Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk


Last Update: Jan 19,2010

Tag: Comedy Drama Shounen School Life Sports
Author:INOUE Takehiko

Winning isn’t everything in the game of basketball, but who wants to come in second? It takes dedication and discipline to be the best, and the Shohoku High hoops team wants to be just that. They hav...more

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Vol (280) Order
Vol.31 Ch.278 - 10 days after Vol.31 Ch.277 - FANBOOK&COLORBOOK Vol.31 Ch.276.5 Vol.31 Ch.276 - Shohoku High School Team Basketball Vol.31 Ch.275 - And One Vol.31 Ch.274 - 5 Against 4 Vol.31 Ch.273 - Fight Till Death Vol.31 Ch.272 - Defend Till Death Vol.31 Ch.271 - Decisive Moment Shohoku Vol.31 Ch.270 - The Time of Glory Vol.30 Ch.269 - Genius's Short Life Vol.30 Ch.268 - Strongest Sannoh!! Vol.30 Ch.267 - Players Life Vol.30 Ch.266 - Starting Point Vol.30 Ch.265 - In Command Vol.30 Ch.264 - The Savior Vol.30 Ch.263 - Making Sense Vol.30 Ch.262 - 1 Versus 2 Vol.30 Ch.261 - Swish Vol.29 Ch.260 - Revenge is a Must Vol.29 Ch.259 - Setup 2 Vol.29 Ch.258 - Setup Vol.29 Ch.257 - Challenge 2 Vol.29 Ch.256 - Challenge Vol.29 Ch.255 - Sawakita Vol.29 Ch.254 - Super Ace Vol.29 Ch.253 - The Counter Attack of Ace Sawakita Vol.29 Ch.252 - Prodigy Vol.28 Ch.251 - So Arrogant Vol.28 Ch.250 - 4 Points Vol.28 Ch.249 - Trust Vol.28 Ch.248 - Those 2 Years Vol.28 Ch.247 - Never Give Up Vol.28 Ch.246 - The Captain's Decision Vol.28 Ch.245 - Overcome the Doubt in Your Heart Vol.28 Ch.244 - Heart of Team Vol.28 Ch.243 - O.R. (Offensive Rebound) Vol.27 Ch.242 - The Last Blow Vol.27 Ch.241 - 4 Points Vol.27 Ch.240 - Bullheaded and Confused Shohoku Vol.27 Ch.239 - Big and Skilled Vol.27 Ch.238 - In the Middle Vol.27 Ch.237 - The Man Vol.27 Ch.236 - Speedster Vol.27 Ch.235 - Full Court Trap Vol.27 Ch.234 - Shohoku in Trouble Vol.26 Ch.233 - Wild and Tumulthous Second Half Vol.26 Ch.232 - Sayonara Meatball Vol.26 Ch.231 - Battle of Power Vol.26 Ch.230 - Area Battles Vol.26 Ch.229 - Big Man Vol.26 Ch.228 - Pride Vol.26 Ch.227 - Just Like I Planned Vol.26 Ch.226 - Extraordinary Play Vol.26 Ch.225 - Smooth Shooter Vol.25 Ch.224 - Tensai? Vol.25 Ch.223 - Ambush Vol.25 Ch.222 - The Biggest Challenge Vol.25 Ch.221 - Hurry and See Sannoh Vol.25 Ch.220 - The Night Before the Battle Vol.25 Ch.219 - Strong Team on Stage Vol.25 Ch.218 - Shohoku's Thorough Inspection Vol.25 Ch.217 - Morning Tensai Vol.25 Ch.216 - King Vol.24 Ch.215 - Sannoh Vol.24 Ch.214 - The Desire for Winning Vol.24 Ch.213 - Ace Killer's End Vol.24 Ch.212 - For Victory Vol.24 Ch.211 - Split on the Inside Vol.24 Ch.210 - Shohoku Yakalıyor Vol.24 Ch.209 - Shooting Training Vol.24 Ch.208 - Ace's Proof Vol.24 Ch.207 - Face to Face Vol.23 Ch.206 - We Are Too Naive Vol.23 Ch.205 - The Mysterious Ace Killer Vol.23 Ch.204 - Jump Shoot Vol.23 Ch.203 - Gorilla in His Best Shape Vol.23 Ch.202 - A Mad Genius Vol.23 Ch.201 - A-Rank VS. C-Rank Vol.23 Ch.200 - A-Ranked Toyotoma, C-Ranked Shohoku Vol.23 Ch.199 - Night Before The First Game Vol.23 Ch.198 - Shinkansen Vol.22 Ch.197 - Basketball Shoes (Brand-New) Vol.22 Ch.196 - Traning 3 Vol.22 Ch.195 - Traning 2 Vol.22 Ch.194 - Traning Vol.22 Ch.193 - Threat to the Nationals Vol.22 Ch.192 - 1st Round Vol.22 Ch.191 - 1 on 1 Vol.22 Ch.190 - Japan #1 Senior High Student Vol.22 Ch.189 - The Nation of Basketball Vol.21 Ch.188 - Hikoichi, Returns to Osaka Vol.21 Ch.187 - The Freshman Vol.21 Ch.186 - Aichi's star Vol.21 Ch.185 - The Nationals Vol.21 Ch.184 - Victory? Vol.21 Ch.183 - Megane-Kun Vol.21 Ch.182 - Newbie Sakuragi 2 Vol.21 Ch.181 - Newbie Sakuragi Vol.21 Ch.180 - Mitsui's Regret Vol.20 Ch.179 - Shohoku's on Collapse Vol.20 Ch.178 - Sendoh on Fire Vol.20 Ch.177 - Scoring Machine Vol.20 Ch.176 - Uneasy Factor Vol.20 Ch.175 - Main Strength Vol.20 Ch.174 - Blue Color Vol.20 Ch.173 - Concentration Vol.20 Ch.172 - The Big King's Return Vol.20 Ch.171 - You All Are Very Strong Vol.19 Ch.170 - Cry of the Victor Vol.19 Ch.169 - Rebound King, Sakuragi Vol.19 Ch.168 - Taoko's Dream Vol.19 Ch.167 - Fine Play Vol.19 Ch.166 - No Regrets Vol.19 Ch.165 - Patience Vol.19 Ch.164 - Ace Vol.19 Ch.163 - The Disappointing First Half Vol.19 Ch.162 - 2nd Half Vol.18 Ch.161 - Losing Vol.18 Ch.160 - Experience Vol.18 Ch.159 - Praise Me Vol.18 Ch.158 - Terrible Predictions Vol.18 Ch.157 - Humiliation 2 Vol.18 Ch.156 - The Messed Up Two Vol.18 Ch.155 - Howl of an Ape Vol.18 Ch.154 - Gori's Sudden Change Vol.18 Ch.153 - Getting Around Vol.17 Ch.152 - Isolation Vol.17 Ch.151 - Above the Rim Vol.17 Ch.150 - Shohoku and Ryonan Vol.17 Ch.149 - The Last Chair Vol.17 Ch.148 - Old Man Vol.17 Ch.147 - Sendoh's Scenario Vol.17 Ch.146 - Just Work a Little Harder Vol.17 Ch.145 - Showdown of the Superstars Vol.17 Ch.144 - The Road to the Nationals Vol.16 Ch.143 - Kainan's Tidal Rage Vol.16 Ch.142 - Fukuda's Secret Vol.16 Ch.141 - Point Guard Vol.16 Ch.140 - Special Plan Vol.16 Ch.139 - Ryonan's Challenge Vol.16 Ch.138 - Survival Game Vol.16 Ch.137 - 3 Days Vol.16 Ch.136 - Goal--Shoot Vol.16 Ch.135 - Center Mitsui Vol.15 Ch.134 - Baldy's Revenge Vol.15 Ch.133 - Responsibility Problem Vol.15 Ch.132 - The Need to Climb Steep Cliffs Vol.15 Ch.131 - Heaven and Hell (2) Vol.15 Ch.130 - Heaven and Hell (1) Vol.15 Ch.129 - Don't Stain the Genius' Name (2) Vol.15 Ch.128 - Don't Stain the Genius' Name (1) Vol.15 Ch.127 - Defeat Maki Vol.15 Ch.126 - Maximum Strength Capacity Vol.14 Ch.125 - A Guy With Strong Endurance Vol.14 Ch.124 - I Play to Win Vol.14 Ch.123 - Disgrace Vol.14 Ch.122 - A Man Full of Energy Vol.14 Ch.121 - Anzai's Strategy Vol.14 Ch.120 - Silk Vol.14 Ch.119 - The Best Vol.14 Ch.118 - Two Heroes Vol.14 Ch.117 - 1, 2 Years Vol.13 Ch.116 - Gori is back Vol.13 Ch.115 - shohoku's ace Vol.13 Ch.114 - rule the game Vol.13 Ch.113 - unstoppable Vol.13 Ch.112 - Selfish Vol.13 Ch.111 - Gorilla's Little Brother Vol.13 Ch.110 - Big Gorilla's Open Spot Vol.13 Ch.109 - Accident Vol.13 Ch.108 - Rebound machine Vol.12 Ch.107 - Keep Your Strength Vol.12 Ch.106 - Rebound Sakuragi Vol.12 Ch.105 - The Tensai and the Pawn Vol.12 Ch.104 - The unplanned-for player Vol.12 Ch.103 - No Clue... No Clue at All Vol.12 Ch.102 - Run & Gun Vol.12 Ch.101 - Full of Energy Vol.12 Ch.100 - Central Players Vol.12 Ch.099 - Challenging the Champion Vol.11 Ch.098 - Today's Celebrity Vol.11 Ch.097 - Even Just a Fluke Vol.11 Ch.096 - Rookies Vol.11 Ch.095 - 4 Fouls Vol.11 Ch.094 - Damn Bastard Vol.11 Ch.093 - Mitsui's Limit Break Vol.11 Ch.092 - Towards Victory Vol.11 Ch.091 - 60 Seconds Vol.11 Ch.090 - A Fujima-Led Shoyo Vol.10 Ch.089 - shoyo high's # 4 Vol.10 Ch.088 - Sakuragi: King of Rebounds Vol.10 Ch.087 - the first half ended Vol.10 Ch.086 - shoyo's miscalculation Vol.10 Ch.085 - mismatch Vol.10 Ch.084 - Individual Play Vol.10 Ch.083 - No. 1 Center Vol.10 Ch.082 - Tip Off Vol.10 Ch.081 - strong opponents Vol.09 Ch.080 - Genius' Problems 2 Vol.09 Ch.079 - Genius' Problems Vol.09 Ch.078 - Proof to be a Genius Vol.09 Ch.077 - rookie sensation Vol.09 Ch.076 - Freethrow Vol.09 Ch.075 - Who Are Those Guys? Vol.09 Ch.074 - Team of Problematic Children Vol.09 Ch.073 - may 19th Vol.09 Ch.072 - Start Vol.08 Ch.071 - basketball Vol.08 Ch.070 - it doesn't hurt anymore Vol.08 Ch.069 - wish Vol.08 Ch.068 - Mitsui Hisashi at Age 15 Vol.08 Ch.067 - National Championship Vol.08 Ch.066 - MVP Vol.08 Ch.065 - Take of your Shoes Vol.08 Ch.064 - Mitsui Vol.08 Ch.063 - We Won't Come Again Vol.07 Ch.062 - Sakuragi's Regiment Vol.07 Ch.061 - Righteous Friends Vol.07 Ch.060 - So What Vol.07 Ch.059 - Burst Vol.07 Ch.058 - the end of the basketball team Vol.07 Ch.057 - so sticky Vol.07 Ch.056 - shoes on Vol.07 Ch.055 - punks Vol.07 Ch.054 - You Are Really Annoying! Vol.06 Ch.053 - A bad feeling Vol.06 Ch.052 - Scandal! Vol.06 Ch.051 - the problem child Vol.06 Ch.050 - the one who came in late Vol.06 Ch.049 - "Basketball Shoes Vol.06 Ch.048 - Nothing to Lose Vol.06 Ch.047 - Man of Victory Vol.06 Ch.046 - No Time Vol.06 Ch.045 - Unbelievable Vol.05 Ch.044 - sendoh Vol.05 Ch.043 - Last 2 Minutes Vol.05 Ch.042 - Those Eager To Be Victorious Will Never Stop Vol.05 Ch.041 - Genius!! Vol.05 Ch.040 - Wrong... Vol.05 Ch.039 - Rebound King's Troubles Vol.05 Ch.038 - Rebound Vol.05 Ch.037 - When Gori's Not Here Vol.05 Ch.036 - Taoka's Miscalculation Vol.04 Ch.035 - What Is This Guy Doing Vol.04 Ch.034 - The Star Appears Vol.04 Ch.033 - Heart's on Fire Vol.04 Ch.032 - Dangerous Person Vol.04 Ch.031 - Temptation Vol.04 Ch.030 - Counter Attack Vol.04 Ch.029 - Super High School Vol.04 Ch.028 - The Fiery of Ryonan Vol.04 Ch.027 - Captain in High Vol.04 Ch.026 - The One Called The Secret Weapon Vol.03 Ch.025 - Deadly Opponent Vol.03 Ch.024 - The Day Before Tomorrow Vol.03 Ch.023 - Not The Average Guy Vol.03 Ch.022 - have to be cautious Vol.03 Ch.021 - That Kind of Feeling Vol.03 Ch.020 - The Challenging Commoner's Shot Vol.03 Ch.019 - good gorilla humor* Vol.02 Ch.018 - What I Am Vol.02 Ch.017 - Judo Man Vol.02 Ch.016 - Skillful Guy Vol.02 Ch.015 - one rainy day Vol.02 Ch.014 - new power generation Vol.02 Ch.013 - sky-walker Vol.02 Ch.012 - Challenge With Real Power Vol.02 Ch.010.5 Vol.01 Ch.011 - White Hair Buddha Vol.01 Ch.010 - The Afternoon Without Patience Vol.01 Ch.009 - Basics are Important Vol.01 Ch.008 - Sakuragi Joins Vol.01 Ch.007 - I'm Basketman Vol.01 Ch.006 - Jam Vol.01 Ch.005 - For Love, I Will Win For Sure! Vol.01 Ch.004 - Gori Vol.01 Ch.003 - Blood Vol.01 Ch.002 - Rukawa Kaede Vol.01 Ch.001 - Sakuragi-kun
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