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Last Update: Feb 16,2010

Tag: Comedy Drama Shounen Romance School Life Tragedy Sports Slice of Life
Author:ADACHI Mitsuru

Kitamura Koh has known the Tsukishima family for years. One of the Tsukishima daughters was even born on the exact same date as Koh! What will become of Koh when his best friend is no longer around?

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Vol (170) Order
Vol.17 Ch.160 - More Than Anyone in the World Vol.17 Ch.159 - I Know Vol.17 Ch.158 - Let's Make It Exciting Vol.17 Ch.157 - Let's Settle This Like Men Vol.17 Ch.156 - And You? Vol.17 Ch.155 - Thanks Vol.17 Ch.154 - Don't Forget Vol.17 Ch.153 - This Isn't Fair Vol.17 Ch.152 - I Agree Vol.17 Ch.151 - He was Crying Vol.16 Ch.150 - I Can't Remember Vol.16 Ch.149 - Now I Remember Vol.16 Ch.148 - He Made a Promise Vol.16 Ch.147 - It's Your Time To Shine Vol.16 Ch.146 - Oh, He's Right... Vol.16 Ch.145 - Nine Innings Can Go Pretty Quick Vol.16 Ch.144 - I Already Have Vol.16 Ch.143 - They WERE Spectacular Vol.16 Ch.142 - That Comes Next, Right? Vol.16 Ch.141 - I Think So Vol.15 Ch.140 - He's always been a liar Vol.15 Ch.139 - It Never Changes Vol.15 Ch.138 - Couldn't Have Been More Clear Vol.15 Ch.137 - You'd Be In The Way Vol.15 Ch.136 - I've got a bad feeling about this Vol.15 Ch.135 - It ain't summers fault Vol.15 Ch.134 - He's About it Vol.15 Ch.133 - It Happens Sometimes Vol.15 Ch.132 - That's What I'm Saying! Vol.15 Ch.131 - Only Three More Vol.14 Ch.130 - That's Me, The Idiot Vol.14 Ch.129 - He's Pretty Special Vol.14 Ch.128 - That's Best Of All Vol.14 Ch.127 - Too Early! Vol.14 Ch.126 - He Looks Damn Happy Vol.14 Ch.125 - It's A Close Game Vol.14 Ch.124 - No-Name Schools and Informal Fools, or, She'll Never Change Vol.14 Ch.123 - Who's That? Vol.14 Ch.122 - Still Running Vol.14 Ch.121 - It's Just The Truth Vol.13 Ch.120 - Good Idea Vol.13 Ch.119 - Don't Fret Over It Vol.13 Ch.118 - Bad Taste in Men Vol.13 Ch.117 - Here We Go, Koshien Vol.13 Ch.116 - Always Vol.13 Ch.115 - Don't You Think So? Vol.13 Ch.114 - Seishu? Vol.13 Ch.113 - All Three Of Them Vol.13 Ch.112 - Up The Mound of The Koshien Vol.13 Ch.111 - It feels Good Vol.12 Ch.110 - .....It goes Fast Vol.12 Ch.109 - It's His First Date Vol.12 Ch.108 - Since Today Vol.12 Ch.107 - Only Because I Had A Good Nap Vol.12 Ch.106 - I Might Be A Pestilence Vol.12 Ch.105 - And You Believe Her? Vol.12 Ch.104 - Tsukishima Gave It to Me? Vol.12 Ch.103 - February 14th Vol.12 Ch.102 - Do I Really Look That Much Like Her? Vol.12 Ch.101 - What's That Supposed To Mean? Vol.11 Ch.100 - Or Is It Fate...? Vol.11 Ch.099 - She's My Older Sister Vol.11 Ch.098 - What Did You Tell Her? Vol.11 Ch.097 - Wait Vol.11 Ch.096 - Where's Our Ace?! Vol.11 Ch.095 - That's What He Said Vol.11 Ch.094 - Grow Older Vol.11 Ch.093 - Summer Festival Vol.11 Ch.092 - Wa-Ka-Ba Vol.11 Ch.091 - The Thing You Should Bear Vol.10 Ch.090 - 11:15 Vol.10 Ch.089 - 11:14 Vol.10 Ch.088 - Says Who?! Vol.10 Ch.087 - Time To Go For It Vol.10 Ch.086 - He'll Hold Him Down Vol.10 Ch.085 - We'll Finish It Vol.10 Ch.084 - He'll Come To Bat Vol.10 Ch.083 - Oikawa! Vol.10 Ch.082 - How Many Vol.10 Ch.081 - Will He Pitch To Him? Vol.09 Ch.080 - Excellent Work Vol.09 Ch.079 - ...You Might Be Right Vol.09 Ch.078 - I Did Not Vol.09 Ch.077 - I Know Vol.09 Ch.076 - Where Would You Like It? Vol.09 Ch.075 - One In 10 Years Vol.09 Ch.074 - Of Course Vol.09 Ch.073 - You Can Do It! Vol.09 Ch.072 - It's An Honor Vol.09 Ch.071 - Don't Quit The Team Vol.08 Ch.070 - Regardless Vol.08 Ch.069 - Who Was That Guy, Again? Vol.08 Ch.068 - Is That A Bad Thing? Vol.08 Ch.067 - Only Three Pastries! Vol.08 Ch.066 - Maybe You're A Good Person Vol.08 Ch.065 - Hustle! Vol.08 Ch.064 - That's Just A False Rumor Vol.08 Ch.063 - They Can Vol.08 Ch.062 - Izzat So Vol.08 Ch.061 - Mizuki Asami Vol.07 Ch.060 - Early Bird Gets The Fried Tofu Vol.07 Ch.059 - The Hill Around Back Vol.07 Ch.058 - Fond Memories... Vol.07 Ch.057 - Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard Vol.07 Ch.056 - First Dream Vol.07 Ch.055 - It's A Date Vol.07 Ch.054 - Did You? Vol.07 Ch.053 - Tiring Vol.07 Ch.052 - He Won Vol.07 Ch.051 - Betrayed Vol.06 Ch.050 - Of Course Not Vol.06 Ch.049 - Chairman?! Vol.06 Ch.048 - Boy, I'm Rattled Vol.06 Ch.047 - Junpei Azuma Vol.06 Ch.046 - Middle Schoolers? Vol.06 Ch.045 - Big Brother Vol.06 Ch.044 - And Who In The World Are You? Vol.06 Ch.043 - Cocky Little 1st-Year Vol.06 Ch.042 - What Do You Think? Vol.06 Ch.041 - That's A Helluva Feat! Vol.05 Ch.040 - If He Was That Kind Of Ace Vol.05 Ch.039 - Old Friends Vol.05 Ch.038 - That Should Be Good Vol.05 Ch.037 - You Feel More Confident Now? Vol.05 Ch.036 - Standing Room Only Search Warrant Slaughter? Vol.05 Ch.035 - Stop Smirking Vol.05 Ch.034 - You're Not Using Your Head Vol.05 Ch.033 - Enjoy Yourselves Vol.05 Ch.032 - Forgive Me, Makihara Vol.05 Ch.031 - A Spot On The Team Vol.04 Ch.030 - You've Got To Be Kidding Vol.04 Ch.029 - Which One's More Tiring? Vol.04 Ch.028 - Not the Right Hand Vol.04 Ch.027 - Yikes! Vol.04 Ch.026 - ...I See Now Vol.04 Ch.025 - Let's Shut 'Em Down Vol.04 Ch.024 - Now Then... Vol.04 Ch.023 - Who Is That Pitcher? Vol.04 Ch.022 - Cheapskate! Vol.04 Ch.021 - Is Aoba Here? Vol.03 Ch.020 - What A Nightmare Vol.03 Ch.019 - You Are Alike Vol.03 Ch.018 - Me Too Vol.03 Ch.017 - I Go For Looks Vol.03 Ch.016 - Aoba Tsukishima Vol.03 Ch.015 - Nope Vol.03 Ch.014 - I'll Have A Good One Vol.03 Ch.013 - Who Are You? Vol.03 Ch.012 - Why The Baseball Team Vol.03 Ch.011 - Spring Of 10th Grade Vol.02 Ch.010 - Can I Borrow A Pot? Vol.02 Ch.009 - Secret Weapon Vol.02 Ch.008 - Who Was That? Vol.02 Ch.007 - Hero Middle Schooler Vol.02 Ch.006 - They're Filth Vol.02 Ch.005 - Hard? Vol.02 Ch.004 - Pitching Change! Vol.02 Ch.003 - I Hate Him! Vol.02 Ch.002 - Just A Daily Workout Vol.02 Ch.001 - Hardly Vol.01 Ch.010 - It's So Simple Vol.01 Ch.009 - She Said In The Evening Vol.01 Ch.008 - Fireworks Vol.01 Ch.007 - Argh! Vol.01 Ch.006 - Yipe! Vol.01 Ch.005 - Barely Made It Vol.01 Ch.004 - What Did You Draw? Vol.01 Ch.003 - Get Ready Vol.01 Ch.002 - From Age 3 Vol.01 Ch.001 - Four-Leaf Clover
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