Nobunaga no Chef
Nobunaga no Chef

Nobunaga no Chef


Last Update: Sep 20,2021

Tag: Action Comedy Drama Seinen Historical
Author:NISHIMURA Mitsuru

Ken is a modern-day chef who wakes up one morning in war-torn 16th century Japan. Faced with an impossible situation, he does what he does best – he cooks. Soon, word of his wonderful food reaches th...more

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Vol (106) Order
Vol.12 Ch.106 Vol.12 Ch.105 Vol.12 Ch.104 Vol.12 Ch.103 Vol.12 Ch.102 Vol.12 Ch.101 Vol.11 Ch.100 Vol.11 Ch.099 Vol.11 Ch.098 Vol.11 Ch.097 Vol.11 Ch.096 Vol.11 Ch.095 Vol.11 Ch.094 Vol.11 Ch.093 Vol.11 Ch.092 Vol.11 Ch.091 Vol.11 Ch.090 - As Nobunaga's Messenger Vol.11 Ch.089 Vol.10 Ch.088 Vol.10 Ch.087 Vol.10 Ch.086 Vol.10 Ch.085 Vol.10 Ch.084 Vol.10 Ch.083 Vol.10 Ch.082 Vol.10 Ch.081 Vol.10 Ch.080 - The Specified Ingredient Vol.09 Ch.079 - Dish of Reunion Vol.09 Ch.078 - Tokugawa's Strength Vol.09 Ch.077 - Shingen's Dream Vol.09 Ch.076 - On Tokugawa's Ground Vol.09 Ch.075 - Showdomn at Mikatahara Vol.09 Ch.074 - A Celebratory Serving Vol.09 Ch.073 - Shingen's Words Vol.09 Ch.072 - The Moment of Reunion Vol.09 Ch.071 - Nobunaga's Gift Vol.08 Ch.070 - Ken's Determination Vol.08 Ch.069 - The Takeda Heir Vol.08 Ch.068 - Various Paths of Righteousness Vol.08 Ch.067 - Cooking for Shingen Vol.08 Ch.066 - The Wild Bull of Kai Vol.08 Ch.065 - Youko's Sensation Vol.08 Ch.064 - Ken's Anger Vol.08 Ch.063 - A Dish of Resurrection Vol.08 Ch.062 - Kennyo's Gift Vol.07 Ch.061 - Aftermath of the Razing Vol.07 Ch.060 - Setting Aflame Vol.07 Ch.059 - Rule from the Future Vol.07 Ch.058 - Trembling Vol.07 Ch.057 - Shibata and Nobunaga Vol.07 Ch.056 - Kaede's Competition Confections Vol.07 Ch.055 - Ken's Cooking Coaching Vol.07 Ch.054 - One Thousand Kanbun Coin Reparation Vol.07 Ch.053 - The Nation's Castle Vol.06 Ch.052 - Food for Asakura Vol.06 Ch.051 - The Rippling Confection Vol.06 Ch.050 - Youko's Tart Vol.06 Ch.049 - Youko and Ken Vol.06 Ch.048 - The Duel in Imperial Presence Vol.06 Ch.047 - The Unassailable Fortress Vol.06 Ch.046 - The One Who Dreamed Vol.06 Ch.045 - The Smell of the World Vol.06 Ch.044 - At the End of the Road Vol.05 Ch.043 - Cuisine Communicated to Mori Vol.05 Ch.042 - The Nobunaga Opposition Vol.05 Ch.041 - Showdown with Noda and Fukushima Vol.05 Ch.040 - Nobunaga and Hideyoshi Vol.05 Ch.039 - The Hongan-ji Chef Vol.05 Ch.038 - Yoshinari's Oomiyari Spear Vol.05 Ch.037 - Resolution Vol.05 Ch.036 - The Nayashuu's Order Vol.05 Ch.035 - In Sakai Vol.04 Ch.034 - Ken's Field Vol.04 Ch.033 - Reunion Vol.04 Ch.032 - The Time the Tide Turns Vol.04 Ch.031 - The End of the Pledge Vol.04 Ch.030 - Kaede and Nobunaga Vol.04 Ch.029 - The Stench in Memories Vol.04 Ch.028 - The Distant Poem Vol.04 Ch.027 - Lunch for a Warring States Child Vol.04 Ch.026 - Brother and Sister Vol.03 Ch.025 - All He Amounted To Vol.03 Ch.024 - Infiltration of Odani Castle Vol.03 Ch.023 - An Eye for an Eye Vol.03 Ch.022 - A Full-Grown Man Vol.03 Ch.021 - The Lord and His Vassals Vol.03 Ch.020 - Ieyasu and Sea Bream Vol.03 Ch.019 - In Oumi Vol.03 Ch.018 - The Defeated General Vol.03 Ch.017 - To the Destined Land Vol.02 Ch.016 - At Nijou Castle Vol.02 Ch.015 - After the Banquet Vol.02 Ch.014 - Yoshinari's Saying Vol.02 Ch.013 - Nobunaga's New Year Vol.02 Ch.012 - Plots and Injustices Vol.02 Ch.011 - In Natsu's House Vol.02 Ch.010 - The Shogun's Kitchen Vol.02 Ch.009 - Yoshinari and Nobunaga Vol.02 Ch.008 - Cooking that Bends the Heart Vol.01 Ch.007 - What Exists on the Battlefield Vol.01 Ch.006 - To War! Vol.01 Ch.005 - Ken and Natsu Vol.01 Ch.004 - Fifth Birthday Vol.01 Ch.003 - Nobunaga's Intentions Vol.01 Ch.002 - The First Guest Vol.01 Ch.001 - The Place Where He Awakes
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