept Playing Vol.18 Ch.159 - Where Did He Go?! Vol.18 Ch.158 - I Don't Want to Lose Vol.18 Ch.157 - Please Win Vol.18 Ch.156 - It's Just Trash Vol.18 Ch.155 - I'll Crush Them All Vol.18 Ch.154 - I Got It...!! Vol.17 Ch.153 - It's Obvious Vol.17 Ch.152 - Shield of Aegis Breaker Vol.17 Ch.151 - I Want to Crush it Down Vol.17 Ch.150 - Leave it to Me!! Vol.17 Ch.149 - You Can't Compete with a Switchable Blade Vol.17 Ch.148 - First Point!! Vol.17 Ch.147 - I'll Protect It Vol.17 Ch.146 - Let's Stop 'Em Vol.17 Ch.145 - Tip Off!! Vol.16 Ch.144 - I Can't Wait Vol.16 Ch.143 - There's No Way It's That Easy Vol.16 Ch.142 - Please Teach Me Vol.16 Ch.141 - Nice to Meet You Vol.16 Ch.140 - Really, Thank Goodness Vol.16 Ch.139 - Time's Up!! Vol.16 Ch.138 - The One I Believe In Is Vol.16 Ch.137 - Like We'd Lose Vol.16 Ch.136 - I'll Win No Matter What!! Vol.15 Ch.135 - Because, I Believe in Him Vol.15 Ch.134 - Even Still, the Number One Is Vol.15 Ch.133 - I'm in Your Debt Vol.15 Ch.132 - I Can't Stop Aomine-kun Vol.15 Ch.131 - Yeah... I Have Faith Vol.15 Ch.130 - The Final 4th Quarter Vol.15 Ch.129 - It's Better Than Losing Here Vol.15 Ch.128 - We Win Now! Vol.15 Ch.127 - They're Out of Options Vol.14 Ch.126 - Let's Be Friendly Vol.14 Ch.125 - It's an Upset!! Vol.14 Ch.124 - You'll Get Cold Vol.14 Ch.123 - He's Beside Himself with Joy Vol.14 Ch.122 - Can You Leave It to Me? Vol.14 Ch.121 - This Time, I'll Vol.14 Ch.120 - Useless Effort Vol.14 Ch.119 - Just What I Was Thinking Vol.14 Ch.118 - He Really Hates to Lose Vol.13 Ch.117 - Only When He's at His Very Best!! Vol.13 Ch.116 - I'll Be Disappointed Vol.13 Ch.115 - Take the Lead!! Vol.13 Ch.114 - This Time, We Definitely... Vol.13 Ch.113 - I Kept You Waiting Vol.13 Ch.112 - We'll Commence the Winter Cup! Vol.13 Ch.111 - We'll Dive Right In Vol.13 Ch.110 - Please Take Good Care of Us! Vol.13 Ch.109 - It's Been a While Vol.12 Ch.108 - I'm Tired of Waiting Vol.12 Ch.107 - Stop Messing Around Vol.12 Ch.106 - I Just Get That Feeling Vol.12 Ch.105 - It's Trust Vol.12 Ch.104 - That's the Trap Vol.12 Ch.103 - You'll Lose Vol.12 Ch.102 - That's Why I Decided Vol.12 Ch.101 - I'll Definitely Beat You!! Vol.12 Ch.100 - There's No Way We Wouldn't Be Fired Up Vol.11 Ch.099 - I'll Be Back Soon Vol.11 Ch.098 - Thank God I Met You Guys Vol.11 Ch.097 - It's Seirin High School's Basketball Team!! Vol.11 Ch.096 - Give Up Vol.11 Ch.095 - Then Let's Make One Vol.11 Ch.094 - It's Time for a Cleanup! Vol.11 Ch.093 - That's Exactly What I Want Vol.11 Ch.092 - Time's Up Vol.11 Ch.091 - I Surpassed It Ages Ago Vol.11 Ch.090 - Come On... It's Time for the Debut! Vol.10 Ch.089 - I've Been Waiting Vol.10 Ch.088 - Run!! Vol.10 Ch.087 - This Is Much Worse Than Just Tough Vol.10 Ch.086 - There's Only One Answer Vol.10 Ch.085 - Once Is Enough Vol.10 Ch.084 - We're Finally Here Vol.10 Ch.083 - Declaration of War, Please Vol.10 Ch.082 - Let's Go Have Fu~n Vol.10 Ch.081 - Engine On Vol.09 Ch.080 - Please Take a Look Vol.09 Ch.079 - At Winter Cup! Vol.09 Ch.078 - Be My Opponent! Vol.09 Ch.077 - I've Made Up My Mind Vol.09 Ch.076 - I'll Say I'm His Big Brother? Vol.09 Ch.075 - Never Expected to See You Here Vol.09 Ch.074 - I've Got This Here! Vol.09 Ch.073 - Make Him Pay! Vol.09 Ch.072 - Don't Talk Like You Can Win! Vol.09 Ch.071 - They're Monsters Vol.08 Ch.070 - Don't Misjudge Me-! Vol.08 Ch.069 - What's Gonna Happen Vol.08 Ch.068 - I Don't Think It's Strange Vol.08 Ch.067 - I Quit Vol.08 Ch.066 - Here's a Small Warning Vol.08 Ch.065 - Who Do You Think? Vol.08 Ch.064 - Still Immature! Vol.08 Ch.063 - I'll Win, Even If It Kills Me Vol.08 Ch.062.5 - [Extra] - Tip Off - Vol.08 Ch.062 - I Know What I Have to Do!! Vol.07 Ch.061 - Try Jumping Vol.07 Ch.060 - Don't Make Me Laugh Vol.07 Ch.059 - Let's Begin Vol.07 Ch.058 - Leave It to Me! Vol.07 Ch.057 - It's Not "Want" Vol.07 Ch.056 - Abandoning Vol.07 Ch.055 - That's Talent Vol.07 Ch.054 - That's Why I Don't Like Him Vol.07 Ch.053 - Who Are You? Vol.06 Ch.052 - A New Challenge Vol.06 Ch.051 - I Will Never...! Vol.06 Ch.050 - Your Basketball Vol.06 Ch.049 - Let's Duel Vol.06 Ch.048 - Y'all Are Insane Guys! Vol.06 Ch.047 - We'll Count on You! Vol.06 Ch.046 - Not Bad, eh? Vol.06 Ch.045 - Face Off Vol.06 Ch.044 - This Won't Work! Vol.05 Ch.043 - Got It Vol.05 Ch.042 - This Is Just the Beginning! Vol.05 Ch.041 - Tea, You Mean? Vol.05 Ch.040 - Don't Make Me Laugh! Vol.05 Ch.039 - They're Just Alike Vol.05 Ch.038 - I've Come! Vol.05 Ch.037 - Idiots Don't Win! Vol.05 Ch.036 - Let's... Compete Again Vol.05 Ch.035 - I Believed in You! Vol.04 Ch.034 - That Is What I Mean by "Man Proposes" Vol.04 Ch.033 - Charge! Vol.04 Ch.032 - What's "Victory"? Vol.04 Ch.031 - I'll Win! Vol.04 Ch.030 - I Am Leo Vol.04 Ch.029 - That's Not the End! Vol.04 Ch.028 - I'm Sorry Vol.04 Ch.027 - He's a Veteran Vol.04 Ch.026 - It Would Be a Problem Vol.03 Ch.025 - Well Then... Vol.03 Ch.024 - It Even Died for That Sake Vol.03 Ch.023 - In Order to Win Vol.03 Ch.022 - Don't Worry Vol.03 Ch.021 - We Overcame It Vol.03 Ch.020 - It Will Be All Right Vol.03 Ch.019 - It Made Me Realize Again Vol.03 Ch.018 - Let's Give It a Look Vol.03 Ch.017 - Doesn't It Fire You Up? Vol.02 Ch.016 - We'll See Something Incredible Vol.02 Ch.015 - Definitely Strong!! Vol.02 Ch.014 - I'll Tell You Two Things Vol.02 Ch.013 - Let's Go! Vol.02 Ch.012 - Bring It Back Vol.02 Ch.011 - Your Basketball Vol.02 Ch.010 - Man Proposes, God Disposes Vol.02 Ch.009 - I Made a Promise Vol.02 Ch.008 - I Am Going Vol.01 Ch.007 - I'm Counting on You on the Counterattack Vol.01 Ch.006 - It's Perfect If I Can't Win Vol.01 Ch.005 - It's Not Just for Show Vol.01 Ch.004 - He Might Not Be a Decent One Vol.01 Ch.003 - I Am Serious Vol.01 Ch.002 - Monday at 8:40 on the Rooftop Vol.01 Ch.001 - I Am Kuroko
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