Recca no Honoo
Recca no Honoo

Recca no Honoo


Last Update: Jun 09,2022

Tag: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Shounen Romance Historical
Author:ANZAI Nobuyuki

Becoming a ninja is just a childhood dream for sixteen-year-old Recca, until a fateful encounter reveals he has inherited ninja powers, including the ability to wield fire! As Recca learns to master t...more

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Vol (330) Order
Vol.33 Ch.329 - Final Chapter ~ Recca and Yanagi Vol.33 Ch.328 - Martyr in a Far Away Land Vol.33 Ch.327 - Journey to the Past Vol.33 Ch.326 - Destruction of the Hokage Vol.33 Ch.325 - Flame of Recca (3) FLAME OF RECCA Vol.33 Ch.324 - Flame of Recca (2) The Eighth - Resshin Vol.33 Ch.323 - Flame of Recca (1) Dragons of Fire Vol.33 Ch.322 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (15) Rising Flames Vol.33 Ch.321 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (14) Fallen from Heaven Vol.32 Ch.320 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (13) In this Place --- Vol.32 Ch.319 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (12) Send the Voice, Send it to the Heart Vol.32 Ch.318 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (11) In the Valley between Hope and Dispair Vol.32 Ch.317 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (10) Setting Free the Light Vol.32 Ch.316 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (9) The Summoning of the 7 Dragons Vol.32 Ch.315 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (8) The Voice Which Spins Vol.32 Ch.314 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (7) Magic Vol.32 Ch.313 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (6) "Somebody Please Get Up" Vol.32 Ch.312 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (5) The Last Enemy Vol.32 Ch.311 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (4) The Awakening of Jigoku Vol.32 Ch.310 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (3) The Other Tendou Jigoku Vol.31 Ch.309 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (2) Go and Meet Ouka Vol.31 Ch.308 - -Final Battle- Tendou Jigoku (1) In Front of the Sacrificial Girl Vol.31 Ch.307 - -Final Battle- 9th Fight/ Recca VS Aoi 4 ~ The Affirmation of One's Existence Vol.31 Ch.306 - -Final Battle- 9th Fight/ Recca VS Aoi 3 ~ Friends Vol.31 Ch.305 - -Final Battle- 9th Fight/ Recca VS Aoi 2 ~ The World of Deep-Sea Fish Vol.31 Ch.304 - -Final Battle- 9th Fight/ Recca VS Aoi 1 ~ Conflict Vol.31 Ch.303 - -Final Battle- 8th Fight/ Kurei VS Renge 2 ~ Negation of Life Vol.31 Ch.302 - -Final Battle- 8th Fight/ Kurei VS Renge 1 ~ Original and Clone Vol.31 Ch.301 - -Final Battle- 7th Fight/ Mikagami VS Meguri Kyouza 4 ~ Demise of Revenge Vol.31 Ch.300 - -Final Battle- 7th Fight/ Mikagami VS Meguri Kyouza 3 ~ Truth Vol.30 Ch.299 - -Final Battle- Seventh Fight/ Mikagami VS Meguri Kyouza 2 ~ Master and Pupil Vol.30 Ch.298 - -Final Battle- 7th Fight/ Mikagami VS Meguri Kyouza 1 ~ Reunion with Master Vol.30 Ch.297 - -Final Battle- 6th Fight/ Fuuko VS Raiha 6 ~ Devotion of Earth Vol.30 Ch.296 - -Final Battle- 6th Fight/ Fuuko VS Raiha 5 ~ Wind's Support Vol.30 Ch.295 - -Final Battle- 6th Fight/ Fuuko VS Raiha 4 ~ Rolling Thunder Crashes Against Raging Wind Vol.30 Ch.294 - -Final Battle- 6th Fight/ Fuuko VS Raiha 3 ~ Driven By the Hokage Blood Vol.30 Ch.293 - -Final Battle- 6th Fight/ Fuuko VS Raiha 2 ~ Fuujin - Raijin Vol.30 Ch.292 - -Final Battle- 6th Fight/ Fuuko VS Raiha 1 ~ The Two Madougu's Resonance Vol.30 Ch.291 - -Final Battle- 5th Fight/ Kagerou VS Rasen, Kirin 2 ~ Woman with Death Vol.30 Ch.290 - -Final Battle- 5th Fight/ Kagerou VS Rasen, Kirin 1 ~ What was Searched For, Found Vol.29 Ch.289 - -Final Battle- 4th Fight/ Joker VS Kadotsu ~ Headstone of Crimson Tears Vol.29 Ch.288 - -Final Battle- 3rd Fight/ Koganei, Joker VS Kirito (4) Final Question Vol.29 Ch.287 - -Final Battle- 3rd Fight/ Koganei, Joker VS Kirito (3) Vow of a Rematch Vol.29 Ch.286 - -Final Battle- 3rd Fight/ Koganei, Joker VS Kirito (2) Ageless Woman Vol.29 Ch.285 - -Final Battle- 3rd Fight/ Koganei, Joker VS Kirito (1) Two Questions Vol.29 Ch.284 - -Final Battle- 2nd Fight/ Koganei VS Joker ~ Joker Returns Vol.29 Ch.283 - -Final Battle- 1st Fight/Domon VS Hiruko (4) Iron Body, Steel Will Vol.29 Ch.282 - -Final Battle- 1st Fight/Domon VS Hiruko (3) THE MISSION Vol.29 Ch.281 - -Final Battle- 1st Fight/Domon VS Hiruko (2) Bloodshed Battle Vol.29 Ch.280 - -Final Battle- 1st Fight/Domon VS Hiruko (1) Back's Spirit Vol.29 Ch.279 - The Path is Opened Vol.28 Ch.278 - HUMAN BEING Vol.28 Ch.277 - Thirst for Life Vol.28 Ch.276 - ?Z? Vol.28 Ch.275 - The Man in the Storeroom Vol.28 Ch.274 - PLEASE GIVE ME SOME PUNISHMENTS Vol.28 Ch.273 - YOU'RE MY FUCKIN' SLAVE Vol.28 Ch.272 - DO YOU LIKE ABNORMAL-PLAY? Vol.28 Ch.271 - WELCOME TO MARIE'S HOUSE Vol.28 Ch.270 - Shiguma Vol.28 Ch.269 - Deception Vol.28 Ch.268 - Exposure Vol.27 Ch.267 - The Uruha Eater Vol.27 Ch.266 - Spirits of the Dead Vol.27 Ch.265 - The Greatest Warrior, Shuddering Vol.27 Ch.264 - Mumyou and Mongamae Vol.27 Ch.263 - The Greatest Warrior of the Ura Uruha Vol.27 Ch.262 - Changed Man Vol.27 Ch.261 - Warrior of Water, Warrior of Blood Vol.27 Ch.260 - Shinobi Gathering (2) Vol.27 Ch.259 - Mokuren's Life Vol.27 Ch.258 - Antithese Vol.26 Ch.257 - Plant Dragon Vol.26 Ch.256 - Reappearance of the Oni Vol.26 Ch.255 - Plant Weapons Vol.26 Ch.254 - Time of Annihilation Vol.26 Ch.253 - Momentary Kage Houshi Vol.26 Ch.252 - Enter into the Heat off the Battle Vol.26 Ch.251 - Stone's Silence Vol.26 Ch.250 - Overwhelming Multitude Vol.26 Ch.249 - Fighting Lesson Vol.26 Ch.248 - Great Behemoth Vol.25 Ch.247 - Beats of Madness Vol.25 Ch.246 - HP (homepage) Vol.25 Ch.245 - Three-headed Dragon Vol.25 Ch.244 - Combine Vol.25 Ch.243 - Shinobi Gathering Vol.25 Ch.242 - Kamui returns Vol.25 Ch.241 - Jyushinshuu Showdown Vol.25 Ch.240 - 3 Vs 3 (Miruku, Kurumi, and Mikuru) Vol.25 Ch.239 - Warrior Sisters Vol.25 Ch.238 - Game Rules Vol.24 Ch.237 - The Final Battle Begins Vol.24 Ch.236 - -Fortified City- S.O.D.O.M Vol.24 Ch.235 - Before The Final Battle - Three Days Time 8 ~Kurei~ A Dark Assembly Vol.24 Ch.234 - And Then the Succession Vol.24 Ch.233 - Story of the Past ~Ouka's Chapters~ (6) Sakura Dancing, Sakura Falling Vol.24 Ch.232 - Story of the Past ~Ouka's Chapters~ (5) Final Request Vol.24 Ch.231 - Story of the Past ~Ouka's Chapters~ (4) War Vol.24 Ch.230 - Story of the Past ~Ouka's Chapters~ (3) Decisive Assassination Vol.24 Ch.229 - Story of the Past ~Ouka's Chapters~ (2) Ouka of the Hokage Vol.24 Ch.228 - Story of the Past ~Ouka's Chapters~ (1) Sakura-hime and Koheita Vol.23 Ch.227 - Resshin (2) - Ouka Vol.23 Ch.226 - Resshin (1) - Meeting Vol.23 Ch.225 - Before The Final Battle - Three Days Time 7 ~ Aoi and Renge ~ JEALOUSY AND A YOUNG MIND Vol.23 Ch.224 - Before The Final Battle - Three Days Time 6 ~ Mikagami Tokiya... and others ~ DREAM OR ILLUSION Vol.23 Ch.223 - Before The Final Battle - Three Days Time 5 ~ Kirisawa Fuuko ~ LEVEL MAX!!!!!!! (Second Part) Vol.23 Ch.222 - Before The Final Battle - Three Days Time 4 ~ Kirisawa Fuuko ~ LEVEL MAX!!!!!!! (First Part) Vol.23 Ch.221 - Before The Final Battle - Three Days Time 3 ~ Ishijima Domon ~ FLOWER MESSAGE Vol.23 Ch.220 - Before The Final Battle - Three Days Time 2 ~ Koganei Kaoru ~ Classmates and Separation (Second Part Vol.23 Ch.219 - Before The Final Battle - Three Days Time 1 ~ Koganei Kaoru ~ Classmates and Separation (First Part) Vol.23 Ch.218 - To Meet Resshin Vol.22 Ch.217 - Pairing of Power Vol.22 Ch.216 - Seperation Vol.22 Ch.215 - Failure Vol.22 Ch.214 - The Time of Action Vol.22 Ch.213 - Promise Vol.22 Ch.212 - Kagura Aoi Vol.22 Ch.211 - Transfer Student Vol.22 Ch.210 - Extinction of the Undergound World Vol.22 Ch.209 - Escape Vol.22 Ch.208 - Chaotic Rebellion Vol.21 Ch.207 - An Incomplete Life Form Vol.21 Ch.206 - Kurei Enters The War Vol.21 Ch.205 - A Smile of Parting Vol.21 Ch.204 - Hisui's Determination Vol.21 Ch.203 - The One Who Left Humanity Vol.21 Ch.202 - The Worst Contact Vol.21 Ch.201 - The Being of Power Vol.21 Ch.200 - The Possessed Roar of the Bloody Demon With Never-Ending Greed Vol.21 Ch.199 - Prelude to the Battle Vol.21 Ch.198 - The Sealing Gates Opened Vol.20 Ch.197 - Crime and Punishment Vol.20 Ch.196 - Koukai Gyoku Vol.20 Ch.195 - The Walking Dead Vol.20 Ch.194 - The Voice of Tendou Jigoku Vol.20 Ch.193 - The Madness of Desire Vol.20 Ch.192 - Shingan no Kirin Vol.20 Ch.191 - Pulverize Vol.20 Ch.190 - New Hope Vol.20 Ch.189 - From Despair Vol.20 Ch.188 - Waisted Desire Vol.19 Ch.187 - Kurei's Coming Vol.19 Ch.186 - The Final Choice Vol.19 Ch.185 - The Second Choice Vol.19 Ch.184 - Choice Vol.19 Ch.183 - Product of Heresy Vol.19 Ch.182 - Evil Lovers Vol.19 Ch.181 - Girl Vol.19 Ch.180 - Extending Limbs Vol.19 Ch.179 - Humanoid Weapon Vol.19 Ch.178 - The Rolling Arm Vol.18 Ch.177 - Kamui Vol.18 Ch.176 - Symptoms of Infection Vol.18 Ch.175 - Junkie Vol.18 Ch.174 - A Change of Fate Vol.18 Ch.173 - Natural Born Vol.18 Ch.172 - Russian Roulette Vol.18 Ch.171 - Hisui Vol.18 Ch.170 - Standing Tombstone Vol.18 Ch.169 - Gaou Vol.18 Ch.168 - A Fork in the Road Vol.17 Ch.167 - Curse of the Tendou Jigoku Vol.17 Ch.166 - The Underground World Vol.17 Ch.165 - The Resurrection of Kurei (Part 2) Vol.17 Ch.164 - The Resurrection of Kurei (Part 1) Vol.17 Ch.163 - A Return to the Field of Battle Vol.17 Ch.162 - The Two Craftsmen Vol.17 Ch.161 - A Temporary Withdrawal Vol.17 Ch.160 - Rasen and Kirin Vol.17 Ch.159 - The Other Shinobis Vol.17 Ch.158 - A Schoolyard Paradise Vol.16 Ch.157 - The End of the Third Ura Butou Satsujin Vol.16 Ch.156 - A True Demon Awakens Vol.16 Ch.155 - A Runaway Cog Vol.16 Ch.154 - The Shinobi of Fire Vol.16 Ch.153 - The Weight of Burden Vol.16 Ch.152 - A Physical Battle Vol.16 Ch.151 - In the Midst of Rubble Vol.16 Ch.150 - Climax Vol.16 Ch.149 - Kokuu's Flame Vol.16 Ch.148 - The Tardy Flame Dragon Vol.15 Ch.147 - The Truth Vol.15 Ch.146 - Misleading Argument Vol.15 Ch.145 - The Teachings of Two Mothers Vol.15 Ch.144 - Liberation Vol.15 Ch.143 - Preface to a Battle Vol.15 Ch.142 - The Rematch Begins Vol.15 Ch.141 - Recca Returns Vol.15 Ch.140 - Melee Vol.15 Ch.139 - Tears Vol.15 Ch.138 - Sixth Form, The Initiation Vol.14 Ch.137 - The Illusionary Stance Vol.14 Ch.136 - The Rescue Vol.14 Ch.135 - The Freedom of Existence Vol.14 Ch.134 - Joker's Powers Vol.14 Ch.133 - Trump Card Vol.14 Ch.132 - Kokuu Vol.14 Ch.131 - A True Victory Vol.14 Ch.130 - Cruel Vol.14 Ch.129 - Poison Fangs Vol.14 Ch.128 - Devious Vol.13 Ch.127 - Mikoto x2 Vol.13 Ch.126 - Desire from the Heart Vol.13 Ch.125 - REVIVAL --- and now... Vol.13 Ch.124 - The Demon Dragon Vol.13 Ch.123 - Rui, The Dragon of Riddles Vol.13 Ch.122 - The Girl of Healing Vol.13 Ch.121 - The End of Bondage Vol.13 Ch.120 - The Creation of Red Water Vol.13 Ch.119 - The Stone's Rage Vol.13 Ch.118 - Meguri Kyouza Vol.12 Ch.117 - Kai's Power Vol.12 Ch.116 - Bindings Vol.12 Ch.115 - The Second Challenge Vol.12 Ch.114 - The World of Sand Vol.12 Ch.113 - Annihilation Vol.12 Ch.112 - Virus and Vaccine Vol.12 Ch.111 - Earth Becomes Iron Vol.12 Ch.110 - Noroi's Secret Vol.12 Ch.109 - The Unknown Madougu Vol.12 Ch.108 - A Faceless Warrior Vol.11 Ch.107 - The Opening Vol.11 Ch.106 - Welcome to the Ultimate Stage Vol.11 Ch.105 - Nightmare Before the Finals II Vol.11 Ch.104 - Nightmare Before the Finals I Vol.11 Ch.103 - The Cursed Flame of Love Vol.11 Ch.102 - A Mysterious Old Man Vol.11 Ch.101 - Footsteps of the Enemy Vol.11 Ch.100 - The Wings of an Angel and a Dragon Vol.11 Ch.099 - J Vol.11 Ch.098 - Demon (6) (Retreat) Vol.10 Ch.097 - Demon (5) (Finding the Real Form) Vol.10 Ch.096 - Demon (4) (Magensha's Secret) Vol.10 Ch.095 - Demon (3) (Meeting Again) Vol.10 Ch.094 - Demon (2) (The Third Dimension) Vol.10 Ch.093 - Demon (1) (The Outside Threat) Vol.10 Ch.092 - The Other Semi-Finals (2) (Hiruandon [Day Lamp]) Vol.10 Ch.091 - The Other Semi-Finals (1) (Stalemate) Vol.10 Ch.090 - The Era of Demons (10) (The Five Crystals) Vol.10 Ch.089 - The Era of Demons (9) (Vicious Spider) Vol.10 Ch.088 - The Era of Demons (8) (Speed Challenge) Vol.09 Ch.087 - The Era of Demons (7) (Gashakura Steps On) Vol.09 Ch.086 - The Era of Demons (6) (The Roar of Rui) Vol.09 Ch.085 - The Era of Demons (5) (Battle of the Flame Dragons) Vol.09 Ch.084 - The Era of Demons (4) (Ninja Faceoff) Vol.09 Ch.083 - The Era of Demons (3) (Lunar Eclipse) Vol.09 Ch.082 - The Era of Demons (2) (A New Moon) Vol.09 Ch.081 - The Era of Demons (1) (The Moon) Vol.09 Ch.080 - A Quite Peaceful Night Vol.09 Ch.079 - Inheritance of the One Purpose Vol.09 Ch.078 - The Last Member of the Saakasu Vol.08 Ch.077 - A New Demon From Uruha - Invitation of Death Vol.08 Ch.076 - LIVE (8) (Curtain Close) Vol.08 Ch.075 - LIVE (7) (MC~ My lover CRAY) Vol.08 Ch.074 - LIVE (6) (HEAVY-MENTAL) Vol.08 Ch.073 - LIVE (5) (HARD-LOCK) Vol.08 Ch.072 - LIVE (4) (DUO) Vol.08 Ch.071 - LIVE (3) (GROOVE) Vol.08 Ch.070 - LIVE (2) (Opening) Vol.08 Ch.069 - LIVE (1) (Prelude) Vol.08 Ch.068 - The One Kurei Protects Vol.07 Ch.067.5 - Special Chapter - Night Breeze Vol.07 Ch.067 - Feast of the Illusion Master XII (The Finale, Quarter Finals) Vol.07 Ch.066 - Feast of the Illusion Master XI (Shun En [instant flame]) Vol.07 Ch.065 - Feast of the Illusion Master X (Ambition) Vol.07 Ch.064 - Feast of the Illusion Master IX (Genjurou) Vol.07 Ch.063 - Feast of the Illusion Master VIII (A Human Timer) Vol.07 Ch.062 - Feast of the Illusion Master VII (The Girl WIth Sorrow) Vol.07 Ch.061 - Feast of the Illusion Master VI Vol.07 Ch.060 - Feast of the Illusion Master V (Absolute Zero) Vol.06 Ch.059 - Feast of the Illusion Master IV (Human Tree) Vol.06 Ch.058 - Feast of the Illusion Master III (Reacquaintance With Wood) Vol.06 Ch.057 - Feast of the Illusion Master II (Beast Combination) Vol.06 Ch.056 - Feast of the Illusion Master I (Mark of a Traitor) Vol.06 Ch.055 - The Person Who Should Be Here Vol.06 Ch.054 - Kuu X (The Worthy Defeat) Vol.06 Ch.053 - Kuu IX (Arrival of Homura) Vol.06 Ch.052 - Kuu VIII (Kukai the Buddha) Vol.06 Ch.051 - Kuu VII (Fireballs Aimed At Kuu) Vol.06 Ch.050 - Kuu VI (Dancing Paper, the Battle for Honour) Vol.05 Ch.049 - Kuu V (Saicho's Snowflake of Paper) Vol.05 Ch.048 - Kuu IV (Fuuko's Battle Declaration) Vol.05 Ch.047 - Kuu III (Strength of the Claw) Vol.05 Ch.046 - Kuu II (The Final Secret Weapon) Vol.05 Ch.045 - Kuu I (Hyomon Ken) Vol.05 Ch.044 - The First Round of the Tournament Vol.05 Ch.043 - Ura Butou Satsujin Vol.05 Ch.042 - Strength of the Tattoos Vol.05 Ch.041 - Challenging the Eight Flame Dragons Vol.05 Ch.040 - The Day to Meet Mother Vol.04 Ch.039 - Truth of the Past II Vol.04 Ch.038 - Truth of the Past I Vol.04 Ch.037 - Rescue Vol.04 Ch.036 - Demon Dissapears Vol.04 Ch.035 - Eight Flame Dragons Vol.04 Ch.034 - Hell Vol.04 Ch.033 - Spirit of the Flame Vol.04 Ch.032 - Kurenai Vol.04 Ch.031 - Defiance Vol.04 Ch.030 - Mikagami and Koganei Vol.03 Ch.029 - Recca and Kurei Vol.03 Ch.028 - Approaching of the Demon Star Vol.03 Ch.027 - The Golden Shield Against Water Vol.03 Ch.026 - The Awakening of the Earth Vol.03 Ch.025 - Katashiro Reiran III (The True Form) Vol.03 Ch.024 - Katashiro Reiran II (Wind Messenger vs. Doll Master) Vol.03 Ch.023 - Katashiro Reiran I (Doll Master) Vol.03 Ch.022 - Guardian at the Door Vol.03 Ch.021 - Infiltration Vol.03 Ch.020 - Kurei Vol.02 Ch.019 - The Boy of Metal, the Man of Wood Vol.02 Ch.018 - Hokage Vol.02 Ch.017 - Memory of a Dream Vol.02 Ch.016 - The Swordsman of Water IV (Determination of Flame) Vol.02 Ch.015 - The Swordsman of Water IV (Battle of Flame and Water) Vol.02 Ch.014 - The Swordsman of Water IV (Mikagami's Past) Vol.02 Ch.013 - The Swordsman of Water III Vol.02 Ch.012 - The Swordsman of Water II (Ensui) Vol.02 Ch.011 - The Swordsman of Water I (Mikagami Tokiya) Vol.02 Ch.010 - Princess Yanagi's Visit Vol.01 Ch.009 - The Immortal Women Vol.01 Ch.008 - Count Down Vol.01 Ch.007 - The Flame Covers the Wind Vol.01 Ch.006 - Beware of the Coming Storm Vol.01 Ch.005 - Fuujin Vol.01 Ch.004 - Kirisawa Fuuko Vol.01 Ch.003 - Earth v.s. Wind Vol.01 Ch.002 - Kage Hoshi Vol.01 Ch.001 - Ninja and The Princess
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