MF Ghost
MF Ghost

MF Ghost


Last Update: Jun 20,2022

Tag: Action Seinen Sports Slice of Life
Author:SHIGENO Shuichi

MF Ghost takes place in the 2020s, when self-driving cars are ubiquitous in Japan. Centered around Kanata Livington, a Japanese driver who goes back to Japan after graduating at the top of his class a...more

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Vol (130) Order
Vol.11 Ch.130 - Defeating Fuujin Ishigami Vol.11 Ch.129 - Demon of the Streets Vol.11 Ch.128 - Threesome Vol.11 Ch.127 - One-Hit Knockout Move Vol.11 Ch.126 - The Race Starts Moving Vol.11 Ch.125 - Inspiration of Kamikaze Vol.11 Ch.124 - Fire Ball Vol.11 Ch.123 - Miraculous Revival Vol.11 Ch.122 - Turn Vol.11 Ch.121 - Go Go Vol.11 Ch.120 - Sena's Charge Vol.11 Ch.119 - Wataru Akiyama's Rant! Vol.10 Ch.118 - You First! Vol.10 Ch.117 - Left-Foot Braking Vol.10 Ch.116 - He's Fast Everywhere!! Vol.10 Ch.115 - Kanata vs. Takuya Yanagida Vol.10 Ch.114 - When It Rains, It Pours Vol.10 Ch.113 - The Howls of a Loser! Vol.10 Ch.112 - Where'd He Go?! Vol.10 Ch.111 - Gravity Vol.10 Ch.110 - Painful Decision Vol.10 Ch.109 - The Price of Courage Vol.10 Ch.108 - Deadly Dive Vol.10 Ch.107 - The Second Amulet Vol.09 Ch.106 Vol.09 Ch.105 - Downsizing Vol.09 Ch.104 - Koki Sawatari’s Intentions Vol.09 Ch.103 Vol.09 Ch.102 Vol.09 Ch.101 Vol.09 Ch.100 Vol.09 Ch.099 Vol.09 Ch.098 Vol.07 Ch.097 Vol.07 Ch.096 Vol.07 Ch.095 Vol.07 Ch.094 Vol.07 Ch.093 Vol.07 Ch.092 Vol.07 Ch.091 Vol.07 Ch.090 Vol.07 Ch.089 Vol.07 Ch.088 Vol.07 Ch.087 Vol.07 Ch.086 Vol.07 Ch.085 Vol.07 Ch.084 Vol.07 Ch.083 Vol.07 Ch.082 Vol.07 Ch.081 Vol.07 Ch.080 Vol.07 Ch.079 Vol.06 Ch.078 Vol.06 Ch.077 Vol.06 Ch.076 Vol.06 Ch.075 Vol.06 Ch.074 Vol.06 Ch.073 Vol.06 Ch.072 Vol.06 Ch.071 Vol.06 Ch.070 Vol.06 Ch.069 - Electronic Device Vol.06 Ch.068 - Kanata vs Taylor Vol.06 Ch.067 - Aiba vs Yanagida Vol.06 Ch.066 Vol.06 Ch.065 - God of Death Vol.06 Ch.064 - Attack of the AWDs Vol.06 Ch.063 - Chance of Rain Vol.05 Ch.062 - Beating Alpine Vol.05 Ch.061 Vol.05 Ch.060 - Ten-don Vol.05 Ch.059 - Qualifying Vol.05 Ch.058 - Wizard Vol.05 Ch.057 - White Particles of Death Vol.05 Ch.056 - Air Kiss Vol.05 Ch.055 - The Night Before the Race Vol.05 Ch.054 - A Rainy Day Vol.05 Ch.053 - The Inherited Gift Vol.05 Ch.052 - A Genius Awakens Vol.05 Ch.051 - Seventeen Complex Vol.04 Ch.050 - First Day of the Prelimaries Vol.04 Ch.049 - Shakedown Vol.04 Ch.048 - Okuyama's Talents Vol.04 Ch.047 - Starting Part-time Work Vol.04 Ch.046 - Upgrade Vol.04 Ch.045 - Peaceful Everyday Life Vol.04 Ch.044 - Finale Vol.04 Ch.043 - The Final Moments Vol.04 Ch.042 - Dog Fight at 300 km/h Vol.04 Ch.041 - Two Routes Vol.04 Ch.040 - A Serious Weakness Vol.04 Ch.039 - Simulation Vol.04 Ch.038 - Verbal Countdown Vol.03 Ch.037 - Let's Fall in Love Vol.03 Ch.036 - Teleporting Vol.03 Ch.035 - Flagged Again Vol.03 Ch.034 - Kanata At Full Throttle Vol.03 Ch.033 - War of Attrition Vol.03 Ch.032 - Here's Where the Positions Start Shifting Vol.03 Ch.031 - Peculiarity with Car No. 9 Vol.03 Ch.030 - Driver No. 4 Vol.03 Ch.029 - 3 Stage Rocket Vol.03 Ch.028 - Batalhas Vol.03 Ch.027 - A Estratégia para a Reta Longa Vol.03 Ch.026 - The Carrara's Downfall Vol.03 Ch.025 - The Tragic Rallyist Vol.03 Ch.024 - Kanata's Past Vol.02 Ch.023 - Unimaginable Vol.02 Ch.022 - Like Cats and Dogs Vol.02 Ch.021 - The Angels' Work Vol.02 Ch.020 - Coordinated Plays Vol.02 Ch.019 - Tire Management Vol.02 Ch.018 - Blue Signal Vol.02 Ch.017 - The Yajikita Siblings Vol.02 Ch.016 - The Love [Ren] that Loves (So Ambiguous) Vol.02 Ch.015 - A Promise Vol.02 Ch.014 - When it Rains, it Pours Vol.02 Ch.013 - Kamaboko Straight Vol.01 Ch.012 - Top Gear Vol.01 Ch.011 - Deja Vu Vol.01 Ch.010 - The Death God of the Ghost Town Vol.01 Ch.009 - The Legacy of the Downhill Specialist Vol.01 Ch.008 - The Shocking New Generation of MFG Vol.01 Ch.007 - Attention flag Vol.01 Ch.006 Vol.01 Ch.005 - One day left until Kanata enters the race Vol.01 Ch.004 - 2 days left until Kanata's race Vol.01 Ch.003 - 3 days left until Kanata enters the race Vol.01 Ch.002 - Photos of the Memories Vol.01 Ch.001 - Challengers from the UK
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