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Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Shounen
Author:KISHIMOTO Masashi

Twelve years ago, the powerful Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked the ninja village of Konohagakure the village hidden in the leaves. The demon was defeated and sealed into the infant Naruto Uzumaki, by ...more

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Vol (750) Order
Vol.72 Ch.700.6 - Side Story - The Path Shone By The Full Moon's Light Vol.72 Ch.700.5 - Special Gaiden - Boruto - Naruto the Movie - Vol.72 Ch.700.2 - Book of Wind Vol.72 Ch.700.1 - Book of Thunder Vol.72 Ch.700 - Uzumaki Naruto!! Vol.72 Ch.699.5 - After THE LAST Vol.72 Ch.699.1 - The Seal of Reconciliation Vol.72 Ch.699 - The Seal of Reconciliation Vol.72 Ch.698.1 - Naruto and Sasuke (5) Vol.72 Ch.698 - Naruto and Sasuke (5) Vol.72 Ch.697.1 - Naruto and Sasuke (4) Vol.72 Ch.697 - Naruto and Sasuke (4) Vol.72 Ch.696.1 - Naruto and Sasuke (3) Vol.72 Ch.696 - Naruto and Sasuke (3) Vol.72 Ch.695.1 - Naruto and Sasuke (2) Vol.72 Ch.695 - Naruto and Sasuke (2) Vol.72 Ch.694.1 - Naruto and Sasuke (1) Vol.72 Ch.694 - Naruto and Sasuke (1) Vol.72 Ch.693.1 - Once again... Vol.72 Ch.693 - Once again... Vol.72 Ch.692.1 - Revolutions Vol.72 Ch.692 - Revolutions Vol.72 Ch.691.1 - Congratulations Vol.72 Ch.691 - Congratulations Vol.71 Ch.690.1 - Ninja's...!! Vol.71 Ch.690 - Ninja's...!! Vol.71 Ch.689.1 - I Love You Vol.71 Ch.689 - I Love You Vol.71 Ch.688.1 - ...of the Sharingan!! Vol.71 Ch.688 - ...of the Sharingan!! Vol.71 Ch.687.1 - I Know You Will Vol.71 Ch.687 - I Know You Will Vol.71 Ch.686.1 - Those That Remain and Those That Pass On Vol.71 Ch.686 - Those That Remain and Those That Pass On Vol.71 Ch.685.1 - Everything I've got...!! Vol.71 Ch.685 - Everything I've got...!! Vol.71 Ch.684.1 - We Must Kill Him!! Vol.71 Ch.684 - We Must Kill Him!! Vol.71 Ch.683.1 - I Had The Same Dream As You Vol.71 Ch.683 - I Had The Same Dream As You Vol.71 Ch.682.1 - I'm Sure You've Never Seen This Vol.71 Ch.682 - Betcha Never Seen This Before Vol.71 Ch.681.1 - Kaguya's Tears Vol.71 Ch.681 - Kaguya's Tears Vol.71 Ch.680 - Once Again Vol.70 Ch.679 - The Beginning of Everything Vol.70 Ch.678 - My Will Vol.70 Ch.677 - Infinite Tsukuyomi Vol.70 Ch.676 - The Infinite Dream Vol.70 Ch.675 - Present Dream Vol.70 Ch.674 - Sasuke's Rinnegan...!! Vol.70 Ch.673 - We will...!! Vol.70 Ch.672 - Night Guy...!! Vol.70 Ch.671 - Naruto and the Sage of the Six Paths Vol.70 Ch.670 - The Creator...!! Vol.70 Ch.669 - Eight Inner Gates Battle Formation...!! Vol.69 Ch.668 - The Crimson Springtime Begins Vol.69 Ch.667 - Green Days Are Over Vol.69 Ch.666 - The Two Mangekyou Vol.69 Ch.665 - Who I Am Now Vol.69 Ch.664 - I'm His Father, After All Vol.69 Ch.663 - No Matter the Cost Vol.69 Ch.662 - The End of Reality Vol.69 Ch.661 - The Failed World Vol.69 Ch.660 - A Concealed Heart Vol.69 Ch.659 - Rinbo/Hengoku!! Vol.69 Ch.658 - Bijuu vs Madara Vol.68 Ch.657 - The Return of Uchiha Madara Vol.68 Ch.656.1 - Transfer Vol.68 Ch.656 - Transfer Vol.68 Ch.655.1 - Rut Vol.68 Ch.655 - Rut Vol.68 Ch.654.1 - I Am Uchiha Obito Vol.68 Ch.654 - I Am Uchiha Obito Vol.68 Ch.653.1 - I See It Clearly Vol.68 Ch.653 - I See It Clearly Vol.68 Ch.652.1 - Naruto’s Inner Conflict Vol.68 Ch.652 - Naruto’s Inner Conflict Vol.68 Ch.651.1 - Things That Were Filled Vol.68 Ch.651 - Things That Were Filled Vol.68 Ch.650.1 - The one Sleeping will be... Vol.68 Ch.650 - The One Sleeping Will Be... Vol.68 Ch.649.1 - The will of the Shinobi Vol.68 Ch.649 - The Will of the Shinobi Vol.68 Ch.648.1 - A Shinobi's Dream [FULL COLORED] Vol.68 Ch.648 - A Shinobi's Dream Vol.67 Ch.647.1 - Regret Vol.67 Ch.647 - Regret Vol.67 Ch.646.1 - Shinju Vol.67 Ch.646 - Shinju Vol.67 Ch.645.1 - Two Powers...!! Vol.67 Ch.645 - Two Powers...!! Vol.67 Ch.644.1 - I Know Vol.67 Ch.644 - I Know Vol.67 Ch.643.1 - A combination attack .. !! Vol.67 Ch.643 - A Combination Attack…!! Vol.67 Ch.642.1 - Breakthrough Vol.67 Ch.642 - Breakthrough Vol.67 Ch.641.1 - The Main Attraction Vol.67 Ch.641 - The Main Attraction Vol.67 Ch.640.1 - At long last Vol.67 Ch.640 - At Long Last Vol.67 Ch.639.1 - Attack Vol.67 Ch.639 - Attack Vol.67 Ch.638.1 - The Ten-Tail's Jinchuuriki - Obito Vol.67 Ch.638 - The Ten-Tail's Jinchuuriki - Obito Vol.66 Ch.637.1 - The Jinchuuriki of ten tails ! Vol.66 Ch.637 - The Jinchuuriki of the Ten-Tails Vol.66 Ch.636.1 - The Current Obito Vol.66 Ch.636 - The Current Obito Vol.66 Ch.635.1 - A New Wind Vol.66 Ch.635 - A New Wind Vol.66 Ch.634.1 - The New Trio ! Vol.66 Ch.634 - The New Trio Vol.66 Ch.633 - Forward Vol.66 Ch.632 - Fighting, Side By Side Vol.66 Ch.631 - Team Seven Vol.66 Ch.630 - What we bury Vol.66 Ch.629 - Wind Hole Vol.66 Ch.628 - Here, And From Now On Vol.65 Ch.627 - Sasuke's Reply Vol.65 Ch.626 - Hashirama and Madara 2 Vol.65 Ch.625 - The True Dream Vol.65 Ch.624 - Aiko Vol.65 Ch.623 - A Glimpse Vol.65 Ch.622 - The Other Side Vol.65 Ch.621 - Hashirama and Madara Vol.65 Ch.620 - Hashirama Senju Vol.65 Ch.619 - A Cursed Clan Vol.65 Ch.618 - The Ones Who Know Everything Vol.64 Ch.617 - Dance of the Ninjas 2 Vol.64 Ch.616 - Dance of the Ninjas Vol.64 Ch.615 - Unbreakable Bonds Vol.64 Ch.614 - To You Vol.64 Ch.613 - Head Vol.64 Ch.612 - The Shinobi Alliance Jutsu Vol.64 Ch.611 - Arrival Vol.64 Ch.610 - Juubi Vol.64 Ch.609 - The End Vol.64 Ch.608 - Kakashi's Resolve! Vol.63 Ch.607 - I Don't Care Vol.63 Ch.606 - The Dream World Vol.63 Ch.605 - Hell Vol.63 Ch.604 - Reunion, and Vol.63 Ch.603 - Rehabilitation Vol.63 Ch.602 - I'm Alive Vol.63 Ch.601 - Obito and Madara Vol.63 Ch.600 - Why Until Now Vol.63 Ch.599 - Uchiha Obito Vol.63 Ch.598 - Annihilate Vol.62 Ch.597 - The Secret Behind The Space-Time Ninjutsu Vol.62 Ch.596 - One Jutsu Vol.62 Ch.595 - Fissure Vol.62 Ch.594 - The Progenitor Vol.62 Ch.593 - Orochimaru Resurrected Vol.62 Ch.592 - Third Force Vol.62 Ch.591 - Risk Vol.62 Ch.590 - I Will Always Love You Vol.62 Ch.589 - The Edo Tensei Jutsu, Released Vol.62 Ch.588 - Bearing the Shadow Vol.61 Ch.587 - When It Turns 9 o'clock Vol.61 Ch.586 - Izanami Activates Vol.61 Ch.585 - So I Can Be Myself Vol.61 Ch.584 - Kabuto, The Doctor Vol.61 Ch.583 - Who is this? Vol.61 Ch.582 - Nothing Vol.61 Ch.581 - Everyone's leaf Vol.61 Ch.580 - Brothers' time Vol.61 Ch.579 - Brothers, fight as one !! Vol.61 Ch.578 - Hopeless Weakness!! Vol.61 Ch.577 - Sword of Hatred Vol.61 Ch.576 - The Guide of the Reunion Vol.60 Ch.575 - Stone Will Vol.60 Ch.574 - The Eyes That Look Into The Darkness Vol.60 Ch.573 - The Path Toward Radiance Vol.60 Ch.572 - 9 Names Vol.60 Ch.571 - Bijuu Mode!! Vol.60 Ch.570 - Kurama!! Vol.60 Ch.569 - Prove Your Will!! Vol.60 Ch.568 - Son Goku-The Great King of Sage Ape Vol.60 Ch.567 - The Jinchuurki of Konoha Vol.60 Ch.566 - Eyes & Beasts Vol.59 Ch.565 - Jinchuriki vs Jinchuriki Vol.59 Ch.564 - No one Vol.59 Ch.563 - Gathering of the Five Kages!! Vol.59 Ch.562 - Find Yourself Vol.59 Ch.561 - The Power in a Name Vol.59 Ch.560 - Uchiha Madara Vol.59 Ch.559 - Reinforcements Arrive Vol.59 Ch.558 - The Next Developement!! Vol.59 Ch.557 - Jokey Boy Vol.59 Ch.556 - Gaara vs Mizukage Vol.58 Ch.555 - Contradiction Vol.58 Ch.554 - The Rasenshuriken's Limit..!! Vol.58 Ch.553 Vol.58 Ch.552 Vol.58 Ch.551 Vol.58 Ch.550 - Koto Amatsukami Vol.58 Ch.549 - Itachi's Question! Vol.58 Ch.548 - Naruto vs. Itachi!! Vol.58 Ch.547 - Object of True Value!!! Vol.58 Ch.546 - The Past vs. the Present! Vol.58 Ch.545 - An Immortal Army!! Vol.57 Ch.544 - Two Suns! Vol.57 Ch.543 - Unforgettable Vol.57 Ch.542 - The Secret Story of the Strongest Tag-Team!! Vol.57 Ch.541 - Raikage vs. Naruto?! Vol.57 Ch.540 - Madara's Strategy! Vol.57 Ch.539 - A Bloody Night! Vol.57 Ch.538 - Cross-Examination Vol.57 Ch.537 - Night Falls! Vol.57 Ch.536 - Naruto Goes to War! Vol.57 Ch.535 - Iruka's Persuasion Vol.56 Ch.534 - Farewell, Ino-Shika-Chou!! Vol.56 Ch.533 - An Oath Vol.56 Ch.532 - Mifune vs. Hanzou, the Conclusion! Vol.56 Ch.531 - Team Asuma, Together Again! Vol.56 Ch.530 - Chouji's Determination Vol.56 Ch.529 - Golden Bonds Vol.56 Ch.528 - Being More than Just Dull Vol.56 Ch.527 - Taboo Word Vol.56 Ch.526 - Fierce Battle! Darui's Unit!! Vol.56 Ch.525 - Kage's Resurrection! Vol.55 Ch.524 - The Things One Must Protect Vol.55 Ch.523 - The Legendary Seven Ninja Swordsmen!! Vol.55 Ch.522 - I'm Already Dead Vol.55 Ch.521 - The Alliance's Battle Begins!! Vol.55 Ch.520 - The Secret of Impure World Resurrection Vol.55 Ch.519 - Bijudama Vol.55 Ch.518 - Clash of the Ambush Squads!! Vol.55 Ch.517 - Omoi's "War"!! Vol.55 Ch.516 - Gaara's Speech Vol.55 Ch.515 - The Beginning of the Great War! Vol.54 Ch.514 - Kabuto's Plot Vol.54 Ch.513 - Kabuto vs. Tsuchikage!! Vol.54 Ch.512 - The Truth About Zetsu!! Vol.54 Ch.511 - Let's Go Home Vol.54 Ch.510 - A Shocking Forbidden Jutsu! Vol.54 Ch.509 - A Bridge to Peace Vol.54 Ch.508 - A Ninja's Death Vol.54 Ch.507 - A False Existence! Vol.54 Ch.506 - Gai vs. Kisame Vol.54 Ch.505 - Release the Kyuubi's Chakras! Vol.53 Ch.504 - Thank You Vol.53 Ch.503 - Minato's Shiki Fujin Vol.53 Ch.502 - The Battle of Speed! Vol.53 Ch.501 - Kyuubi's Revival! Vol.53 Ch.500 - Naruto's Birth Vol.53 Ch.499 - A New Seal Vol.53 Ch.498 - Mom's Red Hair Vol.53 Ch.497 - Naruto vs. Kyubi!! Vol.53 Ch.496 - Reunion with the Kyubi!! Vol.53 Ch.495 - Dark Naruto Destroyed!! Vol.52 Ch.494 - Killerbee and Motoi Vol.52 Ch.493 - Dark Naruto!! Vol.52 Ch.492 - Greetings Vol.52 Ch.491 - Confining the Hosts!! Vol.52 Ch.490 - The Truth About the Kyubi!! Vol.52 Ch.489 - Heading Towards the Great Ninja War...!! Vol.52 Ch.488 - Returning to Their Own Villages Vol.52 Ch.487 - The Battle Begins...!! Vol.52 Ch.486 - Fists Vol.52 Ch.485 - So Close, Yet So Far Vol.52 Ch.484 - Team Seven's Reunion Vol.51 Ch.483 - Master and Student Reunited!! Vol.51 Ch.482 - One Last Time... Vol.51 Ch.481 - Danzo's Death!! Vol.51 Ch.480 - Sacrifice Vol.51 Ch.479 - Izanagi Vol.51 Ch.478 - Susano'o Final Version...!! Vol.51 Ch.477 - Do Not Speak to Me of Itachi Vol.51 Ch.476 - Sasuke vs. Danzou...!! Vol.51 Ch.475 - Madara's True Strength!! Vol.51 Ch.474 - Hokage's Resolution Vol.50 Ch.473 - Brother Vol.50 Ch.472 - A Deadly Battle in an Underwater Prison Vol.50 Ch.471 - Hachibi, Version 2 Vol.50 Ch.470 - Killerbee vs. Kisame!! Vol.50 Ch.469 - Sakura's Confession!! Vol.50 Ch.468 - Hachibi and Kyuubi Vol.50 Ch.467 - Declaration of War Vol.50 Ch.466 - Battle Behind Closed Doors Vol.50 Ch.465 - Attack on the Summit! Vol.50 Ch.464 - The Power of Darkness Vol.49 Ch.463 - Sasuke vs. Raikage!! Vol.49 Ch.462 - Sasuke's Dogma...!! Vol.49 Ch.461 - Kumogakure vs. Taka Vol.49 Ch.460 - Sasuke Surrounded!! Vol.49 Ch.459 - Sakura's Decision!! Vol.49 Ch.458 - The Five Kages' Great Dispute Vol.49 Ch.457 - The Meeting of the Five Kages Begins...!! Vol.49 Ch.456 - Naruto Departs...!! Vol.49 Ch.455 - Bond...!! Vol.49 Ch.454 - The Five Kages Vol.48 Ch.453 - The Night Before the Five Kages Meet...!! Vol.48 Ch.452 - Closing in on Danzo Vol.48 Ch.451 - Dealing with Sasuke Vol.48 Ch.450 - The Grateful Village Vol.48 Ch.449 - Hope Blossoms! Vol.48 Ch.448 - Inheritance! Vol.48 Ch.447 - Believe Vol.48 Ch.446 - I Just Wanted to Protect Them Vol.48 Ch.445 - Top of the World Vol.48 Ch.444 - The Answer Is... Vol.48 Ch.443 - The Meeting Vol.47 Ch.442 - The Last Gamble Vol.47 Ch.441 - Rasen Shuriken vs. Shinra Tensei!! Vol.47 Ch.440 - Conversation with the 4th!!! Vol.47 Ch.439 - Chibaku Tensei Vol.47 Ch.438 - Breaking the Seal Vol.47 Ch.437 - Hinata's Confession Vol.47 Ch.436 - Peace! Vol.47 Ch.435 - Banshou Tenin Vol.47 Ch.434 - Naruto vs. God Realm!! Vol.47 Ch.433 - Sage Technique Failure?! Vol.46 Ch.432 - The Return of the Rasen Shuriken Vol.46 Ch.431 - Naruto Erupts!! Vol.46 Ch.430 - Naruto Returns Vol.46 Ch.429 - Pain Vol.46 Ch.428 - Conversation Vol.46 Ch.427 - Reunion Vol.46 Ch.426 - Naruto and Konoha Vol.46 Ch.425 - Hatake Kakashi Vol.46 Ch.424 - Determination Vol.46 Ch.423 - The Deva Path's Power Vol.45 Ch.422 - Kakashi vs. Pain Vol.45 Ch.421 - Call Naruto Back!! Vol.45 Ch.420.5 - Kakashi's Real Face Is Finally Unveiled Vol.45 Ch.420 - Battlefield Konoha Vol.45 Ch.419 - Attack!! Vol.45 Ch.418 - Naruto, The Sage! Vol.45 Ch.417 - Raikage Makes His Move Vol.45 Ch.416 - The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja Vol.45 Ch.415 - A New Power Vol.45 Ch.414 - Bull on Rampage Vol.45 Ch.413 - Crash Vol.44 Ch.412 - Fear Like They've Never Known Before Vol.44 Ch.411 - Eight-tails vs. Sasuke!! Vol.44 Ch.410 - Battle at Unraikyo!! Vol.44 Ch.409 - Passing Down the Sage Techniques Vol.44 Ch.408 - Fukasaku's Proposal Vol.44 Ch.407 - Asking Naruto Vol.44 Ch.406 - The Key to the Future Vol.44 Ch.405 - Left Behind Vol.44 Ch.404 - Falcon and Akatsuki Vol.44 Ch.403 - Tears Vol.43 Ch.402 - Last Words Vol.43 Ch.401 - Illusion Vol.43 Ch.400 - In Hell Vol.43 Ch.399 - The Beginning of Everything Vol.43 Ch.398 - The Leaf's Origin Vol.43 Ch.397 - The Man Who Knows the Truth Vol.43 Ch.396 - Introduction Vol.43 Ch.395 - The Mystery that Is Tobi Vol.43 Ch.394 - Sasuke's Victory Vol.43 Ch.393 - My Eyes...! Vol.43 Ch.392 - Susanoo Vol.43 Ch.391 - ...With the Thunder! Vol.43 Ch.390 - The Final Jutsu Vol.42 Ch.389 - Sasuke's Strategy Vol.42 Ch.388 - The Difference in Strength Vol.42 Ch.387 - Reality...!! Vol.42 Ch.386 - My New Light! Vol.42 Ch.385 - The Secret of Mangekyou! Vol.42 Ch.384 - Brother's Bloodbath Vol.42 Ch.383 - The Epilogue and The...!! Vol.42 Ch.382 - My Real Decision! Vol.42 Ch.381 - His True Identity! Vol.42 Ch.380 - That Face...! Vol.41 Ch.379 - Jiraya's Decision Vol.41 Ch.378 - One on One! Vol.41 Ch.377 - Hermit Mode Vol.41 Ch.376 - The Destined Child! Vol.41 Ch.375 - Ni Dai Sennin Vol.41 Ch.374 - Growing into a God! Vol.41 Ch.373 - The Student / Teacher Era...!! Vol.41 Ch.372 - The Weeping Country Vol.41 Ch.371 - Old Friends Vol.41 Ch.370 - A Premonition Vol.40 Ch.369 - About Pain Vol.40 Ch.368 - Reconnaissance Vol.40 Ch.367 - Itachi and Sasuke Vol.40 Ch.366 - Brothers Vol.40 Ch.365 - Sasuke's Chase Vol.40 Ch.364 - The Target...!! Vol.40 Ch.363 - The Death of Sasuke...!! Vol.40 Ch.362 - Masterpiece Vol.40 Ch.361 - Weak Spot!! Vol.40 Ch.360 - Deidara's Final Explosion! Vol.39 Ch.359 - Those Eyes Again... Vol.39 Ch.358 - Cornered by C-2! Vol.39 Ch.357 - Deidara vs. Sasuke!! Vol.39 Ch.356 - Collision! Vol.39 Ch.355 - Which Way? Vol.39 Ch.354 - Making Their Move Vol.39 Ch.353 - Akatsuki Gathers! Vol.39 Ch.352 - The Purpose Vol.39 Ch.351 - A Man to Man Talk Vol.39 Ch.350 - News of the Clash...!! Vol.38 Ch.349 - The North Hideout Vol.38 Ch.348 - The Next One Vol.38 Ch.347 - Detour! Vol.38 Ch.346 - The New Jutsu's Secret Vol.38 Ch.345.1 - Ritual (Colored) Vol.38 Ch.345 - Ritual Vol.38 Ch.344 - The Snake! Vol.38 Ch.343 - Heartless... Vol.38 Ch.342 - Asuma Avenged Vol.38 Ch.341 - The Fruits of Training...!! Vol.38 Ch.340 - The Dangerous Bridge Vol.37 Ch.339 - Fuuton RasenShuriken Vol.37 Ch.338 - Payback.... Vol.37 Ch.337 - Shikamaru's Skill Vol.37 Ch.336 - Reverse Predicament Vol.37 Ch.335 - The Terrible Secret Vol.37 Ch.334 - The Black Transformation Vol.37 Ch.333 - The Moment of Victory Vol.37 Ch.332 - Shikamaru's Battle Vol.37 Ch.331 - Team Ten Moves Out Vol.37 Ch.330 - The Sad Message Vol.36 Ch.329 - The True Purpose Vol.36 Ch.328 - Team Ten Vol.36 Ch.327 - Inside the Despair Vol.36 Ch.326 - The Cursed One Vol.36 Ch.325 - Shikamaru's Plan Vol.36 Ch.324 - Cursed Ritual Vol.36 Ch.323 - The Akatsuki Who Cannot Be Killed! Vol.36 Ch.322 - I Can't Kill Him Vol.36 Ch.321 - Smooth Talker! Vol.36 Ch.320 - Prized Bounty Vol.35 Ch.319 - The Source of the Commotion!! Vol.35 Ch.318 - Smooth Training Vol.35 Ch.317 - Nightmares!! Vol.35 Ch.316 - Start the Training! Vol.35 Ch.315 - Advanced Training! Vol.35 Ch.314 - Akatsuki Invasion...!! Vol.35 Ch.313 - The New Team Vol.35 Ch.312 - The Impending Menace!! Vol.35 Ch.311 - Nicknames Vol.35 Ch.310 - Title Vol.34 Ch.309 - A Conversation with Nine Tails!! Vol.34 Ch.308 - Sasuke's Strength Vol.34 Ch.307 - On a Whim...!! Vol.34 Ch.306 - Reunion Vol.34 Ch.305 - The Bond with You Vol.34 Ch.304 - Sai's Understanding Vol.34 Ch.303 - Sai's Betrayal! Vol.34 Ch.302 - Infiltration...!! Vol.34 Ch.301 - Sai and Sasuke!! Vol.34 Ch.300 - Sai's Picture Book Vol.33 Ch.299 - The Source of Strength Vol.33 Ch.298 - The Secret Mission...!! Vol.33 Ch.297 - Sai's Mission Vol.33 Ch.296 - A Sorrowful Conclusion Vol.33 Ch.295 - Towards the Nine-tails Vol.33 Ch.294 - The Fourth Tail Vol.33 Ch.293 - Loss of Control...!! Vol.33 Ch.292 - The Third Tail...!! Vol.33 Ch.291 - Fury's Trigger Vol.33 Ch.290 - The Price of Betrayal Vol.32 Ch.289 - Akatsuki Spy!! Vol.32 Ch.288 - Unknown Thoughts Vol.32 Ch.287 - Untitled Vol.32 Ch.286 - Naruto, Sasuke, Sai Vol.32 Ch.285 - Those of the Root!! Vol.32 Ch.284 - New Companions..!! Vol.32 Ch.283 - Member Hunt!! Vol.32 Ch.282 - Return of Team Kakashi Vol.32 Ch.281 - The Search for Sasuke!! Vol.31 Ch.280 - Entrusted Feelings!! Vol.31 Ch.279 - An Unusual Gift...!! Vol.31 Ch.278 - Death of Gaara Vol.31 Ch.277 - Ultimate Work of Art!! Vol.31 Ch.276 - A New Sharingan!! (Kakashi) Vol.31 Ch.275 - Reward...!! Vol.31 Ch.274 - A Dream Unrealized Vol.31 Ch.273 - Last Battle!! Vol.31 Ch.272 - Chiyo vs. Sasori...!! Vol.30 Ch.271 - Unknown Power...!! Vol.30 Ch.270 - Miscalculation...!! Vol.30 Ch.269 - What Can I Do...?! Vol.30 Ch.268 - Puppet Master vs. Puppet Master!! Vol.30 Ch.267 - Violent Determination...!! Vol.30 Ch.266 - Sasori Appears...!! Vol.30 Ch.265 - Chiyo And Sakura Vol.30 Ch.264 - Sasori's Fine Art...!! Vol.30 Ch.263 - Loud Fury......! Vol.29 Ch.262 - Racing Thoughts....! Vol.29 Ch.261 - The People Called Jinchuuriki Vol.29 Ch.260 - Kakashi vs. Itachi Vol.29 Ch.259 - Itachi's Power...!! Vol.29 Ch.258 - Gai vs. Kisame!! Vol.29 Ch.257 - The Fruit of Kakashi's Experience Vol.29 Ch.256 - Those Who Stand in the Way!! Vol.29 Ch.255 - Approaching...!! Vol.29 Ch.254 - Brothers...!! Vol.28 Ch.253 - Reinforcements...!! Vol.28 Ch.252 - Thoughts, Racing...!! Vol.28 Ch.251 - Going to the Sand...!! Vol.28 Ch.250 - New Team, First Mission!! Vol.28 Ch.249 - As Kazekage Vol.28 Ch.248 - Ambushing the Sand Vol.28 Ch.247 - The Sand's Invaders Vol.28 Ch.246 - Growth of the Two!! Vol.28 Ch.245 - Homecoming!! Vol.27 Ch.244 - Gaiden, Final Chapter: Heroes of the Sharingan Vol.27 Ch.243 - Gaiden5: Present Vol.27 Ch.242 - Gaiden4: Crybaby Ninja Vol.27 Ch.241 - Gaiden3: A True Hero Vol.27 Ch.240 - Gaiden2: Teamwork!! Vol.27 Ch.239 - Gaiden1: Mission Start...!! Vol.27 Ch.238 - The Day We Set Off!! Vol.27 Ch.237 - Fool...!! Vol.27 Ch.236 - The Promise that I Could Not Keep Vol.26 Ch.235 - Mission Failure...!! Vol.26 Ch.234 - Parting Ways...!! Vol.26 Ch.233 - The Worst Conclusion Vol.26 Ch.232 - The Valley of the End Vol.26 Ch.231 - A Special Power Vol.26 Ch.230 - Time of Awakening!! Vol.26 Ch.229 - Bonds...!! Vol.26 Ch.228 - Kakashi's Premonition Vol.26 Ch.227 - Chidori vs. Rasengan!! Vol.25 Ch.226 - To My Dear Friend... Vol.25 Ch.225 - Within the Darkness Vol.25 Ch.224 - That Day...!! Vol.25 Ch.223 - Sasuke and His Father Vol.25 Ch.222 - Suspicious of Itachi Vol.25 Ch.221 - A Distant Brother Vol.25 Ch.220 - Brothers Vol.25 Ch.219 - The Future and the Past Vol.25 Ch.218 - The Brothers of the Leaf Vol.24 Ch.217 - For Someone Important Vol.24 Ch.216 - Spear and Shield...!! Vol.24 Ch.215 - Gaara of the Desert Vol.24 Ch.214 - Retreat for the Time Being... Vol.24 Ch.213 - A Large Debt Vol.24 Ch.212 - Pinch! Pinch! Pinch! Vol.24 Ch.211 - Unpredictable...!! Vol.24 Ch.210 - Lee's Secret Vol.24 Ch.209 - Reinforcements: On the Scene!! Vol.23 Ch.208 - The First Hand Is a Feint!! Vol.23 Ch.207 - The Game Is Up Vol.23 Ch.206 - Suffering Vol.23 Ch.205 - Kiba's Decision!! Vol.23 Ch.204 - Ukon's Abilities Vol.23 Ch.203 - Sakon's Secret Vol.23 Ch.202 - The Three Wishes!!! Vol.23 Ch.201 - Miscalculation Vol.23 Ch.200 - According to Plan Vol.22 Ch.199 - The Sasuke Rescue Climax Vol.22 Ch.198 - METAMPSYCHOSIS...!! Vol.22 Ch.197 - Unyielding Determination Vol.22 Ch.196 - The Strongest Foe Vol.22 Ch.195 - Strategy Vol.22 Ch.194 - Probing Each Other Vol.22 Ch.193 - Game Over Vol.22 Ch.192 - Plan...!! Vol.22 Ch.191 - Friends Vol.21 Ch.190 - Unforgiveable!! Vol.21 Ch.189 - The Power to Belive!!! Vol.21 Ch.188 - Hidden Leaf's Shinobi!! Vol.21 Ch.187 - Praying for Mercy...!! Vol.21 Ch.186 - Failure...?! Vol.21 Ch.185 - Pursuit...!! Vol.21 Ch.184 - Sound vs. Leaf!! Vol.21 Ch.183 - Promise of a Lifetime Vol.21 Ch.182 - The Gathering!! Vol.21 Ch.181 - The Fight Begins Vol.20 Ch.180 - It's a Promise! Vol.20 Ch.179 - Don't Forget...!! Vol.20 Ch.178 - The Temptation of the Sound Vol.20 Ch.177 - The Four Sounds Vol.20 Ch.176 - Bitter Rivalry Vol.20 Ch.175 - Naruto vs. Sasuke Vol.20 Ch.174 - Each and Their Path Vol.20 Ch.173 - Affliction Vol.20 Ch.172 - Returning Home Vol.19 Ch.171 - Inherit the Dreams Vol.19 Ch.170 - The Battle of the Legendary Three! Vol.19 Ch.169 - To Bet One's Life!! Vol.19 Ch.168 - Just One More Time Vol.19 Ch.167 - The Arrangement Vol.19 Ch.166 - A Ninja's Talents Vol.19 Ch.165 - Naruto... Attacks Vol.19 Ch.164 - Medical Ninja!! Vol.19 Ch.163 - What Refuses to Decay! Vol.18 Ch.162 - The Heart that Can't Resist Vol.18 Ch.161 - Tsunade's Decision Vol.18 Ch.160 - The Necklace of Death Vol.18 Ch.159 - The Wager... Vol.18 Ch.158 - I Won't Forgive You Vol.18 Ch.157 - And the Answer Is... Vol.18 Ch.156 - Business Vol.18 Ch.155 - The Third Step Vol.18 Ch.154 - Arrived...! Vol.17 Ch.153 - The Searchers!! Vol.17 Ch.152 - The Second State Vol.17 Ch.151 - The Hook...!! Vol.17 Ch.150 - Start of the Training....?! Vol.17 Ch.149 - Legendary...! Vol.17 Ch.148 - Itachi's Power!! Vol.17 Ch.147 - It's My Fight!! Vol.17 Ch.146 - Hatred... Vol.17 Ch.145 - Memory of Despair Vol.16 Ch.144 - The Pursuers Vol.16 Ch.143 - The Fourth Daime's Isan...!! Vol.16 Ch.142 - Kakashi vs. Itachi! Vol.16 Ch.141 - Itachi Uchiha!! Vol.16 Ch.140 - Contact...!! Vol.16 Ch.139 - That Person's Name IS...? Vol.16 Ch.138 - Operation Destroy Konoha, Terminated!! Vol.16 Ch.137 - The True Meaning Is...? Vol.16 Ch.136 - The Last Blow...!! Vol.15 Ch.135 - Storm Fight Vol.15 Ch.134 - Naruto's Ninja Handbook! Vol.15 Ch.133 - Strong Guys...!! Vol.15 Ch.132 - Two Boys: Darkness and Light Vol.15 Ch.131 - A Name Called Gaara...!! Vol.15 Ch.130 - Love..!! Vol.15 Ch.129 - To Hurt...!!! Vol.15 Ch.128 - Beyond His Limits!! Vol.15 Ch.127 - Feeling Alive!! Vol.14 Ch.126 - Careless...!! Vol.14 Ch.125 - The Awakening... Vol.14 Ch.124 - The Eternal Battle...! Vol.14 Ch.123 - The Final Seal Vol.14 Ch.122 - Uke Tsugarete Yuku Ishi!! Vol.14 Ch.121 - Leaf History... Vol.14 Ch.120 - Konoha Kuzushi Vol.14 Ch.119 - The Life I Wanted...!! Vol.14 Ch.118 - Orochimaru's Summoning... Vol.13 Ch.117 - The Assigned Mission Vol.13 Ch.116 - The Crumbling Leaf... Vol.13 Ch.115 - Chuunin Exam, Conclusion! Vol.13 Ch.114 - ATTACK! Vol.13 Ch.113 - Reason for the Lateness Vol.13 Ch.112 - Sasuke's Taijutsu Vol.13 Ch.111 - Sasuke vs. Gaara Vol.13 Ch.110 - Finally!! Vol.13 Ch.109 - Leaf, Dance! Vol.12 Ch.108 - Premonition of Victory? Vol.12 Ch.107 - The Boy with No Fighting Spirit!! Vol.12 Ch.106 - Sasuke Forfeits? Vol.12 Ch.105 - The Great Flight!!! Vol.12 Ch.104 - The Power to Change Vol.12 Ch.103 - Loser!! Vol.12 Ch.102 - The Bird in the Cage...!! Vol.12 Ch.101 - The Other...!! Vol.12 Ch.100 - Prepared to Die...!! Vol.11 Ch.099 - Main Event, Commences!! Vol.11 Ch.098 - A Proud Failure!! Vol.11 Ch.097 - Reason to Exist Vol.11 Ch.096 - The Sudden Intruder!! Vol.11 Ch.095 - The Meeting...!! Vol.11 Ch.094 - Key...!! Vol.11 Ch.093 - Each's Passion!! Vol.11 Ch.092 - Leaf and Sound and Sand and...!!! Vol.11 Ch.091 - Disciple Application!? Vol.10 Ch.090 - What About the Training?! Vol.10 Ch.089 - Naruto's Request...!! Vol.10 Ch.088 - Where's Sasuke...!? Vol.10 Ch.087 - Prelims Conclude...!! Vol.10 Ch.086 - A Great Ninja...!! Vol.10 Ch.085 - Now...!! Vol.10 Ch.084 - The Genius of Hard Work...!! Vol.10 Ch.083 - Absolute Defence Crumbles!? Vol.10 Ch.082 - Lee's Secret!! Vol.09 Ch.081 - Gaara vs. ... Vol.09 Ch.080 - Surpass the Limit... Vol.09 Ch.079 - The Hyuga Clan Vol.09 Ch.078 - Neji and Hinata Vol.09 Ch.077 - Naruto's Trick!! Vol.09 Ch.076 - Kiba's Comeback!! Naruto's Comeback!!?? Vol.09 Ch.075 - Naruto's Growth...!! Vol.09 Ch.074 - The 6th Match... and Then!! Vol.09 Ch.073 - Announcement of Defeat...!? Vol.08 Ch.072 - Rivalry...!! Vol.08 Ch.071 - A Wall Too High!! Vol.08 Ch.070 - The One Who Will Die Is...!? Vol.08 Ch.069 - The Terrifying Visitor!! Vol.08 Ch.068 - The Uchiha Blood!! Vol.08 Ch.067 - Opposing Ability!! Vol.08 Ch.066 - Sakura's Request Vol.08 Ch.065 - Life Risking Battles!! Vol.08 Ch.064 - Hokage's Message...!! Vol.07 Ch.063 - The Other Face Vol.07 Ch.062 - Trapped Rats...!! Vol.07 Ch.061 - The Path You Should Take...!! Vol.07 Ch.060 - Last Chance...!! Vol.07 Ch.059 - Tragedy of Sand!! Vol.07 Ch.058 - Witnesses...!! Vol.07 Ch.057 - 10 Hours Earlier Vol.07 Ch.056 - Granted Power..!! Vol.07 Ch.055 - All-out War...!! Vol.06 Ch.054 - Sakura and Ino Vol.06 Ch.053 - Sakura's Decision!! Vol.06 Ch.052 - Condition of Usage!! Vol.06 Ch.051 - The Beautiful Beast...!! Vol.06 Ch.050 - I Must...!! Vol.06 Ch.049 - Coward...!! Vol.06 Ch.048 - The Purpose Is...!! Vol.06 Ch.047 - Predator!! Vol.06 Ch.046 - The Codeword Is...!! Vol.05 Ch.045 - The Second Test!! Vol.05 Ch.044 - Tested Ability...!! Vol.05 Ch.043 - The Tenth Question...!! Vol.05 Ch.042 - Each Person's Battle!! Vol.05 Ch.041 - The Devil's Whisper...!? Vol.05 Ch.040 - The First Test!! Vol.05 Ch.039 - Challengers!! Vol.05 Ch.038 - START...!! Vol.05 Ch.037 - The Worst Match-up...!! Vol.04 Ch.036 - Sakura's Depression!! Vol.04 Ch.035 - A New Murderer Vol.04 Ch.034 - Intruders!? Vol.04 Ch.033 - The Bridge of Heroes!! Vol.04 Ch.032 - A Tool Called "Shinobi" Vol.04 Ch.031 - Their Own Battles...!! Vol.04 Ch.030 - Your Future Is...!! Vol.04 Ch.029 - An Important Person...!! Vol.04 Ch.028 - Nine Tails!! Vol.03 Ch.027 - Awaken!! Vol.03 Ch.026 - Crumbling Sharingan Vol.03 Ch.025 - For the Sake of Dreams Vol.03 Ch.024 - Speed Vol.03 Ch.023 - Two Surprise Attacks Vol.03 Ch.022 - A Rival Appears!! Vol.03 Ch.021 - Encounter in the Forest Vol.03 Ch.020 - The Country that Had a Hero Vol.03 Ch.019 - Symbol of Courage Vol.03 Ch.018 - Training Commence Vol.02 Ch.017 - Preparation for Battle Vol.02 Ch.016 - "Who Are You?" Vol.02 Ch.015 - Sharingan Ressurected Vol.02 Ch.014 - Secret Plan Vol.02 Ch.013 - I'm a Ninja Vol.02 Ch.012 - It's Over Vol.02 Ch.011 - Disembark Vol.02 Ch.010 - Two Down Vol.02 Ch.009 - The Worst Possible Client Vol.02 Ch.008 - That's Why You're Failures Vol.01 Ch.007 - Kakashi's Conclusion Vol.01 Ch.006 - Not Sasuke-kun Vol.01 Ch.005 - Carelessness Is Your Worst Enemy Vol.01 Ch.004 - Hatake Kakashi Vol.01 Ch.003 - Uchiha Sasuke Vol.01 Ch.002 - Konohamaru! Vol.01 Ch.001 - Uzumaki Naruto Vol.01 Ch.000 - Naruto Pilot Manga
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