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Tag: Comedy Shounen School Life Sports Slice of Life
Author:HIGUCHI Daisuke

Whistle! is about a boy named Shō Kazamatsuri. He transfers from Musashinomori School to Sakura Josui Junior High School for better hopes to make the soccer team, since he never got a game at his old...more

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Vol (94) Order
Vol.24 Ch.212.5 - Epilogue (The Last Story) You'll Never walk alone Vol.24 Ch.212 - Jouney to the Never Ending Dream Vol.24 Ch.211 - Pleiades in the Wind Vol.24 Ch.210 - Can't Lose! Don't Want to Lose! Vol.24 Ch.209 - Determined Rebound Vol.24 Ch.208 - Mass Production Vol.24 Ch.207 - Sho's Response Vol.23 Ch.206.5 - The Drama of 25 Centimters Vol.23 Ch.206 - I'm Pulling Ahead Of You Vol.23 Ch.205 - Are You Trying To Kill Me? Vol.23 Ch.204 - The Boundless Spirit of Challenge Vol.23 Ch.203 - An Old Friend Blocking The Way Vol.23 Ch.202 - A Display Of True Skill Vol.23 Ch.201 - True Skill Of A Free Man, Part 1 (Soldier Blue) Vol.22 Ch.200.5 - Extra Vol.22 Ch.200 - The Calm Before the Storm Vol.22 Ch.199 - He Who Stands Beyond the Goal Vol.22 Ch.198 - Angry 11th Man Vol.22 Ch.197 - I Acknowledge It Vol.22 Ch.196 - Attack out of Adversity (ULTRA SOUL) Vol.22 Ch.195 - Fierce Counterattack Vol.22 Ch.194 - Unflappable Kyushu Select Vol.22 Ch.193 - ''Off The Ball'' Vol.22 Ch.192 - Not Exactly a Genius Vol.21 Ch.191 - The Sweeper Vol.21 Ch.190 - The Joy and Sorrow of a Starting Member Vol.21 Ch.189 - He Scares Me Vol.21 Ch.188 - The Night Before the Play-off Vol.21 Ch.187 - Not Gonna Quit Soccer Vol.21 Ch.186 - The Final Weapon's Willpower Vol.21 Ch.185 - From Gold General to Rook Vol.21 Ch.184 - Overlapping Memories Vol.21 Ch.183 - Unspoken Support Vol.20 Ch.182 - Tsubasa Shot Down in the Dark Vol.20 Ch.181 - Target: Tsubasa Vol.20 Ch.180 - The Match Against Tohoku Select Begins Vol.20 Ch.179 - A Lie He Hopes Will Come True (Go on Together) Vol.20 Ch.178 - Black Lightning Vol.20 Ch.177 - Solitary Talent Vol.20 Ch.176 - Offensive Formation Vol.20 Ch.175 - The Secret Strategy to Conquer Kanto Vol.20 Ch.174 - The Match Against Kanto Select Begins Vol.20 Ch.173 - King-Size Rival Vol.19 Ch.172 - Earnest Shigeki Vol.19 Ch.171 - Information Gathering Vol.19 Ch.170 - A Man Who Would Challenge the World (Turning Point) Vol.19 Ch.169 - Declaration of War Vol.19 Ch.168 - Golden-haired Freeman Vol.19 Ch.167 - Take The Field Vol.19 Ch.166 - Out in Public Again... Vol.19 Ch.165 - Expressing Her Love Vol.19 Ch.164 - Sworn Friends of 2002 Vol.19 Ch.163 - Convinced of Victory Vol.18 Ch.162 - Two Heroes Vol.18 Ch.161 - Stare in wonder Vol.18 Ch.160 - The Trust Worthy Partner Vol.18 Ch.159 - A Desperate Save Vol.18 Ch.158 - The Last Ace Vol.18 Ch.157 - Under the Snowy Sky of Seoul Vol.18 Ch.156 - The Consciousness of a Captain Vol.18 Ch.155 - Go for it! Vol.18 Ch.154 - Snap out of it! Vol.18 Ch.153 - Change Over Vol.17 Ch.000 - BE ALIVE Vol.16 Ch.000 - FEEL THE DESTINY Vol.15 Ch.000 - ONE Vol.14 Ch.000 - NO PAIN, NO GAIN Vol.13 Ch.000 - DANCE WITH THE FEAR Vol.12 Ch.000 - IN THE DISTANCE Vol.11 Ch.000 - RUN Vol.10 Ch.000 - BROTHERHOOD Vol.09 Ch.000 - NOBODY IS PERFECT Vol.08 Ch.000 - RAIN CATS AND DOGS Vol.07 Ch.000 - STEP BY STEP Vol.06 Ch.000 - BE THERE Vol.05 Ch.000 - PURE SOUL Vol.04 Ch.000 - RE-START Vol.03 Ch.000 - VOR Vol.02 Ch.016 - Cross the High Wall! Vol.02 Ch.015 - Communicating with a Look Vol.02 Ch.014 - Here I Am Vol.02 Ch.013 - ON YOUR MARKS Vol.02 Ch.012 - The Long Road Towards the Soccer Field Vol.02 Ch.011 - The Reason Why One Cannot Lose Vol.02 Ch.010 - A Random Choice Decides Fate Vol.02 Ch.009 - A Sincere Heart Vol.02 Ch.008 - The Taste of Oden Vol.01 Ch.007 - The Breaking Up of the Soccer Club Vol.01 Ch.006 - Decisive Battle Vol.01 Ch.005 - The Power of Dreams Vol.01 Ch.004 - For Tomorrow Vol.01 Ch.003 - Team Mate Vol.01 Ch.002 - Special Late Night Training Vol.01 Ch.001 - BREAK THROUGH - Break Through the Wall
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