Mahou Tsukai no Yome
Mahou Tsukai no Yome

Mahou Tsukai no Yome


Last Update: May 10,2021

Tag: Drama Fantasy Shounen Supernatural Romance Slice of Life
Author:YAMAZAKI Kore

With her mother dead and father long gone, Chise Hatori has spent her childhood being passed unwanted from relative to relative, until she finally makes her unfortunate way to a strange and improbable...more

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Vol (82) Order
Vol.15 Ch.076.5 Vol.15 Ch.076 Vol.15 Ch.075 Vol.14 Ch.074 Vol.14 Ch.073 Vol.14 Ch.072 Vol.14 Ch.071 Vol.14 Ch.070 Vol.14 Ch.069 Vol.13 Ch.068 Vol.13 Ch.067 Vol.13 Ch.066 Vol.12 Ch.065 Vol.12 Ch.064 Vol.12 Ch.063 Vol.12 Ch.062 Vol.12 Ch.061 - Slow and Sure III Vol.11 Ch.060 Vol.11 Ch.059 Vol.11 Ch.058 Vol.11 Ch.057 - Better bend than break II Vol.11 Ch.056 - Better bend than break I Vol.11 Ch.055.5 Vol.11 Ch.055 - First impressions are the most lasting III Vol.11 Ch.054 Vol.11 Ch.053 - First impressions are the most lasting I Vol.08 Ch.052 - The cowl does not make the monk. III Vol.08 Ch.051 Vol.08 Ch.050 Vol.08 Ch.049 Vol.08 Ch.048 Vol.08 Ch.047 Vol.08 Ch.046 Vol.08 Ch.045 Vol.08 Ch.044 Vol.08 Ch.043 Vol.08 Ch.042 - It is the first step that is troublesome. Vol.08 Ch.041 - As you sow, so shall you reap. Vol.08 Ch.040 - What is bred in the bone will not out of the flesh Vol.08 Ch.039 - Necessity has no law. Vol.08 Ch.038 - The darkest hour is that before the dawn. Vol.08 Ch.037 - You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. II Vol.08 Ch.036 - You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Vol.07 Ch.035 - Any port in a storm. III Vol.07 Ch.034 - Any port in a storm II Vol.07 Ch.033 - Any port in a storm. Vol.07 Ch.032 - Examples are better than precept. Vol.07 Ch.031 - Forgive and forget. Vol.06 Ch.030 - Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse. Vol.06 Ch.029 - Look before you leap. II Vol.06 Ch.028 - Look before you leap. Vol.06 Ch.027 - God's mill grinds slow but sure. II Vol.06 Ch.026 - God's mill grinds slow but sure. Vol.05 Ch.025.5 - Volume 5 Extras Vol.05 Ch.025 - The longest day has an end. Vol.05 Ch.024 - There is no place like home. Vol.05 Ch.023 - Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Vol.05 Ch.022 - A contented mind is a perpetual feast. Vol.05 Ch.021 - Looks breed love. Vol.04 Ch.020.5 - Volume 4 Extras Vol.04 Ch.020 - East, west, home's best. Vol.04 Ch.019 - It is a long lane that has no turning. Vol.04 Ch.018 - Better to ask the way than go astray. Vol.04 Ch.017 - Lovers ever run before the clock. Vol.04 Ch.016 - Once bitten, twice shy Vol.03 Ch.015.5 - Volume 3 Extras Vol.03 Ch.015 - We live and learn Vol.03 Ch.014 - Little pitchers have long ears. Vol.03 Ch.013 - None So Deaf as Those Who will not Hear Vol.03 Ch.012 - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Vol.03 Ch.011 - Seeing is Believing Vol.02 Ch.010.5 - Volume 2 Extras Vol.02 Ch.010 - Talk of the Devil, and He Is Sure to Appear Vol.02 Ch.009 - Where One Door Shuts, Another Opens Vol.02 Ch.008 - The Faerie Queene Vol.02 Ch.007 - Love Conquers All Vol.02 Ch.006 - Curiosity Killed the Cat Vol.01 Ch.005 - Misfortunes Seldom Come Singly Vol.01 Ch.004 - Everything Must Have A Beginning Vol.01 Ch.003 - The Balance Distinguishes not between Gold and Lead Vol.01 Ch.002 - One Today is Worth Two Tomorrow Vol.01 Ch.001 - April Showers Bring May Flowers
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