Last Update: Apr 07,2009

Tag: Action Drama Psychological Mystery Sci-fi Seinen Mecha
Author:URASAWA Naoki TEZUKA Osamu

Any pairing of two masterminds can elicit murmurs of approval—or of apprehension. But all readers can rest assured that in this case, the pairing of seinen manga suspense master Urasawa and legendary...more

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Vol (65) Order
Vol.08 Ch.065 - The World's Strongest Robot Vol.08 Ch.064 - The Sound of the End Vol.08 Ch.063 - A Wish to the Stars Vol.08 Ch.062 - Gesicht's Last Words Vol.08 Ch.061 - The Time of Destruction Vol.08 Ch.060 - The Real Truth Vol.08 Ch.059 - Various Reunions Vol.08 Ch.058 - Old Friend Vol.08 Ch.057 - Whereabouts of the Heart Vol.08 Ch.056 - The Formula for Destruction Vol.07 Ch.055 - The Great Awakening Vol.07 Ch.054 - The Birth of Sorrow Vol.07 Ch.053 - The Battle at Belegum Castle Vol.07 Ch.052 - Wassily Vol.07 Ch.051 - Two Suns Vol.07 Ch.050 - Eat the World Vol.07 Ch.049 - Surprise Party Vol.07 Ch.048 - The Polarization of Six Billion Vol.06 Ch.047 - Real Tears Vol.06 Ch.046 - End of the Dream Vol.06 Ch.045 - Reparation and Negotiation Vol.06 Ch.044 - I Am Pluto Vol.06 Ch.043 - Chance Meeting With Death Vol.06 Ch.042 - God of the Underworld's Home Vol.06 Ch.041 - Sahad Vol.06 Ch.040 - The Wise Man of Sand Vol.05 Ch.039 - The Imprisoned King Vol.05 Ch.038 - Chaos of Six Billion Vol.05 Ch.037 - A Sorrowful Visitor Vol.05 Ch.036 - The Pursuit of Hatred Vol.05 Ch.035 - Respond, Gesicht Vol.05 Ch.034 - God's Choice Vol.05 Ch.033 - The Victors, the Wise, the Living Vol.05 Ch.032 - Scars of Memory Vol.04 Ch.031 - The Greatest Robot on Earth Vol.04 Ch.030 - The Three Professors at Kimberly Vol.04 Ch.029 - A Murmuring Shadow Vol.04 Ch.028 - Emergency Call Vol.04 Ch.027 - A Different Dream Vol.04 Ch.026 - Showdown Vol.04 Ch.025 - Tornado Weather Vol.04 Ch.024 - Professor's Day Off Vol.03 Ch.023 - Wandering Souls Vol.03 Ch.022 - Pluto Vol.03 Ch.021 - Uran's Search Vol.03 Ch.020 - Robot-Hater Vol.03 Ch.019 - Epsilon Vol.03 Ch.018 - Zeronium Vol.03 Ch.017 - Death to the Machines!! Vol.03 Ch.016 - Uran Vol.02 Ch.015 - Enemy Parts Vol.02 Ch.014 - Dr. Roosevelt Vol.02 Ch.013 - Mistaken Memories Vol.02 Ch.012 - Family Portrait Vol.02 Ch.011 - Different Battlegrounds Vol.02 Ch.010 - Heracles Vol.02 Ch.009 - Professor Ochanomizu Vol.02 Ch.008 - Tetsuwan Atom Vol.01 Ch.007 - Brando Vol.01 Ch.006 - North #2 (Part 3) Vol.01 Ch.005 - North #2 (Part 2) Vol.01 Ch.004 - North #2 (Part 1) Vol.01 Ch.003 - Brau-1589 Vol.01 Ch.002 - Gesicht Vol.01 Ch.001 - Montblanc
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