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Tag: Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Shounen Sci-fi
Author:SHIMABUKURO Mitsutoshi

In the world where the taste and texture of food are very important, there is Toriko, a hunter of precious foods regularly hired by restaurants and the rich. He’s a man with the inhuman skills neces...more

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Vol (396) Order
Vol.TBD Ch.396 - v2 Yet-Unseen Ingredients!! Vol.TBD Ch.395 - Everyone Around the Dinner Table!! Vol.TBD Ch.394 - Toriko's Full Course!! Vol.TBD Ch.393 - Acacia's Wishes!! Vol.TBD Ch.392 - Full Course of Rage!! Vol.TBD Ch.391 - Acacia vs Toriko!!! Vol.TBD Ch.390 - Acacia's Goal...!! Vol.TBD Ch.389 - The Flavor He Can't Stand...!! Vol.TBD Ch.388 - Main Dish!! Vol.TBD Ch.387 - A Reunion with Appetite Vol.TBD Ch.386 - The Most Terrifying of All Foes, Acacia!! Vol.TBD Ch.385 - Midora's Full Course!! Vol.TBD Ch.384 - Joie and Froese!! Vol.TBD Ch.383 - Toriko and Starjun!! Vol.TBD Ch.382 - Acacia On the Move!!! Vol.TBD Ch.381 - NEO and Acacia! Vol.TBD Ch.380 - The Competition for GOD!! Vol.TBD Ch.379 - Onwards to GOD! Vol.TBD Ch.378 - We'll Fight and Cook Together!! Vol.TBD Ch.377 - Battle of the Kings Vol.TBD Ch.376 - The Eight Kings Assemble!! Vol.TBD Ch.375 - They're Rushing!! Vol.TBD Ch.374 - Biting and Biting Back Vol.TBD Ch.373 - Where GOD Leads!! Vol.TBD Ch.372 - Their Battles!! Vol.TBD Ch.371 - The Confrontation of the Era!! Vol.TBD Ch.370 - God Almighty!! Vol.TBD Ch.369 - What is GOD?! Vol.TBD Ch.368 - Give Me That 0.1 Second!! Vol.TBD Ch.367 - Those Tears!! Vol.TBD Ch.366 - Seal the Wolf!! Vol.TBD Ch.365 - The Wolf Cub! Vol.TBD Ch.364 - The Theory!! Vol.TBD Ch.363 - The Don Gets Serious!! Vol.TBD Ch.362 - Onwards to Complete the Full Course!! Vol.TBD Ch.361 - The Lurking Demon!! Vol.TBD Ch.360 - The Smell's True Identity!! Vol.39 Ch.359 - His name is Don Slime! Vol.39 Ch.358 - Creepy Neo!! Vol.39 Ch.357 - The Creature, Neo!! Vol.39 Ch.356 - All Coming Together!! Vol.39 Ch.355 - Sniffing Contest!! Vol.39 Ch.354 - One Step of the Wolf King!! Vol.39 Ch.353 - And Now For the Main Course!! Vol.39 Ch.352 - We're Back!! Vol.39 Ch.351 - We've Completed It!!! Vol.39 Ch.350 - The Ingredient, [Wait]!! Vol.38 Ch.349 - Our memory!! Vol.38 Ch.348 - There's Nothing We Can't Eat!! Vol.38 Ch.347 - The Knights, Tested!! Vol.38 Ch.346 - To the Golden Cookware!! Vol.38 Ch.345 - The Truth About the Project!! Vol.38 Ch.344 - To The Back World!! Vol.38 Ch.343 - The Direct Attack Don!! Vol.38 Ch.342 - Toriko, Switch On!! Vol.38 Ch.341 - The Strongest Preying on One Another!! Vol.37 Ch.340 - The Blue Nitro's Goal!! Vol.37 Ch.339 - Midora VS Joa!! Vol.37 Ch.338 - Joa VS Midora!! Vol.37 Ch.337 - Resurrection and Reunion!! Vol.37 Ch.336 - What Nakaume Saw!! Vol.37 Ch.335 - New Stirring!! Vol.37 Ch.334 - 1-Millimeter Yuda!! Vol.37 Ch.333 - 1st Round Battle!! Vol.37 Ch.332 - Chaco's Cicumstances!! Vol.37 Ch.331 - Strange Masks!! Vol.36 Ch.330 - Meeting And Confrontation!! Vol.36 Ch.329 - Thrilled Chefs!! Vol.36 Ch.328 - The Roof of the Civilization!! Vol.36 Ch.327 - Deployment Vol.36 Ch.326 - Surprising Combinations!! Vol.36 Ch.325 - Furious Direct Hit!! Vol.36 Ch.324 - Smiling Departure!! Vol.36 Ch.323 - The Truth of The Nitro!! Vol.36 Ch.322 - Seismic Tremor!! Vol.36 Ch.321 - Revival Party!! Vol.35 Ch.320 - The Actual Eating of the Food Treasure!! Vol.35 Ch.319 - Everyone Going Down the Mountains Together!! Vol.35 Ch.318 - Going to Tears!! Vol.35 Ch.317 - Your Hand!! Vol.35 Ch.316 - Grab Hold!! Vol.35 Ch.315 - Musical Performance of 240 Trillion!! Vol.35 Ch.314 - Saru We Dance?!! Vol.35 Ch.313 - That Person!! Vol.35 Ch.312 - What Do You Want To Eat?!! Vol.35 Ch.311 - The Appearing Monster!! Vol.34 Ch.310 - Gong!! Vol.34 Ch.309 - A Second Moment!! Vol.34 Ch.308 - Progressing at Full Power!! Vol.34 Ch.307 - Determination to Reenter the Mountain!! Vol.34 Ch.306 - Grab the Spark!! Vol.34 Ch.305 - Playtime Preparations!! Vol.34 Ch.304 - Seed of Courage!! Vol.34 Ch.303 - At the Moment of the Encounter!! Vol.34 Ch.302 - The True Form of Treasure Food Pair!! Vol.34 Ch.301 - The King Playing Around!! Vol.33 Ch.300 - Fierce Attacks and Roars!! Vol.33 Ch.299 - A Revolt Against Tyranny!! Vol.33 Ch.298 - Warning From an Ancient!! Vol.33 Ch.297 - Endless Encirclement!! Vol.33 Ch.296 - The Leader of the Ecosystem Vol.33 Ch.295 - Now, to Area 7!! Vol.33 Ch.294 - Another World!! Vol.33 Ch.293 - Neo's Assault!! Vol.33 Ch.292 - The Mystery of the Gourmet Cells!! Vol.32 Ch.291 - Air, the Actual Tasting!! Vol.32 Ch.290 - A New King Vol.32 Ch.289 - Continuation - How to Cook Air!! Vol.32 Ch.288 - How to Cook Air!! Vol.32 Ch.287 - Slow Rain and Food King Air!! Vol.32 Ch.286 - "Blue's" Awakening!! Vol.32 Ch.285 - VS Heracles!! Vol.32 Ch.284 - Toriko's Resolve!! Vol.32 Ch.283 - The Horse King's Sacrifice!! Vol.31 Ch.282 - Four Paths Vol.31 Ch.281 - The Daruma Hermit!! Vol.31 Ch.280 - Bewitching Food World!! Vol.31 Ch.279 - A Guidepost!! Vol.31 Ch.278 - Labyrinth of Death!! Vol.31 Ch.277 - Messenger From Bewitching Food World!! Vol.31 Ch.276 - True Worth of The Year and A Half!! Vol.31 Ch.275 - The Mist Bamboozlement!! Vol.31 Ch.274 - Bewildered!! Vol.31 Ch.273 - The Harbor of Evil Spirits!! Vol.30 Ch.272 - To The Place of Awaiting Dreams!! Vol.30 Ch.271 - Ichiryuu's Message!! Vol.30 Ch.270 - The Final Key!! Vol.30 Ch.269 - Inherited Heart!! Vol.30 Ch.268 - Miracle Eggs!! Vol.30 Ch.267 - Birth Cry of Hope!! Vol.30 Ch.266 - The Final Treasure Chest Vol.30 Ch.265 - A Rain of Blessings Vol.30 Ch.264 - Now, to Gourmet World!! Vol.29 Ch.263 - The World's Greatest Bishokuya!! Vol.29 Ch.262 - Midora's Dining Table!! Vol.29 Ch.261 - Ootake's Ambition!! Vol.29 Ch.260 - Toriko's Dream!! Vol.29 Ch.259 - Coco's Hypothesis Vol.29 Ch.258 - March of Evil!! Vol.29 Ch.257 - End of An Age!! Vol.29 Ch.256 - The True Enemy!! Vol.29 Ch.255 - Awakening!! Vol.29 Ch.254 - A Sad End!! Vol.28 Ch.253 - The Tiger's Tears!! Vol.28 Ch.252 - Acacia's Fairy's Tales!! Vol.28 Ch.251 - Acacia and his Three Disciples!! Vol.28 Ch.250 - Bottomless Empty Stomach!! Vol.28 Ch.249 - The Minority's Rebellion!! Vol.28 Ch.248 - Ichiryuu's Power!! Vol.28 Ch.247 - The Clash Of Two Mighty Rivals, The Dragon And The Tiger!! Vol.28 Ch.246 - One More Deciding Battle!! Vol.28 Ch.245 - The Moment Of Closure Vol.28 Ch.244 - Enigmatic Identity!! Vol.27 Ch.243 - Rampaging Beast Jirou!! Vol.27 Ch.242 - The Mystery Man, Joa!! Vol.27 Ch.241 - Mastermind!! Vol.27 Ch.240 - Hidden Power!! Vol.27 Ch.239 - Desperate Situation!! Vol.27 Ch.238 - Limits of Strength!! Vol.27 Ch.237 - Scorching Battle!! Vol.27 Ch.236 - The Mightiest Rival! Vol.27 Ch.235 - Ultimate Impression!! Vol.26 Ch.234 - Beyond Limits!! Vol.26 Ch.233 - Call!! Vol.26 Ch.232 - Wriggling Shadows!! Vol.26 Ch.231 - Zebra Counterattacks!! Vol.26 Ch.230 - Betrayal!! Vol.26 Ch.229 - Vs. Immortality!! Vol.26 Ch.228 - Lightning!! Vol.26 Ch.227 - Outcome of the Duel!! Vol.26 Ch.226 - VS Tommyrod!! Vol.25 Ch.225 - Awakening!! Vol.25 Ch.224 - The World's Hope!! Vol.25 Ch.223 - Targeted Chefs!! Vol.25 Ch.222 - Catastrophic Joker Card!! Vol.25 Ch.221 - Igo vs Bishokukai Vol.25 Ch.220 - Wild Battle!! Vol.25 Ch.219 - The Fighting Begins!! Vol.25 Ch.218 - The Bishokukai Invades!! Vol.25 Ch.217 - Signal for the Outbreak of War!! Vol.24 Ch.216 - Pulling Ahead!! Vol.24 Ch.215 - Meet Buranchi!! Vol.24 Ch.214 - Serious Battle!! Vol.24 Ch.213 - The Preliminaries Start!! Vol.24 Ch.212 - The Contestants Appear!! Vol.24 Ch.211 - "Cooking Fest" Opens!! Vol.24 Ch.210 - Nail Gun!! Vol.24 Ch.209 - Chef Komatsu Vol.24 Ch.208 - The Four Beast, the Actual Food!! Vol.23 Ch.207 - Dinner of Kings!! Vol.23 Ch.206 - Appetite!! Vol.23 Ch.205 - Curiosity for a Taste!! Vol.23 Ch.204 - New Cooking Method!! Vol.23 Ch.203 - Antidote Cooking!! Vol.23 Ch.202 - Green Rain!! Vol.23 Ch.201 - Human World Pandemonium!! Vol.23 Ch.200 - The Four Beast Main Body!! Vol.23 Ch.199 - Four Conclusions!! Vol.22 Ch.198 - Over 100!! Vol.22 Ch.197 - 4 vs. 4!! Vol.22 Ch.196 - The Four Beasts Invade!! Vol.22 Ch.195 - Dinner at Zen Ou!! Vol.22 Ch.194 - The Four Beasts!! Vol.22 Ch.193 - The Members of the Oth Biotope!! Vol.22 Ch.192 - Hidden Hors D'Oeuvre!! Vol.22 Ch.191 - Ootake's Combo!! Vol.22 Ch.190 - Knife vs Kitchen Knife!! Vol.21 Ch.189 - One Who Has Mastered Food Honor!! Vol.21 Ch.188 - Decisive Battle! Shokurin Temple!! Vol.21 Ch.187 - Bubble Fruit, the Actual Food!! Vol.21 Ch.186 - Food Immersion!! Vol.21 Ch.185 - Bubble Way!! Vol.21 Ch.184 - Shokurin Temple Training Vol.21 Ch.183 - The Power of Food Honor!! Vol.21 Ch.182 - Bubble Fruit!! Vol.21 Ch.181 - Shokurin Temple Vol.20 Ch.180 - Disappearance Cuisine!! Vol.20 Ch.179 - Ehou Maki Complete!! Vol.20 Ch.178 - Eco Nori!! Vol.20 Ch.177 - Dodurian Bomb Vol.20 Ch.176 - King Vinegar!! Vol.20 Ch.175 - The Pot Pond Competition!! Vol.20 Ch.174 - Madam Fish!! Vol.20 Ch.173 - Gourmet Santa!! Vol.20 Ch.172 - Ichiryuu and Midora!! Vol.19 Ch.171 - Supreme Ruler of the Age!! Vol.19 Ch.170 - Meteor Garlic, the Actual Food!! Vol.19 Ch.169 - The Eating Combination of Victory!! Vol.19 Ch.168 - Coco's Aim!! Vol.19 Ch.167 - Joker Ingredients!! Vol.19 Ch.166 - The Heart of the Game Vol.19 Ch.165 - Vs. Livebearer Vol.19 Ch.164 - Gourmet Tasting Vol.19 Ch.163 - The Secrets of the Underground Cooking World!! Vol.18 Ch.162 - Gamble Time!! Vol.18 Ch.161 - Gourmet Casino!! Vol.18 Ch.160 - Meteor Garlic!! Vol.18 Ch.159 - THE FULL COURSE'S VOICE!! Vol.18 Ch.158 - Komatsu and Ootake!! Vol.18 Ch.157 - The President's Treasure Chest!! Vol.18 Ch.156 - Chefs!! Vol.18 Ch.155 Vol.18 Ch.154 Vol.17 Ch.153 Vol.17 Ch.152 Vol.17 Ch.151 - The Evolved Technique!! Vol.17 Ch.150 - Death Fall!! Vol.17 Ch.149 - Mors Mountains Vol.17 Ch.148 - The Shining Gourami!! Vol.17 Ch.147 - The Chicken Tiger's Egg Vol.17 Ch.146 - Surprise Apple Vol.17 Ch.145 - Gourmet Temple!! Vol.16 Ch.144 - The Worst Possible Reunion!! Vol.16 Ch.143 - A Living Explosive!! Vol.16 Ch.142 - Partnership Conditions!! Vol.16 Ch.141 - Pulse Vol.16 Ch.140 - Joint Attack Vol.16 Ch.139 - Zebra's Conditions Vol.16 Ch.138 - Prepare the Mellow Cola!! Vol.16 Ch.137 - The Cola's True Form!! Vol.16 Ch.136 - Vs. Salamander Sphinx Vol.16 Ch.135 - Recovery!! Vol.15 Ch.134 - Mystery of the Pyramid!! Vol.15 Ch.133 - Search for Komatsu Vol.15 Ch.132 - Gourmet Pyramid!! Vol.15 Ch.131 - Desert Labyrinth!! Vol.15 Ch.130 - A World of Sand!! Vol.15 Ch.129 - Zebra's Sins!! Vol.15 Ch.128 - Discharge!! Vol.15 Ch.127 - Zebra!! Vol.15 Ch.126 - Honey Prison!! Vol.15 Ch.125 - Journey to the Underworld!! Vol.14 Ch.124 - Kitchen Knife Complete!! Vol.14 Ch.123 - The Second's Work!! Vol.14 Ch.122 - The "Real" Melk!! Vol.14 Ch.121 - The Two Melks!! Vol.14 Ch.120 - The Second Generation's True Colors!! Vol.14 Ch.119 - Plunging into the Heavy Hole!! Vol.14 Ch.118 - Melk's Sharpening!! Vol.14 Ch.117 - The Secret of the Stardust!! Vol.14 Ch.116 - Something Unyielding!! Vol.13 Ch.115 - Summit! Melk Mountain!! Vol.13 Ch.114 - Komatsu's Kitchen Knife!! Vol.13 Ch.113 - What You're Lacking!! Vol.13 Ch.112 - Different World!! Vol.13 Ch.111 - The Reality of the Gourmet World!! Vol.13 Ch.110 - To the Gourmet World!! Vol.13 Ch.109 - Foreign Body!! Vol.13 Ch.108 - Ozone Herb, the True Food!! Vol.13 Ch.107 - Ozone Herb!! Vol.12 Ch.106 - Vegetable Sky!! Vol.12 Ch.105 - To the Inside of the Clouds!! Vol.12 Ch.104 - Stairway to Heaven!! Vol.12 Ch.103 - Combo!! Vol.12 Ch.102 - Fighting Time!! Vol.12 Ch.101 - Acacia's Disciples!! Vol.12 Ch.100 - New Sweets House!! Vol.12 Ch.099 - Soup Decided!! Vol.12 Ch.098 - Komatsu's "Century Soup"!! Vol.11 Ch.097 - Miracle Answer!! Vol.11 Ch.096 - The Path to Revival!! Vol.11 Ch.095 - Rule!! Vol.11 Ch.094 - The Country of Healing "Life"!! Vol.11 Ch.093 - Farewell, Ice Hell!! Vol.11 Ch.092 - Ice Hell's "Century Soup"!! Vol.11 Ch.091 - As the Soup Dictates...!! Vol.11 Ch.090 - Time of Revival!! Vol.11 Ch.089 - Saiseiya "Teppei"!! Vol.10 Ch.088 - Wild Bout!! Vol.10 Ch.087 - Beyond 10...!! Vol.10 Ch.086 - Depths of Hell!! Vol.10 Ch.085 - Heat Energy!! Vol.10 Ch.084 - The Soup Is...!! Vol.10 Ch.083 - Shaking Continent!! Vol.10 Ch.082 - Trash!! Vol.10 Ch.081 - Exhaustion!! Vol.10 Ch.080 - "Pre-shot Routine"!! Vol.09 Ch.079 - "Lodge"!! Vol.09 Ch.078 - Gourmet Pests!! Vol.09 Ch.077 - Battle Below Freezing!! Vol.09 Ch.076 - Buzz!! Vol.09 Ch.075 - Outbreak of War!! Vol.09 Ch.074 - Reason for Adventure!! Vol.09 Ch.073 - Strike While the Meal Is Hot!! Vol.09 Ch.072 - Each One's Route!! Vol.09 Ch.071 - The Upwind Path! Vol.08 Ch.070 - Insane Banquet on Board!! Vol.08 Ch.069 - The Voyage to "Ice Hell"!! Vol.08 Ch.068 - The Meeting Bar "Heavy Lodge"!! Vol.08 Ch.067 - The Secret of Setsuno's Dining Hall!! Vol.08 Ch.066 - Century Soup!! Vol.08 Ch.065 - Gourmet Living National Treasure "Setsuno"!! Vol.08 Ch.064 - The Full Stomach Metropolis "Gourmet Town"!! Vol.08 Ch.063 - End of Evolution! Vol.08 Ch.062 - New Weapons!! Vol.07 Ch.061 - Range!! Vol.07 Ch.060 - The Final Ingredient...!! Vol.07 Ch.059 - BB Corn, True Food!! Vol.07 Ch.058 - Culmination of the Jungle!! Vol.07 Ch.057 - A Glimpse of the King!! Vol.07 Ch.056 - Plant Hell, Plunge In!! Vol.07 Ch.055 - Terry's Menu!! Vol.07 Ch.054 - The Mammoth's True Food!! Vol.07 Ch.053 - Escape!! Vol.06 Ch.052 - "10 Ren"!! Vol.06 Ch.051 - Resolution!! Vol.06 Ch.050 - Time Limit 5 Minutes!! Vol.06 Ch.049 - Omen of Evolution!! Vol.06 Ch.048 - The Worst Encounter!! Vol.06 Ch.047 - Hair Battle!! Vol.06 Ch.046 - Death Omen! Vol.06 Ch.045 - "Aqua Regia"!! Vol.06 Ch.044 - Coco, Serious!! Vol.05 Ch.043 - Sani's Anger!! Vol.05 Ch.042 - Death Omen...!? Vol.05 Ch.041 - Showdown and Invasion!! Vol.05 Ch.040 - The Mamoth Rolls!! Vol.05 Ch.039 - Malevolent Elephant!! Vol.05 Ch.038 - Devil Athletics Vol.05 Ch.037 - The Bishokukai and the Gourmet Cells!! Vol.05 Ch.036 - Dash! Regal Island!! Vol.05 Ch.035 - To the Regal Tundra!! Vol.04 Ch.034 - Komatsu and Sani!! Vol.04 Ch.033 - Sani's "Dining Kitchen"!! Vol.04 Ch.032 - Rockdrum!! Vol.04 Ch.031 - The First Biotope!! Vol.04 Ch.030 - Sani!! Vol.04 Ch.029 - It's a Meal!! Vol.04 Ch.028 - You Are... Vol.04 Ch.027 - Reason for Anger Vol.04 Ch.026 - GT Robo Vol.03 Ch.025 - Time of "Love" Vol.03 Ch.024 - Slipped in Thing!! Vol.03 Ch.023 - Welcome!! Vol.03 Ch.022 - Battle Wolf!! Vol.03 Ch.021 - Gourmet Coliseum!! Vol.03 Ch.020 - Gourmet Research Facility Vol.03 Ch.019 - Bishoko-kai!! Vol.03 Ch.018 - It Appeared!! Vol.03 Ch.017 - Puffer Fish Whale, Real Food!! Vol.02 Ch.016 - Puffer Whale, Captured! Vol.02 Ch.015 - Puffer Fish Whale!!! Vol.02 Ch.014 - Komatsu Dies!? Vol.02 Ch.013 - "5-Hit"!! Vol.02 Ch.012 - Versus! The Serpent of Devil Vol.02 Ch.011 - Into the Depth of the Cave... Vol.02 Ch.010 - Coco's Secret Vol.02 Ch.009 - The Days of the Four Heavenly Kings Vol.02 Ch.008 - Coco Vol.01 Ch.007 - At Hotel Gourmet! Vol.01 Ch.006 - If We Don’t Eat Them! Vol.01 Ch.005 - The Traps of the Troll Kong Vol.01 Ch.004 - Kugi Punch! Vol.01 Ch.003 - Rainbow Fruit!! Vol.01 Ch.002 - Fork & Knife!! Vol.01 Ch.001 - Toriko the Bishoku-Ya!!
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