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Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Shounen Supernatural Mystery
Author:ODA Eiichiro

Gol D. Roger was known as the Pirate King, the strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line. The capture and death of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the w...more

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Vol (1046) Order
Vol.TBE Ch.1033 Vol.TBE Ch.1032 Vol.TBE Ch.1031 Vol.TBE Ch.1030 Vol.TBE Ch.1029 Vol.TBE Ch.1028 Vol.TBE Ch.1027 Vol.TBE Ch.1026 Vol.TBE Ch.1025 Vol.TBE Ch.1024 Vol.TBE Ch.1023.5 Vol.TBE Ch.1023 Vol.TBE Ch.1022 Vol.TBE Ch.1021 Vol.TBE Ch.1020 Vol.TBE Ch.1019 Vol.TBE Ch.1018 Vol.TBE Ch.1017 Vol.TBE Ch.1016 Vol.TBE Ch.1015 Vol.TBE Ch.1014 Vol.TBE Ch.1013 Vol.TBE Ch.1012 Vol.TBE Ch.1011 Vol.TBE Ch.1010 Vol.TBE Ch.1009 Vol.TBE Ch.1008 Vol.TBE Ch.1007 Vol.TBE Ch.1006 Vol.TBE Ch.1005 Vol.TBE Ch.1004 Vol.TBE Ch.1003 Vol.TBE Ch.1002 Vol.TBE Ch.1001 Vol.TBE Ch.1000.5 Vol.TBE Ch.1000 Vol.TBD Ch.999 Vol.TBD Ch.998 Vol.TBD Ch.997 Vol.TBD Ch.996 Vol.TBD Ch.995 Vol.TBD Ch.994 Vol.TBD Ch.993 Vol.TBD Ch.992 Vol.TBD Ch.991.5 Vol.TBD Ch.991 Vol.TBD Ch.990 Vol.TBD Ch.989 Vol.TBD Ch.988 Vol.TBD Ch.987 Vol.TBD Ch.986 Vol.TBD Ch.985 Vol.TBD Ch.984 Vol.TBD Ch.983 Vol.TBD Ch.982 Vol.TBD Ch.981 Vol.TBD Ch.980 Vol.TBD Ch.979 Vol.TBD Ch.978 Vol.TBD Ch.977 Vol.TBD Ch.976 Vol.TBD Ch.975 Vol.TBD Ch.974 Vol.TBD Ch.973 Vol.TBD Ch.972 Vol.TBD Ch.971 Vol.TBD Ch.970 Vol.TBD Ch.969 Vol.TBD Ch.968 Vol.TBD Ch.967 Vol.TBD Ch.966 Vol.TBD Ch.965 Vol.TBD Ch.964 Vol.TBD Ch.963 Vol.TBD Ch.962 Vol.TBD Ch.961 Vol.TBD Ch.960 Vol.TBD Ch.959 Vol.TBD Ch.958 Vol.TBD Ch.957 Vol.TBD Ch.956.5 Vol.TBD Ch.956 Vol.TBD Ch.955 Vol.TBD Ch.954 Vol.TBD Ch.953 Vol.TBD Ch.952 Vol.TBD Ch.951 Vol.TBD Ch.950 Vol.TBD Ch.949.5 Vol.TBD Ch.949 Vol.TBD Ch.948 Vol.TBD Ch.947 Vol.TBD Ch.946 Vol.TBD Ch.945 Vol.TBD Ch.944 Vol.TBD Ch.943 Vol.TBD Ch.942 Vol.TBD Ch.941 Vol.TBD Ch.940 Vol.TBD Ch.939 Vol.TBD Ch.938 Vol.TBD Ch.937 Vol.TBD Ch.936 Vol.TBD Ch.935 Vol.TBD Ch.934 Vol.TBD Ch.933 Vol.TBD Ch.932 Vol.TBD Ch.931 Vol.TBD Ch.930 Vol.TBD Ch.929 Vol.TBD Ch.928 Vol.TBD Ch.927 Vol.TBD Ch.926 Vol.TBD Ch.925 Vol.TBD Ch.924 Vol.TBD Ch.923 Vol.TBD Ch.922 Vol.TBD Ch.921 Vol.TBD Ch.920 Vol.TBD Ch.919 Vol.TBD Ch.918 Vol.TBD Ch.917 - The Treasure Ship of Provisions Vol.TBD Ch.916 Vol.TBD Ch.915 Vol.TBD Ch.914 Vol.TBD Ch.913 Vol.TBD Ch.912.8 Vol.TBD Ch.912.5 Vol.TBD Ch.912 Vol.TBD Ch.911 Vol.TBD Ch.910 Vol.TBD Ch.909 Vol.TBD Ch.908 Vol.TBD Ch.907 Vol.TBD Ch.906 Vol.TBD Ch.905 Vol.TBD Ch.904 Vol.TBD Ch.903 Vol.TBD Ch.902 Vol.TBD Ch.901 Vol.TBD Ch.900 Vol.TBD Ch.899 Vol.TBD Ch.898 Vol.TBD Ch.897 Vol.TBD Ch.896 Vol.TBD Ch.895 Vol.TBD Ch.894 Vol.TBD Ch.893 Vol.TBD Ch.892 Vol.TBD Ch.891 Vol.TBD Ch.890 Vol.TBD Ch.889 Vol.TBD Ch.888 - Lion Vol.TBD Ch.887 - Somewhere, Someone is Wishing for Your Happiness Vol.TBD Ch.886 - That's the Way I Live Vol.TBD Ch.885 - It's Brulee! Vol.TBD Ch.884 - Who Vol.TBD Ch.883 - Merienda Vol.TBD Ch.882 - Beyond the Expectations of a Yonkou Vol.TBD Ch.881 - 'A WAVE ROOM 123 Vol.TBD Ch.880 - No Way Out Vol.TBD Ch.879 - Big Mom Commander Dogtooth Vol.TBD Ch.878 - Mink Tribe, Guardians Chief Pedro Vol.TBD Ch.877 - I'm Not That Sweet Vol.TBD Ch.876 - Pudding Coincidentally Appears! Vol.TBD Ch.875 - A Woman's Honor Vol.TBD Ch.874 - King Baum Vol.TBD Ch.873 - Trapped Like Sweets In A cage* Vol.TBD Ch.872 - Soft And Fluffy Vol.TBD Ch.871 - Go, Caesar! Vol.TBD Ch.870 - Parting Vol.TBD Ch.869 - Under Siege Vol.TBD Ch.868 - KX Launcher Vol.TBD Ch.867 - Happy Birthday Vol.TBD Ch.866 - Natural Born Destroyer Vol.TBD Ch.865 - Hey, Mother Vol.TBD Ch.864 - The Vinsmoke Family Slaughter Plot Vol.TBD Ch.863 - The Consummate Gentleman Vol.TBD Ch.862 - The Consummate Thinker Vol.TBD Ch.861 - The Consummate Actor Vol.TBD Ch.860 - The Party Begins At 10 Vol.TBD Ch.859 - The Yonkou Assassination Plot Vol.TBD Ch.782.5 Vol.TBD Ch.104.5 Vol.TBD Ch.001.2 Vol.TBD Ch.001.1 Vol.85 Ch.858 - The Meeting Vol.85 Ch.857 - Rook Vol.85 Ch.856 - liar Vol.85 Ch.855 - GRRRRROOOWWWLLL! Vol.85 Ch.854 - What The Hell Am I Doing?! Vol.85 Ch.853 - Not Here! Vol.85 Ch.852 - The Germa Failure Vol.85 Ch.851 - Tab End Vol.85 Ch.850 - Ray of hope Vol.85 Ch.849 - Bropper in Mirrorland Vol.84 Ch.848 - Goodbye Vol.84 Ch.847 - Luffy and Big Mom Vol.84 Ch.846 - Egg Defense Vol.84 Ch.845 - The Enraged Army Vol.84 Ch.844 - Luffy vs Sanji Vol.84 Ch.843 - Vinsmoke Sanji Vol.84 Ch.842 - The Power of Fullness Vol.84 Ch.841 - To the East Blue Vol.84 Ch.840 - Iron Mask Vol.84 Ch.839 - I Shall Never Forget The Debt That I Owe You Vol.83 Ch.838 - Bropper Vol.83 Ch.837 - Luffy vs Commander Cracker Vol.83 Ch.836 - The Vivre Card Lola Gave Vol.83 Ch.835 - The Nation of Souls Vol.83 Ch.834 - My Dream Vol.83 Ch.833 - Vinsmoke Judge Vol.83 Ch.832 - Germa Kingdom Vol.83 Ch.831 - Adventure in a Mysterious Forest Vol.83 Ch.830 - He Who Gets Bet On Vol.83 Ch.829 - The Yonkou, Charlotte Linlin the Pirate Vol.83 Ch.828 - 1 and 2 Vol.82 Ch.827 - Totland Vol.82 Ch.826 - 0 and 4 Vol.82 Ch.825 - The WE Times' Comic Strip Vol.82 Ch.824 - Little Pirate Games Vol.82 Ch.823 - A World Abuzz Vol.82 Ch.822 - Descending the Elephant Vol.82 Ch.821 - Understood Vol.82 Ch.820 - Dog and Cat Have a History Vol.82 Ch.819 - Momonosuke, Heir of the Kouzuki Clan Vol.82 Ch.818 - Within the Whale Vol.82 Ch.817 - Raizou of the Mist Vol.81 Ch.816 - Dog vs. Cat Vol.81 Ch.815 - Take me with you!! Vol.81 Ch.814 - Let's Go See Master Nekomamushi Vol.81 Ch.813 - The Tea Party Invitation Vol.81 Ch.812 - Capone Gang Bege Vol.81 Ch.811 - Roko Vol.81 Ch.810 - The Curly Hat Pirates Arrive Vol.81 Ch.809 - Master Nekomamushi Vol.81 Ch.808 - Duke Inuarashi Vol.81 Ch.807 - Ten Days Ago Vol.80 Ch.806 - At Right Belly Fortress Vol.80 Ch.805 - The Mink Race Vol.80 Ch.804 - Adventure in the Country on the Back of an Elephant Vol.80 Ch.803 - Climbing the Elephant Vol.80 Ch.802 - Zou Vol.80 Ch.801 - Proclamation of a New Era Vol.80 Ch.800 - An Underling's Vow Vol.80 Ch.799 - Parent and Child Vol.80 Ch.798 - Heart Vol.80 Ch.797 - Rebecca Vol.80 Ch.796 - Soldier-san's Decision Vol.79 Ch.795 - Suicide Vol.79 Ch.794 - Sabo's Adventure Vol.79 Ch.793 - The Tiger And The Dog Vol.79 Ch.792 - Prostrate Vol.79 Ch.791 - Rubble Vol.79 Ch.790 - Heaven And Earth Vol.79 Ch.789 - Lucy! Vol.79 Ch.788 - How I Fight Vol.79 Ch.787 - Four Minutes Away Vol.79 Ch.786 - Gatz Vol.78 Ch.785 - Even If Your Legs Break Vol.78 Ch.784 - Gear Fourth Vol.78 Ch.783 - In My Way Vol.78 Ch.782 - Evil's Champion Vol.78 Ch.781 - Long-Cherished Desire Vol.78 Ch.780 - The Heart Curse Vol.78 Ch.779 - The Last Fight Vol.78 Ch.778 - Tactics No. 5 Vol.78 Ch.777 - Zoro vs. Pica Vol.78 Ch.776 - The Colosseum's Hero Vol.77 Ch.775 - To Lucy Anne, With Love Vol.77 Ch.774 - Leo, Warrior Chief of the Tontatta Tribe Vol.77 Ch.773 - Half and Half Vol.77 Ch.772 - Cabbage & Romeo Vol.77 Ch.771 - Don of the Happou Navy Vol.77 Ch.770 - The Spear of Elbaf Vol.77 Ch.769 - The Pirate Bellamy Vol.77 Ch.768 - The Trigger That Day Vol.77 Ch.767 - Cora-san Vol.77 Ch.766 - Smile Vol.77 Ch.765 - The Island of Fate: Minion Vol.77 Ch.764 - White Monster Vol.76 Ch.763 - Declaration Of Humanity Vol.76 Ch.762 - The White City Vol.76 Ch.761 - The Ope-Ope Fruit Vol.76 Ch.760 - The Same Bet Vol.76 Ch.759 - Secret Plan Vol.76 Ch.758 - Pay No Heed and Move On Vol.76 Ch.757 - Trump Card Vol.76 Ch.756 - Level 4 Vol.76 Ch.755 - Man's World Vol.76 Ch.754 - Pleased to Make your Acquaintance Vol.76 Ch.753 - War Vol.75 Ch.752 - Palm Vol.75 Ch.751 - Sabo vs Admiral Fujitora Vol.75 Ch.750 - Aspects of Battle Vol.75 Ch.749 - Onward, Army of Rogues!! Vol.75 Ch.748 - Repayment Vol.75 Ch.747 - Chief Officer Pica Vol.75 Ch.746 - Stars Vol.75 Ch.745 - Birdcage Vol.75 Ch.744 - Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army Vol.75 Ch.743 - Dressrosa Shakes Vol.74 Ch.742 - I Will Always Be By Your Side Vol.74 Ch.741 - Usoland The Liar Vol.74 Ch.740 - It's Up to You!!! Vol.74 Ch.739 - Captain Vol.74 Ch.738 - The Trebol Army's Special Officer: Sugar Vol.74 Ch.737 - The Officers' Tower Vol.74 Ch.736 - Elite Officer Diamante Vol.74 Ch.735 - Fujitora's Outlook Vol.74 Ch.734 - The Kamaitachi of Rommel Vol.74 Ch.733 - What Soldier-San Desires Vol.74 Ch.732 - The Underground World Vol.73 Ch.731 - Dressrosa Operation SOP Vol.73 Ch.730 - Three Cards Vol.73 Ch.729 - Shichibukai Doflamingo vs Shichibukai Law Vol.73 Ch.728 - The Tragic Ranks Vol.73 Ch.727 - The Ambushing Hero Vol.73 Ch.726 - The Riku Clan Vol.73 Ch.725 - The Undefeated Woman Vol.73 Ch.724 - Law's Strategy Vol.73 Ch.723 - Change of Plans Vol.73 Ch.722 - The Bloodline of Royalty Vol.72 Ch.721 - Rebecca and Soldier-San Vol.72 Ch.720 - The Gladiator Prisoners Vol.72 Ch.719 - Open, Chinjao Vol.72 Ch.718 - The Riku Royal Fighters of the Flower Fields Vol.72 Ch.717 - The Forgotten of Dressrosa Vol.72 Ch.716 - Don Chinjao Vol.72 Ch.715 - Close Contest C-Block Vol.72 Ch.714 - Lucy and Ucy Vol.72 Ch.713 - Usoland Vol.72 Ch.712 - Violet Vol.71 Ch.711 - Adventure in the Land of Dwarves Vol.71 Ch.710 - To Green Bit Vol.71 Ch.709 - King Punch!! Vol.71 Ch.708 - Colosseum of Knaves Vol.71 Ch.707 - B Block Vol.71 Ch.706 - I Won't Mock You Vol.71 Ch.705 - Maynard the Pursuer Vol.71 Ch.704 - Lucy and the Statue of Kyros Vol.71 Ch.703 - Waiting Room Vol.71 Ch.702 - Corrida Colosseum Vol.71 Ch.701 - Adventure in the Land of Love, Passion and Toys Vol.70 Ch.700 - At His Own Pace Vol.70 Ch.699 - Morning Edition Vol.70 Ch.698 - Doflamingo Appears Vol.70 Ch.697 - Dealings Vol.70 Ch.696 - Common Interest Vol.70 Ch.695 - Leave It To Us!!! Vol.70 Ch.694 - The Most Dangerous Man Vol.70 Ch.693 - Die For Me Vol.70 Ch.692 - The Assassins from Dressrosa Vol.70 Ch.691 - The King of the Land of Death Vol.69 Ch.690 - SAD Vol.69 Ch.689 - An Island that Seems Not To Exist Vol.69 Ch.688 - Mochya Vol.69 Ch.687 - Beast Vol.69 Ch.686 - The Yuki-Onna of the Biscuit Room Vol.69 Ch.685 - My Name is Momonosuke, That it is! Vol.69 Ch.684 - Stop It, Vegapunk Vol.69 Ch.683 - A Woman Like Ice Vol.69 Ch.682 - Mastermind Vol.69 Ch.681 - Luffy vs Master Vol.69 Ch.680 - G-5 Base Commander: "Kichiku" Vergo Vol.69 Ch.679 - The Audacity of G-5 Vol.68 Ch.678 - The Lobby of Laboratory Building A Vol.68 Ch.677 - Counter Hazard Vol.68 Ch.676 - The Perfected Weapon of Mass Destruction Vol.68 Ch.675 - It's Name is "Shinokuni" Vol.68 Ch.674 - Spectators Vol.68 Ch.673 - Vergo and Joker Vol.68 Ch.672 - My Name is Kinemon!! Vol.68 Ch.671 - Gasu Gasu No Mi Vol.68 Ch.670 - Blizzard with a Chance of Slime Vol.68 Ch.669 - The Operations Begins Vol.68 Ch.668 - Pirate Alliance Vol.67 Ch.667 - Cool Fight Vol.67 Ch.666 - Yeti Cool Brothers Vol.67 Ch.665 - Candy Vol.67 Ch.664 - Master Caesar Clown Vol.67 Ch.663 - CC Vol.67 Ch.662 - Shichibukai Law vs Vice Admiral Smoker Vol.67 Ch.661 - The Lake of Bandits Vol.67 Ch.660 - Royal Shichibukai Trafalgar Law Vol.67 Ch.659 - About My Torso Vol.67 Ch.658 - Biscuits Room Vol.67 Ch.657 - Severed Head Vol.66 Ch.656 - Adventure on the Burning Island Vol.66 Ch.655 - Punk Hazard Vol.66 Ch.654 - Gam Vol.66 Ch.653 - The Hero's Hat Vol.66 Ch.652 - Grim Premonitions Vol.66 Ch.651 - The Voice From the New World Vol.66 Ch.650 - Two Changes You Need to Know Vol.66 Ch.649 - Dance of Sea Breams and Flounders Vol.66 Ch.648 - The Path Towards the Sun Vol.66 Ch.647 - Stop, Noah!! Vol.65 Ch.646 - Frog Vol.65 Ch.645 - Deat is Also Revenge Vol.65 Ch.644 - To Zero Vol.65 Ch.643 - Phantom Vol.65 Ch.642 - Complete Loss of Face Vol.65 Ch.641 - What Are You? Vol.65 Ch.640 - Right Above Fishman Island Vol.65 Ch.639 - I'll Protect Everything Vol.65 Ch.638 - Runawayhoshi Vol.65 Ch.637 - The Ancient Ark Vol.64 Ch.636 - The General From the Future Land Vol.64 Ch.635 - So Disgusting it Makes Me Fly Vol.64 Ch.634 - 100.000 vs 10 Vol.64 Ch.633 - Friend or Foe Vol.64 Ch.632 - I Knew it All Along Vol.64 Ch.631 - Gyoncorde Plaza Vol.64 Ch.630 - Lashing Out Vol.64 Ch.629 - The Former Shichibukai Who Stands in the Way Vol.64 Ch.628 - Major Cleanup Vol.64 Ch.627 - You Have my Gratitude Vol.63 Ch.626 - The Three Neptune Brothers Vol.63 Ch.625 - Uninherited Will Vol.63 Ch.624 - Queen Otohime Vol.63 Ch.623 - Pirate Fisher Tiger Vol.63 Ch.622 - The Sun Pirates Vol.63 Ch.621 - Otohime and Tiger Vol.63 Ch.620 - The Longed For Amusement Park Vol.63 Ch.619 - At the Sea Forest Vol.63 Ch.618 - Proposal Vol.63 Ch.617 - Major Incident on Coral Hill Vol.63 Ch.616 - Anniversay of Revenge Vol.63 Ch.615 - Curse of Mato Mato Vol.62 Ch.614 - What's Done is Done Vol.62 Ch.613 - The Mermaid Princess in Hard Shell Tower Vol.62 Ch.612 - Led by the Shark They Saved Vol.62 Ch.611 - Hordy Jones Vol.62 Ch.610 - Fortune-Teller Madam Shirley Vol.62 Ch.609 - Adventure on Fishman Island Vol.62 Ch.608 - The Undersea Paradise Vol.62 Ch.607 - 10.000 Meters Under the Sea Vol.62 Ch.606 - Adventure in the Ocean Depths Vol.62 Ch.605 - The Kraken and the Pirates Vol.62 Ch.604 - Into the Depths Vol.61 Ch.603 - Keep This in your Heart Vol.61 Ch.602 - Hard to Downward!! Vol.61 Ch.601 - Romance Dawn for the New World Vol.61 Ch.600 - The Island of New Beginnings Vol.61 Ch.599 - The Nine Pirates Vol.61 Ch.598 - Two Years Later Vol.61 Ch.597 - 3D2Y Vol.61 Ch.596 - Spectrum Vol.61 Ch.595 - Vows Vol.60 Ch.594 - Message Vol.60 Ch.593 - News Vol.60 Ch.592 - Yell Vol.60 Ch.591 - You Sure That's Alright? Vol.60 Ch.590 - My Little Brother Vol.60 Ch.589 - Efforts Toward Glory Vol.60 Ch.588 - Sabo's Ocean Vol.60 Ch.587 - I Will Not Run! Vol.60 Ch.586 - A Fetid Town Vol.60 Ch.585 - Brother's Sake Cups Vol.59 Ch.584 - The Porshemy Incident Vol.59 Ch.583 - Gray Terminal Vol.59 Ch.582 - Luffy and Ace Vol.59 Ch.581 - The Approaching Future Vol.59 Ch.580 - The End of the Battle Vol.59 Ch.579 - A Few Seconds of Courage Vol.59 Ch.578 - The Man Delivered to a New Age Vol.59 Ch.577 - An Unthinkable Incident Vol.59 Ch.576 - The Great Pirate Edward Newgate Vol.59 Ch.575 - Rage Without Words Vol.59 Ch.574 - The Death of Portgas D Ace Vol.58 Ch.573 - This Era Will Be Known By Whitebeard's Name Vol.58 Ch.572 - The Times They Are A-Changin Vol.58 Ch.571 - The Execution Platform Vol.58 Ch.570 - The Bridge of Life Vol.58 Ch.569 - Monster Vol.58 Ch.568 - Do What You Will Vol.58 Ch.567 - Marineford Marine HQ, Orisu Plaza Vol.58 Ch.566 - Fierce Attack Vol.58 Ch.565.5 - Chapter 0: Strong World Vol.58 Ch.565 - Oars's Path Vol.58 Ch.564 - The Man Who Shakes The World Vol.58 Ch.563 - One Man, One Heart Vol.57 Ch.562 - Pirate Whirlpool Spider Squardo Vol.57 Ch.561 - Luffy vs Mihawk Vol.57 Ch.560 - The Prisoners of Impel Down Vol.57 Ch.559 - Karma Vol.57 Ch.558 - Brother Vol.57 Ch.557 - Luffy and Whitebeard Vol.57 Ch.556 - Justice Will Prevail!! Vol.57 Ch.555 - Oars and the Conical Hat Vol.57 Ch.554 - Admiral Akainu Vol.57 Ch.553 - Ultimate Showdown Vol.57 Ch.552 - Ace and Whitebeard Vol.56 Ch.551 - Whitebeard of the Four Emperors Vol.56 Ch.550 - Marine Headquarters Vol.56 Ch.549 - The Ship Departs Vol.56 Ch.548 - Thank You Vol.56 Ch.547 - Escape from the Island Vol.56 Ch.546 - Captain of the Fishman Pirates, The Shichibukai Jimbei Vol.56 Ch.545 - Out Into the Sunlight Vol.56 Ch.544 - Even Hell's Gates Open Vol.56 Ch.543 - Strawhat and Blackbeard Vol.56 Ch.542 - Another Tale to Tell Vol.55 Ch.541 - The Likes of Which Has Never Been Seen Vol.55 Ch.540 - Level 6, Infinite Hell Vol.55 Ch.539 - Emporio Tension Hormones Vol.55 Ch.538 - Level 5.5, New Kama Land Vol.55 Ch.537 - Okamas in Hell Vol.55 Ch.536 - Level 5, Freezing Hell Vol.55 Ch.535 - Friend Vol.55 Ch.534 - Chief Warden Magellan vs Pirate Luffy Vol.55 Ch.533 - Level 4, The Inferno Hell Vol.54 Ch.532 - The Beast Guard Minotauros Vol.54 Ch.531 - Level 3, Starvation Hell Vol.54 Ch.530 - From Hell to Hell Vol.54 Ch.529 - Beast Hell Vol.54 Ch.528 - Jimbei, Knight of the Sea Vol.54 Ch.527 - The Crimson Hell Vol.54 Ch.526 - Adventure in the Great Prison Vol.54 Ch.525 - The Sea Floor Prison Impel Down Vol.54 Ch.524 - Nobody Can Stop This Anymore Vol.54 Ch.523 - Hell Vol.53 Ch.522 - Fatal Disease Vol.53 Ch.521 - Hoof of the Soaring Dragon Vol.53 Ch.520 - The Gorgon's Eye Vol.53 Ch.519 - The Disposition of a King Vol.53 Ch.518 - Coliseum Vol.53 Ch.517 - Bath Time Vol.53 Ch.516 - Pirate Empress Boa Hancock Vol.53 Ch.515 - Adventure on the Island of Women Vol.53 Ch.514 - Mushrooms-Growing-From-Your-Body-Shroom Vol.53 Ch.513 - I Couldn't Save Them!!! Vol.52 Ch.512 - No Trace of Zoro Vol.52 Ch.511 - Broadaxe-Wielding Sentoumaru Vol.52 Ch.510 - Strawhat Crew vs Combat Weapon Vol.52 Ch.509 - Kizaru vs Four Captains Vol.52 Ch.508 - An Island in Carnage Vol.52 Ch.507 - Kizaru Arrives Vol.52 Ch.506 - Roger and Rayleigh Vol.52 Ch.505 - Kuma Vol.52 Ch.504 - Front Line Pirates on the Move Vol.52 Ch.503 - An Island in Chaos Vol.51 Ch.502 - The Tenryuubito Incident Vol.51 Ch.501 - The World Begins to Change Vol.51 Ch.500 - The Embers of History Vol.51 Ch.499 - Shabondy Park Vol.51 Ch.498 - The Eleven Supernovas Vol.51 Ch.497 - Adventure on the Archipelago of Dancing Bubbles Vol.51 Ch.496 - Yarukiman Mangrove Vol.51 Ch.495 - Gaon Cannon Vol.51 Ch.494 - Duval's Tragedy Vol.51 Ch.493 - You Know Vol.51 Ch.492 - Iron Mask Duval Vol.50 Ch.491 - The Flying Fish Riders Vol.50 Ch.490 - On The Road Again Vol.50 Ch.489 - The 8th Member Vol.50 Ch.488 - The Song of Life Vol.50 Ch.487 - That Song Vol.50 Ch.486 - Piano Vol.50 Ch.485 - Strawhat Pirates - Pirate Hunter Zoro Vol.50 Ch.484 - Puni Vol.50 Ch.483 - The End of the Dream Vol.50 Ch.482 - Morning is Coming Vol.49 Ch.481 - Shadow's Asgard Vol.49 Ch.480 - Interception Vol.49 Ch.479 - Warrior of Hope Vol.49 Ch.478 - Luffy vs Luffy Vol.49 Ch.477 - 3/8 Vol.49 Ch.476 - Nightmare Luffy Vol.49 Ch.475 - The Pirates in the Forest Vol.49 Ch.474 - We've Gotta Do It!! Vol.49 Ch.473 - Shichibukai Bartholomew Kuma Appears Vol.49 Ch.472 - Down Vol.49 Ch.471 - My Friend Vol.48 Ch.470 - Oz vs the Strawhat Crew Vol.48 Ch.469 - Come on Out, Strawhats!! Vol.48 Ch.468 - Pirate Chopper vs Enigma Hogback Vol.48 Ch.467 - Pirate Zoro vs Samurai Ryuma Vol.48 Ch.466 - The Conclusion Vol.48 Ch.465 - Pirate Usopp vs Princess Perona Vol.48 Ch.464 - Sanji's Dream Vol.48 Ch.463 - Pirate Sanji vs Enigma Absalom Vol.48 Ch.462 - Oz's Adventure Vol.48 Ch.461 - Ghost Buster Vol.48 Ch.460 - Get Them Back Before Dawn!! Vol.47 Ch.459 - Death Doesn't Count as an Apology Vol.47 Ch.458 - Just Not the Afro! Vol.47 Ch.457 - Meat!! Vol.47 Ch.456 - The Devil that Came from the Ice Country Vol.47 Ch.455 - Shichibukai Gecko Moria Vol.47 Ch.454 - Humming Vol.47 Ch.453 - Cloudy with a Chance of Bones Vol.47 Ch.452 - Jigoro of the Wind Vol.47 Ch.451 - Perona's Wonder Garden Vol.47 Ch.450 - General Zombie Night Vol.46 Ch.449 - Four Spooks of Thriller Bark Vol.46 Ch.448 - Moria Vol.46 Ch.447 - Surprise Zombie Vol.46 Ch.446 - Doctor Hogback Vol.46 Ch.445 - The Zombie Vol.46 Ch.444 - Adventure at Ghost Island Vol.46 Ch.443 - Thriller Bark Vol.46 Ch.442 - Demon Sea Adventure Vol.46 Ch.441 - Duel on Banaro Island Vol.45 Ch.440 - Fire Fist vs Blackbeard Vol.45 Ch.439 - The Third and The Seventh Vol.45 Ch.438 - Pride Vol.45 Ch.437 - Hadaka Hyakkan Vol.45 Ch.436 - Pants From Franky House Vol.45 Ch.435 - I Can Fell Ya Vol.45 Ch.434 - Whitebeard and Red Hair Vol.45 Ch.433 - The Name of the Sea Vol.45 Ch.432 - Jack in the Box Vol.45 Ch.431 - The Fist of Love Vol.44 Ch.430 - The Light Falling Snow of Reminiscence Vol.44 Ch.429 - Complete Defeat Vol.44 Ch.428 - Let's Go Back Vol.44 Ch.427 - It Ain't Like it's Hell Here Vol.44 Ch.426 - A Ship Waiting for Wind Vol.44 Ch.425 - The Bridge of Struggle Vol.44 Ch.424 - Escape Ship Vol.44 Ch.423 - The Mermaid Legend Vol.44 Ch.422 - Rob Lucci Vol.44 Ch.421 - Gear Third Vol.44 Ch.420 - Buster Call Vol.43 Ch.419 - Legend of the Hero Vol.43 Ch.418 - Luffy vs Rob Lucci Vol.43 Ch.417 - Asura Vol.43 Ch.416 - Zoro vs Kaku Vol.43 Ch.415 - Heat Up Vol.43 Ch.414 - Sanji vs Jyabura Vol.43 Ch.413 - The Hunter Vol.43 Ch.412 - The Chance Has Ended Vol.43 Ch.411 - Nami vs Kalifa Vol.43 Ch.410 - Nami Biggie-Sized Vol.42 Ch.409 - Bad News Emergency Broadcast Vol.42 Ch.408 - Monster vs Kumadori Vol.42 Ch.407 - Monster Vol.42 Ch.406 - Seimei Kikan Vol.42 Ch.405 - Power Vol.42 Ch.404 - Franky vs Fukurou Vol.42 Ch.403 - Mr Kishido Vol.42 Ch.402 - Handcuff Number 2 Vol.42 Ch.401 - Pirates vs CP9 Vol.42 Ch.400 - The Key to Release Vol.41 Ch.399 - Jump to the Fall! Vol.41 Ch.398 - Declaration of War Vol.41 Ch.397 - To Reach the Future Vol.41 Ch.396 - Saul Vol.41 Ch.395 - Ohara vs The World Government Vol.41 Ch.394 - Ohara's Demons Vol.41 Ch.393 - Olvia Vol.41 Ch.392 - Dereshi Vol.41 Ch.391 - A Girl Called Demon Vol.41 Ch.390 - Fighting Back Vol.41 Ch.389 - Response Vol.40 Ch.388 - Gear Second Vol.40 Ch.387 - Gear Vol.40 Ch.386 - Unprecedented Vol.40 Ch.385 - There's a Way Vol.40 Ch.384 - Give the Signal for a Counterattack Vol.40 Ch.383 - Luffy vs Blueno Vol.40 Ch.382 - The Devil's Hideout Vol.40 Ch.381 - Fired! Vol.40 Ch.380 - The Train's Arrival at Enies Lobby Main Land Vol.40 Ch.379 - Douriki Vol.40 Ch.378 - Damage Report Vol.39 Ch.377 - Great Battle on the Judiciary Island Vol.39 Ch.376 - I Got It! Vol.39 Ch.375 - The Super Humans of Enies Lobby Vol.39 Ch.374 - Struggle Vol.39 Ch.373 - Necessary Evil Vol.39 Ch.372 - Parage Vol.39 Ch.371 - Kind Captain T-Bone Vol.39 Ch.370 - Not Alone Vol.39 Ch.369 - Ramen Kenpo Vol.39 Ch.368 - Sea Train Battle Game Vol.38 Ch.367 - Sogeking Vol.38 Ch.366 - Sortie!! Vol.38 Ch.365 - Rocket Man!! Vol.38 Ch.364 - Kokoro Vol.38 Ch.363 - Aqua Laguna Vol.38 Ch.362 - Ebbing Tide Vol.38 Ch.361 - Postscript Vol.38 Ch.360 - A Short Time to Departure Vol.38 Ch.359 - Bingo Vol.38 Ch.358 - Resurrection Vol.37 Ch.357 - Cutty Flam Vol.37 Ch.356 - Tom Vol.37 Ch.355 - Spandam Vol.37 Ch.354 - The Sea Train Vol.37 Ch.353 - The Legendary Shipwright Vol.37 Ch.352 - Tom's Workers Vol.37 Ch.351 - Klabautermann Vol.37 Ch.350 - The Warehouse Under the Bridge Vol.37 Ch.349 - Ordinary Citizen Vol.37 Ch.348 - Combat Power Vol.37 Ch.347 - Rokushiki Vol.36 Ch.346 - The Ninth Justice Vol.36 Ch.345 - The Concealed Ones Vol.36 Ch.344 - Opposing Forces Vol.36 Ch.343 - Cipher Pol No. 9 Vol.36 Ch.342 - Agents of Darkness Vol.36 Ch.341 - Devil Vol.36 Ch.340 - The Woman Who Brings Darkness Vol.36 Ch.339 - The Rumor Vol.36 Ch.338 - Coup de Vent Vol.36 Ch.337 - Bodyguards of the City of Water Vol.35 Ch.336 - Luffy vs Franky Vol.35 Ch.335 - Warning Vol.35 Ch.334 - The Case of the Sealed Room Vol.35 Ch.333 - Captain Vol.35 Ch.332 - Luffy vs. Usopp Vol.35 Ch.331 - A Great Quarrel Vol.35 Ch.330 - It's Decided Vol.35 Ch.329 - My Name is Franky Vol.35 Ch.328 - The Pirate Kidnapping Incident Vol.34 Ch.327 - Shipyard Island, Construction Dock No. 1 Vol.34 Ch.326 - Iceburg-san Vol.34 Ch.325 - The Frankie Family Vol.34 Ch.324 - The Adventure in the City of Water Vol.34 Ch.323 - The City of Water, Water Seven Vol.34 Ch.322 - Puffing Tom Vol.34 Ch.321 - Mano a Mano Vol.34 Ch.320 - The Ultimate Attack Force Vol.34 Ch.319 - The Admiral of the Marine Headquarter, Aokiji Vol.34 Ch.318 - End of the Game Vol.34 Ch.317 - KO Vol.34 Ch.304 - Adventure on a Long Island Vol.33 Ch.316 - Brother Spirit Vol.33 Ch.315 - Rooms of Secrets Vol.33 Ch.314 - COMBAT !!! Vol.33 Ch.313 - Main Event Vol.33 Ch.312 - GOAL!! Vol.33 Ch.311 - Rough Game Vol.33 Ch.310 - Groggy Ring!! Vol.33 Ch.309 - The Groggy Monsters Vol.33 Ch.308 - Obstacle Warfare Vol.33 Ch.307 - Ready~~~ Donut!!! Vol.33 Ch.306 - Donut Race Vol.32 Ch.305 - Foxy the Silver Fox Vol.32 Ch.304 - Adventure on Long Island Vol.32 Ch.303 - The Rich Pirates Vol.32 Ch.302 - Finale Vol.32 Ch.301 - Having Arrived Here Vol.32 Ch.300 - Symphony Vol.32 Ch.299 - Fantasia Vol.32 Ch.298 - Love Song Vol.32 Ch.297 - Praise for Vearth Vol.32 Ch.296 - High-Altitude Situation Vol.31 Ch.295 - The Beanstalk Vol.31 Ch.294 - The Advent of Thunder Vol.31 Ch.293 - Bolero Vol.31 Ch.292 - The Lying Cloud Hides the Moon Vol.31 Ch.291 - We'll Be Here! Vol.31 Ch.290 - The Light of Shandora Vol.31 Ch.289 - Looking at the Moon Vol.31 Ch.288 - Meddling Vol.31 Ch.287 - Godkiller Vol.31 Ch.286 - The Monster of Shandora Vol.30 Ch.285 - Capriccio Vol.30 Ch.284 - Bad Boys Vol.30 Ch.283 - True Love's Frontline Rescue Vol.30 Ch.282 - Hope Vol.30 Ch.281 - Death Piea Vol.30 Ch.280 - Floating Vol.30 Ch.279 - Pirate Luffy vs God Enel Vol.30 Ch.278 - Conis Vol.30 Ch.277 - Maxim Vol.30 Ch.276 - Cyandian Rythm Vol.29 Ch.275 - Divine Comedy Vol.29 Ch.274 - Oratorio Vol.29 Ch.273 - Quintet Vol.29 Ch.272 - Play Vol.29 Ch.271 - Zoro vs Ohm Vol.29 Ch.270 - Serenade Vol.29 Ch.269 - Concerto Vol.29 Ch.268 - Suite Vol.29 Ch.267 - March Vol.29 Ch.266 - Chopper vs Ohm Vol.29 Ch.265 - Robin vs Yama Vol.28 Ch.264 - Warrior Kamakiri vs God Enel Vol.28 Ch.263 - Pirate Nami and the Sky Knight vs Vice Captains Hotori and Kotori Vol.28 Ch.262 - Pirate Chopper vs Priest Gedatsu Vol.28 Ch.261 - Warrior Genbou vs God's Militia Commander Yama Vol.28 Ch.260 - Pirate Luffy vs War Demon Waipa Vol.28 Ch.259 - Pirate Zoro vs Soldier Braham Vol.28 Ch.258 - All Roads lead to the South Vol.28 Ch.257 - Dial Battle Vol.28 Ch.256 - War Demon Waipa Vol.27 Ch.255 - The Python and the Explore Team Vol.27 Ch.254 - Song of Dawn Vol.27 Ch.253 - Vearth Vol.27 Ch.252 - Junction Vol.27 Ch.251 - Overture Vol.27 Ch.250 - Orb Dragon Vol.27 Ch.249 - A Village in the Cloud Vol.27 Ch.248 - Ex-God vs God's Priest Vol.27 Ch.247 - Trial of Balls Vol.26 Ch.246 - Priest Satori of the Forest of Illusions Vol.26 Ch.245 - The Adventure in God's Land Vol.26 Ch.244 - SOS Vol.26 Ch.243 - The Trial Vol.26 Ch.242 - Class-2 Criminals Vol.26 Ch.241 - Heaven's Judgement Vol.26 Ch.240 - Dial Energy Vol.26 Ch.239 - Angel Beach Vol.26 Ch.238 - Heaven's Gate Vol.26 Ch.237 - Up in the Sky Vol.25 Ch.236 - Sailing into the Sky Vol.25 Ch.235 - Knock-up Stream Vol.25 Ch.234 - Please keep that in mind Vol.25 Ch.233 - Highest Powers of the World Vol.25 Ch.232 - The 100 Million Man Vol.25 Ch.231 - Bellamy the Hyena Vol.25 Ch.230 - Catch the Southbird! Vol.25 Ch.229 - Let's Eat Vol.25 Ch.228 - Last Boss of the Saruyama Alliance, Montblanc Cricket Vol.25 Ch.227 - Noland the Liar Vol.24 Ch.226 - Underwater Survey King Shoujou Vol.24 Ch.225 - A Man's Dream Vol.24 Ch.224 - Stop Dreamin'! Vol.24 Ch.223 - I solemnly swear not to fight in this town Vol.24 Ch.222 - Hotshot Rookie Vol.24 Ch.221 - Monster Vol.24 Ch.220 - Ocean Floor Stroll Vol.24 Ch.219 - Salvage King Masira Vol.24 Ch.218 - Why a Log Pose is round Vol.24 Ch.217 - Stowaway Vol.23 Ch.216 - Vivi's Last Adventure Vol.23 Ch.215 - Last Waltz Vol.23 Ch.214 - Plan to Escape from the Sand Country Vol.23 Ch.213 - VIP Vol.23 Ch.212 - Some Justice Vol.23 Ch.211 - King Vol.23 Ch.210 - 0 Vol.23 Ch.209 - Surpassing You Vol.23 Ch.208 - Guardian Spirit Vol.23 Ch.207 - Nightmare Vol.23 Ch.206 - Ignition Vol.22 Ch.205 - Sand Sand Gang's Secret Base Vol.22 Ch.204 - Red Vol.22 Ch.203 - Croc-Like Vol.22 Ch.202 - The Royal Crypt Vol.22 Ch.201 - Nico Robin Vol.22 Ch.200 - Water Luffy Vol.22 Ch.199 - Hope! Vol.22 Ch.198 - 4:15 PM Vol.22 Ch.197 - The Leaders Vol.22 Ch.196 - 1 Vol.21 Ch.195 - Mr Bushido Vol.21 Ch.194 - To Cut Iron Vol.21 Ch.193 - Utopia Vol.21 Ch.192 - Chance of Whirlwinds Vol.21 Ch.191 - The Woman who controls the Weather Vol.21 Ch.190 - Clima Tact Vol.21 Ch.189 - 2 Vol.21 Ch.188 - Okama Kenpou Vol.21 Ch.187 - Even Match Vol.20 Ch.186 - 4 Vol.20 Ch.185 - Oh... Nice Vol.20 Ch.184 - Molehill 4th Street Vol.20 Ch.183 - Commander Carue Vol.20 Ch.182 - Roar Vol.20 Ch.181 - Super Spot-Billed Duck Quiz Vol.20 Ch.180 - Alabastan Animal Land Vol.20 Ch.179 - Showdown at Alubarna Vol.20 Ch.178 - Grand-Line Level Vol.20 Ch.177 - 30 Million vs 81 Million Vol.19 Ch.176 - Rush!! Vol.19 Ch.175 - Release Vol.19 Ch.174 - Mr Prince Vol.19 Ch.173 - Bananadile Vol.19 Ch.172 - Rebellion Vol.19 Ch.171 - The Rebellion's Leader, Kouza Vol.19 Ch.170 - It Begins Vol.19 Ch.169 - The Kingdom's Strongest Warrior Vol.19 Ch.168 - The Town of Dreams, Rainbase Vol.19 Ch.167 - The War Front Vol.18 Ch.166 - Luffy vs Vivi Vol.18 Ch.165 - Flavor of Sand Vol.18 Ch.164 - Love My Country Vol.18 Ch.163 - Yuba, Base of the Rebel Forces Vol.18 Ch.162 - Adventure in the Country of Sand Vol.18 Ch.161 - The Green City, Elumalu Vol.18 Ch.160 - 8 o'clock at Spider's Cafe Vol.18 Ch.159 - Come Up Vol.18 Ch.158 - Docking at Alabasta Vol.18 Ch.157 - Ace Appears Vol.18 Ch.156 - A Nice Weather for an Okama Vol.17 Ch.155 - The Pirate Sir Crocodile Vol.17 Ch.154 - Towards Alabasta Vol.17 Ch.153 - Hiluluk's Cherry Blossoms Vol.17 Ch.152 - Full Moon Vol.17 Ch.151 - Drum's Sky Vol.17 Ch.150 - Royal Drum Crown's 7-Barrel Tin Can King Cannon Vol.17 Ch.149 - Rumble! Vol.17 Ch.148 - Unbreakable Vol.17 Ch.147 - Lie Vol.17 Ch.146 - National Security Vol.16 Ch.145 - Inherited Will Vol.16 Ch.144 - Snow Story Vol.16 Ch.143 - Clumsy Vol.16 Ch.142 - Skull and Cherry Blossom Vol.16 Ch.141 - Quack Doctor Vol.16 Ch.140 - Castle-Dwelling Snow Vol.16 Ch.139 - Tony Tony Chopper Enters Vol.16 Ch.138 - Mountaintop Vol.16 Ch.137 - Avalanche Vol.15 Ch.136 - The Man Named Dalton Vol.15 Ch.135 - Lapin Vol.15 Ch.134 - Dr Kureha Vol.15 Ch.133 - Adventure in the Country with No Name Vol.15 Ch.132 - See? Vol.15 Ch.131 - Tin-Plate Wapol Vol.15 Ch.130 - At the Fastest Speed Vol.15 Ch.129 - Straight Ahead!!! Vol.15 Ch.128 - The Flag Known as Pride Vol.15 Ch.127 - DenDen-Mushi Vol.14 Ch.126 - Instinct Vol.14 Ch.125 - Candle Champion Vol.14 Ch.124 - This Tea is Delicious Vol.14 Ch.123 - Luffy vs Mr3 Vol.14 Ch.122 - Being Dead is Useless Vol.14 Ch.121 - I Knew Vol.14 Ch.120 - The Red Ogre Cried Vol.14 Ch.119 - Cunning Vol.14 Ch.118 - Somebody's Here Vol.13 Ch.117 - Dorry and Brogy Vol.13 Ch.116 - Huge Vol.13 Ch.115 - Adventure on Little Garden Vol.13 Ch.114 - Route Vol.13 Ch.113 - It's Alright! Vol.13 Ch.112 - Luffy vs Zoro Vol.13 Ch.111 - Secret Criminal Organization Vol.13 Ch.110 - The Never-Ending Night Vol.13 Ch.109 - Matter of Responsibility Vol.12 Ch.108 - 100 Bounty-Hunters Vol.12 Ch.107 - Moonlight and Tombstones Vol.12 Ch.106 - The Town of Welcoming Vol.12 Ch.105 - Log Pose Vol.12 Ch.104 - A Promise on the Cape Vol.12 Ch.103 - Whale Vol.12 Ch.102 - At Last, Grand Line Vol.12 Ch.101 - Reverse Mountain Vol.12 Ch.100 - The Legend Has Begun Vol.11 Ch.099 - Luffy Dies Vol.11 Ch.098 - Dark Clouds Vol.11 Ch.097 - Sandai Kitetsu Vol.11 Ch.096 - Worst in the East Vol.11 Ch.095 - Spin, Pinwheel! Vol.11 Ch.094 - The 2nd Vol.11 Ch.093 - Coming Down Vol.11 Ch.092 - Happiness Vol.11 Ch.091 - Darts Vol.10 Ch.090 - What Can You Do? Vol.10 Ch.089 - Switch Vol.10 Ch.088 - Please Die!!! Vol.10 Ch.087 - It's Over!! Vol.10 Ch.086 - Chivalry vs Fishman Karate Vol.10 Ch.085 - 3 Swords Style vs 6 Swords Style Vol.10 Ch.084 - Zombie Vol.10 Ch.083 - Luffy in Black Vol.10 Ch.082 - OK, Let's Stand Up! Vol.09 Ch.081 - Tears Vol.09 Ch.080 - A Crime is a Crime Vol.09 Ch.079 - Live On Vol.09 Ch.078 - Bellemere Vol.09 Ch.077 - One Step Towards a Dream Vol.09 Ch.076 - Sleep Vol.09 Ch.075 - Sea Charts and Fishmen Vol.09 Ch.074 - Business Vol.09 Ch.073 - The Monster From Grand Line Vol.09 Ch.072 - To Each His Own Position Vol.08 Ch.071 - Lords of Creation Vol.08 Ch.070 - The Warrior Usopp's Great Adventure Vol.08 Ch.069 - Arlong Park Vol.08 Ch.068 - The 4th Vol.08 Ch.067 - Soup Vol.08 Ch.066 - The Stifled Spear Vol.08 Ch.065 - Preparedness Vol.08 Ch.064 - Great War Spear Vol.08 Ch.063 - I'm Not Gonna Die Vol.07 Ch.062 - MH5 Vol.07 Ch.061 - Demon Vol.07 Ch.060 - Solution Vol.07 Ch.059 - Debt Vol.07 Ch.058 - Damn Geezer Vol.07 Ch.057 - Because of Dreams Vol.07 Ch.056 - As If Vol.07 Ch.055 - Jungle Blood Vol.07 Ch.054 - Pearl Vol.06 Ch.053 - Sabagashira N°1 Vol.06 Ch.052 - Oath Vol.06 Ch.051 - Roronoa Zoro Falls Into the Sea Vol.06 Ch.050 - To Each His Own Way Vol.06 Ch.049 - Storm Vol.06 Ch.048 - Give Up on that Sea Vol.06 Ch.047 - Pirate Fleet Admiral "Don Krieg" Vol.06 Ch.046 - The Uninvited Guest Vol.06 Ch.045 - Before the Storm Vol.05 Ch.044 - The 3 Cooks Vol.05 Ch.043 - Sanji Enters Vol.05 Ch.042 - Yosaku and Johnny Vol.05 Ch.041 - To The Sea Vol.05 Ch.040 - Usopp Pirate Group Vol.05 Ch.039 - For Whom the Bell Tolls Vol.05 Ch.038 - Pirate Fleet Vol.05 Ch.037 - Kuro, the Pirate with 100 Plans Vol.05 Ch.036 - Hunted!! Vol.04 Ch.035 - The Steep Slope Again Vol.04 Ch.034 - Clahador The Butler Vol.04 Ch.033 - The Silent Man Vol.04 Ch.032 - Grave Danger Vol.04 Ch.031 - The Truth Vol.04 Ch.030 - Great!!! Vol.04 Ch.029 - Slopes Vol.04 Ch.028 - The Crescent Moon Vol.04 Ch.027 - The Plot Vol.03 Ch.026 - Captain's Kuro Plan Vol.03 Ch.025 - 800 Lies Vol.03 Ch.024 - Things that You Can't Lie About Vol.03 Ch.023 - Captain Usopp Enters Vol.03 Ch.022 - You Are a Rare and Precious Animal Too Vol.03 Ch.021 - Village Vol.03 Ch.020 - A Thief's Philosophy Vol.03 Ch.019 - Devil's Fruit Vol.03 Ch.018 - Buggy, "The Clown Pirate" Vol.02 Ch.017 - High Level, Low Level Vol.02 Ch.016 - Versus Buggy's Crew Vol.02 Ch.015 - Gong Vol.02 Ch.014 - Reckless Vol.02 Ch.013 - Treasure Vol.02 Ch.012 - Dog Vol.02 Ch.011 - Flight Vol.02 Ch.010 - Incident at the Tavern Vol.02 Ch.009 - Femme Fatale Vol.01 Ch.008 - Nami Vol.01 Ch.007 - Friends Vol.01 Ch.006 - Number One Vol.01 Ch.005 - The King of the Pirates and the Master Swordsman Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Great Captain Morgan Vol.01 Ch.003 - Enter Zolo: Pirate Hunter Vol.01 Ch.002 - They call him "Straw Hat Luffy" Vol.01 Ch.001 - Romance Dawn
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