Yakumo Tatsu
Yakumo Tatsu

Yakumo Tatsu


Last Update: Jan 30,2023

Tag: Drama Martial Arts Supernatural Shoujo Mystery Historical
Author:ITSUKI Natsumi

Kuraki Fuzuchi is a quiet young man who has immense psychic powers and sword skills. He later meets Takeo Nanachi, a college student with similar latent powers. The story opens with Nanachi traveling ...more

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Vol (99) Order
Vol.12 Ch.048.1 Vol.11 Ch.047.2 Vol.11 Ch.047.1 Vol.11 Ch.046.2 Vol.11 Ch.046.1 Vol.11 Ch.045.2 Vol.11 Ch.045.1 Vol.11 Ch.044.2 Vol.11 Ch.044.1 Vol.11 Ch.043.2 Vol.11 Ch.043.1 Vol.10 Ch.042.3 Vol.10 Ch.042.2 Vol.10 Ch.042.1 Vol.10 Ch.041.2 Vol.10 Ch.041.1 Vol.10 Ch.040.2 Vol.10 Ch.040.1 Vol.10 Ch.039.2 Vol.10 Ch.039.1 Vol.10 Ch.038.2 Vol.10 Ch.038.1 Vol.09 Ch.037.2 Vol.09 Ch.037.1 Vol.09 Ch.036.2 Vol.09 Ch.036.1 Vol.09 Ch.035.3 Vol.09 Ch.035.2 Vol.09 Ch.035.1 Vol.09 Ch.034.2 Vol.09 Ch.034.1 Vol.09 Ch.033.2 Vol.09 Ch.033.1 Vol.08 Ch.032.2 Vol.08 Ch.032.1 Vol.08 Ch.031.2 Vol.08 Ch.031.1 Vol.08 Ch.030.2 Vol.08 Ch.030.1 Vol.08 Ch.029.2 Vol.08 Ch.029.1 Vol.08 Ch.028.2 Vol.08 Ch.028.1 Vol.07 Ch.027.3 Vol.07 Ch.027.2 Vol.07 Ch.027.1 Vol.07 Ch.026.3 Vol.07 Ch.026.2 Vol.07 Ch.026.1 Vol.07 Ch.025.1 Vol.07 Ch.024.2 Vol.07 Ch.024.1 Vol.07 Ch.023.2 Vol.07 Ch.023.1 Vol.06 Ch.022.2 Vol.06 Ch.022.1 Vol.06 Ch.021.2 Vol.06 Ch.021.1 Vol.06 Ch.020.2 Vol.06 Ch.020.1 Vol.06 Ch.019.3 Vol.06 Ch.019.2 Vol.06 Ch.019.1 Vol.06 Ch.018.2 Vol.06 Ch.018.1 Vol.05 Ch.017.3 Vol.05 Ch.017.2 Vol.05 Ch.017.1 Vol.05 Ch.016.3 Vol.05 Ch.016.2 Vol.05 Ch.016.1 Vol.05 Ch.015.3 Vol.05 Ch.015.2 Vol.05 Ch.015.1 Vol.05 Ch.014.3 Vol.05 Ch.014.2 Vol.05 Ch.014.1 Vol.04 Ch.013.3 Vol.04 Ch.013.2 Vol.04 Ch.013.1 Vol.04 Ch.012.3 Vol.04 Ch.012.2 Vol.04 Ch.012.1 Vol.04 Ch.011.3 Vol.04 Ch.011.2 Vol.04 Ch.011.1 Vol.04 Ch.010.3 Vol.04 Ch.010.2 Vol.04 Ch.010.1 Vol.03 Ch.009.2 Vol.03 Ch.009 Vol.03 Ch.008 Vol.03 Ch.007 Vol.03 Ch.006 Vol.02 Ch.005 Vol.02 Ch.004 Vol.02 Ch.003 Vol.01 Ch.002 Vol.01 Ch.001
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