Kyou kara Ore wa!!
Kyou kara Ore wa!!

Kyou kara Ore wa!!


Last Update: Jun 26,2011

Tag: Action Comedy Shounen Romance School Life
Author:NISHIMORI Hiroyuki

After Mitsuhashi’s family moves into a new neighborhood, he decides to use the opportunity to become a delinquent. Upon meeting Itou he finds out that he wasn’t the only one who had this idea. Makin...more

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Vol (366) Order
Vol.38 Ch.365.5 - [Kyou kara ore wa sidestory] Imai and Tanigawa's Trip for Two Vol.38 Ch.365 - Tomorrow Vol.38 Ch.364 - Companions Vol.38 Ch.363 - The Power of Belief...! Vol.38 Ch.362 - Miracle...! Vol.38 Ch.361 - True Evil Vol.38 Ch.360 - No End to the Insanity Vol.38 Ch.359 - The Counterattack Has Begun! Vol.37 Ch.358 - Sagara Moving in the Dark Vol.37 Ch.357 - Akehisa's Counterattack Vol.37 Ch.356 - Sagara's Actions Vol.37 Ch.355 - The Evildoer's Struggle Vol.37 Ch.354 - A Serious Match!? Vol.37 Ch.353 - Mitsuhashi Moving Out! Vol.37 Ch.352 - Imai's Determination Vol.37 Ch.351 - Imai's Erupting Anger Vol.37 Ch.350 - The Man Who Resembles a Demon Vol.37 Ch.349 - Wishes and Shadows Vol.36 Ch.348 - Kyou kara Atashi ya! Vol.36 Ch.347 - Everyone's Path Vol.36 Ch.346 - Tragedy of the Mustache Banchou Vol.36 Ch.345 - Mitsuhashi Sleeping on the Train Vol.36 Ch.344 - Love Is Everything!? Vol.36 Ch.343 - Midtnight Run! Vol.36 Ch.342 - Chubby-kun's Determination Vol.36 Ch.341 - Who Needs a Diet! Vol.36 Ch.340 - Imai Is Burning Up!? Vol.35 Ch.339 - A Man's Life Long Dream Vol.35 Ch.338 - True Friendship Vol.35 Ch.337 - Mitsuhashi's Thought, Itou's Thought Vol.35 Ch.336 - The Strongest Duo, Conflicting!? Vol.35 Ch.335 - The Horrifying Truth Vol.35 Ch.334 - A Man's Promise Vol.35 Ch.333 - Melancholic Mitsuhashi Vol.35 Ch.332 - Mitsuhashi's Helping People Vol.35 Ch.331 - The Enemy's Fighting with His Brain Vol.35 Ch.330 - Mitsuhashi and Itou Are the Targets Vol.34 Ch.329 - Mitsuhashi and Itou Going Shopping Vol.34 Ch.328 - Itou's Distinction Between Right and Wrong Vol.34 Ch.327 - Itou from Junior High Vol.34 Ch.326 - A Secret Between Two!? Vol.34 Ch.325 - Imai's Secret? Vol.34 Ch.324 - Mitsuhashi Repaying His Debt Vol.34 Ch.323 - Nemoto-kun, Live by Looking Forward Vol.34 Ch.322 - Nemoto-kun's Way of Living Vol.34 Ch.321 - Curse Guy Nemoto Is on the Loose! Vol.34 Ch.320 - The Scary "Curse Guy" Vol.33 Ch.319 - Takasaki-kun Is Leaving Chiba!? Vol.33 Ch.318 - Return from Saipan Vol.33 Ch.317 - Mitsuhashi & Itou in No Man's Land Vol.33 Ch.316 - Chiba's Strongest Duo Deserted Vol.33 Ch.315 - Mitsuhashi and Itou Missing in the Pacific Ocean Vol.33 Ch.314 - Souvenir Shopping in Southern Islands Vol.33 Ch.313 - Tanigawa Coming Out of His Shell Vol.33 Ch.312 - Tanigawa's Fury Vol.33 Ch.311 - Mitsuhashi & Itou's Revenge Vol.33 Ch.310 - This Is No Game Vol.32 Ch.309 - Are You Sure about This, Imai? Vol.32 Ch.308 - This Is Tanigawa's Revenge! Vol.32 Ch.307 - The Guy Tanigawa Wants to Punish Vol.32 Ch.306 - The Thing Tanigawa Surpasses Jun With Vol.32 Ch.305 - Tanigawa's Rival! Vol.32 Ch.304 - Tanigawa Wants to Become Strong Vol.32 Ch.303 - Tanigawa the Knight Vol.32 Ch.302 - Here I Come, Saipan Vol.32 Ch.301 - On the Plane to Southern Island Vol.32 Ch.300 - Mitsuhashi's Left Regrets Vol.31 Ch.299 - This Is Imai's Capability Vol.31 Ch.298 - The Southern Islands Is a Guy's Dream Vol.31 Ch.297 - Believe in Mitsuhashi's Salvation Vol.31 Ch.296 - Mitsuhashi Awakened by Poetry Vol.31 Ch.295 - Horror of the Strange Mansion Vol.31 Ch.294 - Arrogance Is All Vol.31 Ch.293 - Where Mitsuhashi's Charm Lies Vol.31 Ch.292 - Overconfident Mitsuhashi Vol.31 Ch.291 - Banchou Imai's True Charm Vol.31 Ch.290 - The Banchou and Miss Banchou's Double Date Vol.30 Ch.289 - Secret of the Stolen Powder!? Vol.30 Ch.288 - A Pickpocket's Pride Vol.30 Ch.287 - Being Poor Is No Big Deal Vol.30 Ch.286 - Itou Cries over 10 yen Vol.30 Ch.285 - Tanigawa's Confidence for Existing Vol.30 Ch.284 - Mitsuhashi-kun's First Time Experience Vol.30 Ch.283 - It's Tough Being a High School Teacher Vol.30 Ch.282 - Believers Shall Find Salvation Vol.30 Ch.281 - The not so vicious banchou Imai Vol.30 Ch.280 - The Truly Vicious Banchou Imai Vol.29 Ch.279 - Why Is Nakano so Gloomy? Vol.29 Ch.278 - Who Is the Bigger Man? Vol.29 Ch.277 - Who Is the Coward? Vol.29 Ch.276 - I'm Angry Vol.29 Ch.275 - Kurosaki's Dojo Hunt Vol.29 Ch.274 - What's Your Take on Things? Vol.29 Ch.273 - Can Mitsuhashi Be Taken Down by Karate? Vol.29 Ch.272 - Mitsuhashi Lost to Karate!? Vol.29 Ch.271 - Delinquents Have No Guts Vol.29 Ch.270 - This Time It's the Iron Fist Vol.28 Ch.269 - Bentou of Love Vol.28 Ch.268 - Kyou-chan Lied to Me Vol.28 Ch.267 - Charming Ryou-kun Vol.28 Ch.266 - Ryou-kun's Trouble with Youth Vol.28 Ch.265 - Finding Leaf People Is a Man's Romance Vol.28 Ch.264 - Cheapskate and Urchin Going Lost Vol.28 Ch.263 - Gardening President Mitsuhashi Vol.28 Ch.262 - I'm Just a Bad Guy Vol.28 Ch.261 - Returning the Favor Chiba Style Vol.28 Ch.260 - Safe Return from Chiba Vol.27 Ch.259 - Mitsuhashi-kun Is Angry Vol.27 Ch.258 - A Battle Between Men Should Be 1 on 1 Vol.27 Ch.257 - You Are a Man, Yutaka-kun! Vol.27 Ch.256 - Careless Itou, Powerful Mitsuhashi Vol.27 Ch.255 - Lame Ass Mitsuhashi Vol.27 Ch.254 - Itou Is the Target Vol.27 Ch.253 - Merciless Tokyo Gang Vol.27 Ch.252 - Takasaki and Mitsuhashi in Danger Vol.27 Ch.251 - Tokyo's Delinquents Are Unforgivable Vol.27 Ch.250 - Tokyo's Number One Badasses Vol.26 Ch.249 - Tokyo's Conquest of Chiba! Vol.26 Ch.248 - The Delinquent Who Submits to the Circumstances Vol.26 Ch.247 - Bad Guy Itou Vol.26 Ch.246 - Unlucky Itou-kun Vol.26 Ch.245 - Mitsuhashi Family's Bond Vol.26 Ch.244 - Girlfriend and Friend, Which to Choose? Vol.26 Ch.243 - To Make Imai-san a Man Vol.26 Ch.242 - Banchou Imai, Chiba's Pure Love Story Vol.26 Ch.241 - The Attractive Banchou Imai Vol.26 Ch.240 - Mitsuhashi Has a Disciple! Vol.25 Ch.239 - We Are Companions Vol.25 Ch.238 - The Reason Takasaki Cannot Lose Vol.25 Ch.237 - Using a Foreigner Is Against the Rules! Vol.25 Ch.236 - The Opponent Is a Foreign Wrestler Vol.25 Ch.235 - Despicable Takasaki! Vol.25 Ch.234 - Final Phase of the Battle in Saitama Vol.25 Ch.233 - Rage of the Cheapskate Vol.25 Ch.232 - Chiba Trio in Danger Vol.25 Ch.231 - Chiba's Representative, Mitsuhashi Vol.25 Ch.230 - Heating Up! Battle in Saitama! Vol.24 Ch.229 - Manly Itou Is the Savior! Vol.24 Ch.228 - Takasaki-kun's Hidden Past! Vol.24 Ch.227 - Rematch! Mitsuhashi vs. Takasaki! Vol.24 Ch.226 - Takasaki-kun's Jumping to Conclusion!? Vol.24 Ch.225 - Can't Compete with Youngsters! Vol.24 Ch.224 - Confrontation! Judo vs. Cowardice! Vol.24 Ch.223 - The Transfer Student Is Hot Blooded! Vol.24 Ch.222 - This Time the Enemy's a Cool Guy!? Vol.24 Ch.221 - Marathon of Love and Courage Vol.24 Ch.220 - It's a Promise, Big Bro! Vol.23 Ch.219 - Mitsuhashi's Future...? Vol.23 Ch.218 - Mitsuhashi's "I Am the Law!" Vol.23 Ch.217 - Kyouko Visits Itou's Home Vol.23 Ch.216 - That Eventful Summer Day Vol.23 Ch.215 - Don't Lay Hands on My Friends Vol.23 Ch.214 - Yanagi's Defeat Vol.23 Ch.213 - The River and Mitsuhashi's Splashing Sound Vol.23 Ch.212 - Two Heroes Emerged Vol.23 Ch.211 - Evil Sweeper Mitsuhashi Vol.23 Ch.210 - Bodyguard Imai Vol.23 Ch.209 - Scary Strong Itou Vol.22 Ch.208 - Itou's Iron Fist of Fury Vol.22 Ch.207 - Tragedy of the Scapegoat Vol.22 Ch.206 - I Am a Man! Vol.22 Ch.205 - Satoru-kun Trapped Vol.22 Ch.204 - Under the Knife Vol.22 Ch.203 - Itou Defeated!? Vol.22 Ch.202 - Itou the Liar Vol.22 Ch.201 - Who is the Real Enemy? Vol.22 Ch.200 - The Horror of Hokunei Vol.22 Ch.199 - I Will Protect San-chan! Vol.21 Ch.198 - Mitsuhashi's Trouble with Women Vol.21 Ch.197 - Encounter! Nan High vs. Hokunei Vol.21 Ch.196 - Lucky Charms? Vol.21 Ch.195 - A New Enemy Appears! Vol.21 Ch.194 - Fundoshi-Mask Once Again! Vol.21 Ch.193 - Itou Has a Lackey? Vol.21 Ch.192 - The Strike of Determination and Endurance Vol.21 Ch.191 - Mitsuhashi's Manly Bowling Vol.21 Ch.190 - Riko Is Imai's Girlfriend!? Vol.21 Ch.189 - Imai, a Birthday in Tears Vol.20 Ch.188 - Takoyaki Forever! Vol.20 Ch.187 - Takoyaki of Faith Vol.20 Ch.186 - Satoshi's Business Vol.20 Ch.185 - Takoyaki of Love and Emotion Vol.20 Ch.184 - Great Detective Sherlock Mitsuhashi Vol.20 Ch.183 - Riko's Shattered Memory Vol.20 Ch.182 - Lethal Weapon Kyouko Vol.20 Ch.181 - Exploding Anger! People's Mitsuhashi Vol.20 Ch.180 - Fighting Unfair, Crisis by a Hair Vol.20 Ch.179 - Itou and Imai Captured Vol.19 Ch.178 - Naive Imai Is Stepping Forward! Vol.19 Ch.177 - Drunk Mitsuhashi Is a Nice Guy Vol.19 Ch.176 - Karuizawa Punks vs. Tokyo Delinquents Vol.19 Ch.175 - Local Delinquents - Between Heaven and Hell Vol.19 Ch.174 - Brisk vs. Pathetic Vol.19 Ch.173 - Unexpected Karuizawa Vol.19 Ch.172 - Brisk Imai Vol.19 Ch.171 - Unbelievable Karuizawa Vol.19 Ch.170 - Far Away from Karuizawa Vol.19 Ch.169 - Let's Go to Karuizawa Vol.18 Ch.168 - Flavors of Youth Vol.18 Ch.167 - Operation Coconut Vol.18 Ch.166 - Everybody Turns Bald Vol.18 Ch.165 - World's Strongest Assistant Vol.18 Ch.164 - Yakuza Replica Vol.18 Ch.163 - Fundoshi-Mask Vol.18 Ch.162 - Remember Kirimura Vol.18 Ch.161 - Painful Flashback Vol.18 Ch.160 - Mitsuhashi Takashi of Two Years Ago Vol.18 Ch.159 - Fair Play Vol.17 Ch.158 - Fierce Match Vol.17 Ch.157 - Sport of Youth Vol.17 Ch.156 - Fierce Battle Vol.17 Ch.155 - After the Legend Vol.17 Ch.154 - Spring and Winter Vol.17 Ch.153 - Assaulting the Enemy's Nest Vol.17 Ch.152 - Oh Shi- Vol.17 Ch.151 - The Legendary Dumbasses Vol.17 Ch.150 - Legendary Brothers Vol.17 Ch.149 - Charge into Akehisa Vol.16 Ch.148 - Those Who Become a Legend Vol.16 Ch.147 - According to Plan Vol.16 Ch.146 - Super Ultra Big Trouble Vol.16 Ch.145 - Danger Around Every Corner Vol.16 Ch.144 - Danger Is Approaching Vol.16 Ch.143 - Itou's Big Crisis Vol.16 Ch.142 - Duel in the Dark Vol.16 Ch.141 - Akehisa, Home of Supervillains Vol.16 Ch.140 - The Real Villains Vol.16 Ch.139 - Real vs. Fake Vol.15 Ch.138 - Like a Mitsuhashi Vol.15 Ch.137 - Love Is in the Air! Vol.15 Ch.136 - Scarred for Life Vol.15 Ch.135 - The Powerful Nakano Vol.15 Ch.134 - The Obstinate Nakano Vol.15 Ch.133 - I Am Nakano! Vol.15 Ch.132 - Mitsuhashi vs. Imai Conclusion Vol.15 Ch.131 - Mitsuhashi vs. Imai Part 3 Vol.15 Ch.130 - Mitsuhashi vs. Imai Part 2 Vol.15 Ch.129 - Mitsuhashi vs. Imai Part 1 Vol.14 Ch.128 - Imai Katsutoshi's Counterattack Vol.14 Ch.127 - Mitsuhashi + Tanigawa Vol.14 Ch.126 - Mitsuhashi + Riko Vol.14 Ch.125 - After All, I Still Trust Him Vol.14 Ch.124 - Too Much of a Nice Guy Vol.14 Ch.123 - Even So, I Still Trust Him Vol.14 Ch.122 - I Trust Him Vol.14 Ch.121 - The Rich Villain Vol.14 Ch.120 - Mitsuhashi's Weakness Vol.14 Ch.119 - Money Rules the World Vol.13 Ch.118 - Yuuichi's Love Vol.13 Ch.117 - The Great Edison Vol.13 Ch.116 - The Conclusion of the Fight Against the Yakuza! Vol.13 Ch.115 - Flying Imai Vol.13 Ch.114 - Sometimes We're Friends Vol.13 Ch.113 - Unreasonable Fight Vol.13 Ch.112 - That's How a Man Should Be Vol.13 Ch.111 - Imai's Manliness Vol.13 Ch.110 - A Little Dangerous! Vol.13 Ch.109 - From Today on, in Chiba! Vol.12 Ch.108 - The Horrifying Nakano Vol.12 Ch.107 - Because We Are Friends Vol.12 Ch.106 - Imai's Path of the Man Vol.12 Ch.105 - Too Happy Vol.12 Ch.104 - Imai's Spring Vol.12 Ch.103 - The Evil-Repellant Vol.12 Ch.102 - The Strongest Person Vol.12 Ch.101 - An Incredible Bad Guy Vol.12 Ch.100 - The Horrible Newcomers Vol.12 Ch.099 - Do Your Best, Third Years! Vol.11 Ch.098 - Mommy's Way of Manliness Vol.11 Ch.097 - Mitsuhashi's Teaching Vol.11 Ch.096 - Itou's a Rich Guy Vol.11 Ch.095 - History's Strongest Partnership Vol.11 Ch.094 - The Igarashi Brothers Are Strong! Vol.11 Ch.093 - Two of Them!? Vol.11 Ch.092 - Mitsuhashi's Brawl in the Neighbor Town Vol.11 Ch.091 - The Neighbor Town Is a Good Place Vol.11 Ch.090 - Mitsuhashi's Dedication to Work Vol.10 Ch.089 - Devil, Fiend, Dumbass, Moron, Cockroach Vol.10 Ch.088 - My Dio-kun Vol.10 Ch.087 - You're Going Down with Me Vol.10 Ch.086 - Cool Guy Vol.10 Ch.085 - Iron Chop of Justice Vol.10 Ch.084 - Smashed Head Vol.10 Ch.083 - You Really Kept Me Waiting Vol.10 Ch.082 - Essence of Delinquency Vol.10 Ch.081 - Leave Him to Me Vol.10 Ch.080 - You'll See, Bastard Vol.09 Ch.079 - Ryou-kun the Man Vol.09 Ch.078 - Sagara Is Back Vol.09 Ch.077 - Mitsuhashi's Mom's Husband Vol.09 Ch.076 - The Boozer Vol.09 Ch.075 - Imai Returns Vol.09 Ch.074 - Sweet Kyouko-chan Vol.09 Ch.073 - Mitsuhashi the Man Vol.09 Ch.072 - The Weakling Vol.09 Ch.071 - Itou the Man Vol.09 Ch.070 - The Dirty Monkey Vol.08 Ch.069 - Showdown in Kyoto Has Begun! Vol.08 Ch.068 - Riko and Her Yatsuhashi Vol.08 Ch.067 - Chiba vs. Ibaraki Vol.08 Ch.066 - Kiyomizu Temple Vol.08 Ch.065 - Let's Settle Things at the Station Vol.08 Ch.064 - The Great Transformation for the Study Tour Vol.08 Ch.063 - Mitsuhashi Fighting Style, Fair-Minded Vol.08 Ch.062 - The Man-Bear Vol.08 Ch.061 - The Middle School Student Who Never Backs Down Vol.08 Ch.060 - Against Violence Vol.07 Ch.059 - Hey, Wake Up! Vol.07 Ch.058 - The Middle School Army Vol.07 Ch.057 - Our Overconfident Youth Vol.07 Ch.056 - We've Lowered Our Sign Vol.07 Ch.055 - Angry Mitsuhashi Vol.07 Ch.054 - Scary Itou! Vol.07 Ch.053 - As Long as There's a Chance to Win Vol.07 Ch.052 - A Strange Relationship Vol.07 Ch.051 - Cheer Us on, Riko! Vol.07 Ch.050 - Mitsuhashi the Heartless Vol.06 Ch.049 - Martial Honor Vol.06 Ch.048 - A Courageous Boy Vol.06 Ch.047 - Just a Bunch of Idiots Vol.06 Ch.046 - My Balls Vol.06 Ch.045 - Dig Here Woof Woof Vol.06 Ch.044 - Kick 'em in the Balls Vol.06 Ch.043 - Bear with Me Vol.06 Ch.042 - This Is How It Should Be Vol.06 Ch.041 - How Rude! Vol.05 Ch.040 - Forget Last Time Vol.05 Ch.039 - Payback Vol.05 Ch.038 - Be a Man Vol.05 Ch.037 - Whoop His Ass Vol.05 Ch.036 - Arches of Our Youth Vol.05 Ch.035 - Sacrifice Vol.05 Ch.034 - God, Give Me Strength Vol.05 Ch.033 - My Love, My Life Vol.05 Ch.032 - Honesty Vol.05 Ch.031 - The Immortal Mitsuhashi Vol.05 Ch.030 - Bloodshed Vol.04 Ch.029 - Run Away! Vol.04 Ch.028 - Revenge Vol.04 Ch.027 - Mama's Memento Vol.04 Ch.026 - Echelons of Evil Vol.04 Ch.025 - The Stupid Idiot Vol.04 Ch.024 - When a Man Can't Back Down Vol.04 Ch.023 - The Kappa Vol.04 Ch.022 - Justice Vol.03 Ch.021 - Itou Style Friendship Vol.03 Ch.020 - Mitsuhashi Style Ultimate Technique Vol.03 Ch.019 - The Brand Vol.03 Ch.018 - The Christmas Party Vol.03 Ch.017 - A Close Call Vol.03 Ch.016 - 1 on 1 Vol.03 Ch.015 - The Cursed Vol.02 Ch.014 - Golden-Haired Sincerity Vol.02 Ch.013 - Woman Vol.02 Ch.012 - Hicks Vol.02 Ch.011 - Sportsmanship Vol.02 Ch.010 - Best Friends Vol.02 Ch.009 - Hostages Vol.02 Ch.008 - Evil Delinquent Teacher Vol.01 Ch.007 - Skirt Chasers Vol.01 Ch.006 - Ruffians Vol.01 Ch.005 - Cheapshots Vol.01 Ch.004 - Criminals Vol.01 Ch.003 - Female High School Students Vol.01 Ch.002 - The Hated Vol.01 Ch.001 - Delinquent Youth
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