Dengeki Daisy
Dengeki Daisy

Dengeki Daisy


Last Update: Nov 19,2015

Tag: Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shoujo Mystery Slice of Life
Author:MOTOMI Kyousuke

Teru, a poor and kind girl, recently lost her older brother, her only remaining relative. Before he died, he gave her a cell phone connecting her to a person he said would support her if ever he were ...more

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Vol (83) Order
Vol.16 Ch.075.9 - Debut Work Vol.16 Ch.075.8 - Daisy Special Episode 2 Vol.16 Ch.075.7 - Daisy Special Episode 1 Vol.16 Ch.075.6 - New Year Vol.16 Ch.075.5 - Fingernails Vol.16 Ch.075 - Towards Our Future [End] Vol.15 Ch.074 - Let's Go Home Vol.15 Ch.073 - Mail 73: Our Future Vol.15 Ch.072 - My Hero Will Come Vol.15 Ch.071 - Lucky Charm Vol.15 Ch.070 - Unwavering Vol.14 Ch.069 - Time To Move Vol.14 Ch.068 - I Decided To Be Happy Vol.14 Ch.067 - Because This Time It's Important Vol.14 Ch.066 - That Which Is Entrusted Vol.14 Ch.065 - The 'Testament' of Professor Midorikawa Vol.13 Ch.064 - Message From Soichiro (Part 2) Vol.13 Ch.063 - Message From Soichiro Vol.13 Ch.062 - Feelings and Pain Vol.13 Ch.061 - Attack Vol.13 Ch.060 - I'm Counting On You Vol.12 Ch.059 - With Our Faith Vol.12 Ch.058 - The Day I Get Closer Someday Vol.12 Ch.057 - Footsteps from the Past... Vol.12 Ch.056 - Crush His Plan (Last Part) Vol.12 Ch.055 - Crush His Plan (First Part) Vol.11 Ch.054 - A Child's Distinction, an Adult's Resolution Vol.11 Ch.053 - We Swear on Our Friendship Vol.11 Ch.052 - Testament, and Answer, and Friendship Vol.11 Ch.051 - Dangerous Love Game Vol.11 Ch.050 - It's Still Too Early to be a Man Vol.10 Ch.049 - Hide the Frustrations in Your Heart Vol.10 Ch.048 - Rena's Fiance Vol.10 Ch.047 - Daisy Bell Vol.10 Ch.046 - I Cannot Resist Your Beautiful Self Vol.10 Ch.045 - Tests and Trials Vol.09 Ch.044 - A Demon Appears Vol.09 Ch.043 - You've Got Mail Vol.09 Ch.042 - I Want to Feel You Vol.09 Ch.041 - Whereabouts of the "Sin" Vol.09 Ch.040 - Reunion Vol.08 Ch.039 - The Day "Daisy" Was Born Vol.08 Ch.038 - Beginning of the Sin Vol.08 Ch.037 - Read Online Vol.08 Ch.036 - Read Online Vol.08 Ch.035 - Why did you disappear? Vol.07 Ch.034 - The Truth Comes Out Vol.07 Ch.033 - So I Can Meet with You Vol.07 Ch.032 - Stray Heart Vol.07 Ch.031 - What Was Stolen Vol.07 Ch.030 - Only I Know Vol.06 Ch.029.6 - Everyone's Let's-Become-Happy New Year Vol.06 Ch.029.5 - Christmas Eve's Cosplay Legend Vol.06 Ch.029 - Not Suited for a Cute Girl Vol.06 Ch.028 - The Possibility of a Happy End Vol.06 Ch.027 - Decision Vol.06 Ch.026 - Kiss Vol.06 Ch.025 - Most in the world Vol.05 Ch.024 - Accompany Me Vol.05 Ch.023 - To Protect, And Lose Something Vol.05 Ch.022 - Each Person's Pain Vol.05 Ch.021 - The First... Vol.05 Ch.020 - To You, My Beloved Vol.04 Ch.019 - The Things I Can Do For You Vol.04 Ch.018 - The Fourth Man Vol.04 Ch.017 - The Name of That Flower Vol.04 Ch.016 - Which feelings are those? Vol.04 Ch.015 - In Order to Become a Cruel Woman Vol.03 Ch.014 - Secret Vol.03 Ch.013 - When the Truth is Out Vol.03 Ch.012 - Inside that Cell Phone Vol.03 Ch.011 - Thanks for Everything Vol.03 Ch.010 - You Will Disappear Vol.02 Ch.009 - The Hero Is At An Adolescent Age Vol.02 Ch.008 - Best Friends Vol.02 Ch.007 - He Will Protect Me Vol.02 Ch.006 - We have a problem, Big Sis Vol.02 Ch.005 - Because the Time to Make a Decision is Near Vol.01 Ch.004.5 - Extra Vol.01 Ch.004 - That Person Is Near Yet Far Vol.01 Ch.003 - I'm Still Inexperienced Vol.01 Ch.002 - Even For An Instant, He's A Hero! Vol.01 Ch.001 - Suspicious Guy
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