Detective Conan
Detective Conan

Detective Conan


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Tag: Adventure Comedy Shounen Romance School Life Mystery
Author:AOYAMA Gosho

Shinichi Kudo is a high-school student who, by using observation and deduction, is good at solving mysteries. While investigating one, he is caught by the criminals that he was watching and forced to ...more

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Vol (1446) Order
Vol.96 Ch.1103 Vol.96 Ch.1102 Vol.96 Ch.1101 Vol.96 Ch.1100 Vol.96 Ch.1099 Vol.96 Ch.1098 Vol.96 Ch.1097 Vol.96 Ch.1096 Vol.96 Ch.1095 Vol.96 Ch.1094 Vol.96 Ch.1093 Vol.96 Ch.1092 Vol.96 Ch.1091 Vol.96 Ch.1090 Vol.96 Ch.1089 Vol.96 Ch.1088 Vol.96 Ch.1087 Vol.96 Ch.1086 Vol.96 Ch.1085 Vol.96 Ch.1084 Vol.96 Ch.1083 Vol.96 Ch.1082 Vol.96 Ch.1081 Vol.96 Ch.1080 Vol.96 Ch.1079 Vol.96 Ch.1078 Vol.96 Ch.1077 Vol.96 Ch.1076 Vol.96 Ch.1075 Vol.96 Ch.1074 Vol.96 Ch.1073 Vol.96 Ch.1072 Vol.96 Ch.1071 Vol.96 Ch.1070 Vol.96 Ch.1069 Vol.96 Ch.1068 Vol.96 Ch.1067 Vol.96 Ch.1066 Vol.96 Ch.1065 Vol.96 Ch.1064 Vol.96 Ch.1063 Vol.96 Ch.1062 Vol.96 Ch.1061 Vol.96 Ch.1060 Vol.96 Ch.1059 Vol.96 Ch.1058 Vol.96 Ch.1057 Vol.96 Ch.1056 Vol.96 Ch.1055 Vol.96 Ch.1054 Vol.96 Ch.1053 Vol.96 Ch.1052 Vol.96 Ch.1051 Vol.96 Ch.1050 Vol.96 Ch.1049 Vol.96 Ch.1048 Vol.96 Ch.1047 Vol.96 Ch.1046 Vol.96 Ch.1045 Vol.96 Ch.1044 Vol.96 Ch.1043 Vol.96 Ch.1042 Vol.96 Ch.1041 Vol.96 Ch.1040 Vol.96 Ch.1039 Vol.96 Ch.1038 Vol.96 Ch.1037 Vol.96 Ch.1036 Vol.96 Ch.1035 Vol.96 Ch.1034 Vol.96 Ch.1033 - Good Luck Charm Vol.96 Ch.1032 Vol.96 Ch.1031 Vol.96 Ch.1030 - Just like you... Vol.96 Ch.1029 Vol.96 Ch.1028 - Mountain Villa in the Snowy Mountains Vol.96 Ch.1027 - The Eyes of a Detective Vol.96 Ch.1026 Vol.96 Ch.1025 Vol.96 Ch.1024 Vol.96 Ch.1023 Vol.96 Ch.1022 - Substitute Vol.96 Ch.1021 Vol.96 Ch.1020 Vol.96 Ch.1019 Vol.96 Ch.1018 - In The Ice Vol.95 Ch.1017 Vol.95 Ch.1016 Vol.95 Ch.1015 Vol.95 Ch.1014 Vol.95 Ch.1013 Vol.95 Ch.1012 Vol.95 Ch.1011 Vol.95 Ch.1010 Vol.95 Ch.1009 - At Black Bunny's Club Vol.95 Ch.1008 - See! ?? Vol.95 Ch.1007 - Nervous Vol.95 Ch.1006 - Stay Put! Vol.95 Ch.1005 - Dark Red Omen Vol.95 Ch.1004 - Light Pink Answer Vol.94 Ch.999 - Not Just Any Charm! Vol.94 Ch.998 - Search For The Phone Strap! Vol.94 Ch.997 - Haibara's Mood Vol.94 Ch.996 - The Truth Of The Trip Vol.94 Ch.995 - You Don't Know? Vol.94 Ch.994 - Ran's Trace Vol.94 Ch.993 - Wait A Minute! Vol.94 Ch.1003 - Rosy Brown Traces Vol.94 Ch.1002 - Auburn Inuyarai Vol.94 Ch.1001 - The Crimson Demon Vol.94 Ch.1000 - The Scarlet Ceiling Vol.93 Ch.992 - Your Time Has Come Vol.93 Ch.991 - Hands Off! Vol.93 Ch.990 - Today, I Settle The Score Vol.93 Ch.989 - Buzzer Beater Vol.93 Ch.988 - Violation Vol.93 Ch.987 - Tip-Off Vol.93 Ch.986 - Eri's S.O.S Vol.93 Ch.985 - Eri Can't Escape Vol.93 Ch.984 - Eri Multiplies Vol.93 Ch.983 - Solution Of The Mystery At Cafe Poirot Vol.93 Ch.982 - Meeting At Cafe Poirot Vol.92 Ch.981 - Killing Time At Cafe Poirot Vol.92 Ch.980 - Pure White Feelings Vol.92 Ch.979 - A White-Handed Woman Vol.92 Ch.978 - Wakasa-Sensei's Home Vol.92 Ch.977 - Tokyo-Style Deduction Show Vol.92 Ch.976 - The Stolen 10,000 Yen Betting Ticket Vol.92 Ch.975 - A True Tokyoite Detective?! Vol.92 Ch.974 - Wizard Among The Ripples Vol.92 Ch.973 - Investigator Among The Ripples Vol.92 Ch.972 - Encounter Among The Ripples Vol.92 Ch.971 - Another Customer Vol.91 Ch.970 - The Message Left By The Fingers Vol.91 Ch.969 - Swimsuits At The Dressing Room ♡ Vol.91 Ch.968 - Wakasa-Sensei's Secret Vol.91 Ch.967 - Impossible To Decode?! Vol.91 Ch.966 - Scytale Cipher Vol.91 Ch.965 - Diary Vol.91 Ch.964 - Approach Vol.91 Ch.963 - Tree God Vol.91 Ch.962 - The Sad Nue Legend Vol.91 Ch.961 - The Fanged Nue Vol.91 Ch.960 - The Nue's Scars Vol.90 Ch.959 - Night Of The Screaming Nue Vol.90 Ch.958 - The Monster Of Yadori Village Vol.90 Ch.957 - Truth Of Betrayal Vol.90 Ch.956 - Brunt Of Betrayal Vol.90 Ch.955 - Whereabouts Of Betrayal Vol.90 Ch.954 - Punishment Of Betrayal Vol.90 Ch.953 - As If Encountering A Demon In The Darkness Vol.90 Ch.952 - The Suspicious Adjacent Room Vol.90 Ch.951 - Soul Detective Vol.90 Ch.950 - The Clipped Letters Vol.90 Ch.949 - Sweet Scent Vol.89 Ch.948 - The Clenched Scissors Vol.89 Ch.947 - Favourite Motto Vol.89 Ch.946 - The Real Couple Vol.89 Ch.945 - Rude Old Man Vol.89 Ch.944 - The Solar Balloon Vol.89 Ch.943 - Unidentified Flying Object Vol.89 Ch.942 - Detective Chiba's Difficult Case Vol.89 Ch.941 - The truth of the testimonies Vol.89 Ch.940 - Scattered Testimonies Vol.89 Ch.939 - Lunch At The Department Store Vol.89 Ch.938 - Crime In The Blind Spot Vol.88 Ch.937 - The Missing Evidence Vol.88 Ch.936 - Formation of the Girl Band Vol.88 Ch.935 - The Trees Hide The Forest Vol.88 Ch.934 - The Missing Corpse Vol.88 Ch.933 - Man-Eating Zombies Vol.88 Ch.932 - Funeral Procession of the Departed Vol.88 Ch.931 - Zombie Blade Vol.88 Ch.930 - Excessive Seasoning Vol.88 Ch.929 - A Hose-Swinging Murderer?! Vol.88 Ch.928 - The Ramen Restaurant's Curious Customers Vol.88 Ch.927 - Illusion in the Back Room Vol.87 Ch.926 - The Staff's Alibis are? Vol.87 Ch.925 - Birth of a Big Couple?! Vol.87 Ch.924 - Shinichi BOY (Part 2) Vol.87 Ch.923 - Shinichi BOY (Part 1) Vol.87 Ch.922 - Ran GIRL (Part 2) Vol.87 Ch.921 - Ran GIRL (Part 1) Vol.87 Ch.920 - Selfie Vol.87 Ch.919 - Photo Vol.87 Ch.918 - Blog Vol.87 Ch.917 - Sound of the Horse Whips, Softly, Softly, Crossing the River at Night Vol.87 Ch.916 - The Past Flows Like Running Water Vol.86 Ch.915 - To Saijo Mountain...! Vol.86 Ch.914 - Footprints and the Woodpecker Association Vol.86 Ch.913 - Woodpecker Vol.86 Ch.912 - The Kamaitachi's Finale Vol.86 Ch.911 - The Kamaitachi's Approach Route Vol.86 Ch.910 - The Murderous Kamaitachi Vol.86 Ch.909 - The Kamaitachi Is Coming Vol.86 Ch.908 - Putting Her Life At Stake… Vol.86 Ch.907 - Dubious Witnesses Vol.86 Ch.906 - A Kind Aunt Vol.86 Ch.905 - The truth rises to the surface Vol.85 Ch.904 - The Sunken Shards of Glass Vol.85 Ch.903 - The Corpse That Sinks in the Pool Vol.85 Ch.902 - Spectacular Move Vol.85 Ch.901 - Forbidden Move Vol.85 Ch.900 - Check Vol.85 Ch.899 - The Sealed Move Vol.85 Ch.898 - Scarlet Epilogue Vol.85 Ch.897 - Scarlet Truth Vol.85 Ch.896 - Scarlet Return Vol.85 Ch.895 - Scarlet Interrogation Vol.85 Ch.894 - Scarlet Suspicion Vol.85 Ch.444 Vol.85 Ch.443 Vol.85 Ch.442 Vol.85 Ch.441 Vol.85 Ch.440 Vol.85 Ch.439 Vol.85 Ch.438 Vol.85 Ch.437 Vol.85 Ch.436 Vol.85 Ch.435 Vol.85 Ch.434 Vol.85 Ch.433 Vol.85 Ch.432 Vol.85 Ch.431 Vol.85 Ch.430 Vol.85 Ch.429 Vol.85 Ch.428 Vol.85 Ch.427 Vol.85 Ch.426 Vol.85 Ch.425 Vol.85 Ch.424 Vol.85 Ch.423 Vol.85 Ch.422 Vol.85 Ch.421 Vol.85 Ch.420 Vol.85 Ch.419 Vol.85 Ch.418 Vol.85 Ch.417 Vol.85 Ch.416 Vol.85 Ch.415 Vol.85 Ch.414 Vol.85 Ch.413 Vol.85 Ch.412 Vol.85 Ch.411 Vol.85 Ch.410 Vol.85 Ch.409 Vol.85 Ch.408 Vol.85 Ch.407 Vol.85 Ch.406 Vol.85 Ch.405 Vol.85 Ch.404 Vol.85 Ch.403 Vol.85 Ch.402 Vol.85 Ch.401 Vol.85 Ch.400 Vol.85 Ch.399 Vol.85 Ch.398 Vol.85 Ch.397 Vol.85 Ch.396 Vol.85 Ch.395 Vol.85 Ch.392 Vol.85 Ch.391 Vol.85 Ch.390 Vol.85 Ch.389 Vol.85 Ch.388 Vol.85 Ch.387 Vol.85 Ch.386 Vol.85 Ch.385 Vol.85 Ch.384 Vol.85 Ch.383 Vol.85 Ch.370 Vol.85 Ch.369 Vol.85 Ch.368 Vol.85 Ch.367 Vol.85 Ch.366 Vol.85 Ch.365 Vol.85 Ch.364 Vol.85 Ch.363 Vol.85 Ch.362 Vol.85 Ch.361 Vol.85 Ch.360 Vol.85 Ch.359 Vol.85 Ch.358 Vol.85 Ch.357 Vol.85 Ch.356 Vol.85 Ch.355 Vol.85 Ch.354 Vol.85 Ch.353 Vol.85 Ch.352 Vol.85 Ch.351 Vol.85 Ch.350 Vol.85 Ch.349 Vol.85 Ch.348 Vol.85 Ch.347 Vol.85 Ch.346 Vol.85 Ch.345 Vol.85 Ch.344 Vol.85 Ch.343 Vol.85 Ch.342 Vol.85 Ch.341 Vol.85 Ch.340 Vol.85 Ch.339 Vol.85 Ch.338 Vol.85 Ch.337 Vol.85 Ch.336 Vol.85 Ch.335 Vol.85 Ch.334 Vol.85 Ch.333 Vol.85 Ch.332 Vol.85 Ch.331 Vol.85 Ch.330 Vol.85 Ch.329 Vol.85 Ch.328 Vol.85 Ch.327 Vol.85 Ch.326 Vol.85 Ch.325 Vol.85 Ch.324 Vol.85 Ch.323 Vol.85 Ch.322 Vol.85 Ch.321 Vol.85 Ch.320 Vol.85 Ch.319 Vol.85 Ch.318 Vol.85 Ch.317 Vol.85 Ch.316 Vol.85 Ch.315 Vol.85 Ch.314 Vol.85 Ch.313 Vol.85 Ch.312 Vol.85 Ch.311 Vol.85 Ch.310 Vol.84 Ch.893 - Bourbon's Pursuit - Scarlet Prologue Vol.84 Ch.892 - Out of My Japan Vol.84 Ch.891 - The Last Piece Vol.84 Ch.890 - High-Velocity Blood Splatters Vol.84 Ch.889 - Zero Vol.84 Ch.888 - The Tense Tea Party Vol.84 Ch.887 - Voice of the Devil Vol.84 Ch.886 - The Wiretapper Vol.84 Ch.885 - The Kite Flying Competition Vol.84 Ch.884 - The Pink Resolution Vol.84 Ch.883 - A Detective in Scarlet Vol.83 Ch.882 - Light Blue Memories Vol.83 Ch.881 - The Drug Transaction Place Vol.83 Ch.880 - Ebisu Bridge Vol.83 Ch.879 - The Detective`s Teacher Vol.83 Ch.878 - The Phone, the Sea and I Vol.83 Ch.877 - The Little Girl Who Looks Like Sera Vol.83 Ch.876 - The Romance Novelist Vol.83 Ch.875 - The Red Tragedy Vol.83 Ch.874 - The Red Past Vol.83 Ch.873 - The Red Devil Vol.82 Ch.872 - The Red Woman Vol.82 Ch.871 - The Red Badge Vol.82 Ch.870 - When Your Wish is Granted Vol.82 Ch.869 - It Hasn't Been There... Vol.82 Ch.868 - Lucky Cat Vol.82 Ch.867 - Mischievous Child Vol.82 Ch.866 - A Cat Hiding its Claws Vol.82 Ch.865 - Taii the Calico Cat Vol.82 Ch.864 - Girls and Boys Vol.82 Ch.863 - Blackout Vol.82 Ch.862 - Iron Wall Vol.81 Ch.861 - Just Like Magic Vol.81 Ch.860 - The Smell of Kerosene Vol.81 Ch.859 - Jeet Kune Do vs. Karate Vol.81 Ch.858 - A Problematic Deduction Vol.81 Ch.857 - My Deduction Vol.81 Ch.856 - Adultery Investigation Vol.81 Ch.855 - A Detective Solves A Case In A Bar Vol.81 Ch.854 - A Detective Deduces A Case In A Bar Vol.81 Ch.853 - A Detective Encounters A Case In A Bar Vol.81 Ch.852 - Information About Akai Shuuichi Vol.81 Ch.851 - Jodie Remembers Vol.80 Ch.850 - Bourbon's Objective Vol.80 Ch.849 - Taiko's Optimal Moves Vol.80 Ch.848 - A Well-Prepared Move Vol.80 Ch.847 - Until I Collect All Seven Vol.80 Ch.846 - The Magic Lock Vol.80 Ch.845 - Our Territory Vol.80 Ch.844 - Today's Fruits Vol.80 Ch.843 - A Parcel for Kudou-Samakata Vol.80 Ch.842 - Cat's Home Delivery Service Vol.80 Ch.841 - Undelivered Goods Vol.80 Ch.840 - The Serial Killer's Plan Vol.79 Ch.839 - To Each Their Own Motive Vol.79 Ch.838 - Half of the Bizzare Phenomenon Vol.79 Ch.837 - Foreign Torture Room Vol.79 Ch.836 - Ghost Photography Vol.79 Ch.835 - Count Dracula Vol.79 Ch.834 - The Vampire's Mansion Vol.79 Ch.833 - Sensei's Trick Vol.79 Ch.832 - It Takes Two to Do the Job of One Vol.79 Ch.831 - Locked Room Murder on the Surface Vol.79 Ch.830 - Shedding Skin Vol.79 Ch.829 - Mimicry Vol.78 Ch.828 - Foam Vol.78 Ch.827 - The Key to Solving the Mystery Vol.78 Ch.826 - The Missing Key of the Locked Room Vol.78 Ch.825 - Special Coach Vol.78 Ch.824 - Mystery Train [Final Destination] Vol.78 Ch.823 - Mystery Train [Releasing Smoke] Vol.78 Ch.822 - Mystery Train [Interception] Vol.78 Ch.821 - Mystery Train [Junction] Vol.78 Ch.820 - Mystery Train [First Class] Vol.78 Ch.819 - Mystery Train: [Tunnel] Vol.78 Ch.818 - Mystery Train [All Aboard!] Vol.77 Ch.817 - A Lonely Figure in the Lamplight Vol.77 Ch.816 - Smoke Signals From a Dire Situation Vol.77 Ch.815 - One's Own Territory Vol.77 Ch.814 - Conan-kun, Right? Vol.77 Ch.813 - Kinichi-kun Vol.77 Ch.812 - Kudou Yuusaku's Cold Case Vol.77 Ch.811 - Tools of the Trade Vol.77 Ch.810 - Froth, Steam and Smoke Vol.77 Ch.809 - Traces of Having Been in the Room Vol.77 Ch.808 - The Late Grave Visit Vol.77 Ch.807 - The Strongest Senpai Vol.76 Ch.806 - The Inherited Shadow of the Dawn Vol.76 Ch.805 - Wataru Brothers Vol.76 Ch.804 - The Present from Detective Takagi Vol.76 Ch.803 - A Misconstrued Conclusion Vol.76 Ch.802 - Don't Make that Kind of Face... Vol.76 Ch.801 - The Person Who Never Smiled Vol.76 Ch.800 - When Objects Collide Vol.76 Ch.799 - A Child's Curiosity and a Detective's Spirit of Inquiry Vol.76 Ch.798 - Detectives' Nocturne Vol.76 Ch.797 - Intertwined Lies and Mysteries Vol.76 Ch.796 - The Meeting at Columbo Vol.75 Ch.795 - Destined to Re-Enter the Flames Vol.75 Ch.794 - Genome Vol.75 Ch.793 - Private Eye Vol.75 Ch.792 - Could You Possibly Be...? Vol.75 Ch.791 - Do You Not Remember? Vol.75 Ch.790 - The Object of Detective Chiba's First Love Vol.75 Ch.789 - The Kogorou Imposter's Great Deduction Vol.75 Ch.788 - The Real Sleeping Kogorou Vol.75 Ch.787 - Kogorou-san is a Good Man Vol.75 Ch.786 - The Parent-Child Optical Illusion Vol.75 Ch.785 - The Mistress' Written Confession Vol.74 Ch.784 - On-the-Spot Investigation: The Vow Vol.74 Ch.783 - Diamond Shapes Vol.74 Ch.782 - Baumkuchen Vol.74 Ch.781 - Eye Vol.74 Ch.780 - The Magical Food Vol.74 Ch.779 - Abe-chan Vol.74 Ch.778 - Which One is the Great(er) Detective? Vol.74 Ch.777 - Traces of Ayumi Vol.74 Ch.776 - A Vase and a Cat Vol.74 Ch.775 - Video Site Vol.74 Ch.774 - The Book with the Unturned Pages Vol.73 Ch.773 - Possible Sniping! Vol.73 Ch.772 - Nickname Rules Vol.73 Ch.771 - Let's Hear Your Brilliant Deduction! Vol.73 Ch.770 - Sera's Careless Deduction Vol.73 Ch.769 - A Detective Just Like You, Little Boy Vol.73 Ch.768 - Jeet Kune Do Vol.73 Ch.767 - Truth That Goes Beyond the Eyeglasses Vol.73 Ch.766 - Ramen and Poison Vol.73 Ch.765 - Ramen So Good...It's to Die For Vol.73 Ch.764 - The Ruler of Time Vol.73 Ch.763 - The Ghost of Time Vol.72 Ch.762 - Watchman of Time Vol.72 Ch.761 - The Truth of the Karuta Cards Vol.72 Ch.760 - Horsehair Crab from Lake Suwa Vol.72 Ch.759 - The Boy Who Cries Wolf Vol.72 Ch.758 - The Fabricated Feet Vol.72 Ch.757 - The Moving Corpse Vol.72 Ch.756 - A Grotesque Manner of Death Vol.72 Ch.755 - Communications Code Vol.72 Ch.754 - A Dangerous Game of Hide-and-Seek Vol.72 Ch.753 - A Person in Need of Rescue Vol.72 Ch.752 - A Troublesome, Tough Case Vol.71 Ch.751 - The Queen's True Worth Vol.71 Ch.750 - The Real Target Vol.71 Ch.748 - The Other A Vol.71 Ch.747 - The Holmes Code Vol.71 Ch.746 - Ask Holmes Vol.71 Ch.745 - Love is Zero Vol.71 Ch.744 - Book of Revelation Vol.71 Ch.743 - Great Detective Holmes' Apprentice Vol.71 Ch.742 - Love Transcending 13 Years Vol.71 Ch.741 - VHS of Memories Vol.70 Ch.740 - The Eight Virtues Vol.70 Ch.739 - Princess Vol.70 Ch.738 - Footprints Vol.70 Ch.737 - Sphere Vol.70 Ch.736 - The Inubushi Family Vol.70 Ch.735 - Avenging Ghost Vol.70 Ch.734 - Demon Dog Vol.70 Ch.733 - Clean Up Vol.70 Ch.732 - Breakthrough Vol.70 Ch.731 - Ryoma's Gunbelt Case Vol.70 Ch.730 - The Secret of the Diary Vol.69 Ch.729 - Genius Vol.69 Ch.728 - Air on the G String Vol.69 Ch.727 - Happy White Day Vol.69 Ch.726 - The Miraculous Trick Vol.69 Ch.725 - White Day Murder Vol.69 Ch.724 - An Eye for an Eye Vol.69 Ch.723 - The Sealed Room Above the Lake Vol.69 Ch.722 - Steam Murder Vol.69 Ch.721 - The Kappa's True Form Vol.69 Ch.720 - The Kappa's Curse Vol.69 Ch.719 - A Request from the Bottom of the Pond Vol.68 Ch.718 - Purity Vol.68 Ch.717 - Monkey & Nine Vol.68 Ch.716 - Rooster Festival Vol.68 Ch.715 - Black Tortoise Vol.68 Ch.714 - White Tiger Vol.68 Ch.713 - Vermilion Bird Vol.68 Ch.712 - Azure Dragon Vol.68 Ch.711 - The Best Birthday Vol.68 Ch.710 - Raise & Then Lower? Vol.68 Ch.709 - Kisaki Eri's Misfortune Vol.68 Ch.708 - The Sakura in Full Bloom Vol.67 Ch.707 - The Sakura Girl is...? Vol.67 Ch.706 - Kobayashi Sensei's Misunderstanding Vol.67 Ch.705 - Kobayashi Sensei's Love Vol.67 Ch.704 - Silent Clash Vol.67 Ch.703 - The Truth Amidst the Snowstorm Vol.67 Ch.702 - The Bomber's Aim Vol.67 Ch.701 - Hint of Red & 13 Vol.67 Ch.700 - Dangerous Area Vol.67 Ch.699 - Tomorrow is There ... Vol.67 Ch.698 - An Uncertain and Fragile Thing Vol.67 Ch.697 - A Fashion Curse?! Vol.66 Ch.696 - Goth Loli Vol.66 Ch.695 - Ill-Tempered Vol.66 Ch.694 - The Greatest Game Vol.66 Ch.693 - Charm Recovery Strategy Vol.66 Ch.692 - The Secret of the Warehouse Vol.66 Ch.691 - Conan vs Detective Boys Vol.66 Ch.690 - Haunted Warehouse Vol.66 Ch.689 - Blooming Sakura Vol.66 Ch.688 - Sakura Falls Vol.66 Ch.687 - Memory Vol.66 Ch.686 - Superb Bait Vol.65 Ch.685 - Make Friends Hurry Vol.65 Ch.684 - The Late Koumei Vol.65 Ch.683 - In the Hand Vol.65 Ch.682 - The Red Wall Vol.65 Ch.681 - Half-Kill Vol.65 Ch.680 - Accompanying Two Dangerous People Vol.65 Ch.679 - Shaking Heart Vol.65 Ch.678 - The Trap Vol.65 Ch.677 - The Fated Individual Vol.65 Ch.676 - Unlocking Vol.65 Ch.675 - Hiding Vol.64 Ch.674 - Iron Tanuki Vol.64 Ch.673 - The Common Pattern Vol.64 Ch.672 - ESWN Vol.64 Ch.671 - The Connection Vol.64 Ch.670 - The One Who Whistles Vol.64 Ch.669 - Gari-kun Vol.64 Ch.668 - The Boy of Memory Vol.64 Ch.667 - Scar Vol.64 Ch.666 - Thirst for Blood Vol.64 Ch.665 - Mackerel, Carp, Sea Bream, Flounder Vol.64 Ch.664 - Ikkaku Rock Vol.63 Ch.663 - The True Identity of the Witch Vol.63 Ch.662 - White FD Vol.63 Ch.661 - The Silver-White Witch Vol.63 Ch.660 - True Purpose of the Contest Vol.63 Ch.659 - 801, Length of Eight & First Class Vol.63 Ch.658 - Boar, Deer, Butterfly Vol.63 Ch.657 - Whereabouts of the Poison Vol.63 Ch.656 - Sharpshooting Vol.63 Ch.655 - Revolving Weapon Vol.63 Ch.654 - Deduction Answer Vol.63 Ch.653 - My Deduction Vol.62 Ch.652 - What She Really Wants to Ask Vol.62 Ch.651 - True Identity Vol.62 Ch.650 - Endless Tears Vol.62 Ch.649 - Shiragami-sama Vol.62 Ch.648 - Kudo Shinichi's Homicide Vol.62 Ch.647 - The Lost Memory Vol.62 Ch.646 - Village of Animosity Vol.62 Ch.645 - Accidental Hit Vol.62 Ch.644 - Reversal Technique Vol.62 Ch.643 - Wings of Icarus Vol.62 Ch.642 - False Friendship Vol.61 Ch.641 - Destruction Vol.61 Ch.640 - Rescue Vol.61 Ch.639 - What's the Message Hidden in the Markings?! Vol.61 Ch.638 - Paper Plane Vol.61 Ch.637 - Crackle Vol.61 Ch.636 - Cause of Fire Vol.61 Ch.635 - Burn Vol.61 Ch.634 - Zero Vol.61 Ch.633 - The Three Taboos Vol.61 Ch.632 - Instant Movement Vol.61 Ch.631 - Purple Nail Vol.60 Ch.630 - The Bitter Truth Vol.60 Ch.629 - The Impossible Crime Vol.60 Ch.628 - Coffee with Murderous Intent Vol.60 Ch.627 - Hammer Man Identity Vol.60 Ch.626 - Delivered Malice Vol.60 Ch.625 - Hammer Man Vol.60 Ch.624 - New Neighbor Vol.60 Ch.623 - Kuroshiro-kun Vol.60 Ch.622 - Red, White and Yellow Vol.60 Ch.621 - Eisuke's Confession Vol.60 Ch.620 - The Vanished Blunt Weapon Vol.59 Ch.619 - Suspicious Eisuke Vol.59 Ch.618 - Shadow and Thunder Vol.59 Ch.617 - War Vol.59 Ch.616 - Fuurinkazan Vol.59 Ch.615 - Art of War Vol.59 Ch.614 - Armored Warrior Vol.59 Ch.613 - Centipede Vol.59 Ch.612 - Mechanics and the Alibi Vol.59 Ch.611 - Flying Corpse Vol.59 Ch.610 - Sound Vol.59 Ch.609 - Wedge of Steel Vol.58 Ch.608 - Magic Spell Vol.58 Ch.607 - Camel's Past Vol.58 Ch.606 - Friday The 13th Vol.58 Ch.605 - The Unexpected Suspect Vol.58 Ch.604 - Older Sister and Younger Brother Vol.58 Ch.603 - The Missions Vol.58 Ch.602 - Last Resort Vol.58 Ch.601 - Camouflage Vol.58 Ch.600 - All Or Nothing... Vol.58 Ch.599 - Akai's Past Vol.58 Ch.598 - Pursuit and… Vol.57 Ch.597 - The Fake Patient Vol.57 Ch.596 - The Second Thread Vol.57 Ch.595 - Crow's Song Vol.57 Ch.594 - The Fugitive Vol.57 Ch.593 - The Devil's Tears Vol.57 Ch.592 - The Satanic Trick Vol.57 Ch.591 - The Devil Comes Vol.57 Ch.590 - Glove of Sadness Vol.57 Ch.589 - A Murderer from Hades Vol.57 Ch.588 - The One Hand Glove Which Calls Death Vol.57 Ch.587 - Late Mother's Memento Vol.56 Ch.586 - The Truth Which Blood Tells Vol.56 Ch.585 - Wrong Number Vol.56 Ch.584 - Company Vol.56 Ch.583 - Location Of The Photograph Vol.56 Ch.582 - A Clue From The West Vol.56 Ch.581 - The Onibaba Legend Murder Case 3 Vol.56 Ch.580 - The Onibaba Legend Murder Case 2 Vol.56 Ch.579 - The Onibaba Legend Murder Case Vol.56 Ch.578 - Engagement Ring 3 Vol.56 Ch.577 - Engagement Ring 2 Vol.56 Ch.576 - Engagement Ring!? Vol.55 Ch.575 - Secret Kisaki Eri 2 Vol.55 Ch.574 - Secret Kisaki Eri Vol.55 Ch.573 - The Setting Sun Vol.55 Ch.572 - Broad Daylight Vol.55 Ch.571 - Dawn Vol.55 Ch.570 - Under The Moon Vol.55 Ch.569 - Mischievous Boy Vol.55 Ch.568 - Genta And El Vol.55 Ch.567 - Genta's Shoot Vol.55 Ch.566 - Hot-Blooded Detective Vol.55 Ch.565 - The Detectives' Great Deduction Vol.54 Ch.564 - Demonstration Of The Locked Room Vol.54 Ch.563 - Detective Koushien Vol.54 Ch.562 - The High School Detective Of The East Vol.54 Ch.561 - Trick Of The Bloodstain Vol.54 Ch.560 - The Phantom Corpse Vol.54 Ch.559 - The Room Which Swallows People Vol.54 Ch.558 - Catastrophe In The Snow-Covered Mountains Vol.54 Ch.557 - The Locus Of The Fall Vol.54 Ch.556 - The Detective Boys' Snowman Vol.54 Ch.555 - A Dreaming Star Vol.54 Ch.554 - Menu For Dinner Vol.53 Ch.553 - Mysterious Job Vol.53 Ch.552 - The Identity Of The Hammer Vol.53 Ch.551 - Nail And Snake Vol.53 Ch.550 - The Only Eye-Witness Vol.53 Ch.549 - Grade 1 Class B Big Battle Vol.53 Ch.548 - The Mysterious 200-Faced Man Vol.53 Ch.547 - Junbaku (White) Vol.53 Ch.546 - Seiran (Young Wind) Vol.53 Ch.545 - Konjiki (Gold) Vol.53 Ch.544 - Guren (Bright Red) Vol.52 Ch.543 - Superman Vol.52 Ch.542 - Name In Katakana Vol.52 Ch.541 - Sonoko's Red Handkerchief Vol.52 Ch.540 - The Thing He Wanted To Hide Vol.52 Ch.539 - Upside Down Mystery Vol.52 Ch.538 - Out Of Ordinary Room Vol.52 Ch.537 - Wedding Battle Vol.52 Ch.536 - The Uninvited Guest Vol.52 Ch.535 - The Wedding Hall Panic Vol.52 Ch.534 - The Star Blade Connection Vol.52 Ch.533 - Suspicious Action Vol.51 Ch.532 - Demon's Cave Vol.51 Ch.531 - The Set Up Locked Room Vol.51 Ch.530 - The Tightly Shut Window Vol.51 Ch.529 - Goro is Goro!? Vol.51 Ch.528 - Russian Blue Vol.51 Ch.527 - Mixture Trick Vol.51 Ch.526 - The Mystery Of The Plastic Bottle Vol.51 Ch.525 - Relaxing Shellfish Hunt Vol.51 Ch.524 - Three Fish Vol.51 Ch.523 - Fish Incident Vol.51 Ch.522 - Vengeance In The Snowstorm Vol.50 Ch.521 - Legend Of The Snow Women's Kimono Vol.50 Ch.520 - Lift Of Puzzle Vol.50 Ch.519 - Yukionna's Plan Vol.50 Ch.518 - Heiji's Memories Vol.50 Ch.517 - Detective Boys Vol.50 Ch.516 - Message of the Real Murderer Vol.50 Ch.006 - Message Of The Real Murderer Vol.50 Ch.005 - Exciting Interview Vol.50 Ch.004 - Big Win Vol.50 Ch.003 - Boring Game Vol.50 Ch.002 - The Secret Visit Vol.50 Ch.001 - The Uptight Party Vol.49 Ch.010 - The Fake Love Vol.49 Ch.009 - The Sealed Car Vol.49 Ch.008 - The Two Who Cannot Return Vol.49 Ch.007 - Secret Path To School 2 Vol.49 Ch.006 - The Secret Path To School Vol.49 Ch.005 - A New Teacher Vol.49 Ch.004 - Black Organization vs FBI 2 Vol.49 Ch.003 - Black Organization vs FBI Vol.49 Ch.002 - The New Directive Vol.49 Ch.001 - Follow The Target! Vol.48 Ch.498 - The Impact of 13 Years Vol.48 Ch.496 - The Resurrected Demon Vol.48 Ch.495 - The Nightmare from 13 Years Ago Vol.48 Ch.011 - Special Commemoration For The 500th File Of Meitantei Conan Vol.48 Ch.010 - A New Black Member...!! Vol.48 Ch.009 - Ding Dong Dash Vol.48 Ch.008 - The Impact Of 13 Years Vol.48 Ch.007 - Ignored Evidence Vol.48 Ch.006 - The Waken Demon Vol.48 Ch.005 - The Nightmare From The 13 Years Ago Vol.48 Ch.004 - Residence Of The Evil Spirit Vol.48 Ch.003 - Perfect Deduction Vol.48 Ch.002 - Lay Down And Wash Your Face Vol.48 Ch.001 - Secret Code In Summer Vol.47 Ch.481 - The Alibi to the Suspicion Vol.47 Ch.480 - Doubted Deduction Vol.47 Ch.011 - Disqualified Magician! Vol.47 Ch.010 - The Magician's Mansion Vol.47 Ch.009 - The Forbidden Document Vol.47 Ch.008 - Appearing Magic Vol.47 Ch.007 - Up To The Sky And Down To The Earth Vol.47 Ch.006 - Suicide Turns To Homicide Vol.47 Ch.005 - From Him To Her Vol.47 Ch.004 - Unlocking It! Vol.47 Ch.003 - The Truth Of The Suspicion Vol.47 Ch.002 - The Alibi To The Suspicion Vol.47 Ch.001 - Doubted Deduction Vol.46 Ch.011 - The Suspicious Message Vol.46 Ch.010 - Immortal! The Institution Is Solved! Vol.46 Ch.009 - Magical Instument! Uncover The Mystery Of The Diamond! Vol.46 Ch.008 - Trap Vol.46 Ch.007 - Seal Vol.46 Ch.006 - Fantasia Vol.46 Ch.005 - Impromptu Vol.46 Ch.004 - Requiem Vol.46 Ch.003 - Capricco Vol.46 Ch.002 - Prelude Vol.46 Ch.001 - Star Knows Everything Vol.45 Ch.011 - A Wish To The Star Vol.45 Ch.010 - Have You Seen The Star Vol.45 Ch.009 - A Secret Letter From The Sky Vol.45 Ch.008 - A Backstreet In The Sky Vol.45 Ch.007 - A Strange Feeling Vol.45 Ch.006 - Hideyoshi's Counterattack Vol.45 Ch.005 - The Blessed Fishing Spot Vol.45 Ch.004 - Poison On The Bait Vol.45 Ch.003 - Open Murder At Sea Vol.45 Ch.002 - Truth Behind The Remaining Desk Vol.45 Ch.001 - Where Are The Footprints? Vol.44 Ch.454 - Shock Vol.44 Ch.011 - A Ghost Story At School Vol.44 Ch.010 - Escape Vol.44 Ch.009 - Panic Vol.44 Ch.008 - Shock Vol.44 Ch.007 - Miracle Vol.44 Ch.006 - There Is No Suspicion? Vol.44 Ch.005 - Makes No Sense Vol.44 Ch.004 - From Heaven To Hell Vol.44 Ch.003 - The End Of The Game...?! Vol.44 Ch.002 - No Hint?! Vol.44 Ch.001 - Solving The Code Of Three Numbers Vol.43 Ch.011 - The Challenge Of The Evil Spirit Of Koshien Vol.43 Ch.010 - One Evil Among 53,000 Vol.43 Ch.009 - The Made-up Message Vol.43 Ch.008 - Find The Meaning Of The Dying Message Vol.43 Ch.007 - Six Masks Of A Message Vol.43 Ch.006 - Multiple Proposals Vol.43 Ch.005 - Another Detective Vol.43 Ch.004 - The Strange Address Book Vol.43 Ch.003 - The Forgotten Cell Phone Vol.43 Ch.002 - Ai Haibara's Resolution Vol.43 Ch.001 - Search For The Mark Vol.42 Ch.011 - Trace In The Rain Vol.42 Ch.010 - Rotten Apple Vol.42 Ch.009 - The Truth Behind The Mask Vol.42 Ch.008 - Shinichi Kudou To The Rescue!? Vol.42 Ch.007 - The Invisible Man Appears! Vol.42 Ch.006 - The Haunted Ship Painted With Blood Vol.42 Ch.005 - The Full Moon And The Trap At The Banquet Vol.42 Ch.004 - The Unbelievable Conclusion Vol.42 Ch.003 - Ran's Deduction Vol.42 Ch.002 - Good-Bye Jodie Vol.42 Ch.001 - The Hidden Truth Vol.41 Ch.423 - The Mystery Left by a Visitor Vol.41 Ch.416 - The Night Baroness' Entry Vol.41 Ch.415 - A Strange Gunshot Vol.41 Ch.011 - The Mystery Left In A Closed Room Vol.41 Ch.010 - The Mystery Left By A Visitor Vol.41 Ch.009 - The Target That Can't Escape Vol.41 Ch.008 - There Is Risk! Vol.41 Ch.007 - The Approaching Surrounding Net Vol.41 Ch.006 - Mystery Of The Black Light Vol.41 Ch.005 - The Silent Murder In The Dark Vol.41 Ch.004 - Darkness Is A Death Trap Vol.41 Ch.003 - The Night Baroness's Entry Vol.41 Ch.002 - A Strange Gunshot Vol.41 Ch.001 - A Tight Match Vol.40 Ch.407 - Tennis Court of Remembrance Vol.40 Ch.010 - Miserable Vol.40 Ch.009 - First Love - Reunion - Farewell Vol.40 Ch.008 - The Place Of Memory Vol.40 Ch.007 - Agasa's First Love Vol.40 Ch.006 - My Voice Is Gone?! Vol.40 Ch.005 - Calias Of Doubt Vol.40 Ch.004 - Tennis Court Of Rememberance Vol.40 Ch.003 - Misguided But Sucessful Arrest Vol.40 Ch.002 - Misguided Massive Hunt Vol.40 Ch.001 - Be On Guard On A Sweet Date Vol.39 Ch.398 - Drawn Friendship Part 1 (v2) Vol.39 Ch.011 - Red Mole...!? Vol.39 Ch.010 - With A Mole Vol.39 Ch.009 - A Small Client Vol.39 Ch.008 - Torn Friendship 3 Vol.39 Ch.007 - Torn Friendship 2 Vol.39 Ch.006 - Torn Friendship 1 Vol.39 Ch.005 - Obtuse Imitation Vol.39 Ch.004 - The Witness Of The Red Horse Vol.39 Ch.003 - The Owner Of The Red Horse Vol.39 Ch.002 - Shadow Of The Red Horse Vol.39 Ch.001 - The Luring Red Horse Vol.38 Ch.386 - Sunset and Stairs (v2) Vol.38 Ch.385 - Ayumi's Anxiety (v2) Vol.38 Ch.384 - An Unexpected Treasure (v2) Vol.38 Ch.010 - Heiji And Kazuha In Grave Danger![3] Vol.38 Ch.009 - Heiji And Kazuha In Grave Danger![2] Vol.38 Ch.008 - Heiji And Kazuha In Grave Danger! Vol.38 Ch.007 - The Man Who Can Never Be A Wolf Vol.38 Ch.006 - Wolf's Shadow Vol.38 Ch.005 - Disgraceful Hero Vol.38 Ch.004 - Stairs In The Setting Sun Vol.38 Ch.003 - Ayumi's Worry Vol.38 Ch.002 - The Old Picture Vol.38 Ch.001 - The New Weapon/Gadget! Vol.37 Ch.010 - Fellow Passengers Vol.37 Ch.009 - Precarious Encounter Vol.37 Ch.008 - White Snow...Black Shadow... Vol.37 Ch.007 - The Footsteps Of Darkness 3 Vol.37 Ch.006 - The Footsteps Of Darkness 2 Vol.37 Ch.005 - The Footsteps Of Darkness Vol.37 Ch.004 - Kogoro's Choice 3 Vol.37 Ch.003 - Kogoro's Choice 2 Vol.37 Ch.002 - Kogoro's Choice Vol.37 Ch.001 - Bye-bye... Vol.36 Ch.011 - The Most In This World Vol.36 Ch.010 - Red Trap Vol.36 Ch.009 - Inerasable Memory Vol.36 Ch.008 - An officer who never returned Vol.36 Ch.007 - Bomber's Aim Vol.36 Ch.006 - Proof On The Video Tape Vol.36 Ch.005 - An act of evil intent Vol.36 Ch.004 - The Princess And The Dragon Palace Vol.36 Ch.003 - The Servitor Of Goosoh Vol.36 Ch.002 - Mysterious Words Vol.36 Ch.001 - Dangerous Visitant Vol.35 Ch.011 - Death Island Vol.35 Ch.010 - The Disappearance Of Mitsuhiko Part 3 Vol.35 Ch.009 - Mitsuhiko's Disappearance Part 2 Vol.35 Ch.008 - The Disappearance Of Mitsuhiko Vol.35 Ch.007 - The Ghost House Mystery 3 Vol.35 Ch.006 - The Ghost House Mystery 2 Vol.35 Ch.005 - The Ghost House Mystery Vol.35 Ch.004 - Golden Apple 5 Vol.35 Ch.003 - Golden Apple 4 Vol.35 Ch.002 - Golden Apple 3 Vol.35 Ch.001 - Golden Apple 2 Vol.34 Ch.011 - Golden Apple 1 Vol.34 Ch.010 - Cleared Memory Vol.34 Ch.009 - The Misleading Washcloth Vol.34 Ch.008 - Raining Deja-vu Vol.34 Ch.007 - A Fake Supporter Vol.34 Ch.006 - The Suspicious Supporters Vol.34 Ch.005 - The Storm Of Booing Vol.34 Ch.004 - Who Are You Vol.34 Ch.003 - The Strange Neighbour Vol.34 Ch.002 - The Hint That Was Against Vol.34 Ch.001 - Time To Pick The Apple Vol.33 Ch.011 - O X /_\ |=| Vol.33 Ch.010 - Meaning Of An X Vol.33 Ch.009 - Life Of A Flower Vol.33 Ch.008 - Clean Scent Vol.33 Ch.007 - Memento Of Wife Vol.33 Ch.006 - Bloody Valentine 4 Vol.33 Ch.005 - Bloody Valentine 3 Vol.33 Ch.004 - Bloody Valentine 2 Vol.33 Ch.003 - Bloody Valentine Vol.33 Ch.002 - Satou's Feelings Vol.33 Ch.001 - Satou's Odds Vol.32 Ch.011 - Satou's Marriage Arrangement Vol.32 Ch.010 - A Stupid Plan Vol.32 Ch.009 - P & A Vol.32 Ch.008 - Something The Lion Dropped Vol.32 Ch.007 - Idol's Regret Vol.32 Ch.006 - Secret Of The Idols Vol.32 Ch.005 - A Long-Awaited Gathering Vol.32 Ch.004 - The Sad Tiger Scroll Vol.32 Ch.003 - Inside A Father's Heart Vol.32 Ch.002 - Back To The Past Vol.32 Ch.001 - The Lord's Treasure Vol.31 Ch.011 - The Ruler's Palace Vol.31 Ch.010 - Knight Of Justice Vol.31 Ch.009 - Invisible Knight Vol.31 Ch.008 - The Knight Of Naniwa Vol.31 Ch.007 - ...A Decision Made By Courage... Vol.31 Ch.006 - ...Who Got Caught In The Net... Vol.31 Ch.005 - ...Warm Ocean... Vol.31 Ch.004 - The Time Of Lies Vol.31 Ch.003 - The Truth From The Imposter Vol.31 Ch.002 - Imposter's Introduction Vol.31 Ch.001 - The Hidden Word Vol.30 Ch.302 - Sting (v2) Vol.30 Ch.301 - The Murder (v2) Vol.30 Ch.300 - Tragedy (v2) Vol.30 Ch.299 - Joint Investigation (v2) Vol.30 Ch.296 - Straight Ball Match Vol.30 Ch.011 - Surrounded By Hints Vol.30 Ch.010 - On The Bottom Vol.30 Ch.009 - Genta's Trap Vol.30 Ch.008 - Genta's Misfortune Vol.30 Ch.007 - Sting Vol.30 Ch.006 - The Murder Vol.30 Ch.005 - Tragedy Vol.30 Ch.004 - The Meeting Vol.30 Ch.003 - The Time Trap Vol.30 Ch.002 - The Opened Closed Area Vol.29 Ch.295 - Red Card Vol.29 Ch.294 - The Last Possibility Vol.29 Ch.293 - K3 Vol.29 Ch.292 - The Disappeared Evidence Vol.29 Ch.291 - A Tiny Trace Vol.29 Ch.290 - The Dog Lovers Vol.29 Ch.289 - Concealed Beneath The Truth Vol.29 Ch.288 - Danger Signal Vol.29 Ch.287 - The Invisible Fear Vol.29 Ch.286 - An Unexpected Motive Vol.29 Ch.285 - The Suspicion Vol.28 Ch.284 - The Buried Secret Vol.28 Ch.283 - Uncompensated Heart Vol.28 Ch.282 - The Last Arrow Vol.28 Ch.281 - The Devil's Arrow Vol.28 Ch.280 - Elder's Prophecy Vol.28 Ch.279 - The Mermaid's Curse Vol.28 Ch.278 - The Horrifying Woman Vol.28 Ch.277 - The Evidence Held Vol.28 Ch.276 - A Person That Lies Vol.28 Ch.275 - The Real Intention Of Killing Vol.28 Ch.274 - A Small Target Vol.27 Ch.273 - Enemies On The Same Boat Vol.27 Ch.272 - Game Over Vol.27 Ch.271 - TTX... Vol.27 Ch.270 - Start Game Vol.27 Ch.269 - Time Limit Vol.27 Ch.268 - The Imprisoned Officer Vol.27 Ch.267 - The Man From 18 Years Ago Vol.27 Ch.266 - Firm Decision Vol.27 Ch.265 - An Important Witness Vol.27 Ch.264 - A Taste Of One's Own Medicine Vol.26 Ch.263 - Come Spring? Vol.26 Ch.262 - The Vanishing Sound Vol.26 Ch.261 - Coming In Contact With Music Strings Vol.26 Ch.260 - The Memorable Location Vol.26 Ch.259 - A Tranquil Time Vol.26 Ch.258 - The Momentary Rest Vol.26 Ch.257 - Revival Under The Threat Of Death Vol.26 Ch.256 - Concealed Truth Vol.26 Ch.255 - The Intruder's Sudden Arrival Vol.26 Ch.254 - An Infatuated Heart Vol.25 Ch.253 - One's Trust Vol.25 Ch.252 - Enthusiastic Detectives Vol.25 Ch.251 - The Mistaken Detectives Vol.25 Ch.250 - Unable To Speak Vol.25 Ch.249 - Heiji's Anger Vol.25 Ch.248 - Heiji's Cry Vol.25 Ch.247 - Seen Horror Vol.25 Ch.246 - The Spider Mansion Vol.25 Ch.245 - Experimental Words Vol.25 Ch.244 - The Victim Doesn't Talk Vol.25 Ch.243 - Not Like The Rest Vol.24 Ch.242 - A White World Vol.24 Ch.241 - The Bullet From The Past Vol.24 Ch.240 - The Sudden Parting Vol.24 Ch.239 - The Black Burial Ranks Vol.24 Ch.238 - The Street Corner Of Betrayal Vol.24 Ch.237 - From The Bottom Of Heart Vol.24 Ch.236 - The Unbelievable Link Vol.24 Ch.235 - In The Dark Vol.24 Ch.234 - Another Half Year Vol.24 Ch.233 - Count Down Vol.24 Ch.232 - Finding Evidence Vol.23 Ch.231 - Investigation Begins Vol.23 Ch.230 - The Witness Survived Vol.23 Ch.229 - This Is The Truth Vol.23 Ch.228 - Disappearing Among The Waves Vol.23 Ch.227 - An Unintentional Target Vol.23 Ch.226 - The Motive Thickens Vol.23 Ch.225 - Gray Planner Vol.23 Ch.224 - Dreamland Vol.23 Ch.223 - Truth In The Mirror Vol.23 Ch.222 - The Last Movie Vol.22 Ch.221 - The Prince With A Kick Vol.22 Ch.220 - The Sleeping Beauty Vol.22 Ch.219 - Go On, Sonoko! Vol.22 Ch.218 - The Last Station Vol.22 Ch.217 - ...To Be Continued Vol.22 Ch.216 - Search the Train Vol.22 Ch.215 - The Northbound Train Vol.22 Ch.214 - The Last Laugh Vol.22 Ch.213 - The Evidence... Vol.22 Ch.212 - Uneasiness Vol.21 Ch.211 - A Nice Day in Tokyo Vol.21 Ch.210 - An Unexpected Rival Vol.21 Ch.209 - The Inspector Leads the Investigation Vol.21 Ch.208 - The Sakurada Gate Vol.21 Ch.207 - Hidden Within the Depth of the Heart Vol.21 Ch.206 - The Last Trump Card Vol.21 Ch.205 - Midair Sealed Chamber Vol.21 Ch.204 - The Initial Calling Vol.21 Ch.203 - The Ivory Tower Vol.21 Ch.202 - Countdown Vol.21 Ch.201 - And Again... Vol.20 Ch.200 - Invitation to an Isolated Castle Vol.20 Ch.199 - Sisterly Love Vol.20 Ch.198 - Tangible Proof Vol.20 Ch.197 - Goodbye Vol.20 Ch.196 - From Sky Vol.20 Ch.195 - Search Vol.20 Ch.194 - Suspect Behaviors Vol.20 Ch.193 - In the Middle of the Snow Vol.20 Ch.192 - Run Away Vol.20 Ch.191 - The Eyes from Far Away Vol.19 Ch.190 - The 56 Thousand Hostages Vol.19 Ch.189 - The Endangered Ball Vol.19 Ch.188 - The Secret of the Driving License... Vol.19 Ch.187 - In the Wallet... Vol.19 Ch.186 - The Fourth Wallet Vol.19 Ch.185 - The Living City Vol.19 Ch.184 - In France... Vol.19 Ch.183 - Climax of 1/2 Vol.19 Ch.182 - The Writer that Disappeared Vol.19 Ch.181 - Why... Vol.18 Ch.180 - Checkmate Vol.18 Ch.179 - The Girl Made of Lies Vol.18 Ch.178 - Code Name: Sherry Vol.18 Ch.177 - The Lady in Black Vol.18 Ch.176 - The New Student Vol.18 Ch.175 - ... Unlock Your Heart... Vol.18 Ch.174 - ... The Burning Truth... Vol.18 Ch.173 - First Love Vol.18 Ch.172 - Two Rooms Vol.18 Ch.171 - It Must Be Similar Vol.17 Ch.170 - The Actors Gathered Vol.17 Ch.169 - L.N.R Vol.17 Ch.168 - The Demon Appears Vol.17 Ch.167 - The Cuckoo Clock Vol.17 Ch.166 - What Should We Do? Vol.17 Ch.165 - How Could I Forget It? Vol.17 Ch.164 - Lost Weapon Vol.17 Ch.163 - Three Puzzled Tricks Vol.17 Ch.162 - Killed by a Sound?! Vol.17 Ch.161 - The Unmoving Evidence Vol.16 Ch.160 - The Machination of the Potter Vol.16 Ch.159 - Finale Vol.16 Ch.158 - Presence Vol.16 Ch.157 - Anihilation Vol.16 Ch.156 - Chance Meeting Vol.16 Ch.155 - Is Someone There!? Vol.16 Ch.154 - Strange Wonders of the School Vol.16 Ch.153 - Bonds of Flame Vol.16 Ch.152 - Truth of the Telephone Vol.16 Ch.151 - White Murderer Vol.15 Ch.150 - The Blood-Stained Bandage Vol.15 Ch.149 - The Call of the Devil Vol.15 Ch.148 - A Magic Trick Vol.15 Ch.147 - Lick Your Thumb Vol.15 Ch.146 - Duet? Vol.15 Ch.145 - What They Are After... Vol.15 Ch.144 - The Same Voice? Vol.15 Ch.143 - ... Truth from Tears... Vol.15 Ch.142 - The Lost Weapon! Vol.15 Ch.141 - It's Not There!? Vol.14 Ch.140 - The Last Guest Vol.14 Ch.139 - Unexpected Crew Vol.14 Ch.138 - The Other... Vol.14 Ch.137 - Yukiko Grin... Vol.14 Ch.136 - Conan Grin... Vol.14 Ch.135 - In the Mother's Chest Vol.14 Ch.134 - Question in Dead Leaves Vol.14 Ch.133 - Murder Will Happen Soon Vol.14 Ch.132 - Numbers on the Telephone Vol.14 Ch.131 - Photograph as Evidence Vol.13 Ch.130 - A Silhouette Which Disappears Vol.13 Ch.129 - The Tragedy of the Monster Gomera Vol.13 Ch.128 - The Runaway Vol.13 Ch.127 - A Flower & the Butterfly Vol.13 Ch.126 - The Suspicious Suicide Vol.13 Ch.125 - The Falling Corpse Vol.13 Ch.124 - A Really Sad Brothership Vol.13 Ch.123 - The Triplets Vol.13 Ch.122 - The Witnesses Are... Vol.13 Ch.121 - The Revelation Vol.12 Ch.120 - A Discovered Lie Vol.12 Ch.119 - A Mysterious Explosion Vol.12 Ch.118 - A Woman that Knew too Much Vol.12 Ch.117 - Reunion at Mycroft Vol.12 Ch.116 - Conan's Mistake Vol.12 Ch.115 - The Bomb's Destination Vol.12 Ch.114 - An Unexpected Meeting Vol.12 Ch.113 - What a Treasure Vol.12 Ch.112 - The Black Sun Vol.12 Ch.111 - The Professor's Treasure Chest Vol.11 Ch.110 - The Power of Levitation Vol.11 Ch.109 - Sakura Flowers and the Hole in the Wall Vol.11 Ch.108 - The Fasting Room Vol.11 Ch.107 - Two Mysteries Vol.11 Ch.106 - The Weapon of the Crime Vol.11 Ch.105 - A Key Character Vol.11 Ch.104 - Flash News Vol.11 Ch.103 - An Imaginary Itinerary Vol.11 Ch.102 - Death, Live on TV Vol.11 Ch.101 - A "Talking" Cloth Vol.10 Ch.100 - The Last Words Vol.10 Ch.099 - Snowstorm Tragedy Vol.10 Ch.098 - An Additional Person Vol.10 Ch.097 - A Psycopath Prowls Vol.10 Ch.096 - A Burning Body Vol.10 Ch.095 - Detective From the East Arrives Vol.10 Ch.094 - Detective From the East...?! Vol.10 Ch.093 - Double Reasoning Vol.10 Ch.092 - Detective From the West Vol.10 Ch.091 - The Water Time-Difference Trick Vol.09 Ch.090 - Random Murders?! Vol.09 Ch.089 - Another Body... Vol.09 Ch.088 - The Encroaching Shadow Vol.09 Ch.087 - Choosing a Groom Vol.09 Ch.086 - The Two Benkei Standing Death Vol.09 Ch.085 - An Unexpected Hint Vol.09 Ch.084 - Kogorou's Class Reunion Vol.09 Ch.083 - What! Really?! Vol.09 Ch.082 - Follow the Voice!! Vol.09 Ch.081 - A Dangerous Game of Hide-and-Seek Vol.08 Ch.080 - A Reason for Killing Vol.08 Ch.079 - Forbidden Lemon Tea? Vol.08 Ch.078 - The Tragedy of the Bride Vol.08 Ch.077 - Secret of The Falling Point Vol.08 Ch.076 - Trick of the Wind?! Vol.08 Ch.075 - Ran's Tears Vol.08 Ch.074 - Underneath The Mask Vol.08 Ch.073 - Virus of Terror Vol.08 Ch.072 - The Night Baron Vol.08 Ch.071 - I've Finally Found You!! Vol.07 Ch.070 - A Time Limit on Life?! Vol.07 Ch.069 - Meitantei Ran?! Vol.07 Ch.068 - Shinichi's Sweetheart Vol.07 Ch.067 - The Secret of the Name! Vol.07 Ch.066 - Blood-Stained Button Vol.07 Ch.065 - The Hellfire Secret Vol.07 Ch.064 - Left-Behind Musical Score Vol.07 Ch.063 - The Piano's Curse Vol.07 Ch.062 - An Invitation to Tsukikage Island Vol.07 Ch.061 - The Photo Trap Vol.06 Ch.060 - A Perfect Alibi? Vol.06 Ch.059 - Festival Night Vol.06 Ch.058 - The Mystery of the Moving Corpse Vol.06 Ch.057 - Mysterious Brothers Vol.06 Ch.056 - Formation! The Detective Boys Vol.06 Ch.055 - Words on the Chest Vol.06 Ch.054 - The Mystery of the Answering Machine Vol.06 Ch.053 - Alibis of the Three Vol.06 Ch.052 - Three Visitors? Vol.06 Ch.051 - The Truth Under the Mask Vol.05 Ch.050 - Escape and Pursuit Vol.05 Ch.049 - An Unfamiliar Visitor Vol.05 Ch.048 - How Lives Cross... Vol.05 Ch.047 - The Mystery Hidden in the Song Vol.05 Ch.046 - Suicide or Homicide? Vol.05 Ch.045 - The Karaoke Killer! Vol.05 Ch.044 - The Identity of the Murderer! Vol.05 Ch.043 - The Attack in the Dark Vol.05 Ch.042 - Ran's in Trouble Vol.05 Ch.041 - The First Victim! Vol.05 Ch.040 - The Mysterious...and Bandaged Man Vol.04 Ch.039 - The Shining Fish's True Form Vol.04 Ch.038 - An Answer and Another Answer Vol.04 Ch.037 - The ABC's of Deciphering the Code Sheet Vol.04 Ch.036 - Code Sheet Obtained!! Vol.04 Ch.035 - The Last 10 Seconds of Terror Vol.04 Ch.034 - The Four in the Green Car Vol.04 Ch.033 - Running into the Two Vol.04 Ch.032 - The Pen That Cannot Write Vol.04 Ch.031 - Dying Message Vol.04 Ch.030 - The Armored Knight Vol.03 Ch.029 - Safe Before Your Eyes Vol.03 Ch.028 - The Mystery of August 3rd Vol.03 Ch.027 - The Same Person Vol.03 Ch.026 - Curious Presents Vol.03 Ch.025 - The Dream that Will Not Come True Vol.03 Ch.024 - Trap-Springer in the Dark Vol.03 Ch.023 - Family Obliteration Vol.03 Ch.022 - The Location of the Inheritance Vol.03 Ch.021 - The Secret of the Impenetrable Room Vol.03 Ch.020 - The Hatamoto Family Vol.02 Ch.019 - Nightmare in the Cellar Vol.02 Ch.018 - The Vanishing Children Vol.02 Ch.017 - Mansion of Terror Vol.02 Ch.016 - The Devilish Woman Vol.02 Ch.015 - Chase the Giant! Vol.02 Ch.014 - The Pitiful Girl Vol.02 Ch.013 - The Missing Man Vol.02 Ch.012 - The Photos Speak Vol.02 Ch.011 - The Perfect Alibi Vol.02 Ch.010 - A Lucrative Shadowing Vol.01 Ch.009 - Unhappy Misunderstanding Vol.01 Ch.008 - A Person Who Looks Like You Vol.01 Ch.007 - The Bloody Idol Vol.01 Ch.006 - Confused Detective to Great Detective Vol.01 Ch.005 - One More Criminal Vol.01 Ch.004 - The Sixth Chimney Vol.01 Ch.003 - The Left Out Detective Vol.01 Ch.002 - The Shrunken Detective Vol.01 Ch.001.2 - The Heisei Holmes Vol.01 Ch.001.1 - The Heisei Holmes Vol.00 Ch.749 Vol.00 Ch.515 Vol.00 Ch.514 Vol.00 Ch.513 Vol.00 Ch.512 Vol.00 Ch.511 Vol.00 Ch.510 Vol.00 Ch.509 Vol.00 Ch.508 Vol.00 Ch.507 Vol.00 Ch.506 Vol.00 Ch.505 Vol.00 Ch.504 Vol.00 Ch.503 Vol.00 Ch.502 Vol.00 Ch.501 Vol.00 Ch.500 Vol.00 Ch.499 Vol.00 Ch.497 Vol.00 Ch.494 Vol.00 Ch.493 Vol.00 Ch.492 Vol.00 Ch.491 Vol.00 Ch.490 Vol.00 Ch.489 Vol.00 Ch.488 Vol.00 Ch.487 Vol.00 Ch.486 Vol.00 Ch.485 Vol.00 Ch.484 Vol.00 Ch.483 Vol.00 Ch.482 Vol.00 Ch.479 Vol.00 Ch.478 Vol.00 Ch.477 Vol.00 Ch.476 Vol.00 Ch.475 Vol.00 Ch.474 Vol.00 Ch.473 Vol.00 Ch.472 Vol.00 Ch.471 Vol.00 Ch.470 Vol.00 Ch.469 Vol.00 Ch.468 Vol.00 Ch.467 Vol.00 Ch.466 Vol.00 Ch.465 Vol.00 Ch.464 Vol.00 Ch.463 Vol.00 Ch.462 Vol.00 Ch.461 Vol.00 Ch.460 Vol.00 Ch.459 Vol.00 Ch.458 Vol.00 Ch.457 Vol.00 Ch.456 Vol.00 Ch.455 Vol.00 Ch.453 Vol.00 Ch.452 Vol.00 Ch.451 Vol.00 Ch.450 Vol.00 Ch.449 Vol.00 Ch.448 Vol.00 Ch.447 Vol.00 Ch.446 Vol.00 Ch.445 Vol.00 Ch.444 Vol.00 Ch.443 Vol.00 Ch.442 Vol.00 Ch.441 Vol.00 Ch.440 Vol.00 Ch.439 Vol.00 Ch.438 Vol.00 Ch.437 Vol.00 Ch.436 Vol.00 Ch.435 Vol.00 Ch.434 Vol.00 Ch.433 Vol.00 Ch.432 Vol.00 Ch.431 Vol.00 Ch.430 Vol.00 Ch.429 Vol.00 Ch.428 Vol.00 Ch.427 Vol.00 Ch.426 Vol.00 Ch.425 Vol.00 Ch.424 Vol.00 Ch.422 Vol.00 Ch.421 Vol.00 Ch.420 Vol.00 Ch.419 Vol.00 Ch.418 Vol.00 Ch.417 Vol.00 Ch.414 Vol.00 Ch.413 Vol.00 Ch.412 Vol.00 Ch.411 Vol.00 Ch.410 Vol.00 Ch.409 Vol.00 Ch.408 Vol.00 Ch.406 Vol.00 Ch.405 Vol.00 Ch.404 Vol.00 Ch.403 Vol.00 Ch.402 Vol.00 Ch.401 Vol.00 Ch.400 Vol.00 Ch.399 Vol.00 Ch.397 Vol.00 Ch.396 Vol.00 Ch.395 Vol.00 Ch.394 Vol.00 Ch.393 Vol.00 Ch.392 Vol.00 Ch.391 Vol.00 Ch.390 Vol.00 Ch.389 Vol.00 Ch.388 Vol.00 Ch.387 Vol.00 Ch.383 Vol.00 Ch.382 Vol.00 Ch.381 Vol.00 Ch.380 Vol.00 Ch.379 Vol.00 Ch.378 Vol.00 Ch.377 Vol.00 Ch.376 Vol.00 Ch.375 Vol.00 Ch.374 Vol.00 Ch.373 Vol.00 Ch.372 Vol.00 Ch.371 Vol.00 Ch.370 Vol.00 Ch.369 Vol.00 Ch.368 Vol.00 Ch.367 Vol.00 Ch.366 Vol.00 Ch.365 Vol.00 Ch.364 Vol.00 Ch.363 Vol.00 Ch.362 Vol.00 Ch.361 Vol.00 Ch.360 Vol.00 Ch.359 Vol.00 Ch.358 Vol.00 Ch.357 Vol.00 Ch.356 Vol.00 Ch.355 Vol.00 Ch.354 Vol.00 Ch.353 Vol.00 Ch.352 Vol.00 Ch.351 Vol.00 Ch.350 Vol.00 Ch.349 Vol.00 Ch.348 Vol.00 Ch.347 Vol.00 Ch.346 Vol.00 Ch.345 Vol.00 Ch.344 Vol.00 Ch.343 Vol.00 Ch.342 Vol.00 Ch.341 Vol.00 Ch.340 Vol.00 Ch.339 Vol.00 Ch.338 Vol.00 Ch.337 Vol.00 Ch.336 Vol.00 Ch.335 Vol.00 Ch.334 Vol.00 Ch.333 Vol.00 Ch.332 Vol.00 Ch.331 Vol.00 Ch.330 Vol.00 Ch.329 Vol.00 Ch.328 Vol.00 Ch.327 Vol.00 Ch.326 Vol.00 Ch.325 Vol.00 Ch.324 Vol.00 Ch.323 Vol.00 Ch.322 Vol.00 Ch.321 Vol.00 Ch.320 Vol.00 Ch.319 Vol.00 Ch.318 Vol.00 Ch.317 Vol.00 Ch.316 Vol.00 Ch.315 Vol.00 Ch.314 Vol.00 Ch.313 Vol.00 Ch.312 Vol.00 Ch.311 Vol.00 Ch.310 Vol.00 Ch.309 Vol.00 Ch.308 Vol.00 Ch.307 Vol.00 Ch.306 Vol.00 Ch.305 Vol.00 Ch.304 Vol.00 Ch.303 Vol.00 Ch.298 Vol.00 Ch.297
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