Real Account
Real Account

Real Account


Last Update: Jul 27,2018

Tag: Adventure Comedy Drama Shounen Horror Psychological

In a world driven by fictionalized friendship, courtesy of the program named “real account“, the table suddenly turns, and the cybernetic world turns real! How will they survive?

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Vol (78) Order
Vol.11 Ch.067 - Peak Moment Vol.10 Ch.066 - Hard Mode Vol.10 Ch.065 - Ordinary Person Vol.10 Ch.064 - Smartphone Maze Walk Vol.10 Ch.063 Vol.10 Ch.062 - Re:START Vol.10 Ch.061 Vol.10 Ch.060 - Ending...?! Vol.10 Ch.059 - Fate Vol.10 Ch.058 - Someone Important Vol.09 Ch.057 - The Truth Vol.09 Ch.056 - Recollection of C&P Vol.09 Ch.055 - The Power of Love Vol.09 Ch.054 - Line of Death Vol.09 Ch.053 - Headquarters Infiltration Vol.09 Ch.052 - Re:BIRTH Vol.09 Ch.051 - The People Inside the DQNs Vol.09 Ch.050 - Heading East-Southeast Vol.09 Ch.049 - DQN Hunt Vol.08 Ch.048 - The Attention Seeker's Bride Vol.08 Ch.047 - RE:START Vol.08 Ch.046 - Mission Impossible 2 Vol.08 Ch.045 - interval... Vol.08 Ch.044 - A smile stuck at school Vol.08 Ch.043 - WANTED Vol.08 Ch.042 - Another Home Vol.08 Ch.041 - Destroy!! Vol.08 Ch.040 - Heroes Vol.07 Ch.039 - Missing... Vol.07 Ch.038 - Omochuu.Com Vol.07 Ch.037 - Mission Impossible Vol.07 Ch.036 - DQN Marble Vol.07 Ch.035 - Marble of Death Vol.07 Ch.034 - Skin Color Camouflage Vol.07 Ch.033 - The Resolve of the Other Side Vol.07 Ch.032 - Social Network Hide-and-Seek Vol.06 Ch.031 - The Morning Of Marbles Vol.06 Ch.030 - Fiery Scoop Vol.06 Ch.029 - The Truth About The Country Of Despair Vol.06 Ch.028 - Country Of Despair Vol.06 Ch.027 - Everything is a lie? Vol.06 Ch.026 - Disrespect Vol.06 Ch.025 - All Secrets Revealed At Once! Vol.06 Ch.024 - Add fuel to the fire! Vol.06 Ch.023 - Big Flame Festival Vol.05 Ch.022 - The third midnight Vol.05 Ch.021 - To: The First Person Vol.05 Ch.020 - Long Live "Read & Ignore"! Vol.05 Ch.019 - In Despair! Vol.05 Ch.018 - Fear! Collectibles Vol.05 Ch.017 - Digital Tattoo Vol.05 Ch.016 - Kurashina Mizuki Vol.05 Ch.015 - Sticker Shop Vol.04 Ch.014 - Read&Ignore Policy Vol.04 Ch.013 - Real & Virtual Vol.04 Ch.012 - Read & Ignore Eradication Misure Vol.04 Ch.011 - The End of a Certain Love Vol.04 Ch.010 - Approaching Attention-chan! Vol.04 Ch.009 - Attention-chan Spiral Vol.04 Ch.008.5 - Magazine Boys' Valentine Vol.04 Ch.008 - Pacify Attention-Chan Vol.04 Ch.007 - Over in a day Vol.03 Ch.006 - Boy Meets Girl Vol.03 Ch.005 - Faceless Voice Vol.03 Ch.004 - Real Live Game Vol.03 Ch.003 - Interest and disinterest Vol.03 Ch.002 - No-Like! Game Vol.03 Ch.001 - Brand New Opening Vol.02 Ch.010 - Dark past Trial (5) Vol.02 Ch.009 - Dark past Trial (4) Vol.02 Ch.008 - Dark Past Trial (3) Vol.02 Ch.007 - Dark Past Trial (2) Vol.01 Ch.006 - Dark Past Trial Vol.01 Ch.005 - Time Limit Vol.01 Ch.004 - RT GAME Vol.01 Ch.003 - No Answer (2) Vol.01 Ch.002 - No Answer Vol.01 Ch.001 - Opening
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